A Different Moon

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Chapter 1

"You will be nothing but a thorn in my side Harry Potter so you shall disappear" hissed Dumbledore.

"Did you hear something?" asked Lily.

Dumbledore quickly said the word to the portkey and had them both silently out of the house.

"No," said James after listening for a few seconds.

"Go and check up on the boys" said Lily worry knawing at her. she had hardly let the children out of her sight since Voldemort had almost killed them. Alec and Harry were twins and apparently Alec was the boy who lived. James and Lily couldnt have been more proud, but life was about to deal them another harsh blow.

"LILYYYYYYYY HARRY'S GONE!" shouted James frantically.

Wide eyed Lily ran up the stairs three at a time and stood at her child's empty crib and broke down crying. James concoled her, telling her it was a good thing it wasnt Alec or they wouldnt have any children. Alec was now an icon for everyone, anything happen to him and they were childless before they knew it.

"We must tell Dumbledore" said Lily.

"Yes," said James, guilt chruning around in his stomach, Harry was his son to not just Alec and his own thoughts and words had taken even him by surprise. guilt or not he knew deep down that everything was true anyway. He quickly checked the wards...he would need to get them strengthened if someone had gotten past their wards...he couldnt put Alec in danger.


Meanwhile Dumbledore made an untraceable portkey and was in Ireland before he knew it, finding the first Orphanage he dumped him down. Smirking he would go back for the boy in perhaps ten years time, he would be grateful and do anything for him. So would the boy's parents when he returned their precious 'Harry' to them.

"Goodbye Harry Potter" said Dumbledore apparating back to Hogwarts which took alot of power out of him.

He arrived at the school just in time, James came to tell him the 'Distressing' news. Dumbledore looked years older and said he was very sorry, playing the distressed Headmaster and he was brilliant at it.

A few Order members looked half heartedly for the brother of the 'Boy Who Lived' to no advail.

----------0 THREE MONTHS LATER IRISH ORPHANAGE 0------------

"Who is this?" asked Diane softly.

"This is Harry Potter, he was brought here three months ago with just a name on the paper asking to look after him" said the matron sadly.

"The poor boy!" gasped Diane. Who could ever have abandoned this gorgous little boy - it was beyond her.

"Oh Damien we must adopt him!" said Diane breathlessly looking into his gorgeous green eyes.

"Then we shall start the progress my dear" said Damien unable to deny his wife this one simple wish. He couldnt deny the child was beautiful and someone who had the same colour of hair as him and the eyes of his sister who was sadly long gone. They had tried everything to have a child but sadly it wasnt to be, his wife had saw the orphanage by chance and here they were about to adopt a child or start the process.

--------0 EIGHT MONTHS LATER 0-------------

"Congradulations Mr. Gibbs the adoption has been finally finalized" said the matron who had worked closely with Damien to ensure the child would finally be able to go home with them.

"Thank you so much" said Mr. Gibbs softly.

"You're very welcome I'm sure Har...oh excuse me Damon Gibbs will be one very happy little man" she smiled.

"He suits it doesnt he?" grinned Damien, Damon Gibbs, his son now with a birth certificate and passport he was finally free to take the two and a half year old home.

"DADDY!" grinned Damon toothily up at Damien.

"Hey little man, ready to come home now?" asked Damien.

"I get to go with you now?" asked Damon wide eyed, he had always constantly asked when he was going to get to go home. They had kept saying 'Soon' to him he had given up three months into asking fearing he wouldnt ever get to go home with them.

"Yes my little one you do" said Damien.

"YESSSSSS!!!!" cheered the two year old he would finally have a room of his own...or so he hoped. He had no memories of life other than that at the orphanage.

"Take care now Damon" smiled Amelia the Matron.

"Thank you Melia" grinned Damon cheekily.

"You're mum is waiting on you in the car, I think we best get going before she comes storming in don't you?" smiled Damien.

"MUMMY!" grinned Damon.

And before Damon Gibbs knew it he was on the plane away to his new life. If he had been in the orphanage three months later - he would have died like ten of the other tragic orphaned children. In a blazing horrific fire that burnt the orphanage down, with the anonamous help of Damon Gibbs the orphanage was restored - the papers were lost forever.

Leaving no trail that Damon Gibbs once was or ever had been Harry Potter.

Sounds omnious! when will Dumbledore find him? will he ever find him? will Lily and James be decent parents and search for their other child or forget about him and move on? R&R please take care