So, I know that I am still working on Change of Fate so I really have no business posting another story.... But I'm going to do it anyway cause that's how I roll. lol

Alright, So I don't own Supernatural, Sam, Dean etc... Cause if I did... I wouldn't share them. Well, I'd share Sam, Dean is mine. :D

Also I don't know Jensen or Jared *sigh* so this is just a fictionalized(is that even a word?) them. Along with any other real people.

Katerina is fake.... At least I think she's fake.... So, here we go...

Katerina cursed as she splashed water on her jeans from a puddle. She hadn't been watching where she was going, again, and like her usual accident prone self had ended up paying for it. She shoved the clipboard in between the belt that held her radio and stood on one foot trying to pull up the bottom of her jeans. She hopped along on one foot almost losing her balance. Her radio cracked in her ear.

"Kitty Kat, have you located Dumb and Dumber?" the other director's assistant, Joel asked her.

"No, negative, Mickey Mouse. Still looking. Going to check Dumber's trailer," Katerina said standing up and glancing at her soaked feet. She sighed and shook one sneaker clad foot. Wet drops fell from the zebra print shoe and she shook her head as she felt rain drops fall on her.

"Great, more rain. Just perfect," she muttered pulling up her hoodie.

She raced through the maze of trailers finding Jared's. She loved her job on the set of Supernatural. She really did, but when they had hired her she hadn't known that babysitter for two grown men was part of the job description. She banged on the door and smiled. Who was she kidding? She still would have wanted the job anyway.

"What?" she heard Jared yell from the inside.

"Jar, I know you and Jen are there playing that new video game, but you are needed on set," Katerina said pulling her clipboard out and shielding it from the rain.

"Kitty Kat, you are ruining our fun," Jensen said opening the door to the trailer and pulling her in before the downpour hit.

"That's in my job description. Director's assistant, aka ruiner of actors fun," Katerina said pulling her hood down and sweeping her shoulder length brown hair aside and out of her face.

"Dude, what happened to your jeans?" Jared asked shutting off the gaming system and looking at her jeans.

"Nothing. Come on we need to go-."

"Awww, did Kat have an accident again?" Jensen teased tickling her. He towered over her as he tickled her sides causing her to laugh.

Kat laughed and told herself not to blush as she felt Jensen hug her before letting her go. She looked down at her shoes and wished she didn't have feelings for him. Like really, it was completely unprofessional. Not to mention the guy had a girlfriend. He was hands off with a capital H. But... he was so damn pretty to look at. And he was funny and always knew how to make her laugh and-.

"Hello? Earth to Kat," Jared said waving his hand in front of her eyes.

"What? Sorry, worrying about the weather, that's all," she lied.

"Sure, cause worrying about the weather always makes me get this dreamy look in my eyes."

"Anything gives you a dreamy look in your eyes," Jensen teased tossing Jared his jacket.

"Guys, there is a scene to shoot before we can all go home. I would like to get it done tonight."

"Got a hot date?"

"Yeah, with my cat. Move it."

Kat left the trailer and waited outside for the boys. She shook her head and found herself once again thinking about how dreamy Jensen looked when he smiled.


Kat moaned as the lights flickered again. She looked at Mike Rohl, the director for this episode. He shrugged and looked at Jensen and Jared who were standing in the hospital hall. Kat went back to doodling on the script as she heard the scene start again. She heard herself muttering the lines with the boys as they said them.

"You find a way to stop Callie," Jensen said in character.

"What are you-," Jared started.

He never got the chance to finish his line. Lightening struck the building. The set lights shattered as if a power surge hit them and the set was plunged into darkness. Kat dropped her notebook on the floor as she jumped to her feet. Everyone was talking at once. A minute later the lights flicked back on and Kat looked around the set. Everyone looked okay; no one had been hurt by the shattering lights. She turned and looked at Jensen and Jared. She did a double take as she thought she saw Jensen checking out her ass.

"Wow, Sammy, she's hot," Jensen said winking at her.

"Haha, very funny, Jensen. Let's get to work," Mike said.

"Name's not Jensen. Name's Dean and while you're at it, could you maybe tell me and my brother here, where the fuck we are?"

Katerina sighed. She really didn't have time for Jensen and Jared to play one of their fun pranks. She wanted to get home to her tiny apartment and... She looked at Jared. She stopped when she noticed something different about him. He looked... Sad. She shook the thought away. Jared was the happiest guy she knew unless... No, it was impossible... Right?

"Sam?" she asked looking at Jared going out on a limb.

"How do you know my name?" he asked looking at her reaching behind him to the gun that wasn't there.

"Oh god, Kat, not you too," Mike moaned.

Kat bent down and grabbed her notebook. She looked at Mike and gave him a smile. It was the one that Jensen told her made guys weak in the knees; she had punched him in the shoulder for that one. That action had broken her knuckle. She saw Mike soften.

"I got this Mike, I'll talk to them. It'll be all good," she said walking over to Jensen and Jared.

"Well, hello there, sweetheart," Jensen said winking at her and clearly checking her out.

"Knock it off and follow me," Kat said feeling herself blush. She quickly walked away from the set and down a hall a hundred thoughts racing though her head. The main one being that the two men following her were not Jensen and Jared but... Sam and Dean Winchester.