I don't own these characters. Which is really a damned shame since I have so much fun playing with them. I've based this story on personal experiences in my own family. If you read my bio, you'll notice that I have a granddaughter, LOL!

Rated M for excessive potty mouth and future lemons.

Ready for Love?

It's official. I. Am. So. Fucked.

I peered over Bella's shoulder, taking one more look at the damned test stick. It was shaking a lot. Wait. That was Bella's hand. We both just stared at it with a sort of sick look on our faces. You know that look people get when they're rubber necking at a really bad accident? Yeah, that's exactly how we looked. At least our expressions matched. I swallowed hard and looked at Bella again. Anything except looking at that fucking test stick.

"Are you sure you did it right?" I had to ask, even though I knew it was a stupid question and that she would roll her eyes at me.

Which she did – not that I could fucking blame her.

"What the hell do you think?" she hissed. "Besides, the other six all said the same thing."

"Eight's the charm?" I suggested hopefully. I didn't even try to smile, because I knew it would come off sick and desperate and pretty much ready to wet myself. Which I was.

"We're fucked," she wailed quietly.

"You think?" I couldn't help the bite of sarcasm in my voice. I tended to get snarky when I was scared. And at the moment I was fucking terrified. Then I saw the expression on her face and I pushed aside my own fears and tried to put myself in her shoes. Her shoes…

Her eighteen-year-old, just-about-to-graduate shoes. Hell, I had a matching pair. Not that I'm a cross dresser or anything, but both of us had a graduation ceremony coming up in less than six months. But now we were both fucked. Totally and royally fucked. And it was our damned faults. Suddenly, messing around at Thanksgiving didn't seem like such a good idea. Of course, my whole life most of the shit that had gotten me in trouble had seemed like a really good idea at the time.

And Bella had been so damned hot, with those tight jeans and that low-cut top that hugged all of her curves in just the right way. So I just had to be a dick and pull out my dick and then I had failed to pull out my dick (which was another laugh, we both knew better but we were young and horny and obviously stupid as hell). And now we were both staring at the little plastic test stick that Bella had peed on (I had had to get her another bottle of water for her to pull off that fucking miracle after pissing on six of them in the past half hour).

She slumped against me and I really, really wanted to say something that was inspired and brilliant and just so damned comforting that she would look at me like I was some sort of hero or something, but instead I sort of muttered and mumbled and tried to swallow my own damned tongue, which wasn't fucking inspirational at all.

To top it off, and really there was no place to go from here but straight to Fucksville. Our families were all gathered downstairs to celebrate the New Year because they were all just that damned close and happy to see us together. I had a feeling all of those happy feelings and general feelings of good will would rapidly change as soon as we broke the news. Just thinking about that shit had me breaking out in a cold sweat. I mean, her dad carried a fucking gun for Christ's sake! And I was pretty damned sure that hearing I had not only deflowered his daughter (I really don't think he had any idea we were doing the deed) but impregnated her was not going to make Charlie Swan a very happy man.

I tugged at the collar of my t-shirt, which was suddenly really fucking tight.

"Oh my God," Bella whispered. "My father's gonna kill me!"

"Oh, I think you're safe," I muttered. "It's my ass he's gonna want to massacre."

"And he carries a gun," Bella added, like I might have forgotten that little detail. Yeah, that's fucking likely.

"I seem to recall that fact," I answered dryly through clenched teeth. Charlie couldn't really kill me, could he? There would be charges if he did. Provided they find your body, your horny stupid asshole.

"Sorry," she answered automatically. I noticed that her teeth were going into overtime on her bottom lip. She'd be drawing blood soon if she didn't stop with that shit. I kissed her just to get her to stop and she sort of melted into me and my dick responded just like it always did. Which was pretty fucked up, considering our current situation. Still, he wasn't willing to listen to reason.

That's exactly what had gotten us into trouble in the first place if I remembered correctly. What the hell? We were already fucked, so I pulled her in close and let my hand wander down the back of her jeans.

Shit. What was it with her and the fucking thongs already? She knew that made me hornier than hell. I think that's why she did it. And then I remembered Thanksgiving, when she had sort of cornered me in the game room and we had started making out, nothing heavy. Okay, there was some under the clothing petting going on, but our clothes were still on. Mostly. Sort of.

Anyway, I got a peek of her baby blue thong and the next thing I know my dick is jumping up and down, clapping his hands (figuratively speaking of course) and I'm grinding away on her like our parents aren't less than fifty feet and one floor away.

I'm an idiot, what can I say?

Then Bella wrapped her legs around me and the next thing I know, my dick is sort of sliding past that baby blue thong and straight into paradise. A condom never crossed my mind. Well, not until after the fact and then I admit that I felt a sick twinge in my belly. But that shit happened to other kids, right? Not me. Not Bella. Not us.

We had it all planned out. In the fall we'd be going to college together, both of us in dorms the first year, sort of easing our parents into the idea of us living together. Then after college a nice, medium-sized, traditional wedding with a honeymoon in Hawaii, which was totally cliché but we didn't give a shit. It was our honeymoon anyway. Then one day, far, far in the future, we were gonna have three kids. We had decided that three was the perfect number because we wanted to be outnumbered just for shits and giggles. And I figured that my kids were going to be complete shits like me, so maybe if there were three of them they'd be too busy picking on each other to give us too much crap.

Now, of course, all that had been blown to shit. All because of a little stupid plastic test stick that had a on it, plain as fucking day. Or we could go with the ever helpful "pregnant" that had been on the first test stick. Oh yeah, that was much better. No chance of misinterpreting that shit. No matter how you wanted to look at it, we were done. We had officially become an after school special, a cautionary tale for our classmates (Lauren Mallory was gonna have a fucking field day with this shit), a fucking Lifetime movie.

I leaned in close to Bella and kissed her throat, where her pulse was racing almost as fast as mine. "I'm so fucking sorry, Bella."

For the first time in about a week, she laughed. "I seem to remember being a part of this clusterfuck, Cullen."

I was silent for a moment. "So…we're gonna do this?" It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't even asked Bella what she was thinking at this point, which just goes to show how fucked up my thinking was. That's just the problem, I wasn't thinking, I was reacting. And not very well, I might add.

"Uh…" She chewed on her lower lip again. "Well, what are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that I'm scared as fuck of being a father and I'm even more scared about telling our parents, but…" I shrugged. "I dunno, it just doesn't feel right to…well, you know…"

And it didn't. It was pretty shitty timing, obviously. But that didn't change the fact that the little stranger currently taking up residence in Bella's smoking hot body was part Bella…and part me. It was us.

And I just couldn't bring myself to want to destroy us.

So I buried my face in her hair and breathed in her strawberry scent (that always got me hard, even in school which was a fucking inconvenience, let me tell you) and I said the words that changed our lives.

"Yeah, we're gonna do this. Together."