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****Chapter 12****

Darkness surrounded Zero, he felt so lost, so alone. The nothingness filled his mind and sorrow drowned his heart he felt as if something was going terribly wrong. There were voices speaking to him but all were unfamiliar. He took in the weight that was placed in his hands, smiling slightly at the familiar comfort. It had been years since he felt this strong object in his hand, yet he could still remember the sensation of the power this object wielded. The bloody rose had been passed down through the generations and now it was finally placed in his hands. He felt empowered by the small precious object. A command was given, he felt himself aim then speak the horrid words Aidou insisted of him.

"I belong to Aidou, I live to serve him… I am worthless."

A shot rang throughout the house, birds fluttered away from the sound, scattering in order to escape from it, darkness and hatred seemed to surround the building with a horrible aura as if it were attracted to the sound of the hollow yet deafening noise.

Zero felt his knees weaken, and dropped to the ground, clutching the gun to his chest. He screamed as he hit the cold, hard floor, the small room made the sound echo against the walls. The shot rang in his ears and snapped him out of his drug induced haze a bit, clearing his mind and forcing him to focus. The ringing seemed to vibrate throughout the room and around his skull. He felt relieved that the drug induced ambiguity began to clear and looked forward, seeing a dark form lying on the ground in the moon-light.

'Oh god…' He gasped quietly, making his way towards the form before it faded away becoming an almost powder-like dust as it floated off through the open window and into the night.

Hands grabbed him pulling him into a standing position and he grimaced turning violently and ripping himself away from the form, he felt the haze begin to return as the ringing slowly stopped and shouted before he could no longer speak, "What did you make me do Aidou?"

Zero gasped slightly at the sight he saw and let the weight of the drugs and the force of his sore muscles pull him down as his vision began to darken. Warm hands grabbed him before he blacked out.

Ruka held her head in her hands crying softly to herself, she had only wanted Kaname, nothing more how could he want to risk everything for some slave yet not even think twice about whether or not to cast her to the side. She walked up to the mirror in her home, looking at her figure. She spun in a small circle, "I'm beautiful."

She wiped the tears from her eyes holding her head up high and watching her image in the mirror. She ran her hands down the sides of her bodice. Her breasts were not the largest but they were quaint and even, they bounced along with her step and we able to catch any man's eye, her fingers were long and thin like her legs, she knew her figure was elegant. Her hair may not appeal to most with is gray-like color but obviously Kaname didn't mind such a thing since his slaves hair was much like her own. 'Any man would want me so why doesn't Kaname?'

Growling, she pushed her hair back not wanting to think about that little pet. She didn't want to use this plan but what other choice did she have? She gave a soft sigh looking at the phone as she considered her last idea. 'I don't have much of a choice this is my last option, although it definitely isn't the best choice, I'll forever be in an unspoken debt for this.'

She slowly walked towards the phone before picking it up and calling the second mother she would have had.

A stern voice answered the phone. She had no care evident in her voice as she spoke, "Hello, Kuran residence privet number, Mrs. Kuran speaking."

"Hello you're majesty it is wonderful to speak with you again." She kept her tone polite biting down any aggravation she felt for having to stoop so low as to grovel for help from the queen.

"Ruka? Yes, yes dear it is wonderful to hear your voice; however I will be seeing you soon at the wedding so I doubt this is a curtsy call, what is it you want?" Her voice had a straightforward harshness to it and Ruka could just picture the Queen narrowing her eyes because she felt the silver haired duchess was wasting her time.

"Oh you are correct; I am calling to let you know that Kaname has called off our engagement. He has fallen for a little level D slave. I am terribly story to bring you this news." She tried her best not to choke on her words, it was awful to admit this defeat.

A growl sounded at the opposite end of the phone and a small smile crept on Ruka's face at the thought of the 'Oh so high and mighty Queen' fuming. "And you could not take care of such a small thing as a slave boy by yourself. How do you expect to become a Queen if you cannot even keep control of your husband and make sure he isn't off with the trollies he surrounds himself with?"

Ruka was shocked by the queen's words, gaping like a fish for a moment before she got her standing, "Y-your majesty! I tried! But your son went to save him, he caste me aside and went for the child."

She could picture the queen pinching the bridge of her noise. It had been an unflattering habit the Mrs Kuran had since Ruka's childhood. She often recalled the Queen doing it whenever she would feel like she was surrounded by stupidity.

Mrs. Kuran's voice broke her from her thoughts, "I will deal with this matter. Tell no one!"

Ruka smiled happily but kept her voice solemn, "Yes your majesty." As soon as she hung up the phone she giggled to herself leaning against the walk to support her weight since she felt a little euphoric knowing the Queen would fix things, 'If all else fails just tattle.'

The Queen shouted at her servants angrily to get her prepared to leave the house, unaware of the person who had been listening in on the conversation. She fumed to herself, 'I knew I should have fixed this as soon as it began. I should have gotten rid of that child. I allowed my own emotions to get the better of me and now this is what I must fix.'

A servant began putting on the Queen boots quickly, frightened by her master's angry attitude, a large man walked into the room. His voice deep, his dark brown locks looking slightly messy as the crown on his head kept the dark tussles from moving.

"Where are you going my wife?"

The Queen froze, it had been years since the man before her had entered her room and she gave a small gasp of surprise, turning back into the innocent shy girl she had once been now that she was in his presence. He hadn't come into her bedroom since he had found out about her discretion's. Of course she could never give a valid complaint about such a thing since she had been the one to stray from their bond in marriage. Although it saddened her to think how long it had been and she found herself wondering if he had taken a lover of his own since that time. Shaking the thoughts away, she stood on her recently placed boots and stretched her arms out to let the servants know that she would be requiring a jacket as well. "I am simply going for a stroll."

The king narrowed his eyes as if considering her statement before going back to his more pleasant smile. "That sounds wonderful, I should join you."

The servant moved forward to do up the buttons on the long white jacket she had recently placed on the Queen but the her highness shoved her out of the way, wanting to get out of the room and away from her husband as soon as possible.

The king caught the dainty servant women and steadied her gently before releasing the older women from his grasp.

"No, no dear that is not necessary I only need some time alone to think about a few things that have been plaguing my mind lately." The Queen began to walk past him, however, a firm hand landed on her shoulder keeping her in place.

With a small wave of his hand the king requested for the entire group of servant to leave them, the scurrying females raced from her room happy to be away from the stern woman. The Queen grimaced slightly feeling betrayed by the action, but there was nothing she could do about it he had seniority, slowly turning towards her husband she voiced her thoughts, "It's been years since you have touched me my king, I am honored."

"Do not try flattery after you have lied to me. Now tell me the truth of where you are rushing off to." His eyes were harsh as the Queen silently took in his form. He wore a blue suit with white cuffs, the dark blue looked beautiful against his dark brown crimson like eyes. He looked dashing even after all those years, despite the touches of gray that were beginning to show. Tarring her eyes away from him she looked towards the door ignoring the question.

He growled letting her go but before she left the room he said the words she had never thought to hear from his lips, "I know about the slave boy. I picked up the phone at the same time as you. It shocked me greatly to have heard from Kaname's ex-fiance about his predicament and even more surprised that it sounded as if you knew about this servant boy all along."

She came up in front of her king, the kind man that had not cast her aside after what she had done to his honor but let her stay as Queen. She bowed on her knees, afraid he would do what he should have long ago. She knew the only reason he hadn't left her was because of Kaname. Her husband was worried their son would hate him for turning his mother away and fearful that Kaname would do something reckless if he knew, 'If only he knew that Kaname had known all along. I would have been thrown out long ago… but I don't want to leave. I have worked hard for my place as Queen.' She firmed her eyes reaching out to him, "Please, I did not want you to worry about our son. I thought I could fix it before you ever had to know."

The king roared loudly looking down at his wife and wrenching his form away from her grasp, "He is my son! I deserve to know what is going on in his life."

She looked up at him tearfully pulling her hands back and holding them at her chest, "I am very sorry my king."

The large man huffed slightly, pulling her off the ground, "You will stay here and I will talk to our son."

His voice was stern and left no room for disagreement. She ducked her head so he would not see the tears in her eyes, 'If he goes to Kaname…. my son with think I told him about Zero… He will tell his father that he knows about what I have done. I will be cast aside.' She knew that following her husband or even calling to warn her son would leave her in a worse predicament. She forced herself to say the words she knew her husband was waiting for, "Yes, that would be best your eminence."

She heard the door to her room slam shut, lost in her own world she climbed into her bed fully dressed, as the true gravity of her situation set in.


Where will I go?"

Zero opened his eyes slightly taking in the sight of Aidou's destroyed room and groaned, 'I'm going to end up being the one to clean up this mess and I already feel like I can barely move.'

Suddenly a flash of memory from last night brought him to his senses and his eyes widened as he struggled to sit, and began calling.

"Kaname?" He whispered grimacing at the sound of his voice. 'Was is all just a dream?'

The brunettes head popped out from the doorway, startling Zero way from his thoughts as a large smile graced his face. "Hey you."

Zero growled slightly at Kaname's casual answer. 'He acts like we are just waking up to a normal day in that pompous purebloods bed. But we aren't! We are in Aidou's house, in that nobles destroyed room, and hell! Where is Aidou?' Zero grabbed his head confused by all the questions swirling in his mind.

Suddenly Kaname was beside him concern written all over his handsome features. Zero's breath caught in his throat, 'Could this all be a figment of my imagination… there is no way that Kaname would come for me. He has Yuki now and she is beautiful and petite she would probably be much nicer to bed being a girl and all…. That is of course if Yuki made it.' Worry clutched his chest at the thought of her, but he couldn't help himself as he reached out his hand and touched the form in front of him making sure this was not some sort of mirage or heaven. The smile reappeared as Kaname chucked. "Missed me?"

Zero growled again at his cocky attitude before struggling to stand, denying help from the hand that reached out to him, "Yuki?"

"You mean the girl? Aidou's slave. The one you sent to me? " He held out the scrunched up piece of paper that held Zeros scratchy directions on them placing them in his hand, "She is safe."

Zero nodded sitting on the bed happy to have something cushioning his backside for a moment as he tried to work out his sore muscles. "Good." He felt all the pressure and fears leave him. She was safe, his sacrifice had a meaning and he smiled feeling truly happy and at peace, "Very good."

Kaname's face darkened and he grabbed Zero's wrist roughly. "What were you thinking?" He growled, but what he truly wanted to say was, 'How could you leave me like that? And what's so special about her that you would go through all of this for her. Why could you not trust me enough to let me know.' Instead the next words that spilled from his mouth were harsh and demanding, "You are MY slave. You had no right to leave without my permission."

Zero flinched at the harsh words, 'I never thought I would see him again. I never even considered the option of him being mad at me…' the teen gulped down a sob that tried to escape as half of him felt absolute relief at having being found by the man above him and the other half feared his punishment, "I-I'm so sorry master."

"You should be!" Kaname practically screamed his anger and fear finally coming forward, 'I had almost lost you!'

"You try to escape and instead leave me with a beaten slave that you just expect me to care for! How can you expect such a thing of me after you have betrayed my trust? Why should I help her at all? I should throw her on the streets!" Kaname balled his fists in anger. Of course he would never throw such a defenseless person on the streets but a large part of him was jealous, he couldn't find himself stopping the words that left his mouth but regretted them as soon as Zero spoke.

"Please master!" Zero's violet eyes stared up at him sweetly, "I will do anything! Just help her, keep her in your home. I fear Aidou will find her!"

Kaname forced the shock he felt to not show on his face, 'He doesn't remember what happened to Aidou...' But the thought left him as he focused on Zero's words, 'He truly cares for her so much.' The pureblood bit back the tang of jealously that ran threw him as he couldn't help but see how far Zero would go for the strange slave girl, "Anything? Prove it."

Kaname laid back on Aidou's bed trying not to grimace as he thought of all the things the noble must have done on said bed and forcing himself to stay laying down instead of trying to shake off the gross feeling. 'This is Aidou's home. It would already be a place of deep hatred to him, plus he must be in large amounts of pain and hasn't drank blood in a long while. He will not take this far… not if he doesn't truly her.'

Zero gulped down the lump in his throat at his master's request. "Aidou…"

"Is not here. Do not tell me you are concerned about him too now." Kaname finished looking sternly at his pet.

The scenario frightened Zero and brought back many painful memories that would never be erased, 'Well at least I know this defiantly is not a dream… In a dream Kaname would be… different…nicer' Forcing himself to move, he crawled towards the pureblood pushing up the shirt he gently reached his tongue down giving small laps and kisses to the muscular chest of the man he cared so deeply for. He found himself smiling slightly and couldn't help but be happy that he would be able to do this again for the man he loved despite the surroundings. Dipping his tongue into the navel he heard Kaname give a small moan and instantly all thoughts of pain and location ceased to exist. Zero's only focus was to hear that noise again, a noise that he never pictured himself hearing ever again…

He nibbled on the hip bone that stood out and smelled the delicious blood coming from the body below him. The silver haired teen felt as if he was in the presence of greatness, as if he should appreciate the gift he had been given. He wanted to kiss every inch of the skin that had been placed before him, but he feared his master may begin to get impatient. Instead he unbuttoned the black pants pulling down the zipper and sliding them down the creamy hips along with his master's boxers. He paused looking up at his owner with a pleading face as he tugged on the trousers asking the pureblood to raise his hips.

Kaname did so looking at Zero with a face of indifference that sent a shock of pain directly to the silver teen's heart. When Zero finished removing the bothersome garments he crawled back up to his masters hips licking the tip of the half hard penis suggestively before pulling the whole thing into his mouth and swallowing deeply feeling his face heat up.

Throughout the ministration's the jealously Kaname had felt had kept him half limp but once Zero took him into his impeccably skilled mouth Kaname felt himself hardening immediately and partially against his will. He didn't want to release or be together with Zero in a place like this but his stubbornness and hope that the silver haired teen would quit first forced him to accept his hardening muscle.

The pureblood let out a deep gasp follow by a long moan as he flung his head back into the pillow the brown locks surrounding his head. Zero continued his ministation's keeping them slow and sensual as he lathered his master's penis to prepare it for the intrusion it would make. His master gave him no encouragement other than the soft moans that seemed to only be forced from his lips due to Zeros skillful tongue.

The younger teen let go of the now fully erect dick breathing deeply over it as he tried to catch his breath, already tired from the things his body had been through and the extra efforts he was forcing on himself.

Kaname couldn't help but smile slightly thinking that was all Zero had planned to do for Yuki's sake. Even though that was a bit too much for his liking it made him happy that it would go no further than this. He was a sex slave after all and if she was a friend he would offer something obviously sexual in return but sex was something more serious. Especially between him and Zero, if his pet truly loved him like he claimed he would not make love for someone else's sake. The warm breath and thought that Zero still belonged to him made his erection twitch excitedly. He reached down to pull Zero up towards him and apologize, when he noticed the silver haired teen move again positioning himself so he would be over the pureblood erection. The smile left the pureblood's face as soon as Zero lifted his body up and slowly began to bring himself onto the tip. The heated warmth instantly rendered Kaname motionless but he quickly got his mind set straight, 'I don't want this. I don't want Zero to be doing this for someone else. I want him to only care for me.'

The hands that had been held out to pull the young silverette closer to him were instead used to stop Zero's hips from moving lower. He noticed the pained look turn into shock when he was stilled and his head tilled questioningly.

"Stop this Zero."

"But… Kaname…" Zero did his best to make his voice not sound broken, sure he had been doing this for Yuki, he may have not wanted to have their reunion in a place he hated so much, and he was defiantly discouraged by Kaname's face of indifference but he loved the man. The sliver haired teen felt that he had tried his hardest to please his master yet it still wasn't enough. His mind went through all the possible explanations for such a sudden stop, 'He probably thinks I'm dirty because I have been with Aidou… well that is something I can fix.' Hopefulness entered his eyes as Kaname helped him get off the tip of his penis and sit beside him instead, "Would you like me to clean myself first? I can go take a bath and I will come right back if you would like?"

Kaname flinched at those words, 'How can he think that is the only reason?' He sighed, dashing Zero's hopes, and grabbed his pants and boxers pulling them roughly on and ignoring the pain in his lower region for his roughness and denied release; shifting his erection so it would sit more comfortably at the hem of his boxers and therefore be less noticeable to onlookers. "No Zero that's alright." He looked at the teen who seemed to be more interested in the sheets than anything else, "I was trying to find some clothes that would fit you. I didn't want to move you until you woke up in case anything was broken so I wouldn't make it worse. But since you seem alright we will find some clothes and go back to the house."

Zero gulped slightly, 'He said the house… not our house…' Shaking the thoughts from his head he decided to test what was going on, "Yes Master," Kaname seemed to have no reaction to the word and Zero instantly figured that their relationship was now back to one of master and slave, nothing more.

The sliverette set about looking for a suitable outfit as Kaname watched him silently. Zero knew he had no right to ask this, he had obviously not pleased his master but he looked at his owner hopefully praying for Kaname to be in good graces today, "Master? Will Yuki be able to stay in your home?"

Kaname's eyes turned a deeper shade of crimson and Zero whimpered from the glare, "Yes I will keep her safe." The pureblood had not missed the change of his name from Kaname to master but he couldn't bring himself to care at the moment. He felt as if he had just lost Zero and couldn't help but wish Zero had never chosen to save the girl despite it being the right thing to do.

Taking a deep breath he figured he would prod the teen deciding the direct approach would be best. "Zero, what do you feel for this Yuki woman?"

Zero distractively looked through a drawer of clothes trying to find an outfit that was not ripped, his thoughts being plagued by his masters actions and he feared the thought that he may be hated. He wanted to get out of that house as fast as possible, hoping it would make his master a bit more pleased. Hearing the question he answered in the best way he knew how not thinking about how it could be misconstrued, "I love her master."

It was the truth, he loved Yuki more than anything in the world, she had tried to help him many times with no regard for herself; she was a sister to him, a best friend. He would die for her as he knew she would for him.

The brunette found he could no longer be in the room with the slave, his aura becoming heavy as a window began to crack. Getting up he called to Zero who had finally found a clean pair of pants, already walking out the door, "I will be waiting in the car. Hurry up."

Zero looked after his master confused and more than hurt as he turned his gaze to the slightly cracked window in wonder.

Zero had fallen asleep in the car on the way home. His head was on the purebloods shoulder and his hands clutched the dark colored shirt the driver wore. Kaname forced his eyes on the road again as another honk startled him. 'If I kill Zero before I get home this whole trip will be useless.'

Despite this thought as soon as Zero gave a soft tortured moan in his sleep Kaname's eyes were back on him his fingers rubbing soft shapes on his thigh as Zero snuggled closer into the warmth. He missed this, Zero's feel and voice. 'I should just be happy Zero is here with me again. I want him to be happy. I will accept whatever relationship he wants because I get to keep him by my side.'

The pureblood made the last turn into his house parking horribly as he threw the keys to the valet and went around to the other side of the car lifting Zero bridal style from his seat. He fit so nicely in Kaname's arms as if he was meant to be there. The walk into the grand hall was a long one, 'This could be one of the last times I see Zero in this position.' He kissed the forehead covered with soft silver hair before stopping in his tracks and turning towards the very strong aura in the room. The large vampire walked towards him with determination in every step. He looked as if he was made to rule. His head held high with well-deserved pride.

"Father?" Kaname all but whispered in shock.

"So this is the boy I have been hearing so much about. He is quiet the beautiful young man." The older man commented with a smile turning his eyes to the young teen in his son's arms.

Kaname couldn't help but think, 'You shouldn't let him hear you say that he would probably have a conniption.' He had noticed a rise in Zero's anger, the smaller teen didn't like when others would call him short or cute feeling as if it was a hit to his pride. Of course Kaname was the exception he could call Zero whatever he wanted and the younger would just blush… but that was then and this was now. The pureblood smiled at his father.

"I assume you have heard the rumors about my 'scandalous behavior' then." The words were exaggerated and he raised his eyebrows to let his father know he didn't truly care about the rumors.

"Are they true son?" His father's tone was serious and almost mournful as he examined the harsh bruises that littered the level D vampires skin. The clothes being too baggy, they easily felt off Zero's waist showing too much skin to be acceptable.

"Yes." Kaname's voice was filled with determination. He would not lie to his father despite what his punishment would be, he could only hope that his father would not remove Zero from his presence after he had worked so hard to get him back.

His father said nothing for a moment, just continued to look thoughtfully at his son as Kaname's nerves caught up to him, "But it won't be going on any longer."

His father raised an eyebrow, "No? Why is that?"

Kaname stuttered for a moment surprised by his father's nonchalant attitude and confusing words. Any father of high-class would be condemning his children if they were to do such a thing with a level D. Breaking his engagement should have been the last straw especially because he was to be future King. It was also the only reason for his mother to tell her husband about the destruction her son was causing. She would have been fearful because of Kaname's threat against her so she must have felt that there was no other choice and he would need a stern hand to keep him in control. But it came down to one thing; Yuki. "Because he loves another… I will not force him to be with me." His voice was strong not mirroring his true feelings.

He father gave a small chuckle, "Really? Too bad."

Kaname tried to stop himself from gaping at his father's words, "T-too bad! But what about you're standing? Your honor? Are you not upset with me."

The older Kuran laughed placing his hand on his son's shoulders, "There have been far worse things this family has dealt with my sons happiness is not something I would want to add to the list of dark things that has occurred in our past. Besides loving a man has never been a problem for vampires, but I suppose since you are my only child I do expect you to give me an heir. We will have to work that out later. That is of course if he chooses you." He looked thoughtful for a moment.

His eyes were soft, "I myself have caused more than my fair share of problems for our family. I had feared the same would happen to you when you pronounced your acceptance of the arranged marriage to Ruka. I did not want your marriage to be like mine has been. Hatred for each other is embedded deep within our hearts because we could not deal with the proceedings of the past. I had hoped you would find true love on your own." He looked at the silver haired boy once again brushing the hair from his face, "Put the boy to bed now and come dine with me, I insist you tell me what happened to the small thing."


Kaname sat to his father's right. His small black shoes clinking against each other. He was still very small for his own throne his feet would dangle off the edge but his father fit his seat perfectly. 'I wonder if I will be that big someday too so that I can fit in the same chair. Just like all the other ancestors in our family.' He looked as his smaller chair that he was much too small for, 'I don't think that will EVER happen!'

His mother had dressed him in a pair of dark blue shorts with suspenders that made sure they wouldn't slip down his hips as he "gallivanted around the castle"-as his mother would say. It matched with a small white collared shirt and the jacket he refused to bring down.

The people who stood in front of him were talking about the politics of the country and he quickly ignored their words. His eyes favoring his father, staring uninterestedly at the intricate designs in the man's shirt, until the said man looked at his son. The king gave his boy a wink and patted him on the head pushing him off the chair slightly in a silent allowance for his son to leave the room.

Kaname wandered the halls; most of the servants were in the throne room or would be too busy to play. Her heard two voices and giggled softly to himself, 'I will scare them! They should think that I am still in the throne room! They will never expect me to pull a prank.'

He softly tiptoed to the room until he could hear the young women's voices, "He's so elegant, so kind, perfectly suited to be King!"

"Oh I agree, and he is attractive to boot! I wouldn't mind him between my legs."

The small prince opened the door quietly peeking through the crack until he could see the gossiping females as both women laughed.

The thinner maid with a slightly disproportionate nose spoke, "I'm surprised his wife doesn't want him there."

"Ha! She doesn't care about looks." the larger one argued with a laugh, "She wants people who are beneath her to stay there. Clearly in more ways than one!" They both laughed hysterically at the joke.

The small Kuran`s eyes furrowed and he moved to run in the room and yell at the useless women who thought that spreading rumors was clearly more important than their job. But a warm hand grabbed his mouth pulling him back from the door and whispering a low, "Got-cha" in his ear.

The small boy gasped looking into matching soft crimson eyes, before pulling the hand away, "Father!"

"Hahaha," the king laughed wholeheartedly. "You think I don't know you well enough my little son. I thought I would come and prevent you from scaring our maids into giving me a headache with their complaints." He tugged on the lapels of his jacket, straightening it against his chest.

Kaname`s eyes furrowed at his father and he let out a small huff of disappointment, "Is the meeting over already?"

"No," he gave his son a cheeky smile, "I figured we could do something more fun instead"

A wide smile grew across the prince's face before it changed quickly to disappointment, "Mother said this meeting was very important. You should go back before she gets angry with you."

The king smiled and pulled his son into the court yard, "I have different priorities then your mother, for instance, the top priority on my list is to make sure I do not get headaches because of my trouble making son." He laughed looking at said son`s pouty face as the spoiled prince gave a another small huff. "Come now Kaname, what game would you like to play, I will play anything you would like."

A cheeky smile, that mirrored his father's, grew on the small boys face, "Does that include scaring the maids? If you do it too they can`t complain to you."


As soon as Kaname had left Zero in his room he had told a servant to bring Yuki into it as well figuring that her face would be the first thing he would want to see. He had considered telling her to put her in the same bed as Zero's since it would have more than enough room for them both but couldn't bear the thought of uttering the words.

As soon as the dinner was placed on the table both vampires went through the motions of picking at the food taking more than their fair share of blood tablets in the goblets as they ate in an almost awkward silence.

"So tell me what happened." The older Kuran prodded gently. The King and his son did not have as close of a relationship as they once did. Age and independence had changed their bond but they were still father and son. The prince trusted his father the most.

Kaname sighed pushing a small chunk of food around his plate, "He left me to go help a slave being tortured by Aidou. He chose to put himself through pain and possibly death without even letting me know the truth. I could not even help him because he wanted to help her himself."

Kaname looked at his father, "Aidou tortured him, and was so rough… took no consideration for his wellbeing at all and Zero just accepted that. He was safe with me but he refused me… that blond noble even had him pull a gun on me, a hunters gun..."

The older Kuran stopped drinking and glared at Kaname, "He's a hunter?" The elder man couldn't help but growl at the thought. However once he looked at his son's saddened face he let go of the thought and placed his hand on his sons silently prodding him to continue the story.

The younger pureblood was confused by his father's kindness, he felt as if he were a child once again waiting for his father to finish work so he could talk about his day. His father was always a kind man, different from a majority of vampires, but the King still had a sense of pride. Scandals did not look good on the family name and yet his father had come to see him with eyes full of acceptance and pity for his predicament, so the pureblood continued, "He was saying this weird chant that Aidou forced him to say and looked as if he was an empty shell, almost as if he couldn't really see just act, but as soon as I spoke to him he pulled the gun away from me and pointed it at Aidou and shot."

"He killed Aidou?" Kuran looked stunned Aidou had become quite the madman in the past few years but he was an incredibly strong noble especially for a level B. He should have been smart enough to see the direction and move out of the way despite the control he may have had on the ex-human he should have been prepared.

"No," Kaname smirked slightly, " but he distracted him and injured him enough that I could quickly attack without causing any real damage to Zero in case Aidou planned to use him as a shield of some sort. The distraction really slowed him down quite a bit. It made it a lot easier for me to quickly put him out of his misery."

The older man smiled at his son's strength, 'He defiantly took after me.' The conversation continued in small banters and the younger explained more of his relationship with the ex-human and resulted in hysterical memories of Kaname's childhood which were teased about relentlessly. Until he bid his father goodnight, the elder Kuran put his hand on his sons shoulder and squeezed in a comforting manner. "Talk with the boy, just because he loves that woman does not mean he doesn't care for you. Do not let someone you care about get out of your grasp without getting all the details."

"I will father," Kaname agreed but without confidence in his voice.

The king smiled at his son, "Get some rest for tonight and deal with this tomorrow when you have a clear head and less anger in your heart. I will talk to Ruka`s family, and do not worry, all things work out in the end."

The purebloods gave each other a curt nod before the kings departure.

Zero awoke to the sound of a soft feminine grown; turning his head he noticed long chocolate brown wavy hair in a bed next to his own. The face turned and he noticed creased eyebrows and a scrunched up feature that looked to be in pain forcing his sore muscles to move he went to her side, "Yuki? Yuki? Are you alright?"

Her eyes opened instantly and a wide smile grew on her face as she saw the bandages that littered both their bodies. "Are we safe? Have we both finally escaped?"

Zero gave a small cheerful laugh at both her shock and her extreme happiness feeling it bubble in his own chest, "Yeah, we did it…" He grabbed her hand lovingly not noticing the person who had walked to the door to check up on him.

Crimson eyes peaked in through the crack seeing their hands entwined and a smile on the younger males face. Kaname gave a small pained smile of his own, happy for Zero's happiness but sad for what it meant between them before he turned leaving to return to his own room.

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