Darkening Skies.

A Halo/Cthulhu Crossover

A/N: I've always loved Halo and Cthulhu, and I've always wanted to see a story out there that has a crossover of the two. So this is what I am going to be writing, it's a crossover. It's going to be one of those really weird crossovers, complete with time travel, as well as other things. No other genre's will be involved, other then Halo and Cthulhu, however I will be making up character names for a lot of people, both on the human side as well as the Covenant side, as well as changing some history.


Gazing out from the Sajas, Fleet Commander Verel set his eyes on the target, three ships, most likely runners, coming towards the boundary line.

"Set Sori!" he called.

Lieutentant Set Sori, one of the high command Unggoy on his, part of the Delta command, came running, "sir?" the squeaky voice characteristic of all Unggoy asked.

"The unidentified ships on scanner," said the Sangheili, "I believe they are Utuarani, worshippers of Cthulhu."

Set Sori looked at Veral questioningly, "Yes?" he said.

"With the fact that intership communications are down," said Veral, "I need you to run down to the fighter bay, and inform Commander Johnson that he and his squad are to intercept the ships, and if need be, destroy them."

"Sir!" said a Kig-Yar, who had green-red armor, dictating his place as a command level operative, "long range scanners are operative again, the Huragok that we sent out to fix them just transmitted in saying that they're fixed, well, for the moment."

"And, what about communications?" asked Veral, hoping to be able to communicate with the other ships left in the guard fleet.

"Circuits are too deeply fried," said the Kig-Yar, whose name was Rutika, "They're estimating that if we can get back to High Charity, we can repair there, until then, we're silent."

Veral growled, he did not like this at all, all ships comms were down, the last battle against the Turani had been bad, he hadn't expected it to be that bad. The Turani were followers of Hastur, and they had been trained to fight well as fly their fleets even better. A good portion of the Unified Fleet had been lost, mostly UNSC ships, unable to take the stress of energy displacement weapons; the only reason that some had survived, was due to the fact that the newer ships had energy harmonic ships, which allowed them to absorb some of the blasts.

"Alright," said Veral, "Set Sori, get down there."

Set Sori saluted and then ran, as fast as his short stumpy body could; Veral's attention was then turned back to the moment at hand with Rutika squawked, "Sir," he squawked again, "missile lock!"

All over the screen, he could see the small ships releasing missiles, then Rutika squawked again, Veral was getting annoyed by his squawking, but this time it was different, "Huragok team reports intership communications restored, they are coming in now and are safe in."

Veral picked up his comm, "All stations," he roared, "Missiles incoming, all stations get ready!"

The turrets still working started firing, minor blasts, since they had limited armorment until they could refuel, the three ships as they came in closer, weren't that small as Veral had thought looking out the viewport, he cursed his stupidity for sending Set Sori to send Johnson on a suicide mission.

"Sir," roared another scanner operator, "Those three ships are small scale cruisers, they look to be from Kirashi, and the markings that are present, indicate they are Hastur worshipers."

Kirashi, one of the few planets under the Unified Command's protection that had turned on its protectors and sided with the Priesthood, as Cthulhu and his minions called themselves. The UNSC were considering nuking the planet and the Covenant was considering an all out blockade to protect them, because Kirashi even though it was unaligned at the time, had one thing that both Commands valued, they had a rare ore that made hyper space more viable on the engines, especially the UNSC's ships, and made Covenant engines less likely to seize from too many running fights.

The first impact hit hard; Veral could see the markings that these Kirashi dogs put on the ships, what was even worse, was that the missiles even if they were shot down, still managed to leave a mark, that was another thing that both Commands wanted, was the missiles, because of their potency. The Kirashi President had agreed to the ore, and had given enough to fill half the fleet, but had said no to the missiles as both sides were already to powerful, and that any more power would tip the balance, it was then discovered that the missiles were being mounted on Kirashi Dogs, their hyperlight craft that would serve as the protectorate when Cthulhu and his minions took over.

A beep brought Veral back to the moment as he answered the comm, "What is it Commander Rush-tash?"

A deep black furlined Jiralhanae Chieftain snarled at him, "Johnson wants us to fly with him, he wants us to provide back up while he and his men subdue the ships."

The Jiralhanae's snarl was not one of hatred, but one more of bemusement, one of the few old guard who didn't understand humanity but had grown to understand them, especially after the new Hierarchs had taken command of the Unified Command, and Truth, Mercy, and Regret had been executed, Rush-tash had never trusted anyone who he couldn't kill with a simple sniper shot, but most humans loved him, because he was truly gentle, and with the evacuation of the Tenth Command Station, he had personally made sure that all who could get off had, before evacuating his ship the Tenants of Justice out of Jupiter's air space before minions of Cthulhu blew up the planet and the station.

"Fly with him," said Veral, "But remind him that you are technically in command, as you hold more flight time." This way tempers would be kept in check, and Johnson would be reminded that he owed Veral his life, most of the time if not all.

Rutika then ordered all the gunners under his command to provide cover fire until Johnson and Rush-tash's ships got clear, "They are clear!" he shouted a few minutes later.

The spatial monitor being slightly unscathed, started beeping about five minutes later, "Sir!" shouted an Unggoy on deep space scanners, "Slip Stream forming, we have an event!"

Veral cursed even more, being the only ship to have escaped the last encounter, after the retreat order had been given, Veral had stayed around long enough to hear it, before the communications array blew, then everything went to hell, he kept ordering all stations to fire, while waiting for flyers to get back on their ships. Johnson and his men had made it on, bringing with them a few stragglers that had gone to Rush-tash's command, but otherwise, the Unified Command fleet that had been guarding Earth had been broken and everyone had scattered and Earth had been taken over.

"Report!" Veral ordered.

Suddenly a communications screen turned on, "This is High Prophet Love," said the Prophet, "Of His Evervesant Love, greetings Fleet Commander Veral."

"Love!" shouted Veral and then composed himself and did the bow as was customary, "It is good to see you, I thought my ship was all that was left of the Command."

"A few others escaped, but we've been dodging Cthulhu's minions," said the Prophet, "The Prophet's Dilligence and Salvation are somewhere, and as my last report came from stopping to let the engines rest, High Charity has fallen."

That news shocked Veral as well as the bridge staff, "High Charity was sent into a locked slip stream route, how did this occur?"

"The rogue Commander," said the Prophet with a touch of sarcasm to his voice, "Earth President Hern to be exact, was a Cthulhu worshipper from the start, when they neared Earth, he and his staff took a ship and fled, with the knowledge of where High Charity was, along with minions of Cthulhu."

"We're dealing with our own battle right now," said Veral indicating Johnson's men getting hammered by the Kirashi ships.

Love turned aside for a second, and said something to an attendant who was standing off screen, then a pale skinned man appeared, "This is John-117," he said.

"Spartan," said Veral in awe, "You're still alive."

"Yes," said the gen mod fighter, "I'm here to tell you that we've got a way to fix all this."

"How?" asked Veral.

"Is the Troubador still in the holding bay?"

"Yes," said Veral, not understanding why they wanted the small two man scout ship, "Why?"

"We are sending over Arbiters Ashush and Seuahj," said 117, "They're going to pilot the Troubador out."

"We will provide cover fire," said Veral as he signaled two security brutes to get escort ships.

Half an hour later, Veral was being restrained as Love and 117 explained to him the use of the Troubador.

"This is madness!" he roared, "Using an experimental device, which we don't know if it works."

"Doc Enstine believes it to work," said Seuahj, as he made the final adjustments, if it works then the future will be rewritten and the present will happen differently."

"Time Travel doesn't exist!" said Veral trying to calm down, "This is impossible."

"Yes," said Love, "Anything is impossible, but with this going to work, we can stop the future from happening."

A communications screen opened, "Sir," said a human lieutenant, "Johnson reports that the three ships have been destroyed, no other ships in the area, they will continue their sweep until the Troubador is gone."

"Thank you," said Love to the op.

Love then turned to Ashush and Seuahj, "You know what you're to do?"

They both nodded, "We go back to the year 1928 and wait for the archielogist team, which are actually Cthulhu worshippers, stop them and then make sure that history takes a right turn instead of a left turn."

Love laughed, "Pretty much," he said.

Getting in the two man craft, Ashush smiled, "Sir, this does violate at least five protocols of time Non-interference directive," aiming the comment at 117, who was used to time travel experiments.

"Hopefully," said John, "we can begin right this time, without having to destroy a lot more then need be, don't forget that you two need to be around when the Covenant and UNSC first make contact to convince them of everything."

"It's why we have the recorded videos of all that has happened," said 117, "Hopefully it will convince them, more then likely it will."

They boarded the ship and departed. Departing for slip stream, they activated the time distortion and moved through time.

End Prologue.

So. What happens? Well tune in to Darkening Skies Chapter One and find out.