(AN: Iv never played Touhou but I watch my friend play she tol me about it and decide to write hope you like it)

Rimu was one day in shrine doing shrine maiden things when she got a visitor. She opened the door and she saw blond hair woman in blue dress with doll following her. It was Marisa. "Hi Marisa" said Reimu and Marisa start to shoot bullets at her but Reimu dodged and shoot cards and then Marisa was defeat.

"You are good" said Marisa. "Thanks I know" said Reimu. Then she saw someone else there it was Flandre. Flandre exploded Reimu's shrine "why you do that" said Reimu "I am here to get revenge for beating me" said Flander and she shot 100000000000000 lasers at Reimu and some hit her but didn't hurt her somehow then Reimu shot lasers at her but it didn't kill her.

"That you all got?" said Flander Reimoo new that she only had to be hit ones by Flanders lasers to die "Now I drink your blood and make you VAMPIRE" said Flandree but then Marisas doll started to shoot bullets and hit Flandre. "No" said Flandre and she was defea ted.

"Thank Marisa" said Reimu. "No problem" said Marisa and then they had sax. Reiju was sad because shrine was destroy but knew she could rebuild it with magic so she did. Then Reimu got text message it was from her best friend Kate it said Zac Efron is playing in the town "Okay" said Reimu. Then Reimu and Marisa flew to where Zac Efron was playing and had great time.

It was another good day in Touhou land.