I was running through a forest. I didn't know why I was running. I just knew I had to keep moving. I stop and look around my surroundings for the first time. Realizing also for the first time that I had no clue as to where I was. ''Cassandra'' I called in hope my sister would hear and respond. AS I listened, nothing but silence answered my call.

I heard the footsteps before I heard the voice. The footsteps were light and purposeful and didn't quite match the gentleness of his voice. ''Cordelia'' he whispered soothingly. His voice wrapped around my name like a caress. I froze. Knowing I should run but, I couldn't get my legs to move.

The forest was quiet as he whispered my name again. ''Cordelia''. I looked around frantically for a way to move and escape his voice. Suddenly a fox came into view. The fox was slender but well built. His coat would seem odd as his color was a fierce red, with an almost beige stomach.

I gaze into his deep green eyes which seem perfectly out of place but fit all at once. Those eyes held a depth I had never seen in an animal before. A depth that seemed to have seen much suffering and loss but, also possessed a great strength.

The fox looked straight at me. No, it seemed as if it could see right through me. As if he knew my life's story as easily as if it were written on my face.

He looked straight into my eyes. He seemed to gold a pity for me as he gazed at me. I realized I was staring but, I couldn't bring myself to look away form him. My father had always told me it was impolite to stare but, I didn't think it mattered right now.

Ad if the fox could release me from the spell of his voice. I could move my legs. Slowly at first almost as if I forgotten how to. Then faster as I broke into a run. I glanced back after 10 feet to see my savior had disappeared.

I could hear his voice once again. It kept repeating the same thing over and over. I listened harder to make out the words. ''Cordelia, my dear Cordelia.'' This act was not made in distress but rather amusement. I ran as fast as I could in those moments.

I didn't know why or even who he is but, I always had a sixth sense for things. When someone was safe or dangerous I just knew. AS easily as I knew the sky was blue or the grass was green.

''Cassandra ''. I yell in panic as the footsteps got closer. I kept running while trying to find a place to hide. ''That won't help you'' he said as if reading my thoughts. Cassandra, I thought where are you?

Running as fast as I can sometimes makes me clumsy I thought just as my foot caught on a rock and I tumbled to the ground. His laughter enveloped me as I realized what I was wearing my favorite red dress. Made of silk and long enough to sweep the forest ground. That's what's making it so hard to run I think to myself. As I get up, I pick up the dress and run like I'm being chased. Then again I guess I am.

A person suddenly stepped into view. He wore a black cloak with the hood up making it impossible to see his features. As he studied me he spoke. ''you look stunning''. Felling panicked she backed up 2 steps hitting into a tree. He chuckled. ''That won't help you'' he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

I was scared knowing I need to get away but not knowing how to.

''Come to me'' he said. Why would I go to him I thought. ''no'' I replied wanting it to sound fierce like Cassandra but, it came out sounding weak and fearful. Everything I felt.

He took a step towards me suddenly. Startled I tried to back up once more but found the tree hadn't moved. I think I would have preferred it had and think I had gone crazy then spend one more moment tortured by his voice.

There were only 4 feet in between me and him now. I looked around in panic once again searching for a way out. A way to escape and disappear into the green forest trees. ''Who are you?'' I asked my voice shaking. ''Who am I?'' He said as he laughed. I am but a man. He replied. ''surely no ordinary man follows girls into forests. I replied trying to calm my heartbeat as I was sure he could hear every beat.

He seemed to have raised an eyebrow as the shadowing under his hood changed. He chooses not to reply but, to take another step towards me. Just as he tries to grab hold of my wrist. ''Cassandra'' I yell with all the force and energy I have left.