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There was shuffling underneath the covers and arms stretched out, a head poked out soon after with a huge smile plastered on its face. The man hopped out of bed looking down in detest at the figure lying on his floor. The man entwined his fingers into his hair. A deep chuckle coming from his throat.

"Ello my pet." He said lazily looking at the figure below bellow him. The man let his blond locks fall in front of his eyes as he bent to whisper in the figures ear. "What things should I enjoy today? Hmm?" He hummed earning a shutter from the silver haired figure. Laughing, he strengthened his hold on the soft locks of hair, yanking the head back to look into the tortured amethyst eyes of his slave. His slave new better then to answer the question.

He yawned, letting go of the silver strands and standing up as if to walk away. His slave let his head fall forward once again relief washing over him as he felt his master begin to move away.

However, the relief was short lived as he felt his hair being yanked upward again, pulling him from his position on the floor and onto the nearest table. His head slammed onto the table top leaving the beginning of a blossoming bruise on his forehead. 'Fuck, that's gonna give me an awful headache tomorrow'. He mentally grumbled.

His upper body lay on the table for support, he didn't bother to fight, he knew what was going to happen… too long ago had he learned that fighting only brought more pain and although he could feel himself breaking and giving in, it would at least allow him more freedom to hope for an escape.

Grabbing the tattered remains of his pets shirt, he ripped it off the boy in one fluid motion throwing the rags to the floor.

'So cold.'

The man roughly pushed his legs apart placing his hand on his slave's hips. He positioned himself in front of the abused hole rubbing his erection on it as if examining the his handy work from the pain he had caused the boy below him earlier.

"Tisk tisk tisk, see this would have never happened had you listened to me the last time and not given' me that dirty look of yours," he chuckled, " now all because of your uncontrollable anger it's going to hurt again this time. You need to show me some respect pet. What do you have to say for yourself?" He continued looking into his slaves eyes with a smile the clearly showed his amusement to his pet's humiliation as he waited for the boy to reply.

"I-I am v-very sorry master…" He managed to stutter out, wincing as the hold on his hair tightened. "It will n-never happen again."

His inner voice screamed with anger at the timid remains of what he had become but the fear silenced it.

The fear silenced everything.

He had spent years in silence shifting from insanity to pain as he was tortured. The once great hunter that once showed anger and fearlessness was gone leaving a broken looking shell of who he once was in its place. He had considered suicide and had tried through many attempts to complete this act through disobedience as well as self torment but was only rewarded with more pain and watchful eyes.

His master would never release him no matter what he did and the hope of escape was slowly fading away. He knew he was pretending that the reason he was allowing this to happen was because of hope for escape but truly he just needed to tell himself that in order to still feel like a part of who he used to be was alive. He was fading, by allowing his fears to take over him.

"That's a good boy," His master hissed, letting his hold go to pat his head gently. For a moment Zero was almost hopeful that he would be let go as his master moved his erect member away only to plunged violently into the boy feeling the heat spread throughout his member and through his entire body.

He sighed no matter how many times he took him and how rough he was the boy always stayed so tight. He heard the boy whimper in pain beneath him, "You like that don't you?" He spat, "You whore."

He continued pushing his member in and out of the boy quickening his pace. The thrusting never seemed to end, and Zero could feel himself tearing from the onslaught of his fragile body. When he felt close to his release he buried himself deep inside the teen shooting his load in with a quite moan, "Zeroooooo."

Zero flinched beneath him he hated when his master used his real name because it made him feel as if the real Zero existed and the real Zero would never submit to these actions. No he was a shell not Zero, he was nothing.

His master road out his orgasm noticing the flinch when he spoke Zeros name. He pulled out and threw him to the ground kicking him once before drawling out his name.

"Zeroooo" He moaned gently, an intimidating grin began to grow on his face as he ran his fingers down Zeros tear stained face before pulling it back to slap him.

"Master Hanabusa, sorry to bother you sir but Kaname-san is here, he asks to speak with you immediately. He insisted I tell you that it is concerning the money you owe him and he said he has no time or patience for tardiness in this situation. "

The master stood up pulling on his pants and straightening his jacket then following his butler out of the room. Before he turned around to close the door he flashed Zero a fake loving smile.

"I'll be back my dear and we will finish up then." Zero curled up into fetal position and cried softly to himself.

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