Harry Potter & The Loss OF Faith

Chapter 47

A Week Later

Harry was now back in Forks, attending school just like every normal teenager. Not that Harry could be classed as a typical teenager, after everything he had been through. However, Harry was trying to be normal for once in his life; all things considered he was succeeding so far. If you could call sitting with and dating a vampire normal or even being a wizard - a powerful wizard as he attending Muggle school. Severus and Esme had all come up with a schedule to baby sit Lily-Bell while Harry attended classes. Monday and Tuesdays Esme would watch her, Wednesday Thursday and half day Friday Severus would watch her. Giving Severus time to brew and create potions to his hearts content and Esme a chance to paint and feed or whatever else she might need or want to do.

Harry didn't know what the Cullen's had done to the Dursley's, and probably never would. Rosalie had tormented them for hours, scaring the day living lights out of them. Mostly in the same manner as she had scared the living day lights out of Royce. None of the Cullen's had of course spilt their blood. Not that they would have drunk it, after all they were the most disgusting humans they had ever met. Not even their blood would be appealing, not even to Jasper. Emmett was furious with them. The normal fun loving guy was nowhere to be seen at the Dursley's that night. He took particular care in tormenting Dudley Dursley, remembering a few of the things Harry had told him.

To say Petunia, Vernon and Dudley hated Wizards and Witches would be an understatement. Petunia through sheer jealously and spite, for something she couldn't get or have. Vernon through fear plain and simple, Dudley's was more complicated his fear for magic was picked up through both his parents. It was only cemented by Rubeus Hagrid's use of magic, something he wasn't even allowed to perform. Then there was even more magic performed on the teenager who couldn't fight back against it. He grew up thinking it was something freakish and abnormal to have. Unfortunately nothing anyone said would ever be able to change that, not that he lived long enough to see it. It was a good thing Harry didn't watch Muggle television or he would have seen the reports of a family dying in a 'car crash'. With a few unexplained broken bones and heart failure to boot, happening hours before death.

The Dursley's hatred of magic wasn't as strong as the fear and hate they had for vampires. Edward had freaked them out by randomly speaking their thoughts out loud, but the Dursley's hadn't seen anyone. Edward had been moving to fast for them to even see a blur going by. Jasper had made their feelings even worse, paralyzing them with fear so they couldn't get out of the house. Emmett was a vicious looking guy just standing there, which promptly made the Dursley's pee themselves in fear. After the Cullen's had finished with them they had stuffed them into their car, Alice driving until a certain point before she fled the vehicle and left them to their fate. Then they had gone shopping before returning no one the wiser. Or rather Harry none the wiser on what they had done anyway.

Severus could be seen grinning like a Cheshire cat at random times was as close to Harry ever got to realizing something was wrong. Severus Snape never grinned like that only ever meant someone was in very big trouble. Expelled from Hogwarts kind of trouble, in fact Harry was sure Snape would have been grinning like that if he hadn't had the vow he had promised his mother hanging over his head.

Poppy Pomfrey, Neville, Ginny, and Luna had much to Harry's heartache stayed in England. Poppy loved Harry but she loved working at Hogwarts, and the students within her walls. Neville had been granted an apprenticeship with Sprout and it wasn't something he could turn down - he loved it too much. Luna why she was actually working under Rubeus Hagrid until he retires and she would take over the Care of Magical Creature class. No doubt the future of that class was going to be odd in regards of which creatures were shown. Hagrid was only staying to show Luna the ropes; he loved his creatures and couldn't abandon them. While he was teaching her he was also going to be taking his OWL's and NEWT's. There was certainly one class he wasn't going to fail - Care of magical creatures. His transfiguration work left much to be desired that's for sure.

Ginny was actually trying to get a job beside her brother Bill at Gringotts. She hadn't wanted to stay, she had earned Harry's forgiveness but she couldn't forgive herself. Potion or not it wasn't something she was proud of, and she knew Harry had a new family now one that wouldn't and couldn't betray him. He was safe at last and she was going to let him get on with his life. It would do no good letting Harry get attached to her then die in goodness knows how many years time. She knew Harry would end up a vampire, if things worked out with Edward. Edward was everything Harry had ever wanted, someone who loved him, cared for him, treated him like an equal, and didn't care about him as the boy who lived. Harry had simply wanted someone he could be 'just Harry' with and he had found that.

Harry was happy for them all; Harry had never been a selfish person and didn't grudge them their happiness. He would miss them, it helped that he knew they would be visiting him from time to time. Harry had realized he was moving on with his life too, with his daughter, a new boyfriend and a new father.

Surprising or not so surprising the Cullen's had remodelled the garage into a potions lab. Enticing Severus to stay with them, along with Harry and Lily, of course with Severus staying they had to add an entire new room. This wasn't a bother for them; they could do it themselves within twenty four hours. Never having to stop for breaks or even get exhausted it wasn't unbelievable.

Everything Harry owned was now comfortably in Edward's room, and Bella? Well she was grounded. Charlie wasn't happy with her disappearing like that; he was being very cool towards the Cullen's and Harry. He blamed them for his daughter's actions; no matter how much she protested the unfairness of blaming them he wasn't budged. Bella was furious with her dad and confused by the fact that Harry seemed pleased with her dad. Harry believed that - it was how a father should be, believing the best in them and blaming others for their child's actions. It's how Harry imagined his own biological father and his mum being. He doubted Severus would be anything like that though, he could see through anything, Harry couldn't even lie to the man. That's what Harry needed though; it might not be how he imagined it. It was better.

It was also how he could imagine himself being with his daughter.

So life was for once good to Harry Potter, no insane Wizards, no Volturi members no nothing. Just homework, speaking to his new dad, going out on dates with his boyfriend, sitting with his boyfriends family. Most importantly spending time with his daughter who was growing up way to fast. The works just enjoying life, and to most people it would be utterly boring but to one boy named Harry James Potter…it was paradise.

No expectations, no fighting, no kidnapping, and most important of all - no more killing.

He was free at last.

The End.

TADA! FINITE Of course if you want I will do a sequal eventually :) also for Moving On too about harry and edward having children and maybe getting married? who knows perhaps poppy ending up in forks beside them? who will ginny neville and luna marry? made up characters? or ginny/neville? or luna/neville and ginny getting with Zabini? will we see Dumbledore get kissed in a sequal? how quickly will Lily-Bell grow up? will her magic make it less pronounced? will any of the others have children? R&R please