There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide, the ashes fell like snow

One month later

Kat cursed as she tried to walk in her walking cast. She stopped and bent down to take it off. She didn't have time for this anyway. She had told Joel she'd meet him at the catering fifteen minutes ago. She stood up and tossed the walking cast aside. She closed her eyes and told herself not to cry or think about Dean. She had been trying the past month to forget all about him. It hadn't been going so well. She knew it by the fact that Jared had taken to calling her every night before he went to bed and on the weekends. She also knew it by the way that Jensen had taken to looking at her on set; like she was a doll and he was scared she'd break. He had tried several times to talk to her about what she had said in the hospital but she refused to bring it up. She couldn't handle talking about Dean with Jensen; it was too weird talking about the man she loved with his twin.

"Kitty Kat, you okay?" she heard her radio crack in her ear.

Kat thought about that question. She shook her head and knew she wasn't alright. Nowhere near alright. She dreamt about Dean every night and got about three hours a night if she was lucky. She had to be careful and control her powers or she could cause it to pour rain just because she was crying uncontrollably. No, she wasn't okay and she knew she would never be okay again.

"I'm fine, Mickey Mouse. I'll be there in five," she said into the radio.

"Dumb is here asking for you."

"Tell him I'll be there."

She shut her radio off and looked around her at the set. Jensen was asking for her. She shook her head and sighed. It was torture having to be around him now. When she was her mind automatically started to think of Dean and then she felt like crying. She grabbed her walking cast and took a deep breath and placed her foot on the ground. She expected pain but it didn't hurt at all. She smiled. She started walking towards the catering area knowing when she got there she would get in trouble for walking around barefoot and without her cast on. She didn't care though, she just wanted to finish this day so she could go home.


Dean looked at Kat's bracelet again. Two months left and he would be dead. Sam was still trying to find a way to save him but Dean knew there was no hope. He looked up when the door to the motel room opened. He didn't hide the bracelet; Sam had found out about it a week earlier when he had found Dean passed out in bed with it in his hand. Sam looked at it but didn't say anything as he sat across from his brother.

"I found another hunt," Sam said watching as Dean wrapped Kat's bracelet around his wrist. It was a tight fit but fit it did. Sam didn't say anything; speaking of Katerina McCrea was forbidden.

"Great, let's pack up and go," Dean said getting up.

"Dean, we should talk about it."

"Talk about the hunt, sure. What is it?"

Dean walked over to the bed and started throwing all his clothes in his bag. He knew what Sam really wanted to talk about and Dean wanted to prevent it for as long as he could. He knew if he started talking about Kat that things were going to get ugly. He tried not to think of her every day, told himself she was probably with Jensen living out her happy ending. He tried really hard to lie to himself but he knew that wasn't what she was doing. He knew deep down inside that she wasn't happy. He knew she was moping around like he was; maybe not getting drunk like he was but he still knew she was in pain.

"Dean, I meant talk about what is going on with you. I know you miss Kat-," Sam started.

"Sammy, don't. I don't want to talk about this," Dean said turning to look at his brother.

"You love her."

"Sam, stop."

"I know you do, Dean. We could call Bobby and send-."

"No. I can't go back there. She... She's better off without me, Sammy. Plus, if I go back that welching on the deal and you'll die."

"I don't care! You'll be happy and right now that's fucking better then you going to Hell!" Sam yelled getting up from the table and slamming his fist on it. He looked at Dean when Dean turned to look at him. He was tired of seeing that broken look in his brother's eyes. He wanted Dean happy no matter the cost to him.

"Better for you maybe, but not me. You're my little brother, Sam; I got to look after you. I won't go back and let you die, I'm sorry but I won't. I won't be selfish like that. Right here is where I'm staying."

"But... You're going to die!"

"Don't you think I know! I KNOW! I am scared to death to die and I would give anything not to have to die and leave you behind but... I have to. So, can we please stow this touchy feeling crap and get our stuff together and go on this hunt?" Dean asked begging Sam with his eyes to end this conversation.


Dean sighed and turned around and went back to throwing things in his bag. He looked at the bracelet around his wrist. He wanted nothing more than to agree with Sam and call Bobby up to try and find away to get back to Kat. But he wouldn't. If he did, Sam would die and Dean wasn't going to let that happen. When he had made his deal it was agreed, his soul for the life of his little brother. Sam was alive and in two months Dean would be dead his soul in Hell for eternity. That was the deal and there was no going back. No matter that Dean had fallen in love and wanted a future with Kat. He was never going to get it so the best he could do was forget about her. Or at least try to.

Sam watched as Dean grabbed his jacket and pulled it on. He watched his brother walk out of the room leaving the door open for him to follow. Sam got up and grabbed his bag and sighed. He knew that Dean was trying really hard to shut off that part of himself that had loved Kat. Sam wished he wouldn't; he wished Dean would just talk about it. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He looked at Dean sitting in the impala. He vowed to find a way to save his brother. He couldn't let Dean die; he knew he wouldn't make it without Dean. Plus, he owed Kat. He would try to save Dean for her and himself. Sam walked over to the impala and opened the door. He tossed his bag in the backseat and climbed into the car. Dean started it and they drove off a minute later towards another case bad another town where they could both pretend to be someone else.

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