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Summery: Naruto becomes fed up with Kakashi and his unfairness and wants to become stronger. An Anbu offers him some help while the Hokage sends a second Jonin with the team to Wave. What will happen and why is Naruto having nightmares of a girl's voice? Will Kakashi be booted as Sensei or will he correct his mistakes? Even more confusing is Naruto can't hear certain words and Kyuubi wants to truly help the boy but he doesn't really believe her. What's going to happen to him?

Chapter 1:

"Wait up, Naru-chan!" A small boy of thirteen shifted in his bed at the sound of the voice.

"You're it, Naru-chan! Catch me if you can!" Sweat covered his blond forehead.

"No fair, Naruto!" The boy shifted again, his breathing picking up.

"This is so much fun, Naru-chan!" The boy kicked his sheets off his body, showing his naked chest with strange markings on the boy's stomach.

"You're leaving, Naru-chan?" Tears escaped the boy's closed eyes, creating a river over the whisker marks he had, three on each cheek.

"LOOK OUT!" The boy whimpered.

"R-R-Run........ Naruto-kun." Another whimper, this more of a small sob.

"I'm..... so...... sorry Naru-kun....... I'm sorry." The boy's eyes snapped open with a cry, showing his beautiful blue eyes as he got himself under control, tears still leaking from his eyes.

'That voice again?' The boy wondered to himself as he used his arm to wipe the tears away. 'Ever since I became a ninja, I've been hearing that same voice whenever I sleep. No visions just a voice.' Naruto sighed and stood up. 'Guess I better get a start on my day. Don't want Sakura-chan to break my door down again.' Naruto walked to his bathroom and started his shower. 'I hope we get something better then chasing that cat again. I want something more. Like a C-ranked mission or something.'

Half an hour later of thoughts, the boy got out of his shower and dressed into his orange jumpsuit and ninja gear again with a scowl. 'I hate this thing. The only reason I wear it is because I can't afford anything else.' The teen walked into his kitchen and looked into his fridge, frowning at the empty space. He went over to the cupboard and opened it, growling at the sight before him. 'Ramen. Nothing but ramen. When was the last time I actually had a good meal? Oh yeah, when I was eight and had just joined the Academy. The only food I can afford. How I survived, only I can guess.' The blond pulled a cup of ramen off the shelf and started the hot water.

'Stupid fox. I took all its blame for years.' The blond sighed and waited for his water to boil. He looked to his clock and groaned. 'Damn it, I got ten minutes to get to my team's meeting grounds. Looks like I'm eating on the go.'

Once the water came to a boil, Naruto poured the water into his ramen cup and grabbed a pair of chopsticks before he headed for the door. He reached for the doorknob when it suddenly blew open and knocked him back from the force of the person on the other side. He collided with the wall and his ramen cup flew through the air and spilled all over the floor. The boy rubbed his head and glared up at the doorway.

"NARUTO!" The boy inwardly growled as he put on a fake grin as a pink haired girl walked into the room with a raven haired boy behind her.

"Sakura-chan! Sasuke-teme! What are you doing here? I was just-"

"Shut up!" The pink haired girl brought her fist down and glared at the boy with her emerald eyes as Sasuke looked around the very small apartment with a raised brow.

'Naruto lives here in this dump?'

"You're late again, you idiot! Kakashi-sensei sent us to get you!" Naruto blinked in confusion and looked to the clock on the wall.

"But Kakashi-sensei told us to meet at seven! It's six-fifty-two!" The girl growled.

"You idiot! Don't you know how to change your clocks? Its not six it's nine!! We need to get going before we get in trouble for your tardiness! Kakashi has a mission already lined up for us and you better not make Sasuke-kun look bad again!" The pink haired girl turned and stomped out of the room with Sasuke rolling his eyes to her.

"Hurry, dobe. I don't want to hear her whine the entire day." Naruto glared at his teammates' back as they left and stood to his feet. He looked to the place of his fallen breakfast and growled.

"Damn it. Shadow clone jutsu." Three exact copies of the teen appeared and he looked to it. "Clean that up and fix the door. I guess you can clean up the rest of the house too." The three nodded and started to clean up as the boy started his way out of his apartment.

"Hurry up, baka!" Sakura shouted to the boy as he descended the steps. He put on his huge grin and hurried after them. The three of them walked across the village until they came to the bridge where they found a silver haired man reading a book with his only visible eye leaning against the rail of bridge.

"Oh good, you made it just in time." The man looked up from his book with a single eye smile. "We have a number of things that need to be done today so lets get to work."


Hours passed and the group had done three missions that day. The first was putting up a fence for a local farmer where Naruto had gotten blamed for not doing any work therefore getting a large amount of his pay split between Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura. The second mission was walking the dogs at the Inuzuka animal clinic where, once again, Naruto got blamed for injuring one of the dogs that already had a broken leg. Needless to say where his pay went even though Hana Inuzuka argued his case against the boy's employer. The last mission of his day was finding that damned cat Tora again. That was the only mission that he had gotten paid for.

The boy hung his head as they walked out of the Hokage's Tower with their mission payments for the day. He looked at the seventy-five ryo he had earned and crumpled it in his fist as Sakura turned to him with a sneer.

"See, that's what you get for slacking off, Naruto-baka! I hoped you learned your lesson!" Naruto flinched back at those words as the silver haired Jonin just stared at his book.

"Alright team, same time, same place tomorrow." The man exploded into smoke as the girl turned to Sasuke.

"Want to go out with me, Sasuke-kun?" Naruto didn't even bother to stay for the rest of the routine. He turned towards the Hokage Monument and started walking.

"No." Sasuke walked away towards his compound as the girl frowned and started her own way home.

Naruto reached the top of the monument and looked around the area before he pulled out a small scroll from his back pocket. He rolled it out and with a pinch of chakra, a bottle appeared where the kanji is. 'And Iruka thought I didn't listen to him.' The boy rolled the scroll up and put it back in his pocket. He grabbed the bottle and walked to the middle of the First Hokage's head. He tore the seal off and took a large gulp of the sake.

"Once again, I've become the bane of Konoha. Yay me." He took another long drink when a voice entered his ears.

'What would she say if she saw you now?' The boy just shrugged.

'Call me a moron and punch me in the face once again, just like she always does.'

'I was talking about ___! Not the pink haired banshee.' Naruto laughed out loud.

'You don't even know the name of whoever your talking about!?'

'You foolish boy. What happened to you? You used to be so full of life. No masks were in your life.' Naruto frowned.

"Nothing happened to me, I just happen to keep living when I wish I were dead." The boy looked to the bottle in his hand. "To the man who built the Village Hidden in the Leaves." The boy tipped the bottle over and allowed sake to spill out onto the head before he move on to Nidaime's head. "To the man who was an important part in building Konoha." He repeated his action and moved on to the third head. "To an old man that can't even use his power properly." He spit on the man's head before moving to the last head. "Finally, to a man that damned me to a life of hell intentionally without anyone to care for me what so ever." Naruto slammed the rest of the sake back before throwing the bottle down to the ground where it broke. "Two out of four have my undying respect. You two can burn in hell." Naruto walked to the spot between the first and second Hokages and sat down, watching the sky light up with a brilliant sunset.

'Don't you remember who I am?' Naruto snorted.

"My conscious. The little voice in the back of my head that tells me what's right and wrong. The only voice that will answer me fairly since the fox is probably laughing his tails off because his container is such a weak fool."

'So, you really don't remember me.' The boy laughed coldly.

"Like I care if I remember or not."

'I have no choice. I need to wake you up!' The boy blinked in confusion when a pain erupted in his head. He gripped the sides of his head and fell back with a silent scream until he blacked out. 'Forgive me, Naruto-kun.'

The boy woke up before a large cage in a sewer. He narrowed his eyes at the red glow coming from behind the bars and growled. "Kyuubi."

"Correct, kit." The massive fox came towards the cage bars and looked down to him. "You have changed since that trip to ___." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Trip to where? That's the second word you haven't been able to say." Kyuubi narrowed its eyes.

"Something must be stopping me from reminding you of your memories from ____. The old man must be behind this." Naruto shrugged.

"Oh well. Not like it would help me any. Now, what the fuck do you want? I was wallowing in self pity before you pulled me here." The fox frowned.

"You don't remember anything about me, then?" Naruto laughed.

"Remember you!? I don't need to remember what you did to my life! I live it! The stares, the names, the hate all of it! You ruined my life because of your attack!" Kyuubi flinched back at the boy's words.

"I explained it to you before! It wasn't my fault!" Naruto rolled his eyes.

"You did nothing of the sort." Naruto turned his back to the fox. "Where's the damned exit?"

"Your memories must be blocked! That has to be it!" The boy turned back to the large bijuu with an amused look.

"Your tricks aren't-"

"I swear it! On all of my tails I swear something must be wrong with your memories!" Naruto chuckled coldly.

"No..... Nothing wrong with my memories. Something wrong with you trying to escape." Naruto started to walk away.

"Please! Let me help you!" Naruto froze and turned to the large fox with a glare.

"You've helped enough with making it hell."

"Then let me make it better! I can teach you." Naruto thought for a moment while a smirk formed on his lips.

"Oh? What can you teach me?" Kyuubi grinned.

"Anything you are willing to learn. Medical jutsu, Nin jutsu everything." Naruto walked back towards the cage.

"And what exactly do you get out of it?" Kyuubi frowned.

"To prove I'm telling the truth." Naruto nodded.

"Fine, what needs to be done?" Kyuubi nodded.

"Just wake up."


"Hokage-sama, here is the payroll report for the day." Iruka Umino walked into the Hokage's office with a bundle of papers while the old man behind the desk looked up from the paperwork.

"Alright, Iruka, thank you." The Hokage took the paperwork and started looking through it.

"Lord Hokage...... I best tell you that Naruto has once again gotten several pay deductions on two of the three missions he's done today. He only received payment for Tora again." The Hokage sighed and placed them down on the desk.

"He's been getting them for the last two months he's been a Genin. It seems that I really do need to look into this now. This has gone on long enough. Iruka, please fetch Anbu Skull please." Iruka paled and nodded as he rushed to locate the second most feared Anbu in Konoha. Ten minutes later, a shimmer of light gave way to a man dressed in all black with a white skull mask. He had a midnight black katana strapped to his back and two black kunai holsters, one on each thigh. Around his waist was a black utility belt with two black weapon pouches and a black medical pouch.

"You summoned me, Lord Hokage?" the man's voice was a low growl. The Hokage nodded and held up bundle of papers, all with the name Naruto written on them.

"These are the past two months of payroll for Naruto Uzumaki. Look them over and tell me what you notice." The Anbu took the papers and started to look through them.

"He's had deductions on all his missions except retrieving the Fire Lord's wife's cat. The most he ever made on those missions excluding the Missing Tora missions was seventy-five ryo all together in one day. Someone is either lying or Kakashi's not doing his job of keeping Naruto in check." Sarutobi nodded.

"That's the exact reason I called you here, Skull. I need you to tail Naruto's team for the next two days and see just what the hell is going on. I will not give his team the Missing Tora Mission for the next week. I want to see just what Kakashi is doing. You will be my eyes and ears." The man nodded.

"If I find Kakashi or the employers guilty, Hokage-sama?" The old man took a drag from his pipe.

"Do nothing unless it's an emergency."

"I will start following Naruto right away, Hokage-sama." The man bowed and vanished from the room without a trace. The Hokage sighed and opened his desk drawer to pull out a single request form and stared at the name. 'Maybe you were right, Dokuro. Maybe I shouldn't have placed Kakashi as the team sensei.'


Naruto stood before a tree in the forest that covered the surrounding cliff of the Hokage monument. He held his arms out to his side as he concentrated on the exercise Kyuubi had given him. He had to make a bunch of leaves float an inch above his skin for one full hour before he had to add another leaf to the bunch.

'You're doing great, Naruto-kun. Have your clone add two more leaves. If you can hold this for one more hour, you'll have mastered the exercise and we'll move on to the next one after your missions tomorrow.'

'No, I'm going to keep training for the entire night. You wanted to help me so I'm putting you to use.' Kyuubi frowned behind its cage as Naruto continued the exercise. 'I don't want to hear that girl's voice again. Not tonight.' Naruto continued his exercise for the next hour, neither him nor his demon aware of the pair of eyes watching him intently.

'Hmm, last I checked Naruto had no knowledge of Chakra control exercises. At least, that's what Iruka reported to the Hokage and Kakashi after that.' The Anbu relaxed in the tree as he watched the boy for a full hour. He watched Naruto sigh and the leaves drop to the ground. The boy crossed his arms as a far away look entered his eyes. 'Is he thinking? No, he's talking to the fox. So, that means she's reawaken. Good, maybe that dumbass mistake the Hokage made will be fixed now.' The Anbu looked to the sky and sighed silently. 'I wonder what they would say if they saw him now.'


'Get out of here! GO!' Naruto's eyes snapped open as he shot up from his spot on the ground. The boy had fallen asleep from exhaustion with training himself how to tree walk He groaned and rubbed his face.

'Again? But, this was a different voice.'

'They're your suppressed memories trying to break free. Whatever is holding them back must be pretty strong to keep me from saying names or from you remembering them.' Naruto snorted and stood to his feet. He looked to the sky and frowned.

'I'm going to be late. Oh well, not like Kakashi will be bothered by it.' the boy started to walk away when he grunted from a headache. 'What the? But I didn't clean the apartment, my clones....... did.' Naruto blinked and looked back to the tree that had a bunch of slash marks from his kunai that reached only a fourth up the tree. He created a shadow clone and threw a kunai at the half way point of the tallest tree he could find.

"Do the tree walking exercise until you can reach the kunai and dispel yourself." The clone nodded and started the exercise while Naruto turned back towards the village and started to leave.

'What are you doing?'

'An experiment. The clones from yesterday had just dispelled themselves and I got their memories. I'm wondering if it will work for training as well.' Kyuubi nodded and started to think.

'That could become very handy if it works. You could create a massive amount of clones and learn techniques that would normally take days in just a day.' Naruto nodded.

'And with you sealed in me, the memories from each clone should be able to be filtered at a much less fatal rate since you heal all of my injuries. Therefore, if the theory works, I'll be able to have my clones work on more then one thing at a time.' Naruto came out of the forest to the top of the Hokage Monument. He narrowed his eyes down at the village. 'I wish I didn't live in the village. The forest is much nicer then the rat hole I live in.'

'Well....... I think I might know a way to remedy that. But I would have to check to see if you have the bloodline to do it. If not, I guess you'll have to build it from scratch.' Naruto rose a brow as he walked his way down the steps that led up to the top of the mountain.

'Bloodline? Which bloodline?'

'The Bloodline of the Shodaime Hokage. The Wood Manipulation Kekkai Genkai. There is a jutsu that allows you to create a house made of admatine wood. The wood is just as strong as it's brother admantium ore, which just so happens to be the strongest metal in existence. The more chakra you use in the building of the house, the bigger and stronger the house would become. If admatine isn't your style then you could always learn to use the Four Pillar House Jutsu, another Wood Jutsu.' Naruto nodded as he walked through the streets of the village towards his team's hang out.

'Let me guess, you need me to do something before you check my DNA out, right?' Kyuubi shifted a bit and nodded.

'Yes. I need you to tear off one fourth of the seal. Doing so will allow me to roam your mind and let me see if you do have any bloodlines. In exchange, your senses will become stronger, your chakra control will level out a bit but you will have to start over from scratch. You will also gain an increase in your current regeneration abilities and you will gain the ability to use one tail of my chakra until you train and get stronger with it.' Naruto thought about it with a smirk.

'What exactly do you get out of this?' The fox frowned.

'I get to feel the outside world again.' Naruto shrugged his shoulders as he walked onto the bridge his team usually hung out at, finding no one there.

'Am I late or early?' Naruto wondered to himself as he looked around. He sighed not spotting anyone and walked over to where the tree was. He sat down under it and frowned. 'What should I do while I'm waiting?'

'You could come in and take care of the seal?' The response came out from the fox in the form of a question and Naruto nodded.

'That could work. After that clone dispels my theory will have an answer and then, since you said we would have to start from scratch, I can make a thousand of them and have them split into tree walking and leaf floating. Is there anything I should know before hand about the stronger senses?'

'Well, the main ones that will be affected will be your sight, smell and hearing. Your taste and touch won't change too much but the other three will be very strong. It'll take you a half hour to get used to all three of them together and they'll hurt a bit but you'll be fine.' Naruto nodded and closed his eyes, feeling himself get drawn into the seal. He walked up to the seal and took hold of it before he carefully tore one fourth of the seal away.

"There, its done." Naruto faded from the mind space as a teen age girl walked out from behind the bars of the cage with nine long red tails. She stood the height of a normal twenty-one year old with long blood red hair that reach her mid back and two fox ears hidden atop her head. Her blood red eyes gazed at the spot Naruto once stood as a frown graced her whiskered face. She wore a simple red kimono that had a beautiful flower design with a green sash around her waist.

"Oh Naruto-kun. If only I could do more for you."


Naruto opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut again in pain. He slowly opened them back up, blinking a few times to try and focus them only for everything to come in a bit blurry. The sound of footsteps reached his ears and he clapped his hands over his ears in pain at the thunderous noise.

"What's with you, dobe?" Sasuke asked as he walked across the bridge to where Naruto was sitting with his ears covered and gritting his teeth in pain. Sakura, who was behind him just scoffed and pointed at the boy with an amused look.

"Probably did something stupid again. I'll bet he ate something bad without thinking like he always does." Naruto glared up at her, his blue eyes coming into complete focus. He growled and stood to his feet.

"No, I was just experimenting with something and channeled chakra to my ears. When I heard you too coming across the bridge it was so loud I thought I was right next to a bomb." Sakura glared and walked up to the boy.

"You idiot! Are you calling me loud?!" The pink haired girl punched the boy in the face and sent him flying into the tree, a pair of eyes narrowing at the sight as he watched from a nearby tree.

"Like you could have thought of something that basic, dobe. If you would have paid attention to Iruka then you would know how to do it properly without hurting yourself." Sasuke spouted as he leaned against the rail of the bridge while Naruto sat up and rubbed the bump on his head from impact with the tree.

"You're so right, Sasuke-kun! Even I know how to do it!" The Anbu in the trees narrowed his eyes at the group.

'Academy dead last, Rookie of the Year with a stick up his ass and a Haruno fan girl. What the hell were you thinking when you put this team together Hokage-sama?' Skull thought to himself as he watched the three for another hour. During the hour of waiting, he watched as Sakura asked the Uchiha out on a date every five minutes only for the boy to reject her and for Naruto to jump in and ask her out only for her to punch him in the face again.

'Ok, Kakashi is being his usual tardy self I see as it's been an hour since the three of them got here. The Uchiha is cold and if my guess is right doesn't do teamwork just like the rest of his clan except Itachi before he turned nuts. The Haruno is a fan girl that, if my guess is correct about her, has little to no training at all besides the academy and book smarts. There is also the possibility, however that Kakashi has been teaching her Gen Jutsu due to the low amount of chakra she has from what I can feel. From as far as I can tell about Naruto, he's had no training from either Kakashi or the academy, only the things that he was self taught.'

'Kakashi is not doing his job then. Tree walking is the first thing all the Jonin should teach their students before taking any C-ranked missions. If this team somehow gets a C-ranked mission then they will be in more trouble then properly trained Academy students. Hell, it was Academy Regulation to be able to do the Leaf Floating exercise, Henge, Substitution, Clone and one elemental jutsu before you graduate. I will need to report this to the Sandaime as soon as my mission ends tomorrow.'

It was two hours later from the time that Naruto arrived at the training grounds that Kakashi appeared in his usual fashion.

"Sorry I'm late. A black cat was crossing my path and I had to take the long way around to avoid bad luck when a dog was chasing a cat up a tree."

"LIAR!" Sakura yelled out as Naruto rolled his eyes. Kakashi gave them the usual eye smile.

"Ok, team, today we have two missions and then we'll do some training." The group nodded and followed the man to the Hokage tower as he pulled out his book. Skull followed the group unnoticed all the way into the mission office at the tower and then to the mission site. They arrived at a nearby shop where an old man awaited and Skull narrowed his eyes at the glare the old man sent at Naruto.

"So, Kakashi-san, you're here to take care of my mission request, eh?" Kakashi nodded, not taking his gaze from his book. "Alright then. Haruno-san, Uchiha-sama, boy, your mission is to take all the boxes off this cart here and take them around to the storage room in the back. If any of the boxes' contents are damaged it's coming out of that person's pay." The group nodded as the man pointed to the door in the alley next to his shop. "That door there leads to the storage room and has already been unlocked. I'll sort out the stuff myself just put all the boxes in there." The man moved away from the cart and looked to Kakashi.

"Alright team, let's get started." Kakashi leaned against the wall as Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke walked up and started to unload the cart and take the boxes to the storage room with the old man watching the three.

An hour later and thirty heavy boxes later, the final box was put away into the storage and the three students met up with their teacher.

"Great job Haruno-san, Uchiha-sama. You did very well. You, boy, did very poorly! You hardly even did any of the work and made your teammates do it for you! You're not getting a cent out of this payment!" The man handed the money the mission was worth to Kakashi. "Kakashi-san, go ahead and split the payment between the three of you. I thank you for your team's assistance in helping me with my new shipment while my daughter was away on a mission." Kakashi eye smiled and nodded.

"You're welcome sir. It was our pleasure." Kakashi and his team, along with a hidden, fuming Skull Anbu left back for the tower. The entire way Skull was trying to not release his killing intent at Kakashi or the old man.

Skull followed them on to their next mission which happened to be at the local park near the northern gates. The mission was to help the lady who ran the orphanage watch over the kids as they played in the park. The lady said they were staying at the park until three and then they could leave. Skull watched the entire mission go smoothly. The really young kids took to Naruto like glue and the lady didn't like that. When three in the afternoon came around, the lady gave the mission payment to Kakashi with a complaint of her own about Naruto.

"That brat wasn't even doing his job. He slept on the side lines while your other two students did all the work. I recommend some disciplinary action, Hatake-sama. He gets no pay for being lazy." Kakashi nodded absentmindedly and took the mission payment. They headed back to the Hokage tower to get their payment for the day. The lady at the desk sneered at the boy as she took the mission payment from Kakashi.

"Would you like another mission Hatake-sama?" Kakashi shook his head with an eye smile.

"No, we're done for the day. Any complaints from the employers should be included with the mission reports." The lady nodded and pulled out the first mission's report and then took the second mission report.

"So, he's still screwing up I see. Kakashi-sama, I wish you would do something about that boy. He's gotten complaints on all his missions thus far. I would suggest sending him back to the academy." The lady shrugged as she pulled out several envelops and started to place money inside them. "But that's just me. Anyway, here are you and your twostudents' payments and I'll see you tomorrow." Kakashi nodded and handed Sasuke and Sakura an envelop each.

"Alright team, to the training ground. You have five minutes to get there. If you're late then I'll make you do laps until we stop." Kakashi popped into smoke and the three took off as quick as they could. Once the three had taken off, Skull vanished as well, heading straight for the training ground that he knew from the reports the Sandaime gave him was the team's training ground.

Ten minutes after he arrived at the training grounds, the three Genin arrived, all three out of breath while Kakashi shook his head.

"Your late, Naruto. Start running the lake. Sakura, work on your Gen Jutsu from this scroll and Sasuke, I have a fire scroll for you." Skull growled loudly before he silenced himself and moved. Kakashi looked around with his one visible eye as Naruto growled and started walking away from the team. "Naruto, where are you going?" The boy looked over his shoulder with a glare.

"To find someone that will actually put time into training Naruto Uzumaki, not the demon you and the rest of this damned village see me as." Sasuke rose a brow as Sakura walked up to the boy while cracking her knuckles.

"Apologize to Kakashi-sensei you baka!" At that moment something inside Naruto snapped.

Naruto growled and caught the fist the girl threw at him and started to add pressure.

"No you pink haired BITCH!" With one powerful squeeze on the girl's fist, her screams of pain filling the air. Naruto then took hold of the rest of her arm as her screams caused Kakashi to narrow his eye and rush at the boy. Naruto turned and tossed Sakura into the lake and looked to Kakashi.

"You want me, find me." Thousands of clones filled the training grounds with a single seal and Kakashi cursed as Naruto ran off towards the village while the clones blocked his path. Kakashi started to cut down the clones, not seeing the blonde boy escape. He continued to cut them down until one was left and it exploded with a smirk. Skull chose this moment to drop out of the tree and walk towards the silver haired Jonin that turned to him.

"You fucked up big time, Hatake." the silver haired man paled as Skull glared at him through his mask. "I don't think I'll need tomorrow to assess your Jonin sensei status. Kakashi Hatake, Jonin sensei of Team 7, as of right now, you are removed from your duties as a sensei until the Hokage determines your fate. Get your student out of the lake and take her to the hospital. You will ALL report to the Hokage office first thing in the morning or risk immediate imprisonment." Skull vanished from the field as Kakashi looked to the lake and saw Sakura struggling to reach the shore.


Skull walked into the Hokage's office unannounced and glared at the two people that sat before the man. Sarutobi rose a brow and looked to the man.

"Can I help you Skull?"

"Mission is complete ahead of schedule." The Hokage nodded with a raised brow.

"Humora, Koharu, I will speak with you later. Please leave." The two rose a brow and left the room. The old man watched as the Anbu clenched and unclenched his fist. "Report."

"Team Seven is a complete disgrace to our shinobi ranks. I found Naruto Uzumaki yesterday and started to watch over him as you had asked. Once the day had started I tailed him to his training grounds where shortly after Naruto arrived, Haruno and Uchiha arrived. An argument started about Naruto experimenting with enhancing his senses with Chakra. Haruno is a violent Uchiha obsessed fan girl as she had punched Naruto in the face twice. Two hours the team waited for Kakashi and the entire time Uchiha ignored his teammates while Haruno continued to ask the boy out."

"Naruto, however, learned from the first two punches and sat away from the two with a headache from both punches and his experiment. Two hours after Naruto's arrival to the meeting area Kakashi arrived where he gave a lame excuse and took his team out on two missions."

"The first mission was from Saizo Hitori, owner of the weapon shop, The Blue Claw. He addressed the team by first name for Kakashi, last name for Haruno and Uchiha and called Naruto, boy. The mission was to take the man's new shipment into the storage room and they did exactly that. Kakashi however, leaned against a wall and read his book all the while Saizo watched the three Genin. Once Naruto took the final box to the storage room and returned the old man praised the other three while he scolded Naruto for doing little to no work and was given no pay. Kakashi didn't argue with the man and reported the mission in before taking another."

"Their second mission for the day was helping the orphanage caretaker watch the kids while her staff were cleaning the orphanage up. The caretaker took the kids to the park and there, Team seven was to watch over and protect the kids from harm. Naruto became popular with the younger kids while Haruno and Uchiha just watched over them and Hatake once again stood on the sidelines reading his book without a care. Naruto played with the younger kids until the caretaker called the mission to a close. She complained that Naruto didn't do anything but sleep while Haruno and Uchiha did all the work. Kakashi said nothing and took the team back to the tower to report the mission and once again, Naruto was given no pay for the mission."

"I then followed Kakashi to the Team Seven Training Grounds and waited. He had given his team a five minute time limit to get there or risk running the lake until he said so. The team arrived five minutes late and Kakashi gave the punishment to Naruto but not to the other two. He offered Haruno a Gen Jutsu scroll while he offered the Uchiha a Fire Jutsu. Naruto started to leave and when Kakashi asked him where he was going, he replied that he was going to find someone to train him that doesn't see him as the demon he has sealed inside him."

"Haruno walked up to him, ready to punch him once again demanding he apologize to Kakashi and he snapped. When the Haruno threw the punch he grabbed her by the fist and crushed her hand before tossing her into the lake. He created what must have been thousands of clones before he sneaked off towards the village. The Uchiha did nothing but watch as his sensei cut down all the clones and then I appeared."

"I told him he was suspended from his Jonin duties until you decide what to do with him and reported here." Sarutobi covered his face with his hands.

"So not even Kakashi can see past the death of his sensei. Skull, go to the mission office and tell Iruka that you completed your mission. He'll know what I'm talking about and give you your payment. I'll deal with Team Seven in the morning." The Anbu nodded and started to walk out of the room. "Also, Skull, please have Dokuro report to my office first thing in the morning. I may have a way to test Kakashi and his team to see just how much of a team they really are. Tell Dokuro to prepare for a C-ranked mission to Wave country." Skull nodded and left the office.

'The boy could use some pointers. I'll see to him now.' Skull walked down the halls to the mission payment office and collected his payment from Iruka and vanished, heading for the area where he last saw Naruto training the night before.


Naruto walked onto his training grounds to see his clone nowhere in sight. Sighing, he walked to the tree. 'Here goes nothing.'

'Wait, Naruto-kun. Remember what I told you? You'll have to start from scratch. Try making fifty clones and cut them down to half for tree walking and leaf floating. Meanwhile, you are going to have to do some physical training yourself. A ninja is nothing with only jutsu and chakra control.' Naruto nodded and created the clones.

"I see you've figured out the secret to the Shadow Clone jutsu, Uzumaki-san." Naruto spun on his heel and found himself glaring into the mask of an Anbu. Skull looked to the clones and then to the boy. "Allow them to start their work. I'm going to give you some help." Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"Why should I trust you?" Skull shook his head.

"I don't have a reason for you to trust me. But, I am being honest when I say I want to help you." Naruto nodded and allowed his clones to start their training. "Follow me. The first thing we're going to do is get you some proper clothes and equipment. It'll be on me." Naruto watched the man turn his back and start to walk away from the clearing.

'Trust him, Naruto-kun. I know I haven't trained you in smelling out lies but I can tell he's not lying. Go with him.' Naruto nodded and followed the man.

'Did you find anything on that bloodline you told me about?' Naruto asked the vixen, causing her to swear.

'Damn, thanks for reminding me. I'll look into it now.'

The Anbu and Naruto stayed quiet the entire way to a hidden warehouse on the far side of the village. The Anbu looked around, seeing no one watching and turned to Naruto. "What do you see?" Naruto looked to the building and frowned.

"A old, abandoned warehouse that looks like a feather can make it fall." Skull nodded.

"That's what normal people and weaker shinobi would see. However, what they don't know is that there is a Gen Jutsu covering the building to make it look like a warehouse, when it is in fact an all ninja store. My friend owns the place. Now, let's go in and get you some proper gear." Naruto nodded and watched as the Anbu walked into the warehouse with the boy closely behind him. "Tsukune! You here?" The Anbu called into the shop and was answered back.

"Yeah, yeah, keep yer mask on, Anbu-san." a man walked out of the back room and looked to the two. The man was old and had a long scar going through his left eye while his other was a bright blue and had short white hair. "Ah, Skull, good to see you as always. Who's the brat?" Naruto glared at the man while Skull looked to the boy.

"Go find some new clothing." Naruto nodded and walked off towards the clothing section of the store while Skull walked to the counter. "You know who the boy is, Tsukune." The man scoffed, his one good blue eye rolling.

"O' course I know him, now that I look at him. The Sandaime finally gave in to Dokuro's request then?" Skull shook his head.

"No. I followed his team around for the entire day and let's say the village has fallen far since the attack." the man nodded, cleaning his soot covered hands with a white rag.

"I see. Well, I guess the second best shop in town hates him right?" Skull nodded. "I see. Then he's welcome here. I'm not going to let anyone push me around like they did while I lived in-"

"You know the law." Skull growled and the man sighed.

"Damned Hokage."

"Hey, Anbu, I found some." The two turned to the boy and saw that he had grabbed everything in crimson red and some black.

"Why red?" Naruto ignored the old man and placed the clothes onto the counter.

"Now what?" Skull shook his head.

"Go and gather whatever weaponry you find you might need. Once you have bring it to the counter and then go over to the jutsu and book section to gather what you feel like learning." Naruto nodded and walked off into the shop.

"Little brat." Tsukune muttered under his breath as he looked to the clothes. "Looks like he's gotten enough clothes to last him for a few days. Help me sort this out, Skull." The Anbu nodded his head and started to help the man take the clothes and put them in neat piles. Naruto had picked out five pairs of black cargo pants, five crimson red under shirts, a pair of black gauntlets, a pair of black boots, a red cloak with a hood and a black Jonin style vest. The boy had also gotten a plain black Anbu utility belt.

"Huh, not a bad choice in the gauntlets since they got those chakra reacting blades hidden in them. The belt will be useful if he grabs a few weapon and medical pouches." Skull nodded as Naruto came back with a few clones holding several different things from the weapon section of the store. They put everything on the counter before heading towards the next section of the store. "You do know that you might not have enough to pay for all of this right?" Skull grinned evilly under his mask.

"Bill the Hokage." Tsukune laughed and nodded.

"Oh what a fine idea. That'll teach him a lesson for what he's done to the poor lad." Skull nodded with a cold chuckle. "Now help me with these." The men started to sort out the many weapons the boy had grabbed, one of which was a long sword with a golden handle in the shape of a dragon's head. Tsukune picked the sword up and looked at it confusingly. "That's strange, I don't remember this being in my inventory." Skull rose a brow as he looked at the sheath. The sheath was a gunmetal grey with five different color dragon heads engraved into it. From the tip of the sheath it went white, blue, black, red and green.

"Strange indeed." 'So this is where it ended up.' The old man shrugged it off and set the sword down on the counter before sorting through the rest of the weapons. The boy had picked out new kunai, shuriken, some senbon, a few windmill shuriken, a lot of exploding tags, two crimson red weapon pouches, two crimson red kunai holsters, two medical pouches of the same color, a set of chakra weights and a bunch of blank sealing scrolls. "The kid looks like he's preparing for a war." Tsukune shrugged.

"Not my problem." Naruto and his clones came back seconds later with arm fulls of books and scrolls on various subjects.

"Do you have anything on sealing, elemental manipulation and creating your own jutsu?" Tsukune looked to Skull and watched the man nod.

"Sure, it's in the back room. Let me sort this stuff out first and then I'll take you back there. Why don't you take a look around the store another time and see if you find anything you might like?" Naruto nodded and walked away while Tsukune looked to the pile of scrolls and books that covered the rest of his counter in a giant pigsty. "Alright, let's sort these out then I'll start ringing up the bill for the Hokage." The man grinned as he started to sort the scrolls into piles of what they taught. The man picked up a scroll and looked at it curiously before raising a brow at it.

"Huh, another item I don't remember being in the inventory." Skull looked up and read the title of the scroll.

"Style of the Five Dragons? Never heard of it." Skull lifted a scroll and rose a brow. "Ken Jutsu Style: Five Dragons. What's with all the dragon stuff?" Tsukune shook his head.

"Ok, anything with the word dragon on it, place it in this pile next to the longsword." The two started a pile with the two scrolls that soon grew with the addition of six scrolls by the time the two had finished. "Ok, so we have those dragon scrolls and the longsword that he'll get on the house since I can sell anything I don't have in the inventory list. There are ten Nin Jutsu scrolls, ten Gen Jutsu scrolls, five Medical Jutsu scrolls, books on hunting, skinning, a few medical books, a book on poisons, a few cook books, a map of the world and one map for each country that has a hidden village."

"Ok, maybe the kid is preparing for war." Skull shook his head as Naruto came back with two more books. The man took them and placed them on the counter.

"Alright, kid, I'll show you to the back room." Tsukune walked around the counter and led the two towards the back room. The room was large with many shelves and tables while a weapon forge area was in the far corner of the room away from everything else. "Alright the sealing scrolls I normally don't let anyone buy the sealing scrolls unless they're Chunin or higher. However, in your case, I think I can part with a few of them."

"Wait, I thought this was for Anbu, Chunin and Jonin only?" Naruto asked as Skull and Tsukune chuckled.

"Yes, normally people would think that. However, that's not true. My policy is those that can sense and break the Gen Jutsu are allowed to shop here. Most of my customers are, as you said, Anbu, Chunin and Jonin as no one is usually trained well enough during their Genin years to sense a Gen Jutsu as strong as mine unless they've got a knack for Gen Jutsu like Kurenai Yuhi did when she was only a Academy student. Since you were brought in by Skull here, the Gen Jutsu will no longer have a hold on you so you'll be able to come and go as you please."

"Now, take a look around and if you find anything you think you would like, take it off the shelf and we'll take it to the counter once your set." Naruto nodded and started to look around. Tsukune looked to Skull with a raised brow. "I wonder what he would want jutsu creation info for. He couldn't be that strong yet." Skull shook his head.

"I don't know either. It might be from having such a large amount of chakra that he can't use very many low level jutsu. I know he's never been able to do a regular clone jutsu due to that very problem so maybe he thought he could make his own jutsu. I believe it'll be a bonus if he has the fox helping him with the creation or even the learning of jutsu." The man nodded as Naruto came back with several books and scrolls in his arms.

"Alright, lets go seal everything up and send you on your way." The group of three headed back into the main part of the store and Naruto watched the man take everything and seal it up into several scrolls before sealing it all in one the size of the forbidden scroll. "Now, I need to know, where did you find those scrolls on dragon jutsu and that longsword?" Naruto shrugged.

"They were each in their own sections where the longsword was sitting on one of the weapon racks."

"I see. None of them are in my inventory so I have no idea how they got mixed in there. Maybe I can ask my daughter Tenten when she comes home from training today. Anyway kid, you're all set. I hope to see you again the next time you need weapons or jutsu." Naruto nodded and turned to Skull.

"What next?"

"For now, this is all I can offer. I'll be able to offer you more when we have more time. For now however, you should head back to your little training ground and see just how far your clones have gotten. Also, prepare yourself for a C-ranked mission to Wave Country. You're meeting your team at the Hokage's office first thing in the morning." Naruto nodded taking his scroll and heading for the door. He paused and looked over his shoulder.

"I don't trust either of you........ But thank you." Naruto walked out of the shop and headed for his small training area.

"I see he has trust issues." Skull nodded.

"With the way his life has turned out, what did you expect?"


'Naruto-kun, I have good news!' Kyuubi happily called to the boy through their link as the boy made his way up to his training ground.


'You have the wood bloodline! Isn't that great?' Kyuubi grinned to him as he nodded.

'Yeah it is. Now I need to learn the jutsu and seals that will help with utilities.' Kyuubi grinned wider and her tailed swished about.

'Actually, if you allow me, I can set up everything for you. All you need to do is allow me control of your body and I can set up everything to the way you would want it.' Naruto frowned as he came to the training ground and looked to the entire group of clones that still worked on.

'I'll think about it. Now, should I dispel them all at once or in groups?'

'Personally, I would do it in groups of ten. This way, the information doesn't hurt you....... I hope.' Naruto nodded and mentally started to dispel his clones by ten, grunting each time information and memories entered his mind. 'Now, why don't you give the tree walking a try and if you feel up to it we can start water walking.' Naruto nodded and started to walk to and then up a tree without even thinking of it.

'Got it down.'

'Good. Now to master the tree walking exercise you will need to be able to jump from tree to tree and stick without even thinking of it while your fighting. We'll work on that later. For now, try to find the nearest river by using your nose and ears.' Naruto sighed and closed his eyes, concentrating on sound and smell. He heard the sound of rippling water in the distance and started walking towards it with his scroll strapped over his shoulder. He came out to a large lake that fed a nearby river. 'Good. You know, this would be a perfect place to make your new home. I mean, if I do it right, I can make it so your house is on both land and water.'

'Like right over there by the start of the river. If you want, I can create your home half on land and half on water.'

'I like that idea. Ok, you win. I'll let you create the house and the seals needed for the utilities. But, make sure it doesn't ruin the river or the lake.' Kyuubi nodded excitedly and felt Naruto's control over his body slowly slip to her. Naruto closed his eyes and once they opened again, they were a crimson red. Kyuubi used her control over the body to run down to the river's start and started to run through hand seals.

"Wood Style: House of the Admatine Forest Jutsu!" Kyuubi slammed her palms to the ground and started to concentrate on the jutsu. First, nothing seemed to be happening when suddenly wood started to rise out of the water and started to form a house. The entire process took hours and once it was finally finished, Kyuubi grinned tiredly at the house before her. 'Just like he wanted it be....... fore........' The red eyes of the kitsune rolled back and she fell forward to the ground with a smile on the boy's face. 'Naruto-kun....'


"Dad! I'm back!" A brown haired girl walked into Tsukune's shop and the old man nodded.

"I can see that, Tenten." The girl grinned and rushed off towards the weapons section of the store.

"WE'VE BEEN ROBBED!" The old man jumped at the sudden shout and ran to check on what his daughter was talking about.

"What do you mean, Tenten?" The bun haired girl turned and he saw the anger in her beautiful brown eyes.

"There was a sword back here that I had right here on the display case! It was a longsword with a gold handle in the shape of a dragon and its sheath had five different color dragons-"

"Oh I sold that already." Tenten looked to the man with wide eyes.

"Y-Y-You sold it?! As in someone bought it?!" Tsukune nodded.

"Yeah. Why?" Tenten's face grew furious.

"I wanted that sword! I was saving all my mission money for it! I was only one C-ranked mission away from getting what I thought it costs." Tsukune blinked and shook his head.

"Honey, you should have brought the sword to me when you saw it. The sword isn't and was never in my inventory. I had no idea I had that sword until the kid that bought it brought it to me. Since I can't sell what I don't really have, I just gave it too him along with the scrolls he had brought up that had-"

"Five Dragons?" Tsukune nodded and the girl growled and stomped away. "If I ever meet whoever you gave those items to I'm going to skin them alive! I had my eye on those for six years since I started my ninja training." Tsukune blinked in confusion as his daughter started for the stairs. "I'm going to fight them for the right to have those items."

'Oh damn. I better not tell her it was Uzumaki that bought them. She already doesn't like him for the prank he pulled during their year of being in the same class. Hehehe, I still remember the rant of how unforgivable the prank he pulled on the Hyuga boy was.' The old man shook his head and returned to closing up for the night.


Sunlight hitting his face was the only thing Naruto needed to wake him from his sleep. The boy groaned as he got to his feet tiredly and looked to the home before him. 'This is fucking HUGE!' The boy heard a groan in the back of his head.

'Naruto-kun, why are you yelling so loud?' The fox rubbed her eyes as Naruto frowned and crossed his arms.

'You built this thing larger then needed. It must be able to fit an entire three families!' Kyuubi blinked and looked out of Naruto's eyes at the house.

'Just as you wanted before all this. Well, you never told me how big you wanted it so I used as much chakra as you and I could spare in making it. Think of it this way, only one of Tsunade's full strength Chakra punches will be able to even dent the door. Now, I suggest you hurry and head for the Hokage's Office. I think it may be around nine right now.' Naruto sighed and turned towards the village.

'Damn, and I didn't even get to put my things away. Oh well.' Naruto rushed towards the village, heading for the Hokage tower with his giant scroll strapped to his back. 'I wonder what that Anbu meant when he said to get ready for a C ranked mission to Wave?' Kyuubi shrugged and laid back down.

'I don't know but I'm going back to bed.'

After five minutes of non stop jogging Naruto reached the village and headed straight for the tower. He rushed up the steps to the Hokage's office and walked in, finding his team and the old man waiting for him. Sakura glared at him while holding her bandaged covered hand.

"You're late you idiot." Naruto glared at the girl.

"Want me to break your other hand, banshee?" Sakura flinched back as Kakashi looked at Naruto with a bored look.

"Naruto, you really just should have taken your punishment and run the lake like I told you. You didn't have to-"

"Defend himself from being assaulted by his fellow teammate?" Everyone turned to the voice to see Skull coming from the shadows of the darkest corner. Kakashi visibly paled at the Anbu.


"Long time, Hatake. How's being a washout going for you?"

"That's enough!" The Hokage called out, taking a drag from his pipe. "Kakashi, I will explain just what is going on once our fifth member-"

"Sorry I'm late. I ran into Gai on the way here and had to take the long way around to avoid being challenged...... again." Everyone looked to the door to the office and in walked a man with long silver, gray hair, coal black eyes wearing a face mask over the lower half of his face. He wore the standard Jonin attire in all black, including the Jonin vest. "Dokuro Hatake, reporting as ordered, Hokage-sama."

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