A Different Moon

Chapter 46

The End

It had been a three hundred years since the Cullen's had stepped foot in Forks. They'd been absolutely everywhere else on the plant. The first hundred years had been difficult for Damon, as he continued to loose people he loved to deaths arms. The first and hardest had to be Edmund, he'd finally been reunited with his wife and a son he'd already lost. It had been the funeral when Damon first met the rest of Edmund's family. The funeral had been very large; every single one of his students past and present had come to pay their respects. Edmund had been greatly respected in the magical community, especially by those who attended his school.

Severus had been made the headmaster, much to everyone's shock. He had gone on to be just as popular as Edmund. Severus as a human and vampire had continued to brew potions; his most notable work had to be the cure for Lycanthrope. Severus had delved into his work when his mate, Kate, had started worrying about her sister. As it stood Remus would not have been able to be turned, Sirius was especially worried. Yet Remus had convinced Sirius to be changed, and he had, yet it killed Sirius each day to see his old friend getting older. None more aggrieved than Tanya, she was slowly loosing her mate and she didn't know if she'd live without him. As it was Severus had come up with a solution, a potion that got rid of the gene but it hadn't turned out exactly as expected. Remus had the ability to turn into a wolf, like an Animagus. When he'd been turned he still had the ability, poor Sirius wasn't able to turn into Padfoot anymore but still regained some of his magic.

Damon had been forced to watch his parents fade away, knowing he could help them - but they'd made him promise not too. As much as they loved him and wanted to be with him, they had no other reason to stay. Danielle had grown up and had a family of her own, she'd attended Dragon's academy and excelled in her subjects much like Damon had. She got the entire Gibb's fortune, since Damon had insisted she get it. Now Damon was watching over Danielle's great grandchildren making sure they wanted for nothing. They didn't know anything, since they weren't magical.

Lily and James had lasted a lot longer, dying at the ages of one hundred and ten and one hundred and twelve respectively. Alec had settled down and eventually bought over the bookstore from his one time boss and he'd expanded it. Not only the shop but he had expanded the Potter fortune, and left his wife and two children with enough to last them five lifetimes. Alec and his wife Parvati had two children called Harry and Patricia Potter. That was the last time Damon had checked upon them, he didn't know more about the Potter family but no doubt they were doing well for themselves - as they always did.

Without Edward Damon didn't think he would have gotten through or over it. Not just Edward, everyone had been so good to him. At least he had some people from his old life, was Damon's only consolation. Sirius, Remus and Severus had surprisingly been the people to truly help him live his immortal life again. Severus more so, he'd told Damon that whether he was human or immortal he would have had to go through it. Its something all children did at the end of the day, and that at least Damon would get to remember them forever. That he had something to remember, positive to remember since Severus, Remus' and Sirius' parents had all left a lot to be desired.

The second potion was only known within the family, Severus didn't publish it, and it gave the female vampires the ability to a child. It only worked the once, they had learned but one was better than none at all. Alice and Jasper had yet to use it even after all those years. Esme and Carlisle had a little boy, they called him Charles Severn Cullen and he was his father's double. He had been fully grown within eight years, an adult as had all the others. Emmett had finally been able to give Rosalie something she wanted more than anything else in the world. They had a little girl; they named her Carly Hale-Cullen not surprising she was her mothers double.

Orion Sirius Black was Irina and Sirius' son he was a mixture of both parents. Remus had been much like Severus, not wanting one, but he had been unable to deny his mate and they'd had a girl Tanzie Rachel Lupin. Severus had been last to have a child, it had taken Kate a very long time to convince him that he'd make a good dad. He'd had a little boy with red hair and he didn't look like either of his parents other than pale and with distinct vampire traits. They had named him Kale Severus Snape, sticking to the tradition wizards had done for years naming their first born after themselves.

Since Edward and Damon were both male, well it just wasn't possible for them to consume the potion. As the world evolved, so did the Wizarding world, they were able to pay a witch a hefty sum to carry a child for them. Both of them had argued about who'd be the biological father, Edward wanted Damon to be the father, and Damon wanted Edward to be. In the end they'd had two children, both boys, Daniel Severus Cullen and Damien (after his father) Edward (after Edward's father) Cullen. Following his family's tradition of the letter D. Both boys' had their father's hair and eyes; Daniel had Damon's build and was bulkier than Damien who was built more like his father and lanky.

"Well we're back, right were we started," said Damon staring at the now rather old fashioned house his family had built back in the day.

"Yes, new day, new year." said Edward, with so many of them having magic they could stick around longer than it would be normally possible for them.

"It's a new moon too," said Daniel staring at the sky, now a normal human wouldn't have been able to see it. Vampires though had excellent sight and could see the moon no matter what; Remus had taken great delight in that. Being able to see the moon, everyone had of course been happy for him.

"Can we go see Uncle Emmett?" asked Damien.

"Go ahead," said Edward amused, they all had separate houses now, since they all had 'families'. Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper and of course Charles had moved into the house they built down the road. Emmett, Rosalie and of course Carly had with Damon's permission moved into his parents old house. Kate, Severus and Kale moved into a nice house already in Forks, as did the rest of the Denali coven including Carmen and Eleazar.

Damien and Daniel couldn't have moved fast enough, already half way towards their 'cousins' house.

"I don't think they are too happy about having to attend school," laughed Damon, they all looked like adults courtesy of Damon. Well everyone other than the younger generation, who had just finished magic school, and were now having to attend Muggle School. Carlisle wasn't about to let them get away with it either, so they were stuck no matter their pleading.

"Don't I know it," murmured Edward quietly, he was the one having to listen to their internal grumbling about how unfair they were being. They'd all gone through it though, perhaps next time they'd get away with not attending school…but Edward somehow doubted it.

Damon just sniggered as they entered the large house, well they might as well get settled, and they'd be here for at least thirty years or so. "Are you sure you are okay?" asked Edward, worried about being here because of the reminders of his family.

"I'll be fine Ed, stop worrying so much," said Damon, "It will be nice to visit them again."

"Then lets go see them," said Edward, they were buried at Forks cemetery, along with Danielle. Edmund had been buried next to his family, not wanting to rest in the headmaster's plot on the school grounds. Which was in California, Damon would have to visit again soon, nobody alive remembered him anymore other than in the books.

"Wait until the boys get back," decided Damon, he wanted to introduce them to a man who'd taught him his magic.


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