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"Booth," she panted, tugging his shirt over his shoulders. "I think there's something I should tell you."

He was busy with the task of unbuttoning her blouse, momentarily pausing to cast his shirt off. "What?" he asked breathlessly.

"I – aah – I was manipulating you earlier," Brennan gasped, his hot mouth suddenly on her collarbone. "I wasn't merely trying to – to keep you from smiling."

"I know," he murmured, kissing her on the lips, hand moving to slide up her thigh as she wrapped one leg around him. He pushed her forward, pressing her up against the wall. "Don't care."

"Sunday night," she managed to continue, clinging desperately to the train of thought that was becoming hazier and hazier as he moved his lips to the underside of her jaw. "The night you were drunk. You don't remember…"

That seemed to finally catch his attention. He pulled away from her slightly so that he could look into her eyes. "What happened?"

"You said that you loved me."

He was surprised, she saw. He really didn't remember.

"And I wasn't sure whether or not to believe you, so…" She suddenly felt exposed, somewhat ashamed of her dishonesty and secretiveness. "I decided that tonight I would find out, and when I saw the opportunity… I'm sorry, Booth. I should have just asked you."

"Bones," he chuckled, smoothing her hair behind her ears and letting his hands gently cup her face. "Do you hear me complaining about your approach?"

"No," she replied, frowning. "Does that mean you're not offended?"

"Not this time. In the future, just talk to me, alright?" He smiled, his eyes dark and his face flushed, and Brennan thought for a moment that he truly was the most handsome man she'd ever known. She kissed him, slow and warm and sweet, and let herself get drunk on the heady liquor that was (metaphorically speaking, of course) Seeley Booth.


"Booth?" She absently traced his sternum with her finger.

He made a faint "I'm listening" noise, clearly in the process of falling into a deep slumber.

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Tell you what?" he mumbled. His fingers began to stroke through her hair.

She sighed, and placed her hand flat against his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin. "Tell me how you felt about me."

His other hand reached up and rested on top of hers. "I tried," he murmured. "But somehow I could never quite do it. I wanted to be sure you felt the same way." She could feel him lift his head up, feel looking down at her. "I was waiting for you to tell me first, I guess."

"You could have been waiting a long time, then," she admitted. "I wasn't aware of how strongly I felt until –" The words caught in her throat.

His thumb caressed the back of her hand. "Until what?"

"Until you asked me to give you the benefit of the doubt," she whispered. "And I felt a pain in my chest, and I realized that I would give you anything you asked, whatever the cost. The benefit of the doubt is the least I can provide."

His hand squeezed hers, and his arm came around her shoulders. "Thanks, Bones."

What she wanted to say next was difficult; it was somehow easier in the dark, where she couldn't see his face, wasn't looking into his eyes. "I…" Her mouth went dry. "I love you, Booth."

He kissed the top of her head. "I love you too." A moment later, he laughed softly. "Whatever I ask, huh? So if I need a kidney, I know who to come to."

"Not necessarily," she corrected. "Your doctor would have to perform tests first that to verify I was a suitable match –"

"Bones. I'm just kidding," he assured her.

Brennan smiled. "I know. That doesn't mean you can't be accurate."

"Alright then, if I ever need a kidney, I will find out if you're able to be a donor and then I will ask for one of yours, okay, Dr. Brennan?" he teased.

"Alright." She snuggled into him, pressing her body against his. "But in actuality, you'd be encouraged to find a donor of blood relation, preferably your brother –"