I knew she was in trouble before I heard her scream. AS I scrambled out of bed and run full force at the joining door. I hit the door. Hard. And barely register the pain as it shoots through my arms. I grab for the knob, find it and fling open the door. I know her room just as well as my own, knowing her bed will be in the middle against the wall to my right.

Running to her bed, I grab for her shoulder. The moment our skin makes contact she bolts awake. ''no'' she shrieks. She starts to kick and shove and scream. In attempt to get me to go away. ''Cassandra, help me.'' She calls as she continues to shove but, being the stronger twin I hold on a once tighter for a split second. ''Cordelia, it's just me. Cassandra.'' I say gently. She stops struggling and visibly relaxes a bit as she looks me in the eyes. I let go of her shoulders.

''oh, Cassandra.'' She says in a barely audible whisper. Pulling her into a tight hug, she begins to cry. Slowly at first then harder as she lets it all out. ''shh, I'm here now. '' I whisper to her in attempt to soothe her.

I hear the door open. My muscles tighten for the split second it takes me to look up into the dazzling green eyes of our father. I glance at his hair, which through the moonlight I can tell is graying at the edges. I wonder briefly if it is because of us. I push away the thought as the realization dawns in.

I give him a short nod. Letting him know I can take care of her. He replies with a nod filled with sadness. Of seeing his daughter so unhappy. He leaves the room silently. This had become our routine ever since Cordelia had started having the nightmares. Father had become worried not knowing what to do. Or how to stop them. She used to have them once every couple months. But over the past almost 2 years it has become much more frequent. Almost once a week. Father comes every time, even knowing I can take care of her.

As her tears stop I speak. ''Cordelia, go back to bed and I'll make sure you don't have anymore of your nightmares tonight.'' She nods and crawls back into her bed. I bend down and kiss her forehead. ''Goodnight'' I whisper.

I begin walking towards her door but, instead of leaving I turn and walk over to a chair a few feet away from her bed. I study her as I wait for her breathing to go back into the rhythm which means she is asleep once again. I watch as her face goes from frightful to almost peaceful.

Being twins we have many similarities. We have the same long blonde hair, full lips and small frame. On her it looks beautiful on me, not so much.

The only visible difference between us is our eyes. Mine are golden and hers are a deep blue. She was names Cordelia for her deep blue eyes. Cordelia meaning the jewel of the sea in possibly some dead language.

It was said I was named Cassandra by my mother. For when she went to the temple of the goddess for good health a man spoke to her. 'Name her Cassandra he said. For she will be a prophet of great power. Or so the story goes.

I listen quietly to her breathing for a few moments before I decide I should leave. Instead of going back to my room in an attempt to sleep. I make a hasty decision or not as hasty as it happen a lot, to go for some fresh air. I lazily get out of her bedroom chair and make my way over to her door. I turn the knob give her one last look and whispered her goodnight; I quickly closed the door behind me.

I grew up in this castle and know almost every secret it holds. Taking a few back passages and hidden doors it only takes me a few minutes to reach the court yard. I make my way over to the training yard where the targets are.

At twenty five feet away I smoothly slide a dagger out of pouches I keep on my legs. And throw it. From the moment it leaves my hand I know its going to hit the target. I haven't missed once since I was 12. Now, a month away from my 15 birthday I'm one of the best in the castle.

After I finish almost all my daggers I hear a voice behind me. ''Cass?''

I don't even hesitate as I spin around and throw my last dagger at the voice. I see a figure against the tree drop to the ground as my dagger buries itself in that part of the tree.

I watch the figure slowly rise from their stomach and pull the dagger out of the tree, as I make my approach I feel no sense of danger from this person. Though they hide their emotions and thoughts well.

The moon, with a ring of shadows signifying danger highlights the young mans face. His features soft yet fierce. His eyes a light green that looked as if it could catch a girl's heart. His hair a light brown trailing a bit down his neck. He seemed a boy a girl could hardly miss.

He hands me my dagger as I walk by and keeps pace with me as we walk back to the palace. I walk quickly not wanting to waste anytime and knowing he can easily keep up. I make my way to the kitchen and pull 2 apples off the counter. I take them to the table where Sebastian is waiting. I hand him one as we start to eat in silence.

The apples are quickly finished and we both take off in different directions. I head back to my room quickly finding my way through the castle. I go into my room and silently close the door behind me. I go to mine and Cordelia's joining door for one last peek. Noticing she's happily in a deep slumber I head over to my bed. I pull the covers over my head and wait for morning to come.