"Hello, Potter." Droned a monotone voice. Harry rolled his eyes and turned to see Professor Snape. The light that was emanating from Harry's wand made the man look worn out and some what evil.

"Good evening, Professor Snape." Harry said through clenched teeth.

"Shouldn't you be in your dormitory?" The sarcasm that was now dripping from his voice made Harry want to lash out at his teacher but he didn't. The last thing he needed was more trouble. Being a six year was bad enough, you would think Snape would cut him some slack, right? Terribly wrong.

"Yes, I suppose I should be. Studying potions is difficult, and has kept me up well into the night. I came out to get some fresh air and strayed too far." There was a hint of a smile on his face but it was there only as a sign to show Snape his sincerity, which was fake.

"Sucking up will do you no good, Potter. I will see you–" He was cut off by a light coming down the hall. "And Mr. Weasley in detention tomorrow," He said pointing. Harry turned and sure enough, Ron was stumbling down the hall way in pajamas, wand in hand, the Lumos spell in full effect. "Now both of you off to your dormitory before I feel the need to include Minerva–" Harry's eye's widened. He was caught off guard by Professor McGonagall's first name. "–I shall see you both tomorrow evening." He turned and stormed off in the other direction, no doubt on the patrol for any other unlucky boys or girls. Harry was glad to have the man out of his sight, but hoped that if there was anyone in the hall that he had stalled the teacher long enough for them to return to their rooms.

"Bloody hell," Ron cursed wearily, speaking for the first time. "It's bad enough I wake up in the middle of the night, couldn't find you, thought you were dead, but now I get detention, and with of all people... Snape." Ron growled the man's name as if it had been Voldemort's.

"I'm sorry mate," Harry said as they started to walk back to Gryffindor tower. "I just needed some air, didn't mean to go that far. Certainly didn't mean to get you detention with Snape."

"Ah, it's okay. You'll be there, so I guess it won't be all bad." The sincerity in Ron's voice was the same as always. Nothing to surprising.

"Thanks, mate. Glad to know that I'm needed," Harry said with a smile. They reached the fat lady and she looked at them with a look of mock shame as if she was their mother who new they were out when they knew they shouldn't have been.

"Password." She said plainly.

"Bugger! I've forgotten the bloody password." Ron cursed.

Harry rolled his eyes and spoke the password. The fat lady opened up with no further conversation. Both whispered the counter spell for Lumos, their wands' light's going out. "Ron, you are always forgetting the password, can't you ever remember it?"

He gave Harry a smirk. "Well I don't have to worry about it much longer. We're six year's now, only one more year to go." He explained as he crawled into bed.

Harry rolled his eyes as he to crawled under the warm comforting sheets that seemed to hug him tighter than usual. "That's still a long way to go, Ron." But talking was almost useless. He could already hear the red-head's faint snoring. Harry took off his glasses and soon followed in Ron's lead.


"Potter? Weasley? What are you doing here?" Draco spat, as Harry and Ron walked into Snape's classroom. Severus shot them both a glance as if to tell them not to retaliate or they get more punishment. Unfortunately, neither of them looked up.

"Detention. What about you, Malfoy? Did you finally retaliate while taking another beating from Hermione?" Ron asked. Draco blushed and then refocused back on Harry. Harry noticed and found it peculiar but dismissed it, either way.

Snape let them go, and went back to correcting papers. He would jump in if it proceeded to turn into a predicament.

"That was three years ago. Besides, Mud-blood Granger got what she deserved after that."

"Furnunculus!" Harry shouted and Draco was knocked backwards in a daze. All of them were in a daze, actually. Even Snape. None of them had actually seen Harry take out his wand.

"Potter! Two more detentions!" Snape hissed as he got up to see to Draco. As he rose from the ground, his face was covered in boils, from ear to ear.

"Worth it." Harry grumbled.

Ron suppressed a laugh which made Harry do the same.

"You'll pay for this, Potter." He started to run out of the room when Snape stopped him.

"Malfoy? Where do you think you're going?" Snape asked.

"To Madam Pomfrey. I want these things off immediately," He replied. He was acting just like the spoiled brat everyone knew he was.

"Don't be stupid. I have the potion right here." he strode across the room, went into a cupboard and pulled out a small tear drop looking bottle that had a green filmy liquid inside. He handed it to Draco who swallowed it immediately. The boils were gone and Harry's facial features were the only ones who had changed.

His cheeks were as red as an apple. He was embarrassed and tried to suppress the memory of that one time–

"Why are you all red-faced, Potter?" Malfoy asked. "I know I am beautiful but do I make you that hot?" He finished the question with a smile that would have made a model jealous... if Malfoy looked anything like a model.

Suddenly Ron burst out laughing. Harry felt betrayed. But in a way the joke was funny, so he went along with it. "Oh yes Malfoy," He said standing up and moving closer to him. "Will you screw me right here, right now?" Ron's laughter doubled in volume. Even the most serious Professor in the castle was trying to bite back a smile.

"In your dreams!" He shouted. As he ran away from Harry. Harry chased with cheerfulness in his voice.

"Come on Malfoy just one little quickie. I won't tell anybody." Harry chased him all around the room.

"Get... away from...me" The blond said in between fits of laughter. Harry wasn't giving in. For the first time since he came to Hogwarts, he was having fun with Draco Malfoy. "Fine, Potter. If you won't give in then I will have to," He said coming to a skidding halt and running in the opposite direction. Harry made a small squeak and ran the other way.

Severus and Ron were practically on the floor in pain from laughing so hard. It even surprised Draco. Severus Snape had been a life long friend to the Malfoy's. He had been to their manor many times. He had come for holidays and stupid parties, that Draco never fancied, and even just for a friendly cup of tea with his parents. But he had never seen him like this. So comfortable... so at ease. He admired that in Harry, because it certainly wasn't himself or Ron.

"It better not be Ron. He's—what am I thinking? Why should it matter?" "Do you give, Harry?"

"Bloody hell," He said and everything, including the laughter and the running, came to a halt. Draco blushed, it clearly showing against his translucent ghost like complexion, and felt like he had done something. He had been having fun and now it was ruined... "just like it always is," He thought to himself. For some reason no matter what, everything good in his life seemed to slip away all to quickly. They say good things never last but it was just ridiculous. Everyone waited for Harry to say something that would cause a battle or even take out his wand but he simply just said, "You just called me Harry. You haven't called me Harry since... since never!" Harry explained, his arms flailing for emphasis.

Ron fell over and the air in the room got thicker as each of them thought he was hurt, Draco the first one over to see why he fell.

"Strange..." Both Harry and Snape thought. Then suddenly there was another eruption of laughter and it was coming from Ron.

They all looked at each other as if they had missed some kind of inside joke.

"You...called him... Harry." he said, still laughing.

"That is my name, Ron." He answered as if he needed to explain to his friend of six years that his name was Harry.

"I... didn't think... you knew..." His eyes were shut as he spoke. He felt that if he opened them again that he would see their faces in confusion and puzzlement which would just make him laugh more.

There was a chuckle and Harry and Draco looked up. As if it were some kind of trigger, as soon as the boys locked eyes on Snape, he burst into laughter. Tears started to roll down Ron's eyes, the pain in his gut unbearable but unable to be put to rest.

The boys watched the two laugh, and just the way they were laughing made them break out into laughter.

Suddenly Hermione walked in and her eyes bulged. "Oh my, what happened? Did someone cast a laughing spell on you guys?" They tried to say no but it just made them laugh louder which she mistakenly took as a yes. She took out her wand and recited the counter curse but nothing happened. They were all still laughing. She shrugged and sat down at a desk, listening to their laughter. After about five minutes their laughs grew barely audible as they conducted themselves.

"Detention dismissed." Snape said, back to his old monotone self. Harry gave a quick put that only he knew about. "But I will see you tomorrow... Potter," He said the last name, trying not to burst out in laughter again. He was supposed to be the adult but he wasn't acting like it at the moment.

"Yes Professor Snape." He replied as he grabbed his things and left, followed by Draco, Ron, and Hermione.

"Tell no one of this... Harry." He turned to Hermione as she sucked in a breath of surprise when he had called Harry; Harry. He looked longingly into her eyes. He kept trying to apologize for the mud-blood comments, but nothing would come out of his mouth. But she knew. She didn't need her books or her brain to know what he was trying to say. She blinked slowly and nodded. And he nodded back. He was thankful she knew what he was trying to say. He just couldn't. He turned back to Harry. "No one!" He growled, and then turned to retreat to Slytherin tower.

"Well that certainly wasn't like him." Hermione pointed out when he was well out of ear shot.

"You're telling me? I was the one who was being chased around a classroom by him for fun!"

"What—Never mind. Get some sleep both of you." She said and left them to head up to the boys dormitory.

Harry and Ron belly flopped on to their beds and barely had the energy to move and cover themselves with their blankets but they somehow managed. As soon as their heads hit the pillows, literally, they were out, and hoped to stay that way.


The day dragged on. It had been a rainy day so no broom practice. There were pages and pages of homework in every class. Too much to count. Draco went back to 'hating' them. Every time one of them would make it easy for them to be made fun of, Draco would jump on the chance, wink at them, and give them an easy line to get back at him for... or at least that's what they thought was happening. It was actually quite amusing, befuddling, and somehow fun all at the same time. It seemed like detention with the infamous Severus Snape was the only exciting thing about the day.

"Hello Mr. Potter," Severus greeted the boy, the last name obviously not tickling him anymore. There were a stack of papers a little taller than he was that sat on a table in front of Snape's desk. There was one quill and three ink bottles set out on the table. To the left of the stack there was a slightly smaller stack. "Papers, answer keys," he said motioning to the big stack and then the smaller. "Don't worry they are already in order." He looked back down at his papers and said nothing more. Harry sighed and sat down. He began to grade the papers.

"Professor Snape?" Harry asked after about twenty minutes of grading. He needed to talk or move or do something that might stop the words from swimming of the pages.

"Yes Mr. Potter?" He asked, the last name clearly not making him laugh anymore.

"How do you do it?" He asked sincerely.

"Do what, Potter? Out with it."

"Grade all these papers? I want to give most of them F's for stupidity. For Merlin's sake, even my paper was better than some of these and barely pass this bloody class!" He said infuriated. Some of it was the truth and some of it was just to get Snape to talk to him, and hear that laugh that for some reason, Harry found enticing.

Sure enough the man chuckled. "That's a good question, Potter. I find myself asking it almost everyday."

"I can't imagine why. These are atrocious!" He said grading another paper. He pushed away from the desk abruptly. "That's it! I can't do it anymore. I am officially crossing off Professor on my list of careers."

The man chuckled again. "That's okay Mr. Potter, detention dismissed. But I shall see you tomorrow, and don't worry, you won't be grading more papers. I wouldn't want your head to explode."

"Oh thank Merlin!" He said as he gathered his things and left.


"Malfoy...Draco, wanna hang out after class?" Ron wrote on a piece of parchment, folded it, made sure no one was looking, and sent it flying towards Draco.

It landed on his desk as if it had been a actual plane coming in for a landing. Draco's friends looked around the classroom as if they were going to find who dared interrupt their conversation. Draco did the same. His eyes landed on Ron and the red head smirked and winked. Draco rolled his eyes, but opened the note anyway. It only took a few seconds to read it. He looked up and mouthed the word 'fine' and then went back to talking to all his friends. Ron smiled. It felt weird but a good kind of weird.

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