So I have finally decided to start writing on the 100 Theme Drabbles from the LJ Community: Usagi and Mamoru: A Love Like No Other. It will be a lot of fun, I think... I hope you all enjoy them. :) I'm not doing this for any contest or anything; I've just been reading a lot of drabbles lately and noticing that I have a lot of my own ideas and that drabbles seem to pop in my head all the time... so why not share them?

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Unforgettable Moments: 100 UsaxMamo Drabbles

#16: Behind the Blue Curtain (1044 words)

It was swelteringly hot. It was mind numbingly hot, so hot that Mamoru had opened every single window, plus his balcony door, just to try and circulate the air flow.

It was extremely and horrifically ironic that on the hottest day in the history of Tokyo, Japan, Chiba Mamoru's apartment, in the Azabu district of Tokyo, would have a broken air conditioner. Oh sure, his landlord had promised to send maintenance by, but Mamoru knew that maintenance usually took several days, if not weeks, before they would lazily saunter their good-for-nothing, lazy, cheap, fat, sweaty, overall-wearing asses up to the 12th floor.... was he exaggerating a little bit? Perhaps... it was the heat. He just knew it had to be the heat that was making him into an extremely disagreeable man who used way, way too many adjectives in his horrible, heated vocabulary.

He sighed miserably, mentally slapping himself when he realized that he was using so many expletives in his mind toward just about anyone and anything. He had even abandoned the couch, deeming it way too hot to bother sinking into the usually plush, comfortable leather sofa. Instead, the damned piece of furniture was like a heated fire bed with brimstone clinging to his damp, sweaty skin.

So... he had opted for the floor. He lay near the open balcony door for air flow, but he had opted to hide behind the dark blue curtain that he had pulled far enough back to allow the air to circulate. Still, the luscious, wonderful shade it provided was enough that it made sure the hideous, heinous sun didn't rain its evil, torturous beams down on him. (There he went again with the adjectives...)

And that was where he lay, sprawled out on his back, when his girlfriend used her spare key and let herself into his apartment. She walked in yelling his name happily, but then he heard her take in a startled breath of air and gag at the heat.

"Yeah, you may not want to stay here today, Usako," he muttered from his place on the floor, not even bothering to get up and greet her.

She padded in her bare feet over to him. Clad in white shorts and a green baby doll t-shirt, with two green bows wrapped around her lovely odango-styled hairstyle that he adored (and had once used to tease her relentlessly with), Tsukino Usagi gazed down at her boyfriend of over a year as if she was seeing him in a completely new light.

"Mamo-chan, why are you laying on the floor?" She started slowly, one perfect blonde eyebrow raising high on her head while her cerulean eyes widened at the sight of her very demure sweetheart flat on his back, sheltered behind the ugly blue curtain (that she was forever trying to convince him to throw away), in only his black boxers (with white Tuxedo Kamen-styled masks dotting the design). She felt a blush rise on her cheeks. She didn't really see her Mamo-chan clad this way very often... he was very, very modest.

The heat had stolen the poor man's sanity and modesty, however. "Do you not feel how damn hot it is in here, Usako?" He growled, looking up at her with annoyed, dark blue eyes.

She waved a slender hand back and forth, fanning her face lightly. "Yes... but Mamo-chan, if you would just... um..." She paused, her blushing face growing redder in the heat of the moment... or the heat of the apartment, she couldn't decide. "If you would just put some," she coughed, "clothes on, we're supposed to be meeting the girls at the fruit parlor? It's air condi—Mamo-chan?!"

The man was already on his feet and shuffling toward his bedroom, muttering something that Usagi couldn't quite understand. He was obviously very frustrated. Usagi chewed on her lip thoughtfully, and she couldn't help herself. She started giggling, wishing that she had had a camera to capture the moment her dear, darling Mamo-chan had just decided to lay on the floor and abandon clothes all together. He was hot; okay, she got the whole no-clothes thing. But what he didn't understand was... he was hot.

She felt her blush rising, and she thanked whatever powers may be that she had somehow gotten Chibiusa to follow Rei and Ami to the fruit parlor. The child seeing her future father half-naked... well, now wouldn't that have been a mess? Chibiusa would have probably never lived it down.

Usagi let an evil grin slip onto her face. On second thought... Chibiusa had stolen her box of chocolate chip cookies from under her bed this morning. Maybe a little scarring wouldn't hurt the girl...

"Alright, Usako, let's go," Mamoru bellowed, charging out of the bedroom in khaki pants and a short-sleeved white shirt, grabbing his girlfriend's hand in a rush and yanking her out the front door. He whipped around and quickly locked the door before taking the girl's hand again and rushing toward the elevator. "I swear, if any of those Daimohn decide that today would be a good day to appear and I have to transform into that damned black tuxedo in this blasted heat, I swear to all that is holy and unholy, I will kill someone!" He roared as soon as the elevator doors shut, and Usagi choked on a giggle, covering her mouth with her free hand.

She looked out of the corner of her blue eye at the man, who was busily brushing a hand through his messy black hair, trying to straighten it up a bit. "Mamo-chan, wouldn't that be the point though? To kill the Daimohn?"

"Usako!" He stretched out each syllable as his dark head turned to glare down at her, causing her to just giggle more and lean against his arm (which, she did have to admit, did feel rather flushed.)

"Gomen ne!" She giggled, planting a small kiss against his hot arm. "I love you, Mamo-chan."

He rolled his eyes, but the stormy orbs had softened into a lighter blue, a small smile tugging at his lips. "I know, Usako." He leaned down and kissed her forehead, letting his lips linger against her soft skin. "I love you, too."


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