Harry walked through Diagon Alley, head down without his glasses on. It was now December 23rd, one of the busiest shopping days. Of course in December, every day was a busy day because even families that had practically nothing, spent as much as they could. When Severus had said that he needed to make a public appearance, he hadn't been joking. Harry needed to be seen by the maximum amount of people. So unless they were going to announce to the entire wizarding world that Harry Potter was alive, this was the best way to do it to make the death eaters think it was a slip-up. The plan was sure to have some flaws. They had only thought it up the night before, but while going over it, it had been fool proof, or at least had sounded that way.

Severus, disguised as someone else entirely, and Hermione, the same, followed closely behind him. They were there, voluntarily, for Harry's protection. The others were at other key escape points, ready to go. Now all they needed was –

"Harry Potter? It's Harry Potter!" a man yelled. Actually that's exactly what he needed. The hustle and bustle of the shops continued as about half the crowd rushed towards him, shouting at him for his autograph.

Harry started running, taking off toward Knockturn alley. Nobody followed, surprisingly, confused at the way he was going, and went back to what they were doing with only slight confusion. Harry hadn't had to start off the same way this time. As soon as he rounded the corner of Knockturn alley, every one started to look up at him, this place being just as busy. Hey, even dark wizards need to buy Christmas presents.

He took no chances by stopping for too long before he regained his speed. He set to a semi-fast jog, letting people see who he was as he past them. It hadn't taken him long before someone was running after him. "You've got company. Take the next corner and George will disapparate you to the Ministry," he heard in his head. He did as he was told, having run through most of the alley. He saw George and as soon as he touched him, he apparated, and he was in the ministry, and George was gone, having already disapparated.

He sighed and put on his glasses. He was going to need to be able to see for this. This was the trickiest part of the plan. He had to be extra careful. This part had to go off without a hitch. The Ministry was Ron's idea. It would cause a very good distraction, plus some death eaters would get captured. Being in the Ministry, they couldn't afford to make the tiniest mistake. It wouldn't have been that much of a problem, but he was wanted by the Ministry. He had preformed under aged wizardry outside of Hogwarts' walls. He moved forward and barreled into a few people, making himself noticeable. There was a sudden loud noise and more than one death eater appearead in the Ministry. He picked up speed, pushing through people who barely cared to look up and see who was pushing them as they pushed someone else out of their way, without drawing too much attention to himself.

"There he is!" he heard someone yell and he rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, he was Harry Potter, there wasn't such a thing as not drawing too much attention to himself.

Harry had no time to look back as he ran, not knowing where. "Where the hell am I going?" he asked his mate through his head. He got no answer as he picked up speed, pushing past people, being chased by not only the few death eaters the Ministry hadn't captured, and what looked like Aurors. "Damn it! Where am I going?" he asked again.

"The last floo. Get to the last floo, Fred will take you from there," Severus finally said.

Harry skidded to a stop and looked behind him. They were all far behind, thanking Merlin he was young and faster than most of these people. Almost everyone had stopped to watch what was going on, some only wanting to watch the fight and some not knowing what to do. Ultimately, Harry felt bad for dragging all of these people into a situation that had nothing to do with them. "You have got to be joking," he said. He had been running in the exact opposite direction Severus was talking about. He braced himself and ran at the death eaters and Aurors, full speed. They looked confused but charged at him as well. He was just about to come in contact with the mob of people before he apparated halfway across the Ministry hall. Harry turned and watched as he discreetly activated his port key, his jacket, which automatically activated the other three. They had all stopped and were looking around for him. He wasn't supposed to know how to apparate yet, he was only sixteen. He smiled at their stupidity and the fact that he had apparated away from them. He was the son of James Potter and one of the most powerful wizards of his generation. He had to break some rules.

Some of the death eaters disapparated and only left the others to get the job done, obviously some of the lower death eaters that didn't even realize they were in the Ministry and were more worried about catching Harry to hand him over on a silver platter to the dark lord.

"Harry! What the hell are you doing? Come on!" he heard Fred yell, which got the attention of almost everyone in the hall, sending the mob after him again.

"Making sure they knew where I went," he said as he got closer to Fred. Fred put his arm around the boy and they were in Hogsmeade, standing in front of three other Harry's; Ron, Draco, and Luna. "How long till the port keys activate?"

"Three minutes," answered a Harry that sounded like Draco.

"Shit. We don't have that long. Run!" He said and they all followed. They all heard the familiar pop about a hundred feet behind them. "Fred, get to the tent, we'll meet you there. Warn them that there won't be just death eaters," he sort of ordered.

Fred nodded and disappeared.

"Two minutes," he heard Draco say.

Luna shouted something and a wall of fire appeared between them and the mob. They came to a slippery stop and watched them fumble with putting the fire out. Really, the fire was beautiful. It obviously had some of Luna's personal flare as the fire continued to change colors mesmerizing some of the people that were shopping in Hogsmeade.

"One minute," Draco reminded again. The fire was put out and here they came. "Thirty seconds,"

"Take out your wands and don't let them take them. As soon as we get to the tent we'll hit the ground, get up as fast as you can," he said. As soon as he finished speaking, he had people tackle him along with every one else. He watched the confused men and women who had obviously tried to disapparate with the four of them, but they couldn't. As soon as the one minute mark on the port key had activated, it had also activated a spell that wouldn't allow them to apparate in anyway.

"Five.. four.. three.. two.. one," Draco counted down and Harry felt the nauseating feel of traveling by port key. Gods he hated it.

He hit the ground and watched as most of the people that had been hanging on to him, floated down from the sky, legs going, ready to hit the ground walking. Harry rolled and erected a wall to start casting behind. The first death eater that hit the ground was hit by a Petrificus Totalus that Ron, who was coming back to his original form, had cast.

"Petrify them all," Ron said. "Don't let them get near the already petrified people. We don't have time right now to decide which are Aurors and which are death eaters," he said and both him and Draco cast at a death eater trying to help another. He fell on top of him and froze.

"Death eaters, fall back!" they heard one yell.

"Petrificus Totalus," they all yelled. What happened next was unbelievably disturbing. Everyone except the eight of them, fell. It gave a sort of feeling of how everyone thought this war would end.

"Obliviate," Luna said as the last of the death eaters had their memories erased. They had figured out by credentials which ones were death eaters and which weren't, there had been about thirty of them in the mob and only eleven had been Aurors. The rest had been death eaters.

"Today went off without a hitch," Ron said and Harry laughed.

"Easy for you to say, eh? You weren't the one being chased the whole time," he said.

"So how are we going to get them to the ministry?" Hermione asked.

"Well, it would be quite difficult for us to get a big enough object to use as a port key," Fred said.

"That's why I contacted the Order. They were to bargain with the Minister. The deal would be that they would clear Narcissa from her death eater status if she was to bring the Ministry over ten death eaters. And for insider information, she would start her Auror training. It was one of my better ideas. Every one wins... well except for the death eaters. But I didn't think they were going to like the out come of this plan very much anyway," Severus said with a smile as he slipped his hand into Harry's.

There were a series of pops that came from behind them and Severus and Harry fumbled nervously to unravel their fingers from each others. About ten members of the Order were there, most of them coming out with a smile.

"This plan was—" Narcissa started but Harry interrupted.

"Crazy, hectic, disruptive, and dangerous. But worth it in the end," Harry finished for her with a smile. Harry looked around at all of the adults in front of him. His eyes drifted over Sirius and watched the man look evilly at his mate. Harry knew he wasn't okay with them, although he had said he was. Remus had written to him and warned him about Sirius being serious about breaking them up, not believing they were soul mates in any way.

"Exactly," she said. "Well we better get them to the Ministry. Did you erase the memories of the Aurors so they don't know what you did?" she asked and they all nodded simultaneously.

"Today was—"

"Crazy, hectic, disruptive, and dangerous. But worth it in the end," Ron said teasingly, cutting Harry off.

"Well, yeah. There were just so many things that could have gone wrong but didn't. I mean, when I was in the Ministry, I didn't have a clue which way I was supposed to be going and then at the last minute I learn that I am supposed to be on the other side of the hall. If death eaters weren't so slow, they might have caught me," he said and they all chuckled.

"My personal favorite was when we met up in Knockturn alley," George started. "The look on his face..."

"Was it of fear?" Draco asked.

"No, it was more like this," he said and squinted his eyes as if he couldn't see, which made even Severus break into a smile.

"Listen, all I knew is that you were supposed to be around the corner, and when I don't have my glasses on I can barely see. I didn't know who you were until we disapparated," he defended. They were all laughing, and having a good time, winding down from a stressful day. It was nice to know that even after facing the danger of possibly being killed, they could laugh about the funny parts in the end.

Harry looked around at his laughing friends, and his mate, and smiled. If someone had told him, at the beginning of the school year, that he would have made friends with Draco Malfoy, who would be a mate to Ron, Luna would be dating Hermione, Fred and George would be dating each other, also mates, he would be mated to his potions professor and right before Christmas, they would all be sitting in a tent that looked like a real house, laughing at the funny parts of a plan that could have gotten them killed, he would have had Dumbledore admit them to an asylum.

"So when and where is our next plan taking place?" Luna asked and they all quieted.

"Next plan?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione, surely you didn't think that it would just be one and done, did you?" Ron asked. "Voldemort," he said, which astounded even himself. He had never liked saying the name but had decided that Harry, Hermione, and Dumbledore were all right. Fear of the name only increases the fear of the thing itself. "has a lot of other death eaters. We only cleared about a fourth of a fourth of his followers, if that makes any sense."

"No it does. I guess I just never thought that we would have to do this again, what with us needing to find the horcruxes. But all that aside, where is our next plan going to take place?"

"Well, wherever it is, needs to be soon. The dark lord will expect you to be thinking of another well thought out plan. He will plan smaller attacks, much more... personal... I will send word to Minerva in the morning. But believe me when I say, he underestimates you all. The smaller attacks, personal or not, will be to draw you out, to make you think that it is your fault he will hurt some of these people. The first place they will attack, will probably be the school," Severus warned.

"We need to pick a place where there are going to be copious amounts of death eaters," Fred said.

"Yes, but it's not like death eaters have their own club house," Hermione said.

"I think I have an idea," Draco said. "At the beginning of the school year, Voldemort wanted to recruit me but I told him I wasn't ready just yet, that I needed to get my year worth of education and then I would decide. But I went to about seven or so death eater meetings. And only about two of them was Voldemort actually there. If we can find out where the new head quarters is, we, and I do mean we, can put it under surveillance and try and figure out a pattern as to when he and that stupid human-snake come. Now as far as the surveillance, it should be just us. Don't include the Order until we figure out the pattern," He said. They nodded, most had to admit that it was a good plan.

"Harry, is he talking about the snake that attacked our dad?" George asked.

Harry nodded. "Nagini is what he calls it."

Draco shivered. "I hated that thing. I like snakes, but not that one. He brings it with him every where as if he would die with out it and they have the same eyes and piercing stare. And every time she hisses at you, you feel like Voldemort is reprimanding you. It's just very creepy and strange," he said, obviously chilled by the mere thought of the snake.

Harry pumped himself into his mate, Severus moaning under him. This didn't happen very often mostly because of the simple fact that Harry enjoyed being on the bottom. But not tonight. He felt like watching his mate writhe under him for a change. Which was exactly what he was doing.

"Mm," Severus moaned under the kiss Harry was giving him. He felt the boy on top of him reach between them and started to rub his cock.

Harry pumped his hand in rhythm with his thrusts. He felt Severus' walls start to close around him. He rammed into his mate, causing him to hit Severus' prostate which made him cry out... seductively. Or at least that's what Harry thought. He did the motion again and he felt Severus 'mph' in pleasure and arch his back.

Harry watched as the man bit his lips as he tried not to let himself go, wanting to enjoy this for as long as he could. He leaned down and kissed up his neck before he reached his ear. "Cum for me," he whispered and pumped his hand as fast as he could, thrusting into him as hard as he could.

Severus opened his mouth in a silent scream as his hands turned into fists around the bed sheets. He could feel his orgasm in his toes, for Merlin's sake. "Uh," he moaned out as Harry squeezed slightly. Harry thrust into him once more before Severus came into his hand while Harry emptied himself into his mate.

Harry collapsed onto his mate, vision blurred. He pulled out of Severus but stayed on top of him. He brought him into a kiss and Severus ran his hands down his torso, stopping to rest his hands on his hips. He snapped his fingers and the blanket covered them, making Harry smile. The snap was just for show but he loved when he did it anyway. He kissed him again as a thank you and lifted his head to look into his eyes.

"Never thought being in danger would improve our sex life," Harry said, this having been their second go in two hours.

Severus smiled back at him. "We are who we are, trust me, it has nothing to do with the danger that makes you turn me on," he said calmly.

Harry smiled wider. "Aw, how sweet," he said and kissed him again. The kiss deepened but Severus stopped him.

"As much as I enjoy this, I do not have it in me for another go," he said.

"It's not my fault I turn you on so easily. You should have some self control," Harry said as if he was reprimanding him but he was really just joking.

"Says the sixteen-year old who goes from hot to cold back to hot again in seconds," he said as Harry rolled off of him.

Harry smiled playfully. "I'm just surprised you can keep up old man."

"Old man? I'll have you know I am only going to turn... Never mind," he said, now wanting to change the subject more than ever. He knew Harry all too well and he would go out of his way to make the day special. And while the gesture, no matter what, would be sweet, he just wanted his birthday to be quiet and nothing special like every other birthday of his life.

"Well it's too late, I already know when your birthday is and how old you will be, not that I care in the slightest. Before, I asked Dumbledore when your birthday was. I had a very... special surprise for you. I guess now that you have fallen for me, you'll never know what it was," he said with an all knowing smile.

"Did I ever tell you; you're a horrendous liar?" He asked as he pulled the boy closer and kissed him.

Harry laughed. "Okay, so maybe I didn't really have anything planned. But I had planned on having something planned if I hadn't gotten you by then. And I do know when your birthday is. That part was not a lie."

Severus chuckled at him. "Just promise me you won't make a big production out of my birthday. All I want is for it to be another day, just spent with you. That'll be the only difference."

Harry smiled back at him, widely. "I can do that. On your birthday we will barely leave this bed, no matter where we are."

"If that will make you feel as if you actually threw a party, which you will not, than fine. I will spend the day in bed with you," he agreed.

"Oh please, Sev. You make it sound like it pains you to stay in bed with me. Unless you want me to throw you a party..."

"No. The first plan is fine with me," he said trying not to sound too eager at the idea to not have a party. It was true, his birthday had never been something big, it had always just been him, his mother and his father. He never really had any friends so all of his birthdays were spent with his parents. Unfortunately his father soon became a drunk, after joining the dark lord. That's when the beatings began. Not only did he beat his mother but he beat Severus as well. After about five years. His mother had finally killed herself.

Harry laughed. He angled his head and kissed his mate, having read his mates thoughts. He pulled him as close as possible and kissed him lovingly. Maybe what he had been thinking about had something to do with his dark mark. Harry pushed those thoughts out of his mind and the kiss deepened.

Harry instinctively started to grind into his mate. "Are you sure you don't have it in you for one more go," he said with a seductive smile.

Severus smiled back. "Maybe just one."

Harry yawned and sipped his coffee. He and his mate had been up for most of the night. After their third go, he had lost count. He had no clue where all their energy had come from, but they hadn't really questioned it. They had just gone with it... again... and again, and again...

Harry smiled behind his cup at that. Fred padded down the stairs and decided to have some fun.

"Morning Harry, you look tired again. Another long night of planning?" he asked as if he was serious.

Harry wiped the goofy smile off his face and set his cup down. "Oh, yeah. I was up most of the night... thinking. I think I have a really good idea."

Fred smiled. Harry really forgot that his room was right next door to his and George. "That's good, that's good. A little hint of advice though. The next time you stay up all night planning, put a silencing charm on your room."Harry half choked, half spit out his coffee as he heard what Fred said. "The walls of a tent; extremely thin," he said and went back up stairs, his coffee in one hand, Georges in the other.

"Damn him," Harry said to himself. He had forgotten that their rooms were right next to each other. Hopefully, neither would say Draco came down stairs. He smiled at Harry and Harry rolled his eyes. "Let me guess, one of the twins told you?" he asked.

"They didn't have to. You two woke all of us up last night. You are a... screamer, I believe the muggles call it," he said as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Harry sighed heavily. This was bad. This was all he would hear about all day.

"Don't worry Harry," Ron said as he came down stairs, having heard the conversation and saw the look on his face. "It's no different than you hearing all of us. Which, I know you have," he consoled.

"Unfortunately I have. And I know that Draco is what the muggles call a weirdo with all of his different fetishes," he said with a look on his face that clearly said he was scarred for life.

Draco's eyes widened but then he settled. "Oh Harry, you should know that I wouldn't care if the whole world knew every last one of the things that turn me on."

"Oh we all know that Draco, we all know."

They all came down stairs and they were gathered around the kitchen table. "The surveillance mission will start, after the holidays of course, but it has to be done soon. We can't give them a chance to replace the death eaters we've taken from them," Harry said.

"We have to take out his biggest followers, but that will be tricky, but will also instill fear into the lower death eaters, cause them to leave somehow," Ron theorized.

Fred spoke up. "But we could also flip that around. If we attack a lot of the lower death eaters, it will cause the higher ones to think they either haven't been targeted yet or they are just too good to be infiltrated. They'll get cocky and slip up. We could catch them easier that way."

"I think right now, before we decide on anything else, we need to decide on who we are going to watch in order to actually get to one of their meeting spots," Hermione said.

"I would say Bellatrix but she is too smart. She would know if she were under surveillance," Draco said.

"Your best bet would probably be Wormtail," Severus said. "Not only is he at every single death eater meeting because he's afraid of what the dark lord will do to him if hes not, but he wouldn't know if a muggle was watching him."

"See, I don't think you give him enough credit. He escaped both Remus and Sirius for twelve years. No he's not the smartest wizard there is, but he's smart enough," Luna said, having known the back story. Hermione had decided that if Luna was going to be a part of their group, she would need to know everything.

"The only reason he got away with that was because he had help. One of the lower, but smarter death eaters, helped him to think of that. He knew he was going to die. So when all they found of him was a finger, even the death eater thought the plan, the plan that he secretly used, had gone wrong. He is smart enough, but not to know someone I was watching him. Avory had him under surveillance for almost a year before he realized he was being watched."

"I think Wormtail would be a good choice to watch. He will know who Voldemort's new right hand man is," Harry said then explained. "Now that Severus is no longer a death eater and Lucius is dead, he must have a new someone to count on. We find him, we find the dark lord," he said.

"But how do we find him?" Hermione asked.

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