Author's Note~

To everybody that favorited my story or added it to their story alert list, first and foremost, thanks y'all(: Secondly I'm adding this mainly because I want to say that I'm still trying to work on it, as I know it's been like, what, months since I published it?I don't know how many fanfic authors actually do something like this so I hope you dont think I'm weird o.O Lol xD But I am suffering from a slight case of writer's block with this story. I'm just trying to get it spot-on, I don't want to disappoint you guys hehe and no matter how hard I try and have been trying it just can't come to me :( I've been trying to write a little everyday in notebooks during my freetime in school, how ever frequent that may be varies a LOT because we have been busy with state testing and now finals..But I'm doing my best to update as soon as possible. Sorry I haven't updated in so long, I really am:( So thanks for reading my story and like i said I'll do my best to update soon. And thanks for the reviews!!:) :)

Luv ya!! *mwah*