Thirty Minutes

Summary: Sequel to Sixty Seconds. They thought it was over. They couldn't have been more wrong. When a madman escapes from prison, it's a fight for survival. And time is running out.

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with the WWE.

Author's Note: Hi, everyone! Wow, I'm thrilled with the response that Sixty Seconds got! I'm glad you all enjoyed it, and I hope you like this one just as much! I'm excited for it, and I know you guys are, so here's chapter one!

Chapter 1

Phil Brooks pushed open the front door of the house with a couple plastic bags filled with a few things they would need for the trip that lay ahead of them. He had been grateful for the time he had to be at home to recover after the ordeal that had happened over a year ago, for it had also given him time to be a part of the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him. He just couldn't believe the time that had gone by. It only felt like yesterday that he and some of his friends had been trapped inside the bombed hotel...

But he quickly brushed those dark thoughts aside. Shane McMahon, who had been the one behind the bombing, was sitting in prison, and he and the rest of the Smackdown and ECW stars who had made it through were going to return to the WWE ring the next night. Phil smiled with excitement. It was going to be an amazing feeling, but what made it even more special for him was he was going to have his wonderful wife and beautiful daughter there to support him.

Phil carried the bags into the living room, smiling when he saw that Maria had fallen asleep stretched out on the couch. She had been exhausted lately since their eight-month-old daughter had been wakeful during the night. He lightly brushed some of her red hair out of her face, hoping not to wake her, glad that she was able to catch up on a little much needed rest.


At the sound of the excited voice, Phil turned to the playpen set up in the middle of the room, smiling broadly when he saw the small girl trying to pull herself up into a sitting position. "Hey, Lexie," he said, setting the bags down and walking over to the playpen. He leaned on the side as he watched her, laughing when he saw the huge smile that formed on her face at seeing him. "How's my little girl?"

Lexie mumbled incoherently as she finally sat up by pushing on her big blocks, leaning back against the corner of the playpen. "Da!" she repeated, reaching up toward him.

Phil frowned slightly as he gave her his finger to hold. "Come on, Lex, you're so close," he muttered. "Try again. Say dada. Dada."


"You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?" Phil asked suspiciously, arching his eyebrow. "I've got my eye on you, girly." Lexie just laughed, and he smiled as he picked her up into his arms. "We'll work more on that later. I don't care how long it takes as long as you say it first." He and Maria were each trying to get her to say Dada or Mama before the other, and so far, Lexie was coming close to both, almost as if she was teasing them.

Lexie cooed with contentment as she laid her head on Phil's chest for a minute before pushing herself up, placing her tiny hand on his cheek. Then, she grabbed onto his hanging black hair and pulled.

"Ow," Phil muttered as Lexie laughed, gently lowering her hand. "No, Lex, that hurts Dada. Here. Have this." He gave her his finger again so her tiny ones wouldn't go to his hair or his lip ring like they often did. She smiled, squeezing it tightly.

"Not much luck yet, huh, Phil?"

Phil turned around, seeing that Maria was not sitting up on the couch and looking up at them. She smiled, getting to her feet and approaching her husband and child, giving Phil a quick kiss.

"Ma!" Lexie said happily, releasing Phil's finger and grabbing onto Maria's hair.

"Hey, sweetheart," Maria replied, carefully pulling her hand away and kissing her fingers. "But how about you say mama, huh? Mama."

Lexie smiled, wrapping her hand around Maria's finger. "Ma!"

Maria sighed, her eyes narrowing when she raised her gaze and saw that Phil was grinning at her. She smacked his arm with her free hand. "She doesn't say your name either," she muttered, taking Lexie from him when the small girl reached out to her.

"I know," Phil told her. "But it's funny how frustrated you get."

His wife smiled as Lexie started laughing. "I swear, it's like she's messing with us," Maria said. "We're always telling her what we want her to say..."

Phil smirked. "I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that."

Maria looked back at Phil. "Well, she is your daughter," she told him with a wink.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Phil wondered.

Shrugging, Maria smiled as she turned and headed toward the kitchen. Phil watched her until she was out of sight, laughing quietly and shaking his head before grabbing the bags and following her.

"So, did you get everything for the week?" Maria asked as Phil set the bags on the table.

"Yeah, we should be set," Phil answered, looking through the extra packs of diapers and other necessities he had bought. "And if not, it's not like we'll be too far away from a store."

"That's true," Maria muttered, glancing down at Lexie as she began to fuss. "Hey, Phil, do I have time to give her a quick lunch before we leave?"

"Sure," Phil replied, grabbing a container of baby food from the cupboard and handing it to her. "You do that, and I'll pack this extra stuff in my bags and get Lexie's diaper bag ready."

"Thanks, honey." Maria quickly kissed Phil before he headed upstairs to pack. She then set Lexie in her highchair and began to feed her.

"Eat up, girl," she told her, smiling when Lexie laughed a little. "Because soon, we're going to see some of Mama and Dada's friends. Just wait until they see how big you've gotten..."

In truth, Maria was looking forward to being on the road again and seeing everyone she used to work with. It would be a great experience for them as a family.

But when Lexie laughed and knocked the spoon out of her hand by accident, Maria smiled and sighed when she realized it was going to be a long trip.


Adam Copeland sat behind the wheel of his rental car, sunglasses on as he sang along to the song blaring on the radio. Jay Reso sat beside him in the passenger seat, laughing and shaking his head at his best friend.

"Bored, are we?" the former ECW champion asked.

Sighing, Adam turned the radio down and put his sunglasses on top of his head. "Yeah," he answered, leaning back in his seat. "He's been in there for what, almost a half hour?" They had been parked outside of the courthouse for a long time, waiting for one Matt Hardy.

"Patience, Adam," Jay told him in a joking way before he became more serious. "Court stuff takes a while..."

Adam's eyes saddened a bit, knowing that the other man had spent a lot of time in the court system earlier the past year, but he had been fortunate enough to escape a prison sentence from the bombing ordeal. They were both grateful for that.

Then, his eyes lit up when he heard the song change. "Oh, I love this song!" he said, turning it up and putting his sunglasses back on as he started singing.

Jay just smiled and shook his head again as he looked out the window at the courthouse. "At least Matt's getting out of prison a lot earlier than expected," he muttered, mainly to himself. "He had a good lawyer."

"What?" Adam paused, looking at his best friend curiously.

"Never mind."

Adam shrugged, going back to singing as he started to drum the steering wheel.

About five minutes later, Matt came out of the courthouse with a manilla folder in his hands and hurried over to the car, climbing in the backseat. "Sorry about the wait, guys," he muttered, putting his seatbelt on. "I know it took a while..."

"No problem, Man," Jay replied while Adam straightened up in his seat and put his sunglasses back on top of his head. "All clear?"

"Yep!" Matt told him with a broad smile. "It's all done."

"All right!" Jay and Adam both high-fived him. "You're free, Matt."

The older Hardy nodded. "Yeah, it's a great feeling."

Adam smiled as he started the car, happy for his friend. "So, are you going to talk to Vince when we get there about returning to the WWE?" he wondered, driving away from the courthouse.

"Yeah, I was thinking about it," Matt said. "I'll see if he would even consider taking me back after..." His sentence trailed off, and he cleared his throat. "Anyway, I'm thrilled about the show tomorrow night. To see all the people that were involved in that ordeal come back... It's going to be amazing!"

"Yeah, it's going to be good," Jay agreed with a smile. But then, it faded a bit. "There's just one thing I don't like about it."

"What's that?" Matt asked, confused.

Adam sighed, knowing what his best friend meant since they had talked about it while waiting for Matt. "The memories," he answered quietly as he came to a stop at a set of lights. "It's in the same place where it all happened."


Jeff Hardy shut the rental car off when he found a spot in the parking lot, smiling at the man in the passenger seat next to him. "Thanks for letting me come with you, Man," he said.

"Not a problem," John Hennigan replied, shutting his notebook and sticking his pen in the spiral binding. "Thanks for doing the second half of the driving."

"Well, least I could do since you picked me up," Jeff told him. "I know it was a bit out of the way."

John gave him a small smile. He had unexpectedly picked up the younger Hardy brother after getting a call from him saying that he needed a ride to the show since he wanted to be there for everyone's return. "Not a big deal," he assured him, opening the door and stepping out into the night to get the bags out of the back.

Jeff sighed as he stepped out as well to get his bags from the seat behind him, but then he paused when he saw something off in the distance. "There it is," he muttered, his gaze darkening.

"There's what?" John wondered, looking up at him curiously.

The younger Hardy nodded to something behind him and John turned to look over his shoulder. He sighed heavily when he saw the hill where the casino boat that had served as their hotel had once been, ruins the only thing remaining to remind them of what had happened. It was so far away, yet so close.

He turned back to face his friend, giving him a small smile. "Let's just go check in."


Phil pulled into the parking lot and found a place to park after what felt like the longest trip of his life. They had stopped many times along the way since Lexie had gotten irritated from being in her car seat for so long, and the sun had completely set by the time he turned the car off. He closed his eyes for a moment, exhausted from the drive, before turning in his seat to look at his family.

"You all right, Ria?" Phil asked, seeing that his wife was rubbing her eyes as she shook a rattle to try to keep their daughter occupied.

"Yeah, just tired," she answered quietly, giving him a smile. "I think Lexie is too, she's starting to fuss. I'll bring her inside to check in if you grab the bags..."

"Okay, sounds good." Phil reached forward and took Maria's hand, kissing it gently. He knew all three of them needed to get a good night's sleep, and once they got that, things would be better.

Then, Phil climbed out of the car while Maria started to take Lexie out of her car seat, stretching out her cramped muscles as he went to the back of the car to get their bags. Maria got out then with their exhausted daughter, who perked up when she saw Phil.

"Da!" Lexie exclaimed, reaching out toward him.

"Never mind, Phil," Maria said, stifling a yawn. "She wants to go with you, probably since she saw me for pretty much the whole trip. You take her, and I'll bring the bags in."

"You sure?" Phil asked as he opened the trunk.

"Well, we have to go with what Lexie wants," Maria answered, looking at their child, who was still reaching for her dad.

Phil smiled as he approached his two beautiful girls and took the eight-month-old. "Hey there, Lex," he said, kissing her forehead. "You're lucky you got to look at Mama in the car. Mama's prettier than me."

This comment made Maria laugh as she quickly kissed her husband. "I'll grab the bags and be in," she told him quietly.

"All right," Phil muttered, kissing her again. "See you soon."

By the time he got into the hotel, Lexie had rested her head on his shoulder, and Phil assumed that she would be asleep shortly as he got behind a couple he recognized to be Drew Galloway and Taryn Terrell in line to check in.

But before he could say hello to them, Lexie perked up a bit at seeing the Scotsman's brown ponytail hanging in front of her, and she got a hold of it and pulled.

"Lexie, no," Phil said, gently pulling her hand away as Drew quickly turned around, startled. "Sorry, Drew. She does that. I've been trying to get her to stop..."

But Drew laughed as he turned completely around. "That's all right, Phil," he replied. "If if was you doing that, I'd be a little more concerned." Then, a smile spread across his face while Phil laughed as he bent down a little to get a better look at the girl. "It's good to finally meet you, Lexie."

Lexie smiled up at him and grabbed his finger when he held it out for her to take. She babbled something that wasn't understandable before she put it in her mouth.

"She'll do that too," Phil muttered. "With her teething..."

"Don't worry, Phil, no harm done," Drew told him, laughing a little at the eight-month-old. "She's adorable."

"All right, we're checked in," Taryn said as she approached the two. "Hey, good to see you, Phil." Then, her face brightened up when she saw the child. "Oh, my God! Is this Lexie?"

"Yep!" Phil looked down at his daughter, who still had Drew's finger, with a proud glint in his eye.

"Aww, she's gotten so much bigger since the last picture you sent!" Taryn smiled broadly as she tickled the girl's neck, making her laugh. "She's really starting to look like you, Phil."

"You think?" Phil looked at Lexie's darkening hair as she looked up at him, pulling Drew's finger out of her mouth before saying, "Da."

"Too cute!" Taryn said while Phil laughed a little, and Lexie looked back at her. "Hi, sweetie!"

Lexie mumbled incoherently as she looked up at the smiling woman before smiling herself as she giggled and babbled more. "She's never usually this verbal," Phil commented as he shook his head. "Then again, she does love attention."

"Well, of course! Any cutie like this would." Taryn bent down a little as her husband had done and smiled. "Right, Lexie?"

The little girl once again smiled at the woman before her eyes widened a bit when she saw her large, hanging, silver earrings. Lexie cooed quietly, reaching toward Taryn.

"Can I hold her?" Taryn wondered, looking at Phil for confirmation.

Phil smiled when he saw that Lexie was still trying to reach her. "Of course, Taryn," he answered. "Mind taking her while I check in real quick?"

"Sure thing!" Taryn grinned as she took Lexie from him, watching as Phil kissed her head.

"Be right back, Lex," he muttered. "I'm not far."

As soon as Phil walked to the desk to check in, Lexie looked around to make sure he was still there. "Da!"

"Right here, Lex." Phil looked over and waved at her before going back to what he was doing. Lexie watched him for a moment until she was sure he was going to stay in sight before turning his attention to Taryn, wrapping her tiny fingers in her blonde waves as she made her way toward her earrings.

Then, the door to the hotel opened again, and Maria entered the lobby with their bags with John Hennigan walking beside her. When they got closer to the group, Lexie looked up when she heard the familiar laugh, and she smiled when she saw the red-haired woman.


"Hello, my dear," Maria said with a huge smile at her daughter, setting the bags down so her arms would be free. "Making friends, huh?"

"Yeah, she's absolutely adorable, Ria!" Taryn replied, smiling herself when the eight-month-old started to reach for her mother.

But when Lexie looked at John, still standing next to Maria, she stopped when she spotted something before leaning toward him instead. "Oooh..."

"Whoa," John said with a laugh, pulling her carefully into his arms though it was unexpected. "Hi, Lexie."

The only response he got was another "ooh" from the eight-month-old girl.

Drew laughed a little. "Well, I guess your claim that you can get all the ladies is true," he muttered jokingly.

"Very funny, Drew." John then turned his attention back to Lexie when her hands went to his head, tiny fingers tangling in his hair. "Oh, I know what you want..." He shifted her to one arm before reaching up and lifting a pair of his rhinestone sunglasses from his head. "You want these, right?"

Lexie's eyes widened a bit as she reached for them, oohing loudly again.

John smiled and laughed a little. "Well, here." He then carefully placed them on her eyes.

"Aww, John, you don't have to give them to her," Maria said, though she found that Lexie wearing his sunglasses was incredibly adorable since they were much too big for her.

"Don't worry, I've got plenty," he told her with a smile, watching as Lexie looked around her with confusion through the sunglasses before finally pulling them off. She looked down at them, giggling loudly.

Taryn smiled as she turned her attention to the other woman. "So, Ria," she said. "If it's okay with you and Phil, Mickie and I wanted to take you out for a bit of a girls night tonight since it's been a while since we've seen you. Would you like to do that?"

Maria smiled. "Well, I'll have to ask Phil to see if he'd be okay with taking Lexie for a while by himself, but yeah, it sounds like fun," she replied. "I definitely need a girl's night."

"What about a girl's night?" Phil asked as he joined the group again, wrapping his arms around Maria's waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Taryn said she and Mickie want to take me out for a while tonight," Maria answered, looking at him as she ran her fingers through his hair. "You'd have to take Lexie... If you don't mind."

"Don't worry, Phil, we won't bring her back too late," Taryn added with a smile.

Phil laughed a little before turning to his wife and kissing her softly. "Of course I don't mind," he muttered. "You deserve to get out and have some fun, Ria. So, don't worry."

Maria smiled and kissed him again. "Thanks, sweetheart," she replied. "But are you sure you don't mind taking Lexie for a bit?"

"Nah, of course not," Phil told her, laughing again as he looked over at John, who was still holding their daughter next to them while she played with his glasses. "Besides, she seems perfectly content with him right now. Then again, all the girls love John, so I'm not surprised."

John rolled his eyes and Lexie giggled as she looked up at him, trying to put his sunglasses back on his eyes as he had done to her.

"Careful, Lex," Phil said when she came dangerously close to poking the other man's eye.

Lexie grinned broadly as she looked at her dad, turning back to John just to take his glasses back before reaching toward him. Phil released Maria and took her from his friend, backing his head away a bit when she put the glasses in his face, excited to show him her newly acquired toy.

"Yes, I see the awesome glasses, Lex," Phil told her, rubbing his forehead after she accidentally hit him with them.

The eight-month-old laughed and babbled incoherently before she reached forward and ceremoniously pulled on Phil's hair.

Phil sighed as his daughter giggled. Though he wanted Maria to get out and have some fun with friends, he knew it was going to be along night for him and Lexie.


Adam found a spot in the parking lot with relative ease, stepping out into the night once he shut the car off. Jay and Matt followed suit, and they waited for the Rated R Superstar to unlock the trunk to get their bags.

"So, how does this sound to you guys?" a smiling Matt asked as he took his luggage. "A couple of drinks for the three of us, my treat?"

Jay nodded thoughtfully, taking his bags as well. "Sounds good to me," he answered, looking at his best friend. "What do you say, Adam?"

Adam smiled as he looked back at the two men, shutting the trunk. "I'm holding you to that, Hardy."

Matt laughed as he began to follow the former tag team, his good mood lingering from earlier. But before he could say anything, he stopped when he saw another man leaning against the wall near the door, finishing up a cigarette. It was Jeff.

Jay turned to look over his shoulder, stopping when he saw that the older Hardy was no longer walking with them. "Hey, you coming, Matt?" he said as Adam stopped as well.

"Yeah, hold on..." Matt muttered quietly, not moving his eyes from his brother.

At the sound of Jay's question, Jeff looked up, his green eyes landing directly on Matt. A hint of shock appeared on his face for a brief instant before his expression went blank. He then tossed his cigarette to the ground, putting it out with his foot before walking quickly into the hotel.

Matt sighed, running his hand through his dark curls. He wanted to have the chance to talk to Jeff, to make things right between them. But it seemed that wasn't going to be easy...

"You all right?" Adam wondered, having seen the silent exchanged between the two brothers.

After a moment, Matt nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine," he told him, giving him a smile. "Let's got get those drinks."


Phil sighed as he paced the hotel room, trying to calm a crying Lexie. "I know you're exhausted, sweetheart," he muttered, rubbing her back. "But that's why you need to sleep..." He knew the long car ride and being in a strange place was having a definite impact on the young child. Last he had heard from Maria, she was going to be back to the room in about an hour, but that didn't help their girl now as she continued to cry.

"Shh..." Punk then grabbed the remote from the foot of the bed and turned on the television for background noise since when they were home, they put her to sleep with music. He hoped this would have the same effect and help his daughter sleep.

When she heard the sound, Lexie's sobs slowly reduced to quiet whimpers as she looked at the screen curiously, Phil continuing to gently bounce her. "There," he muttered when she finally stopped even that, kissing her head when she laid it on his shoulder. "That's my girl..."

Then, he went over to the bed, setting the pillows up in a comfortable position before carefully laying down, Lexie laying on his chest. She mumbled something he couldn't understand before cooing with contentment, yawning as her eyes closed. Phil smiled with relief as he wrapped his arm securely around her, closing his own eyes to relax from the trip. He wasn't sure if she would sleep through the night, but at least for now, she was getting much needed rest from the long car ride. He was grateful for that.

When Maria quietly entered the hotel room about an hour later, the sight before her melted her heart. Phil was lying on the bed, sound asleep, his arm wrapped around a sleeping Lexie, cuddled on his chest. Smiling to herself, Maria turned off the lamp next to the bed before quickly changing into her pajamas and climbing into bed beside her exhausted husband and daughter.

"I love you," she whispered, lightly kissing Phil's cheek and Lexie's head so she wouldn't wake them before closing her eyes. It didn't take her long to fall asleep.


Outside in the dark parking lot, a man sat behind the wheel of a black car, smiling and humming cheerfully to himself as he looked up at the hotel.

"I hope you all enjoy tonight," he muttered, glancing at his reflection in the rear-view mirror. "For tomorrow... Tomorrow is my day."

Author's Note: That's it for chapter one! I know it's not the most exciting, but it sets everything up. The next chapter will most definitely pick up. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Your reviews are much appreciated. Thanks!