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Author's Note: All right, guys! As was the same with Sixty Seconds, there is one more update for this story. It's another "trailer" for the last story in this series, even though Shane is dead, called "Forty-Eight Hours." HUGE thanks to Twisted_Skittle, purplelygoodnes, elliexhardy, and Expect-the-Unexpected75 for their help with ideas and putting this nifty little story together. And another HUGE thank you to all of you for reviewing! Glad you enjoyed this one! I'm super excited for this next one, as I hope you all are! It's going to be a wild ride. So, enjoy!

A black screen

Matt (voiceover): "I'll give you whatever you want..."

Shows a sequence of shots in slow motion:

Matt standing at the edge of a freshly buried hole with a gym bag

Matt kneeling on the ground, eyes blazing as he strangles Jay Reso

Matt ending a call on his cell phone before walking back toward an ambulance

Shane McMahon lying dead on the sidewalk, his unseeing eyes staring blankly above him

Fades into a black screen

The nightmare was finally over...

Shows a shot of Maria Kanellis smiling as she watches Phil Brooks carefully help Lexie walk across the hotel room

Maria (voiceover): "I can't believe she's going to turn three next month."

Phil (voiceover): "She's growing so fast."

Shows a shot of Phil with Lexie in the gym while he talks to Matt and Jeff

Lexie: "Jeff!"

Shows a shot of Jeff hugging Lexie

Jeff: "Hey there, cutie."

... but reality can be much worse.

Shows a shot of Lexie reaching toward a shining silver weight as a shadow falls over her

Cuts to a shot of Phil running anxiously around the gym

Phil: "Lexie!"

Cuts to a shot of Phil holding a sobbing Maria

Maria: "Who would take her, Phil?"

Shows a shot of Adam Copeland running his hand through his hair while Jay sighs

Cuts to a shot of John Hennigan walking with Taryn Terrell and Drew Galloway, talking anxiously

Phil (voiceover): "We're going to get her back, Ria..."

Shows a shot of Lexie sitting on the floor in the center of a room, crying as three people enter

Phil (voiceover): "... I promise."

Shows a shot of Jeff crying out in frustration as he pounds on the wall

Cuts to a black screen

But with new faces...

Shows a shot of Matt, Jay, and Adam, holding a smiling Lexie, standing in the hotel lobby as Amy Dumas enters

Matt: "Amy?"

Amy: "Thought I'd join the party!"

Shows a shot of Amy standing with Adam

Amy: "I miss you..."

Shows a shot of Amy leaning closer to Adam to kiss him

Fades into a black screen

Matt (voiceover): "This isn't over yet."

Shows a quick sequence of shots:

Taryn gasping when someone places a hand on her shoulder from behind

Drew crying out when a fist collides with his jaw

A man holding a crying Lexie, his face hidden by shadow

Phil and Adam having a heated argument

Adam (voiceover): "There's a lot more going on here!"

Maria being comforted by Amy

Phil angrily knocking over a chair

Jay gasping for air as he surfaces in a pool

Adam kneeling next to Amy, lying unmoving on the floor in front of her hotel room

Matt struggling with a man in a hood

John lying on the ground, crying out as he's kicked forcefully in the side

A gun being placed to Adam's temple

Jeff staring in shock at another man

Jeff: "You?"

Cuts to a black screen

Fades into a shot of Phil sighing as he stares out the window at the city below

Phil (voiceover): "I will do everything I have to do to get Lexie back."

... who can be trusted?

Shows quick flashes of Phil, Maria, Matt, Jeff, Adam, Jay, John, Drew, Taryn, and Amy before cutting sharply to a black screen

Forty-Eight Hours

Maria (voiceover): "How could you do this?"

Coming soon!