Harry Potter & Loss Of Faith

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Chapter 1

"How is he Severus?" asked Dumbledore looking scared witless, so he should be the saviour of the wizarding world was gravely injured. It wasnt just Albus that was waiting on an answer but the entire Order who had taken part in the mission. while Dumbledore and the Order raided Voldemort's hideout, Severus had managed to sneek out with Harry and get him to Poppy as soon as humanly possible.

"I think it's best if it was just us for this conversation" said Severus gravely.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Remus looking extremly worried now. Severus had always taken to throwing every bad thing that ever happened in his face, mostly Sirius. However, it must be bad if he wasnt throwing what happened to Harry in his face. it must be very serious and this made Remus weak in the knees.

"The next few hours are critical but I have complete confidence in Poppy" said Severus gravely his shallow face twisted in what could only be discribed as pain.

"Can we see him?" asked Hermione softly.

"NO! no one can get into the infirmary until Poppy says so she has warded the place" said Severus quickly. Indeed she had when she had seen his condition, it made Severus shudder just remembering it. He was actually finding it dificult to keep his food down. Voldemort had never been his crazy or horrible to anyone before. Then again this was Harry Potter they were talking about - Voldemort wanted him to suffer a slow painful death. His obessesion with Harry was his downfall once again because he had the chance to kill him but failed to do so. Severus couldnt help but think it might have been a better fate than what had been bestowed upon him.

"Very well Severus, let's take this to an unused classroom" said Dumbledore gravely, there was to many potraits in his office it was obviously something really bad. Excusing himself and Severus he quickly got into the unused classroom and warded the place tighter than Gringotts.

"Now Severus what can be so bad that you refused to say it infront of the others?" demaded Dumbledore.

"He is in very bad shape Headmaster...I'm not sure he will come out of this mentally intact" said Severus quietly. Gone with the sneering attitude that the boy deserves everything that comes his way, to a drastically pale Severus. If thats what happened to Harry Potter heaven help him when Voldemort finds out he has been spying on him for years.

"What? of course he will recover" said Dumbledore abruptly, he had to or all of Dumbledore's plans were down the drain. He needed Harry Potter and he knew and didnt like it one bit.

"Headmaster, you did not see what they did to the boy" said Severus feeling his empty stomach wanting to heave.

"He has faced Voldemort and he can do it again" said Dumbledore confidantly.

"Headmaster...he has been tortured for two weeks and raped how can you sit there saying he will recover?" asked Severus.

"A simple obliviate will do the trick" said Dumbledore, then he wouldnt have to put up with Potter acting like a baby.

"Its not as easy as that!" snapped Severus, heaven help them Dumbledore was going way to far. The child needed help and needs taken away from both Dumbledore and Voldemort. Severus only wished he had the guts to do it himself, but the child would never trust him - with good reason.

"Then we just have to make sure he has help" said Dumbledore a note of finality in his voice.

Severus just scoffed, there would be nothing he could do to change Dumbledore's mind on the matter so didnt even bother trying. Sighing softly he turned away, trying to get the image of Harry Potter out of his mind altogether. Snarling about disgusting vampires who had not an ounce of humanity in their bones, as he walked towards his private rooms. If he could he would love to get his hands on the vampire who had done such degrading things to a young boy who didnt do anything but survive the killing curse.


"How is he?" asked Remus as soon as Dumbledore stepped foot back into his office.

"He will be fine" said Dumbledore smiling softly at them, Dumbledore would make sure he was he needed his pawn to defeat the mad man. If he hadnt believed in the prophecy so fully he would have tried to kill Voldemort before this; obviously it wasnt meant to be otherwise he wouldnt have heard the prophecy that night.

"When can I see him?" asked Remus eager to see the only connection he had left of his friends.

"As soon as we are given the say so by Poppy" said Dumbledore.

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