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Chapter 12

"So, let me run through this again." Kakashi looked at his team while Zabuza and his team along with Kin listened intently as Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke explained what happened in the Forest of Death. "You were attacked by a team sent by this Zophar guy, killed them and then you were attacked by Orochimaru of the Sannin. After Sasuke showed that he no longer had a normal Sharingan, he blew the three of you deeper into the cave you were trying to hide in and then blew up the entrance. Afterwards, you went deeper into the cave to look for another route while Naruto left a clone to clear the entrance in case the ceiling caved in."

"After searching around for a few hours, you three managed to find a giant temple with a giant talking tree where you not only got a sword of legend, but you also met Naruto's dark side, Sakura's evil counterpart, her Ancestor's greatest enemy and a man stronger then the Kages that calls himself Eiphel. Navi here is a fairy that the Great Deku Tree, who happens to be a giant talking tree, sent with you to help Sakura with returning the Master Sword back to its full strength which you will have to travel the countries to find the temples where its power sleeps. Did I get all of that right?" Team 7 looked to each other before nodding.

"Sounds about right Kakashi-sensei and I would like to note that the meeting was more of a beat down with how Gannon and Eiphel handed us our asses without even trying." Sasuke grumbled as Sakura and Naruto nodded in agreement.

"I can still feel a bit of the soreness from Eiphel's last attack." Naruto rubbed his arm a bit while Kakashi just shook his head.

"Either way, you did a great job in the exams. Now, Zabuza and I have come to the conclusion that while yes we are your senseis, we won't show favoritism by not training the four of you," Kakashi pointed to his team and Lacus. "Meaning you are on your own for this month of training. You can ask anyone in the village except the two of us. I will be bringing Kin up to speed with Zabuza. Haku and Ayame, the two of you are free to do whatever it is you want for the month."

"Before I forget," Zabuza interrupted, looking over at Naruto. "The Hokage wanted to see you when you had a free moment. Something about having someone that wanted to meet you. Also, while Kakashi and I won't train the four of you directly, we will offer advice or even a scroll or two. Just ask us and we'll decide what to give you." The four Chunin hopefuls nodded as Navi poked Sakura in the cheek, getting her attention.

"I'll be taking you on a short trip. I need to teach you how to use the Master Sword correctly. We'll need to visit Link's Tomb for that though as I'm way too small to teach you that sword style." Sakura nodded a bit confused about why there was a need to visit a tomb.

"I'll be taking Sasuke with me to the realm of Darkness. I need to teach him how to control his dark element as well as his Hell Fire." Deathscythe spoke up, causing everyone to look at the former Uchiha.

"Huh, and I thought he only talked to you, Sasuke." Naruto told the boy and he shrugged.

"Well, seeing as we don't have much else to talk about, you're all free to go. Kin, you're coming with me. We need to get you some proper gear. No training tomorrow however as Zabuza and I have agreed to making it a resting day for the lot of you." Everyone stood from the table and started heading in their own directions.


"Ah, Naruto good of you to come by." Naruto walked into the Hokage's office to see the old Sarutobi speaking with a white haired man wearing kabuki clothes and a bone made forehead protector with the kanji for oil in the center.

"Sorry, about everything that happened a few months ago, jiji. I was just really stressed out from the villagers. What did you want to see me about?" The old man waved the boy's apology off as he motioned to the man next to him.

"Naruto, this is one of my students, Jiraiya. He was the sensei of the Yondaime Hokage and is known throughout the lands as-"

"A self proclaimed Super Pervert." Naruto deadpanned as he held up a little orange book. "Broke down and bought myself a copy of the first book after I was….. Told of its greatness from a friend of mine. My copy just happened to have a short bio of the author." Sarutobi's jaw dropped while Jiraiya grinned in success.

"So, gaki, you actually like my books?" Naruto looked at the man.

"Unfortunately yes. I always thought it was nothing but porn but you actually have a good plot in here too. Although, what do you think will happen when Tsunade Senju finds out you based the main heroine off her?" This time it was Jiraiya's turn to drop his jaw.

"H-How did you notice?" Naruto smirked foxily as he put his book away.

"Secret. Anyway, what did you want to see me about, old man?" Sarutobi smiled slightly.

"I don't know if you have a trainer yet or if you wanted to train solo but I have asked Jiraiya to offer his help in your training." Naruto raised a brow.

'Smells a bit fishy if you ask me.' Naruto mentally nodded to Lemina.

"And why exactly would a Sannin want to train a nobody like me?" Jiraiya grinned at the boy.

"Well, gaki, I decided it was time to find another apprentice since the Yondaime's death kinda left me without one. So, I'm choosing you." Naruto shrugged at the man.

"Sure, not really an offer I can refuse. But know this," Naruto's eyes instantly narrowed at the older man. "When you offer me training, I'm expecting you to actually train me. The moment, I think you're wasting my time, I'll leave and you'll have lost your chance. I've been pushed aside enough by people who call themselves teachers and I won't let you have that chance." Jiraiya noticed the seriousness of the situation and nodded. "Ok. Anything else, Oji-san?" The Hokage shook his head.

"No, that is all, Naruto-kun, unless Jiraiya has something he would like to add?" The old man turned to his one time student and he spoke up.

"Is there any place in particular you would like to train?" Naruto thought it over and shook his head.

"I don't really have a specific place. I will be using my Shadow Clones to train in a few jutsu while I practice my Tai jutsu and Ken jutsu since this Matta girl seems to be very well versed in both of them herself and possibly has an affinity for fire." The two elder ninja nodded while Jiraiya smirked.

"Meet me at training ground 28 at 7 am gaki. I'll train you to run circles around that girl." The boy smiled slightly and nodded.

"Very well, anything else?" The two older men shook their heads and Naruto turned to the door. "I'll see you in the morning," Naruto looked over his shoulder with a smirk as he opened the door, "Ero-Sennin." The blonde haired boy walked out of the room as Jiraiya grumbled about blondes disrespecting their elders while the Sandaime chuckled as he lit his pipe.

"The boy will grow on you, Jiraiya, just like his mother and father did." Jiraiya smiled slightly and crossed his arms.

"That he will, sensei. Anyway, about this memory problem."


"Mother! Are you here?" Lacus called out as she entered her mother's home hidden inside the Diamond Leaf. Ayane walked out from her bedroom and looked to her daughter with a raised brow.

"Well? How did they go?" Lacus grinned to her mother and began explaining everything about what happened. Once the child finished, Ayane narrowed her eyes with a nod.

'I see, so Orochimaru was here after all. I need to repay him for helping that bastard fifteen years ago.' "You say the Oto team was killed by Naruto?" Lacus nodded.

"He killed all of them except the girl Kin Tsuchi. If I had to guess, Kin would be the fourth out of the five, if what I sensed from her chakra stores and the feeling of her chakra." Ayane stood in thought for a moment before nodding her head.

"Very well, I want you to be here at 5am tomorrow. I'm going to train you for a week before sending you off to train with Naruto." Lacus nodded, a bit confused.

"But why only a week? Wouldn't the entire month be a better deal?" Ayane shook her head.

"No. You need to start learning some jutsu from the Red Dragon Scroll that Naruto has and I can't teach you anything from it as I won't be able to read it if what Naruto said is true. Now get going. I have things to set up for the next week." Lacus nodded to her mom and left the room. "About time you came back, Ghaleon, did you get everything you need?"

X Next Morning X

"So, what has you up so early?" Lacus looked over her shoulder as she ran her fingers through her hair under the shower head in the team locker rooms, giving the blond teen behind her a sultry smile as he walked over to the shower next to hers. "Though, can't say I'm not enjoying it." Naruto chuckled as he turned the water on.

"Probably the same reason as yours and I'm not complaining either." Lacus licked her lips as she walked over and wrapped her arms around the blondes neck, a clone of hers leaving the showers unseen. "Although, now that I have you here," the raven haired girl pressed herself against the boy and started to lightly kiss his neck. "We can have a bit of fun." Naruto groaned as she lightly bit his shoulder, his hands finding their way to the raven haired girl's ass. "Mmm, seems like someone was thinking the same thing, Naru-kun." A growl rumbled through the boy's throat as he squeezed her ass, earning a soft moan. The girl lifted her head and met the boy in a heated kiss as she reached down and grabbed the teen's cock in one of her hands, earning a groan from Naruto as she started to stroke his fully erect dick.

"I want this, Naru-kun. I've missed it so much." Lacus told the boy between kisses, before she found herself being lifted off the floor and placed against the wall, her legs over Naruto's shoulders and her cleanly shaven womanhood in his face. The girl moaned as she felt the first lick of Naruto's tongue across her moist folds and grew in volume as the boy's tongue flicked against her clit in the same lick.


Haku couldn't believe her eyes as she stood at the entrance of the shower room. She had gotten up to take a shower and get ready for the day only to run into the sight before her. The brunette had entered the shower stalls, only to freeze up as she watched Naruto lift Lacus and press her against the wall with his face in the raven haired girl's crotch. She couldn't turn herself away from the girl that looked to be in complete ecstasy as Naruto ate her pussy, the coal eyed girl's hands pressing the boy's head into her crotch.

The ice user never noticed the shadow clone of Lacus sneaking up behind her before it was too late.


"Oh god…. Naru-kun, please, more!" Lacus moaned as she felt the boy's mouth assaulting her. His tongue penetrated her folds, stroking her walls before flicking against her clit rapidly. "AH! Oooooooooh god." She clenched her lover's hair. "More…. More, Naru-kun!" The blond smirked slightly before finding her clit and sucking on it, hard. "OH FUCK!" Lacus cried out as the boy sucked on the bundle of nerves before feeling the boy lightly pinch it with his teeth. "Oh god, I'm so close." Naruto thrust his tongue into the girl before pulling back slightly. "NO! Please, don't stop, koi! I'm so close!" Naruto smirked at the begging face of the Red heir.

"As you wish." Naruto suddenly clamped down on the girl's clit, his tongue pressed against it as he channeled chakra through it and sucked the bundle of nerves.

"AhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lacus cried out as she came all over her lover's face.


"You like what you see?" Haku tensed as she looked out of the corner of her eye to see Lacus's face next to her, whispering into her ear. "Just think, that could be you, if you like." Haku's eyes went wide as she went to shout at the clone only for it to slap a seal tag across her mouth. "Now, now, can't have you interrupting them. The boss has been waiting for this moment a long time. Though, why don't we watch? You may find it, arousing." Haku's eyes went wide as she tried but failed to move.

"Oh come now, you should know about my control over shadows, I used them against Shikamaru after all. Now," The shadow clone gently turned Haku's face back to watch the two lovers. "Let's watch and enjoy ourselves?"


"Damn, Lacus-chan, you came hard, didn't you?" Naruto gently lowered the panting girl to her feet, only for her to smash her lips to his, her legs wrapping around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"Fuck me damn you! I've been wanting for this for months now hurry up and fuck me!" Naruto growled into the kiss, pressing his body against the girl, his hard, eight inch cock pressed against her cunt. The girl moaned as the teen boy pulled his hips back and aligned himself with the girl's drenched pussy, teasing her as he used his hand to rub the head of his cock against her moist folds. "Please, koi, I'm begging you." Naruto smirked into the girl's shoulder as he teased her entrance.

"Here it comes, my little Fire-hime." Naruto slammed his cock into the girl in one hard thrust, causing her to cry out in shock and pleasure as the boy started to pull out and thrust back in just as hard.

"Oh fuck me!" the raven haired girl cried out as the boy's slow but hard thrusts continued. "Faster, koi, faster!" Naruto grinned and started pumping hard and fast into his lover's moist womanhood. "Ah, ah, AHHHH!" Lacus through her head back as her pleasurable cries echoed the shower room. Naruto stopped his thrusting to pull the two of them away from the wall. The blond gripped her ass, shouldering both legs before looking at the girl with a smirk.

"Seems all those stretches your mom made you go through made you very flexible, hime." Lacus groaned in disappointment that the boy stopped his work only to feel the boy lift her up slightly off his inch thick cock before slamming her hips into his, hitting the opening to her womb with the new position and causing her to gasp at the motion.

"Please, koi, give me more. I'm getting sooooooo close!" Naruto lifted her again and repeated the action, getting a small cry of pleasure from the girl. "Yes, more, fuck your little princess, koi. Fuck me." Naruto smirked as he latched onto the nipple of her right breast as he continued to slam her down on his dick.


"You like it don't you?" Clone Lacus whispered into Haku's ear as the ice user moaned against the tag on her mouth, the clone's right hand wondering her naked body as her chocolate brown eyes stayed glued to the scene before her, the clone's left hand stimulating the White heir's lower lips. "Your pussy is so wet. You want him too, don't you?" Haku moaned, the clone's index and ring fingers played with her moist folds. The clone grinned as she plunged her fingers into the ice user's pussy, causing Haku to scream into the tag and her eyes widened at the feeling. "You want his cock pounding your pussy, just as the boss is getting hers pounded, don't you?"

Haku couldn't say anything as she watched Naruto slam Lacus repeatedly on his hard shaft, the raven haired girl's face thrown back in pleasure as her moans echoed the showers. The clone used her free hand to start massaging the brunette's right breast, rubbing the girl's nipple with her finger. Haku felt her release coming as the clone continued to stimulate her body.


"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUM!" Lacus screamed as Naruto continued to slam her down onto his cock.

"I'm almost there, hime." The blond haired lover growled to her as her screams continued.

"Inside me, please! I want to feel it! Cum inside me Na-ru-TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lacus threw her head back in pleasure as she came, Naruto lifting her up one final time before bringing her back down.

"Lacus!" The boy cried out as he felt his release, his cock twitching as he felt his lover's pussy milk him for every drop of his essence.


"MMMMMMMMMM!" Haku screamed into the tag, her scream muffled as she felt weak in her knees and darkness creeping into her vision. The clone smirked as it spoke to her before the girl blacked out from the power of the seal tag.

"Just remember Haku-chan, we're willing to share, and Naruto-koi knows it. He wants you, me and Ayame-chan. Amazing what the CRA will have him do eh?" The clone released its hold on Haku and the girl collapsed. The clone picked the girl up and left the room.


"So, was that better then the first time?" Lacus rolled her eyes as Naruto lowered her to her feet, a small grin on her face as she placed a kiss on the boy's lips.

"You dork, of course it was. Now, let's finish showering before someone," Lacus paused in her sentence as memories that weren't hers entered her mind, causing her to groan in frustration. "Stupid Shadow Clone!" Naruto looked to her with curious eyes as she rubbed her temples.

"What's wrong?" Lacus looked the teen in the eyes.

"You remember telling me how sometimes one of your clones would get a mind of its own and everything? The one I had watching for anyone coming to the showers decided it would be a good idea to restrain and molest Haku, before it dressed her in her nightwear and putting her back in bed. Haku watched the entire show." Naruto groaned and shook his head as he stepped under the shower head.

"So, she watched us have sex, was molested as she watched and then taken back to bed?" Lacus nodded, running her hands through her hair. "Well, not exactly the way I wanted to bring her into this but we'll find some way to fix this." Lacus nodded.

"Maybe she'll do the smart thing and think about what my clone told her about the CRA." Naruto shook his head.

"Don't remind me. The Hokage may not have told me about it yet but I want to get into a position where I'm not roped into fake marriages by some money hungry council member." Lacus smirked slightly as she looked back at the teen.

"Would the position you want be me eating Haku while you fuck me from behind, or maybe the other way around or even with Ayame to join us?" Naruto looked at the girl before the two broke out into laughter.

Somewhere in Konoha, a white haired pervert shivered and grinned as blood started to leak out of his nose. 'My Super Pervert senses are tingling.'

X Haku and Sakura's room X

Chocolate brown eyes shot open and Haku sat up, gasping for breath as she looked around, trying to figure out what happened and where she was only for her to realize she was in her room. 'My room? But I thought I was in the showers?' Haku rubbed her forehead. 'Must have been a dream,' She looked across the room to see Sakura's bed empty and already made, the girl having left the night before for her training. She made to move when she felt something moist sticking to her thighs. She lifted the covers off her and blushed deeply at the wet sheets and panties she had on, the nightshirt she was wearing wrinkled. 'A very vivid dream. I could have sworn it was real.' The girl got off the bed and looked around the room, spotting nothing out of place. The girl shook her head before getting out of bed and gathering a change of clothes before heading to the shower.

X Training Ground 28 X

"There you are, I was wondering if you were ever going to show up." Jiraiya called out as Naruto made his way onto the training ground. The boy scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly at the Sannin.

"Sorry about that. I was…. Preoccupied for a bit." Jiraiya rolled his eyes as he motioned for the boy to take a seat next to him.

"Before we get down to anything serious, I want you to give me a report on your current skills." Naruto nodded as he took a deep breath.

"I have ungodly chakra reserves and with it poor chakra control that is slowly getting better as I train with it. I know the Shadow clone jutsu along with several variation of it and the training method. I have several jutsu from all five elements and several sub elements. My Gen jutsu isn't great but I can cast and dispel them. I am pretty good with my sword and my Tai jutsu is ok, would be a lot better if I could utilize the techniques of my style but I have yet to meet the requirements to read further into it." Jiraiya raised a brow at the boy.

"Ok, what styles do you use?"

"For my Ken Jutsu, I use the Five Dragons style. As for my Tai Jutsu, its known as the Blue Dragon Fist." Jiraiya had a slightly confused look on his face but shook it off.

"Alright then, I'll tell you what we're gonna do." The perverted Sannin pulled a sheet of paper from his pocket and handed it to the boy. "This is chakra paper. Pushing chakra into it will tell us what your element is. If it crumbles, it's lightning. It burns and it's fire. It splits, then it's wind. If it gets wet then it's water and if it turns to dirt, it's earth." Naruto nodded and pushed chakra into the paper.

X Village of Konoha X

Kirabi was walking around the village, his students training either with each other or alone in Yugito's case. The man was just walking around, minding his own business when he stopped from a shout that came from afar.


Kirabi smirked behind his mask as he started walking towards the shout. 'Sounds like Mr. Nine is doin' just fine. Maybe a visit from me is what his memory needs.'

'Do you ever stop rapping?' The Hachibi groaned.

X Naruto and Jiraiya X

Naruto lowered his hands from his ears as he glared at the gapping Sannin. "Little loud there, don't you think? I don't think they heard you in Iwa." The Toad Sage pulled out another sheet of chakra paper and handed it to the kid.

"Again!" The boy sighed and repeated the process that created the shocking results for the man.

The two watched as the paper was split into four sheets with each sheet having separate reactions. The upper left piece became soaked and froze over half the sheet. The lower left started to crumple away into dirt halfway before turning into a piece of wood. The upper right charred slightly while the lower crumpled into a tight ball. The charred piece also had a very red color and dripped to the ground slightly as the piece floated to the ground to join the first sheet.

"This can't be. Having all five main elements along with Ice, Wood and Magma sub element is just plain unheard of. Not even Kushina had this many when she housed the Kyuubi." That caught Naruto's attention.

"I'm not the first to have Kyuubi sealed inside me?" Jiraiya mentally cursed himself for his slip up while a yawn echoed through Naruto's mind.

'Did I miss something?' Naruto was about to reply to the demon fox when Jiraiya started talking.

"No, Naruto your not. There were two others that housed Kyuubi before you. The first was the Shodaime Hokage's wife, Mito Senju and the second was a woman named Kushina."

"Strange, I never heard about there being two containers for Kyuubi before." Jiraiya nodded sadly, memories of Kushina and Minato coming to mind.

"It was a very close guarded secret that a very select few knew about. As I recall, however, neither of them have had any sort of contact with Kyuubi other than Mito sealing it within herself during the battle between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha at the Valley of the End."

'Ok, what the heck is with the history lesson? I thought you were here for training, not storytelling.' Naruto sighed and mentally told Lemina what had led up to the conversation. 'Oh, I get it now. Sorry, he only wishes I gave you all of those elements. The only one you MIGHT get from me is the element of darkness but that's very, VERY unlikely due to your station as Dragonmaster. I'll tell you more once we figure out how to get your memories released as there are some things you need to learn about anyway.'

"You alright kid?" Jiraiya stood waving a hand in his student's face as the boy had zoned out for a few moments. The kid shook his head and waved off the pervert's concern.

"I'm fine, Kyuubi was just telling me that she wasn't the reason for all these elements." Jiraiya looked at the boy confused before voicing his question.

"Well if the fox didn't give you the elements then what did?"

"That, toad guy, is the power of Mr. Nine." The two turned to the voice to see Kirabi entering the clearing with his mask on. "You're lookin' good, little nine, been a long time. I remember when you were only as tall as my thigh." Naruto looked at the man confused while Kyuubi groaned.

'Great, he's still rapping.'

"And who are you, sir?" Jiraiya narrowed his eyes at the older Jinchuriki who just held his hands up.

"Hey now man, don't be hatin'. I heard someone yellin, so I came runnin'."

"Ok, but that doesn't explain who you are." Kirabi smirked while Hachibi silently cried.

'Damnit, here we go.'

"Well, little nine, I better put that right. I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, I'm the one and only Kirabi the Killer Bee of the Hachibi!" Jiraiya went wide eyed while Naruto growled in frustration at only hearing Killer Bee as a name.

"Killer Bee? Sorry, don't know you." Jiraiya looked at the kid in surprise while the dark skinned man smirked behind his mask.

"I know that much little nine, but I understand just fine. So, who was whining like a bitch with a bad itch?" The two sweat dropped at the man while two Bijuu were slamming their heads against the walls of their respective container's minds.

'He's worse than he was six years ago.'

"That would be him." Naruto pointed his thumb at Jiraiya and the man grumbled at the kid. Kirabi laughed at the man.

"May I have a second, Bee-san? Naruto, summon up a shadow clone to spare with your Tai Jutsu while having several others join in at every two minute interval replacing any that are lost the moment they are dispelled." the blonde haired rapper nodded and followed Jiraiya away from Naruto as the boy started his training. "I could have sworn the Sandaime told you to not come near Naruto." The Jinchuriki gained a serious look on his face, not that the Sannin could see.

"I don't give a damn. I'm here for more than just the exams, old man. A-nii-sama has been wondering about the kid for years. The Hokage's promise to allow the two to send letters to each other isn't being honored since Yugito has never received a letter from him in over six years. Yes, the old monkey told me all about the event that caused the kid to lose his memories but as you can see, this Prophet that sealed them away didn't get all of them, or they're leaking out slowly. I'm placing my ryo on the didn't get all of them theory." Jiraiya growled slightly.

"It doesn't matter! You are in Konoha and you have to follow the laws!"

"And allow the kid to get burnt to a crisp in the finals but his lovely cat? Screw that! Yugito isn't here for the exams, Jiraiya. She's here to get answers as to why her be-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence with him around here!" Jiraiya cut the man off. Kirabi crossed his arms over his chest.

"Fine, but the point is, this memory problem needs to be solved or Yugito may end up killing him and herself to get the answers she wants. Hokage's orders or not, I'm doing what I think is best to keep my niece and fox boy from being buried six feet under." The Sannin raised a brow.

"What do you mean?" Kirabi sighed and looked over his shoulder to see Naruto sparing with his clones still. Sighing, he turned back to the Sannin.

"Yugito made a chakra enforced blood oath to get Naruto back or joining him in an early grave doing so. There is no match, only a fight to the death with her."

X Forest Outside of Konoha X

"Over here!" Navi called out to Sakura as they traveled through the forest towards the tomb the fairy spoke of the night before. "Just into this clearing and we'll be there." Sakura nodded to the fairy and walked into the clearing, finding the clearing to be void of animal life and not finding anything that could be called a tomb. There was however a raised platform with a small stone in the center of it with the Tri Force symbol on it, much like the one that was in the temple Sakura gained her bloodline from.

"There's nothing here, Navi." Navi shook her head and pointed to the platform.

"Stab the Master Sword into the stone. The tomb will show itself then." Sakura nodded and walked forward, drawing the Master Sword from her back as she neared the stone.

"Alright, here we go!" Navi landed on Sakura's shoulder and the pink haired girl stabbed the sword into the stone, causing light to start shinning around the two before they suddenly vanished into thin air.

Sakura looked around the area once the bright light finally died down enough where she could see again to find herself looking at massive mausoleum with two golden caskets resting within. Sakura looked to the fairy on her shoulder, her question evident in her eyes as the fairy smiled sadly.

"Welcome to the tomb of Link, the Hero of Time, Sworn Brother of Darunia and Hero of Twilight. The other casket is Princess Zelda, ruler of Hyrule and Sage of Light." Sakura looked at the fairy confused.

"Wait, then shouldn't there be three caskets, not two?" Navi shook her head.

"Since the first rise of Gannon, there has always been a Link and a Princess Zelda. The goddesses decided that the souls of each Link and Zelda throughout time would rest within these coffins, in the instance that Gannon tried to come back. Each time Gannon came back, the souls that were within the coffin would combine with a newborn child that fit the characteristic for Zelda and Link, creating them anew. For example, the Link I traveled with, has had his soul placed into the coffin dedicated for him and his line and the same for the Princess Zelda of that time. When it became apparent that Gannon was gaining strength to break his seal, the Goddesses pulled the souls from the coffins and merged them with two newborns that would then be named Link and Zelda. You with me?" Sakura nodded, still slightly confused but understood what the fairy was talking about.

"Does that mean I have Link's soul within mine or do I have Zelda's since I'm a girl?" Navi shook her head.

"The Goddesses have fallen into a deep sleep and weren't able to pull the souls from the coffins. My guess would be that with the constant changing of times, they fell into a slumber due to people forgetting. Due to this, Link and Zelda sleep within the coffins. The soul that you met in the temple was of the Princess Zelda that fought against Gannon in his last attempt at power by trying to control the power of Twilight."

"Correct you are, my child." The two turned to the new voice only for Navi to gasp while Sakura started at the beautiful woman before her.

The woman had long green hair that reached her knees along with a pair of beautiful green eyes that radiated kindness and power. The woman wore a elegant green dress that went to her ankles. She had lightly tanned skin and a Tri Force symbol on her chest with the lower right triangle glowing brightly.

"L-Lady Farore!" The small fairy cried in shock as the goddess smiled slightly, keeping her gaze locked with Sakura's emerald eyes.

"This must be our new Link, am I correct?" Sakura nodded slightly as the woman giggled slightly. "I confess, I'm surprised to find you to be female rather than male. Every time a Link was born, he was always male. To find out one of my treasured heroes is female is both a surprise and a delight." Sakura looked at the woman confused for a moment.

"What do you mean by that, Farore-sama?" The Goddess looked over to the two coffins.

"What I meant was, throughout the years, Link and Zelda have never tried to follow their hearts and have always led to the lines remaining split. Somewhere down the road of time, your ancestors, weather they were named Link and Zelda or neither at all, finally merged the two bloodlines together." The goddess sighed before turning back to Sakura, the girl even more confused than ever. "I guess I should start from the beginning, when the first Link and Zelda were born."

X Underground Dojo X

"You're late, what kept you?" Ayane watched as her daughter walked into the dojo with a slight glow to her skin.

"Sorry, mother, it won't happen again." The girl bowed to her mother while Ayane just scoffed.

"I'll let this one slide, Lacus, but next time, try not to have sex before training. I told the both of you before what it could do to you." Lacus blushed slightly but nodded to her mother. "Now, let's start with your potential opponents. What do you know about them?"

"First is Gaara of the Desert, Jinchuriki of Shukaku the Ichibi. He's quiet, bloodthirsty and refers to his demon as Mother. He uses sand as a shield, armor and as a weapon. His teammates, who happen to be his brother and sister, fear him. I believe he has no Tai jutsu, Gen Jutsu, Ken Jutsu or even Nin Jutsu outside of his sand."

"Second is Temari of the Desert, brother to Gaara. As I said, she fears her brother so I believe she may withdraw from the exams. In the case that she doesn't withdraw and does manage to defeat her brother, her primary weapon is her fan and Wind Jutsus. Judging from how she managed to deflect all the weapons Tsukune's daughter sent at her, which would have hit their mark otherwise, she is very skilled in the Wind element. I haven't seen her use any Gen Jutsu, but I am positive she doesn't excel at Tai jutsu with how she continued to kept her distance from Tenten throughout her match." Ayane nodded slightly.

"Very good. Now, I believe you are right in guessing Temari will drop out but after our week, I want you to train in areas that you know will help you against the both of them. I give you a direction to go in, but it has to be you that decides on it. Now for Gaara, you may need to extend your elements a bit more. While your main elements are Earth and Fire, your water element needs to be increased in strength if you want to stop his sand without using your Amaterasu flames. While your fire element can indeed take care of his sand, you will be hard pressed to keep the flames burning to the point sand turns to glass."

"The water will make his sand heavy and slow the reaction time of his attacks and defense, making it easier for my arrows if I use them and make him a good conductor for lightning jutsu." Ayane shook her head.

"Yes, that's true. Lightning would work well against him once his sand has been soaked but it's not something you should solely rely on. What else do you believe can work against him?"

X Forests of Konoha X

"Alright, kid, here's something new for ya." Jiraiya told the boy as they entered a large clearing outside of the village, Kirabi accompanying the two with a smirk.

"Why'd you bring us all the way out here? The training ground should have been enough." Naruto asked his teacher making the man grin as he bit his thumb.

"Just watch, kiddo. Summoning Jutsu!" the white haired pervert slammed his hand onto the ground after he flashed through a few seals, causing a cloud of smoke to envelop the man. Once the smoke cleared, Naruto noticed the sage wasn't alone anymore, the pervert standing on a large toad.

"Alright, Naruto, this is Gama of the Toad Summons. What I'm going to do is have you sign the toad scroll and then we're gonna work on your summoning skills a bit before I teach you anything else." Naruto watched the toad's stomach bulge slightly and spit out a large scroll, which Jiraiya tossed to the blonde. "Now, to sign the scroll, you need to sign your name in blood and then leave a blood print of your summoning hand beneath it."

Naruto nodded and followed Jiraiya's instructions, signing his name and leaving a hand print in blood. Once the boy had finished, the three were greeted to a shock as Naruto's name and print vanished from the scroll.

"Hey, is it supposed to do that, yo?" Bee pointed to the now blank space as Jiraiya scratched his chin.

"Strange, it only does that when a summoner dies or if they already have a summoning contract." The toad sage looked over at Naruto. "Did you happen to sign any contracts that you didn't mention?" Naruto shook his head with a confused look. Kirabi snapped his fingers with a grin under his mask.

"Try summoning something, number nine. That'll help us untangle this vine."

"Umm, I don't know the seals for the jutsu." Jiraiya nodded and showed the boy the hand seals. Naruto flashed through them, putting enough chakra, for him at least, for one shadow clone.

"Lightning Style: Lightning… armor?" The cloud of smoke from the summoning jutsu cleared to show Ayame blinking confusingly at her surroundings, her hands together in a bird seal.

"Ayame-chan? What are you doing here?" Naruto looked at the teen girl with confusion while the two older ninja had their jaws on the ground.

"Wait, Naruto-kun? How did I end up here?" Ayame scratched the back of her head. "last I remember, I was sparing with Haku-chan and Kin-san. The next thing I knew I felt a strange pull and I'm here." Jiraiya suddenly appeared before Naruto, bowing to the boy.

"You have the greatest summoning contract of them all! To summon beautiful women! Please let me sign it Naruto-sama!" The two teens and Kirabi all looked at Jiraiya, Naruto and Ayame with a twitch over their right eye and Bee with a deadpanned expression.

"Shut it pervert!" Naruto kicked the man in the face, sending him flying into a tree. "What do you think, Bee-san?" Bee shrugged his shoulders, regardless of the frown on his face.

"Not sure, number nine. Never heard of contract like this. Try it again and see what happens." Naruto nodded, slightly unsure but repeated the process. Using just a little less chakra then last time.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Smoke covered the area once again, the two teens and Kirabi waited with anticipation as smoke started to clear out, revealing a familiar spear.

"This is…. Unexpected." The smoke cleared to show Haku, standing equally confused as Ayame while Kirabi scratched his chin. "Summoning these girls, there's something not right about this." Naruto scratched his cheek.

'What do you think Kyuubi?'

'Huh, what's going on?' Kyuubi asked confused as Naruto shook his head. He told the Kyuubi what was going on causing her to frown and place the book Naruto had created in his mindscape in her lap. 'Ah, I know what's going on. It's simple, you're summoning Dragons, I'll explain more another time. If you put as much chakra as you can into the summoning, you can, possibly, summon any of the previous four dragons, such as Ruby or Nall. Now, I'm not a hundred percent sure on it, but it is very possible, regardless of them being dead. They may not be as strong as they used to be but I wonder about it. Can you try summoning Ruby?'

Naruto nodded and concentrated on the former red dragon before running through seals rapidly, catching Jiraiya's attention. "Gaki, what are you," Naruto slammed his hand onto the ground.

"Summoning Jutsu!" An explosion of smoke and wind send caused everyone to cover their faces.

"Ok, who the hell woke me up from my nap! And GET OFF MY HEAD!" The large cloud of smoke finally vanished, giving away to a brilliant red dragon. The dragon gave off a natural heat, making the mild weather fell hotter than it already was. Ayame and Haku looked upon the red eyed, red furred creature in awe while Jiraiya whistled at the size of the Dragon. Naruto Jumped off the red dragon's head and turned to look at it.

"Ruby?" The dragon's red eyes locked onto Naruto's the instant the boy called to her.

"What the hell? We didn't call you to our realm." Ruby sniffed the air, freezing as her eyes went wide. "I can smell the forest! The trees, the grass and the river! I haven't taken in the scent of nature in eons!"

"Wait, this is Ruby? Nall's mate?" Haku asked as the red dragon looked over to the girl.

"Hey, Haku-chan! About time I get to meet you! Hang on, let me slip into something a bit more comfortable." The dragon suddenly started glowing, blinding everyone before it revealed Ruby in human form, causing Jiraiya to drool at the woman.

The woman that stood before everyone was 6'3" with long, fiery red hair, and beautiful ruby red eyes. Her hair flowed down to the small of her back with her bangs brushed to the side, covering her left eye slightly. She wore a red kimono that hugged her body, showing all her curves and giving a good view of her cleavage.

"Now, that's much better!" The woman stretched her body, arching her back and throwing out her chest as she did so, making the perverted Sannin's eyes lock onto her, what he thought to be, D-cup breasts. "It's so nice to feel the sun on my skin again. I haven't had a chance to do this since Lunar was sealed away." This got confused looks from everyone while Jiraiya suddenly appeared before the dragon.

"Oh my dear, you are such a beauty! Why don't the two of us ditch these kids and have a good time eh?" Ruby looked to the man with a raised brow as Lemina sighed within Naruto's mind.

'Naru-kun, let me have control for a bit.' Naruto complied with the fox and his eyes turned red. "Ruby, he's a pervert worse than Ronfar. Fry him for me will ya?" Ruby growled at the Sannin, steam blowing from her nose as she huffed.

"PERVERT!" The dragon slashed her hand at the pervert faster than anyone could see and the Sannin was launched out of the clearing and through several trees, her sharp claws leaving deep gashes on the Sannin's face. "Oooooh! Stupid old man!" The surrounding teens snickered at the Sannin's misfortune while Kirabi looked in the direction the toad sage was sent.

"Good to see you still have your temper red." The Lemina controlled Naruto stomped his foot, creating a seat out of the earth and sat down with a smile. The red haired woman looked over at the voice with a smile.

"And I see you still have your hatred of perverts, Lemina."

"Wait, Lemina's in control? What happened to Naruto-kun? What did you do to him?" Haku readied her spear as Lemina looked over at her with an annoyed look.

"Oh calm down. Naru-kun's still here, he's just… sleeping. Besides, I haven't seen Ruby in, millions of years. You can have your crush back later. For now," Lemina smirked as she snapped her fingers and Naruto's body took on a new image. "I have an old friend to catch up with."

The woman that now sat in Naruto's spot was a blonde haired woman with red eyes. She wore a black dress with white trim and a yellow sash tied into a bow at the back around her waist. The woman must be at the age of at least 25 and stood at the height of 6 foot even. Her blonde hair cascaded down in curls and even Kirabi couldn't ignore the way her dress framed her body. The only way to tell she was the Kyuubi sealed within Naruto were the six whisker marks that dawned her face.

"Lemina!" Ruby suddenly glomped the girl causing the two to break out into giggles. "I've missed you so much. I never thought I'd ever see you again! Not since Zophar came back." Lemina hugged the female dragon with a sad smile.

"Come on, we got a lot to catch up on. I hear the Hot springs are pretty nice here." The two teens and Kumo ninja watched as the girls walked off, talking to each other about the time spent apart.

"What the hell just happened?" A voice asked in confusion as Kirabi scratched his forehead in confusion. The girls turned to see a skull masked ANBU walking into the area.

X Hot springs X

"Ah… It's so good to feel the water again." Lemina purred with her eyes closed in pure bliss as she sank her body into the heated water. Ruby hummed in agreement.

"I know what you mean. I've been in that damned spirit world with no feeling of the winds, no change of temperature and no scent of nature. Just me, my husband, three other dragons and the Destiny." Lemina opened one of her eyes and grinned at her old friend.

"Must have spent a lot of time in the caves then, huh red?" Ruby gaped at the blonde with a blush on her face.

"S-Shut up! He's my husband, and our sex life is nothing you need to know. What about you, hm? Who have you been screwing these last few eons?" Lemina frowned and looked to the water, causing Ruby to slap her forehead. "Oh, shoot, Lemina I'm sorry. I forgot," the woman shook her head cutting the girl off.

"It's fine, Ruby, you were just trying to poke fun, regardless of what Zophar did." Ruby wrapped an arm around the blonde haired woman.

"You still haven't gotten over that have you?" Lemina shook her head, her left hand coming up to grab the dragon's hand that was wrapped around her shoulder.

"Of course not. Who would love a destroyer like me after what he tricked me into and the monster he's turned me into? I've lived for eons, fighting in wars that I had no reason to be in. I've crushed empires, built cities, tamed the elements and wiped out many species to keep the balance. I've created beings of powers and destroyed them all the same. I've even sealed away Lunar to try and forget my past only to destroy the world Althena created and everything I loved about it." The red haired woman watched as tears filled her old friend's eyes.

"I did what Zophar couldn't and not only stole the power of Althena but I killed Lucia and Hiro." Ruby held the woman close.

"You didn't know, Lemina." Ruby told the woman as she sobbed.

X Forests of Konoha X

"I see, so you two," Jiraiya pointed at Haku and Ayame as they sat within the training area, "are heirs to two dragons of the oldest know legends while you two," the toad sage pointed to Skull and Kirabi. "You are one of the only few who have been even looking for solutions to Naruto's memory problem. Am I hearing this right?" The four nodded as Kirabi moved his mask to the side to show his face.

"I met the kid six, almost seven years ago when the old monkey was visiting Kumo during the peace negotiations after the second Raikage tried to kidnap the Hyuga heiress. Him and Yugito had gotten so close during the three weeks they were there that, if they were older, you would have thought they were already married." This caught Haku and Ayame's' attention while Skull sighed, removing his mask to reveal his face and then pulled back his head cover.

"My name is Ghaleon. I'm not really sure how to explain myself here, regardless of my power, I know I can't beat all four of you and I wouldn't be able to harm the two dragon heirs. So, I guess I'll let you ask the questions." The others nodded as Haku sighed.

"I met Naruto-kun in Wave country during his mission to protect the bridge builder Tazuna. We became friends and I taught him a few things and he taught me a few things. The day before tou-san and I went to attack the bridge builder for a second time, we had an argument and parted ways. We met up on the bridge where we fought each other and I would have died if that Magic Emperor hadn't appeared." Jiraiya looked to Ayame as the girl rubbed her hands.

"I've known Naruto-kun since I was six, he was four at the time. When I first entered into the shinobi program I never told him because I wanted to keep it a surprise. My first C-ranked mission changed into an A-ranked when my team ran across a missing ninja from Suna. I was lucky my lightning, earth and wind affinities were too strong for me to control at that time because I'm sure I would have been raped and killed. I quit being a shinobi because of that day, choosing to work in my father's stand. Naruto found me during his last mission with his team before the Kyuubi Festival and I decided to come back."

"He protected the two of us, we wanted to return the favor." Haku told the old sage and the man sighed. "I didn't find out about being a dragon heir until I was saved by the Emperor. Ayame didn't find out until before the Chunin Exams started."

"Ok, Ghaleon, tell me, who are you exactly? You're not in Konoha's records as a shinobi yet you act as an ANBU Black Ops. You literally do not exist in our military and yet the Hokage knows all this and lets you walk around without a care." Ghaleon sighed as he shook his head.

"To tell you who I am would make you think I'm crazy but very well." Ghaleon waved his hand over his body and his ANBU clothes switched to his old armor shocking everyone in the clearing. "I am Ghaleon, former Red Priest of Althena, Vice Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane, one of the Four Heroes that helped save Althena from Eiphel's attempt at destroying Lunar. I am the only mage alive with the power to control the Goddess Althena and her dragons, minus the Dragonmaster. I am the true Magic Emperor."

"So you're the one," Haku was cut off as the red eyed man growled.

"No, I'm not the one that saved you that day. That was an imposter, one I hope to catch and find out just who dared to take my title. I took that title with me to the grave the first time I was killed. My second chance at life was used playing the role of Dragonmaster for a fake Goddess. This time, I will not let Zophar win nor will I allow Eiphel to destroy this world."

"Who are these Eiphel and Zophar characters?" Jiraiya asked the man and he shook his head.

"Zophar is a demon that thinks himself a God while in truth he's only monster with a minor form of immortality. He's been sealed away three times: once by the Goddess Althena when she ruled this world. A second time when the all life lived on Lunar and the Blue Star was just a barren wasteland recovering from his first attempt at conquest. The third time was by Lemina Ausa, after Zophar tricked her into becoming what he called a Fiend Master and tricking her into killing a few of her friends. She's still alive to this day, even though all those events happened millions of years ago."

X Market Area X

"Oh man, that was a much needed bath." Ruby stretched out with a smirk while Lemina shook her head.

"You have no idea. I don't truly feel anything through Naru-kun. While I can feel, smell, see, taste and hear the outside world, it's a phantom feeling. With me switching bodies with Naru-kun, for the day, even if he doesn't know about it, I can sense everything firsthand again. The cool breeze, the feel of the water's warmth even the taste of that dinner we just had." Ruby looked at the woman once again.

"Why do you call Naruto, Naru-kun? Is that a sort of nickname?" Lemina blushed slightly as the two continued their walk.

"Um, s-sure you could say that." The red dragon grinned widely.

"Ooooh I get it. You got a crush on our Dragonmaster." The slight blush grew on the woman's face as Ruby teased her friend. "Just wait till I tell Nall. He's gonna love this! Lemina likes something other than money!" the blonde pouted, her blush darker then the ripest of tomatoes.

"S-Shut up Ruby! I don't love him!" The blonde cursed herself as the grin on the red dragon grew wider.

"I never said anything about loving him. Sounds like someone's in denial." The blonde covered her face with her hands, Ruby laughing. "Gotta say though, I'm happy you finally managed to find someone. With what happened after you beat Zophar made me worried for you. You sealed away the Silver Star and sealed the dragons into a new realm before our spirits could fade. The last time I saw you before my "death" you looked like you were dead inside." Ruby slung her arm over the nine tailed fox's shoulder. "I'm happy for you." Lemina smiled slightly.

"If only the baka would remember me." Ruby looked confused for a moment before Lemina giggled. "Sorry, I forgot you don't know one of the primary languages here. Baka means idiot." Ruby shook her head before Lemina suddenly stopped, her eyes wide. "By the Goddess, I'm such an idiot!" Ruby watched as the girl created a hand seal. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" the red headed dragon looked in surprise at the completely identical clone. "Follow me! I can't believe I didn't think of this!" Ruby watched as the woman and her clone darted off towards one of the training grounds, the red headed dragon shook her head and took off after the fox girl.

"What the hell are you going on about?" Lemina looked over her shoulder at the dragon, her red eyes filled with excitement and hope.

"I just found the solution to Naruto's memory problem! I'll have a clone study the seals and runes and then I'll release them, giving Naru-kun his memories back! I'll even have my body back when I'm in back in the seal and not that fake body!"

"That's if we can release them boss." The clone pointed out, getting a glare from her creator as they continued to a clearing.

"Shut up you."

X Training Ground X

"I found them! They're over in this direction and there's another with them." Ayame called out as she led everyone towards the clearing where Naruto's chakra signature was coming from. The group had looked all over the village for the Kyuubi controlled boy and the red dragon only for them to end up chasing them into a clearing after Naruto's chakra suddenly appeared in the direction of the training grounds outside the village. "There!" Ayame pointed towards Naruto and the red dragon while Lemina's clone stood before the blonde boy. The large group slowly entered the clearing, trying not to be noticed as they listened in on the conversation.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road. Time to solve this puzzle for good." Haku and Ayame both went wide eyed as they watched Naruto begin to undress himself from the waist up. "Get to work!" The Lemina clone nodded and knelt down, beginning to study the seal as Ruby shook her head.

"Oh come on. Surely you don't need a clone to study those seals and runes do you?" The words of the red dragon made Jiraiya's eyes widen and the old man suddenly blurred out of sight, appearing behind Naruto's body and slapped a seal tag onto the boy's back while at the same time a kunai killed Lemina's clone. Ruby growled as she watched the man catch Naruto's body as it fell.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jiraiya turned to face the woman, his face set in a serious expression.

"I'm stopping the Kyuubi from freeing herself and destroying the village." The red dragon growled again and huffed, a light burst of fire coming from her nostrils as she seethed in rage.

"You fool, she was working on his memories! And it's not Kyuubi, it's Lemina!" a red aura started to cover the red dragon, giving off an intense heat. "She's the only one I know that could possibly have the knowledge to release this seal she told me about."

"Not, exactly, dear Ruby." The voice of Ghaleon cutting over the clearing further enraged the spirit of the red dragon, causing the heat coming off her body to singe the ground beneath her. "Calm yourself down before you get hurt, dragon. Don't forget what I'm capable of. After all, I did steal your dragon aura once, I can kill you this time and for good." A small fire started at Ruby's feet.

"You return to help that damned monster again, Ghaleon? Didn't you learn from the last time you were run through?" Ghaleon snarled as he drew his sword, only for a strike of lightning to stop everyone as a being in armor made its appearance.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" The Magic Emperor roared as he stomped on the ground, a burst of wind sending everyone into the nearest tree, Ghaleon recovering first only to find a sword at his throat.

The same sword he gave to Hiro as his last act for the world.

"I have been standing aside as the Goddesses have asked me for long enough. I have given you the solution to Naruto's problems and you STILL have yet to help him! You know how crucial his memories are Master Ghaleon! They are the key to finding the Star Dragon! If you wouldn't have left to seek me out instead of completing the ritual, I wouldn't have you at sword point and we wouldn't be having this conversation!" Ghaleon growled as the sword was pulled away and sheathed. "The time for your petty squabbles is over. Now, it's my turn to act, for the good of our worlds."

The Magic Emperor turned and walked over to the unconscious body of Naruto and ripped the seal off his body before picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. The powerful being looked over to the tree Ruby had crashed into to see the dragon getting to her feet. "I will tend to his seal, Red Dragon. Return to your realm and tell the dragons I've taken care of the problem Ghaleon was entrusted with. As for you, Jiraiya of the Sannin, I will return Naruto at the end of the month. Be sure the Red, Blue, Black and White Dragons are protected at all costs." The armored body started to blink before shooting up into the sky.

"Sensei's gonna kill me." Jiraiya got nods from everyone as they watched the purple light race away through the sky.

X Unknown Area X

The Magic Emperor laid the blonde boy's body in the middle of a large pentagram with candles on each corner of the inner star. The armor wearing being of power walked out of the circle and reached up for his helmet. Long, silver hair cascaded to the floor as the person turned towards the body and tossed the helmet aside. A femmine voice called out from the revealed woman's lips as she started to pray to the full moon above the clearing they were in. "Althena, Goddess of Life and Creation, Mistress of the Dragonmaster mother of magic, the Five Dragons and the Blue and Silver Stars. I, your humble servant, Phacia, called to you to grant me strength as I release the hold of the Dark One on your chosen Dragonmaster. Please, fill me with strength." Phacia turned her lavender eyes to the child in the center of the ritual circle and took a deep breath. "I tried to repent for your sins, Master Ghaleon but now, it's time for me to take this into my own hands."


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