Okay…here is the second idea given to me by Invader Kathy Starsky! The idea was a BeexWasp and Bee was sick. And now I morphed it into a fanfic….which is going to be about 4 chapters long! Also in this story…you learn a bit on both mechs' pasts! Hope y'all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…

He scanned the dimly lit Med Bay and stopped on the form lying on one of the repair berths. The form was hooked up to a machine, and scans and uploads were being done. He continued to stare at the form, even so it had began to awaken.

The yellow mech on-lined his sky blue optics and soon spotted the mech in the doorway.

"Wasp, what are you doing here?" the yellow mech asked, voice a bit raspy. "I would have expected Sari, Bulkhead, or Blurr, but not you." The green mech paused, then shrugged.

"Optimus sent me here to watch you" Wasp lied. He had wanted to come visit the yellow mech, but he couldn't let Bumblebee know that. He cared deeply from the other mech, but Wasp kept that to himself. Some feelings, he thought, should be left hidden and suppressed, even if it twisted his spark.

"Oh…" 'Bee replied, and there was a slight hint of disappointment in his voice which he knew Wasp didn't catch, which the green mech didn't. He had wanted the green mech to visit him without being told, but it didn't look that way.

The yellow mech shuttered his optics off and rested back on the berth. Then Wasp walked slowly into the Med Bay and stopped by the side of the berth.

He began to scan the resting form, and took in how small and fragile Bumblebee was. Regardless that he acted tough, he really wasn't physically fit, and that is why Wasp was his un-official bodyguard. It was odd, Wasp thought to himself, that he was. He was protecting the mech that placed him in the stockades, but…something about Bumblebee made him shallow his anger. Wasp reminded himself that it wasn't the yellow mech's fault, but Longarm/Shockwave's. So, he sort-of forgave 'Bee, when they had fixed him via. All Spark shard.

Then there was a long silence between the two, till Bumblebee spoke up.

"Wasp…" 'Bee began, shuttering his optics back on, "What were you like before boot camp?"

Wasp's optic ridge rose, and he asked, "Why do you asked?"

'Bee shrugged, "I'm bored, and I've nothing to do. And besides…I want to get to know you better."

Wasp stared at the yellow mech, then sighed. He had nothing else to do, and besides, it might be good for him. He had never told anyone his past, which wasn't exactly a wonderful experience.

"Alright, I'll tell you, but you have to tell yours, Bumble'."

Bumblebee nodded, and Wasp sighed and pulled a chair up next to the berth. He sat down and began to think how we would start.

"Well, it began with my creators and my birth, I guess…"

Bumblebee listened closely, trying to understand and learn about the person he really liked.

So…next chapter you will get to see Wasp's past…I can tell you one thing, not a very happy past…