Even when he doesn't mean to, Kakashi would sometimes end up sneaking up on Rin. It can't be helped really because he was more used to moving around quietly than making his presence felt right away (or sometimes only when he wants to). The first time it happened, which was in the kitchen while she was preparing dinner, she ended up flinging a knife in his direction. Either she was so caught off guard that her aim was not good or he was really good at avoiding flying weapons aimed at him but the knife missed his face by just a few inches. The other notable times he unintentionally sneaked up on her, he caught her either sleeping on the tub, singing and dancing her heart out, staring at his picture, talking to Mr. Ukki or (surprisingly) reading an Icha Icha book.

That day though, even as Kakashi soundlessly walked through the house towards the bedroom and can already hear her shuffling around from within it, Rin was not caught unawares. She peeked out of the door and bounded over to him.

"Hey, you're back!" she greeted gleefully. She gave him a quick hug and peck on the cheek and looked him over, checking for any obvious injuries he might have gotten from the mission he just came back from. Aside from just looking tired, she judged that he looked perfectly fine. They walked together into the room and he watched her go straight to the bed where she obviously had been doing something.

She noticed him eyeing the things spread on the bed: weapons, scrolls, her medical kit and her forehead protector. "What are you doing?" he asked.
"I was assigned to a mission, Kakashi," she replied excitedly as she continued to pack her things. "Wow. It's been a long time since I'd been on an official mission. We're leaving tomorrow." "What?" he inquired. "With who?" Rin mentioned three names of fellow shinobi from Konoha, names that were quite a giveaway on what type of mission she would be doing: a high level one. He turned around and walked straight out of the room.
"Wait, Kakashi!" Rin followed right behind him. "Where are you going? You just got back."
"I'm going to talk to the Hokage to take you out of the mission," he said.
"What? Why?" she asked while she walked beside him. Kakashi did not answer but just kept walking. "They need a medic-nin, Kakashi. There isn't anyone available but me."
"Then I'll have her include me in the mission."
"What's this about?" She asked as she held on to his arm.
He stopped walking and faced her. "I don't want you going out on anymore missions," he declared.
"You can't... I'm..." Rin sighed. "I'm going. Don't do this anymore. I can protect myself. That's just what this is all about, right?"
"Rin, I damn well know you can protect yourself," Kakashi said, his voice sounding like he's straining not to be angry. "You've got - what? - ten years worth of being away. More? I don't even wanna count it."
"Then what?" It was Rin who was getting mad. "I'm a shinobi too. Just like you. Why shouldn't I go?"
"Why? Well, last time I checked it wasn't me who was just supposed to be going on a mission and then did not come back."

Rin was silenced for a moment by what Kakashi said. "It's not like that anymore," she said, her tone softening. "I'm coming back this time. I've got all the reason to." Kakashi just looked at her, not blankly but more with an expression in his eye that she cannot read. "I need to think," he said. He was out of the door before she can say or do anything else.

The night has deepened before Kakashi returned. Rin waited for him in bed but he seemed to be dawdling around, taking his time, maybe still cooling his head. They've been together for a couple of months, right from when she got back to their village, and things had been going better than she expected. The little incident earlier was the first time for her to somehow see how her disappearance or supposed death had affected Kakashi. It touched and saddened her at the same time. She saw how much he was emotionally scarred by Obito's death, saw how he struggled after what happened and saw him start to move on. She realized that the same things might have happened when she disappeared.

Rin was starting to think that he would stay out and sleep in the couch when the door finally opened and Kakashi came in. He closed the door softly behind him and stood for one whole minute in the darkness. She totally did not expect him to lay beside her and pull her close but that was what he did.

"Where've you been?" she asked after what she felt was a couple of minutes of uneasy silence between them.
"Thinking," was his short reply, though it didn't really answer her question. Even with that one-sentence answer, she can detect that his mood has lightened.
"Hmmm. Where've you been thinking?"
"Around. Just around." He pulled her even closer, breathing her in.
She gathered a bit of courage to tell him that she was still going. The darkness made it easier for her to talk. "Kakashi, just let me go this one last time. When I get back, I'd personally ask Godaime to not send me out anymore - if that's what you want."
"You don't have to do that," he said, his voice sounding muffled since he had buried his face upon her hair. "You can go. Just come back."
"I will."
"Good. Anyway, I'd look for you and drag you back here if you don't."
Rin chuckled at his statement. "I'll come back. Didn't I say that I have all the reason to."
"And I'm one of the reasons, I would assume," he teased.
"You're all the reason, you idiot."

Rin had to leave at daybreak. Kakashi did not have the heart to see her go. Knowing he was awake, she allowed him to pretend to be asleep. "I'll see you soon," she whispered.

Even if he did not want to count the days, he was well-aware how long Rin had been gone. When information that a particular team of ninjas had returned reached him, he wasted no time to seek them out. He eventually found himself walking the familiar halls of the hospital. He ascended a flight of stairs, meeting a familiar pink-haired kunoichi along the way who mumbled nothing but a room number as they walked past each other. He now knew exactly where to find her and as he approached the room, a nurse walked out from it, saw and recognized him and greeted him a good day. He nod his head slightly as acknowledgement and went straight into the room the nurse just exited.

Rin was alone in the room, occupying one of the two beds. She sat by the edge of that bed, looking down at her feet which she was swinging like a kid. She looked up to see who her visitor was.

"Hey," she greeted.
"Hey," he greeted back. He walked towards her eyeing one of her legs which was bandaged, the only obvious injury she has.
"Broken?" he asked.
"Sliced," she replied. "But all stitched up now." She winked, showing him that she's alright.

The nurse came back to the room to tell Rin she was all free to go if she wanted but the room was empty when she came in. She checked the number on the door to make sure she was in the right room and she was. She noticed the clipboard with Rin's monitoring sheet on the bed. She took it and checked the note on the paper. She should have been somehow put off by the impertinence of what was done but instead, she found it sweet.

The note read:

I took her home.
Signed: Kakashi Hatake.