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Chapter 1

October 23rd 2008-Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne

"Come on Professor, you honestly don't expect those serial killers would ever get caught in their life?" Ryan asked in class.

"Why not? They lived in screwed up lives and way worse then we deal with our lives" Mia Thompson argued.

"Very valid point Ms. Thompson however with these type of killers, they wouldn't leave no evidence behind unless the police found them" the professor told his class.

It was a fall Thursday afternoon at Pennsylvania University. The class was Criminal Justice and the class had just recently watched a documentary on serial killed Ted Bundy, which led into a discussion about the killers and why they do it.

Mia Thompson was twenty one years old and is in her third year at the college. Her major is working in the legal system. However, it came with a price as in taking courses and being in criminal justice was one of them. She had dark brown hair and piercing hazel-green eyes and was only 5'5 tall.

"Class, as much as I like to hear what you have to say, we have to wrap up for today. Don't forget that you thesis paper is due come Tuesday no later."

Everyone gathered their belongings and headed out the door. Mia tied her scarf around her neck and braced the Philadelphia cold weather.

"Hey girlie" her friend, Alison Harrison called out. "Why do you look so down?"

"Hi, no it's this Criminal Justice class." Mia said.

"Another debate again? Gees, Mia no wonder you choose to be a lawyer" Ali said.

"Well, what can I say?" Mia asked aloud.

"Want to go do something tonight?" Ali asked.

"Yeah, I just need to drop something off at Matt's apartment" Mia replied

Mia crossed the streets that night, making her way to the apartment complex. She got inside and headed up the stairs. She reached to the third floor and walked up to the door and knocked on it.

"Mia, finally" Matt, her older brother said as she walked in.

"Nice to see you too" she said.

"So did you bring it?" he asked.

"Yeah I did" she said, reaching in the bag and giving him the DVD. "I don't know why you needed so bad."

"Well, sister dear, I am having a night in with my girl and I do want to make it special" he said.

"Yeah, good luck with that. Listen, I got to jet, but remember. You destroy, you owe me a new one" she said.

"Yeah, yeah" Matt said as Mia closed the door.

She got outside and walked down the street to the restaurant. Mia wore her black pea coat, a grey long sleeved shirt, dark jeans and black boots. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she had some makeup on.

Mia decided that she wanted to take a shortcut and went down the alleyway. She had a weird feeling that either something was going to happen that was bad or something was going to happen to her. Either way, she didn't like it. She continued walking until she saw two figures standing at the mouth of the alleyway. She decided to not interfere and continued to walk, with her head down.

When she got closer, she heard yelling. She looked up and saw a man, looking like to be in his late thirties and pulled out a gun. She closed her eyes as the shot rang out. Mia opened up her eyes and saw that there was a body and she screamed in fear. She took off running, knowing that if the cops would get here, she would be arrested for absolutely nothing.

The victim appeared to be thirty one year old Aaron McCarthy, killed with a bullet wound to the chest.

His case box is seen being put on a shelf in Philadelphia Police Storage Unit.

The box, labeled cold as his name and case number is shown.

One year later….

Lilly Rush comes into Homicide on a cold February Morning. She sees Nick Vera, Kat Miller, and Will Jefferies in the break room as she puts her stuff down.

"Lil, Boss wants us in his office, possibly a cold one" Scotty said to her. She couldn't wait to see what they were dealing with.

She got into John Stillman's office and saw that he was there along with a woman who looked like to be in her late fifties.

"Lil this is Rose Landon, this is Detective Rush, Valens" he said.

"Pleasure to meet you" she said.

"Same so you got something on a case?" she asked.

"Yes, well it goes something like this. A year ago, I lived in the downtown area and I heard a gunshot. When I got outside, I saw the body on the ground so I called the police" she replied. "As I was calling them, I found something that might interest you." She proceeded to pull out an old beat up notebook. "That was found near the body."

Lilly took the book and flipped through the pages.

"Criminal Justice 101, Mia Thompson" Scotty said.

"Is she the victim?" Lilly asked.

"No, it was Aaron McCarthy, who lived in Chestnut Hill, however, that book belong to the girl who saw it happened and ran away" Rose replied.

"The missing witness, that was fresh buzz for awhile" Lilly said.

"Her family said that she came home one night, scared out of mind and when her semester at college ended, she took off, never to be seen again" John said.

"You think that she may know what happened that night?" Lilly asked.

"Possibly, but in my opinion, that young man didn't deserved to die. I may not know his family personally, but they could need the answers as to what happened and why and maybe this girl can help you, if you can find her" Rose said.

"We'll find her. She shouldn't be that far" Lilly said.


Outside of Philly, a girl with short brown hair, passes the sign, "Philadelphia Welcomes You". She sighs as continues to drive on.

"Welcome home, Mia" she mumbled to herself.

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