The Golden Dragon of the Tribunal

Hey everyone. Do any of you remember TMNT? Well guess what? I'm gonna combine the (2003 series) with Naruto. I always wanted to do one so I'm gonna give it a shot. It's gonna be a harem fic with Naruto, Fem. Kyuubi, Female OC, Karai, and any other female I can think of.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, TMNT, or anything else affiliated with the shows but I do own the weapons or characters I created.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Life

Valley of the end

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the jinchurikki of the Kyuubi no Yoko and son of the Kiiroi Senkou and late Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and the Aka Arashi Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, was currently in a one tailed- state of the Kyuubi's cloak with a purple Rasengan in his right hand glaring at Sasuke Uchiha, who was in his 2nd cursed seal form with a black Chidori in his left hand.

The Uchiha was cackling like a lunatic when he stared at Naruto with his fully matured sharingan. "Soon I'll have the ultimate power and with it I'll kill my brother. Feel honored that your death with bring me one step closer to getting stronger!" He said while the blonde growled at him.

'I have no other choice…I have to kill Sasuke… sorry Sakura but he's not coming back to the village alive.' He thought as his Rasengan grew bigger. After the two finished powering up, they leaped at each other with their signature techniques ready.



The two cried out as their attacks clashed against each other and created a huge shockwave that was when a dome of black chakra closed around them as they struggled to beat the other with their attack. Naruto saw the maniacal look in Sasuke's eyes. "Damn it dobe just die already! No one cares about you! You are a loser and a weakling! DIE YOU WORTHLESS FOOL! DIE SO THAT I CAN GAIN THE ULTIMATE POWER!" He roared out as he added more chakra into his Chidori.

"The only one who's gonna die Sasuke…." He says while a second tail grows from the cloak. "IS YOU!" He roared out as his Rasengan grew stronger and destroyed Sasuke's Chidori and tore through his hand and arm, sending blood, flesh and bone in different directions. Sasuke had a look of horror on his face as Naruto's technique beat his and tore through his arm.

Before the Uchiha had a chance to even scream out in pain, the spiraling sphere tore through his shoulder and it was slammed into the left side of his head. It ripped through his skull and turned his brain into mush. Piece of skull, blood, and brain matter came flying out. His eye was destroyed in the process and the last thing Sasuke saw with his single sharingan eye was Naruto emotionless expression which showed no remorse in killing the traitor and then that eye along with the top of his skull was destroyed.

Little did the blonde know that by doing this, a small tear in the fabric of time appears. The chakra dome shatters and was in the form of a dome of light and Sasuke's decapitated body was sent flying out of the dome and into the river and his body sunk to the bottom of the river, and with leaving Itachi Uchiha as the last male of the clan.

The cloak receded and Naruto's face returned to normal, however the tear became bigger and the suction started to pull the frightened blonde into the void. Naruto was suddenly sucked into it and the vortex closed.


Kyuubi no Yoko, the queen of the Makai realm and strongest of the bijuu's eyes widen in shock and horror when she felt the huge amount of pain that was emitting from her vessels body. She trembles in pain as the pain increased. "D-damnit. The kit got sucked into a dimensional vortex! There's no telling where he'll end up! If we survive that is!" She says and cries out as the pain affects her more.

There was only one thing she could think of that'll save both his and her life. "Sorry Kit. But in order for us to survive, I'll have to turn you into the very thing your kind fear and loathe. " She says in a tone full of remorse and regret. Her body glows red and she sends a large amount of chakra into the seal, which glows and absorbs half of her yoki and her power.


Pain. That was all Naruto felt was pain. His body felt like it was being ripped apart and pulled into different directions. The pain was unbearable and tears fell from his eyes since he couldn't take it anymore. He let out an ear piercing scream as while a light surrounded him and his body.

Lap of the Gods

In another realm, inside a temple that is surrounded by a dragon made of stone. Four shadowy figures were sitting on their thrones inside of the temple. They are the Ninja Tribunal. They were each wearing different colored cloaks and helmets (Utrom Shredder's helmet). The one wearing the silver blue cape and helmet silver glowing eyes widen as he felt a powerful presence enter their domain.

"Did you all feel that? Someone has entered our realm and the power… it's amazing yet terrifying. It reminds me of our former ally." He said as he looked at the other three and the one wearing a forest green cape and helmet spoke. "Yes we did Kon. What kind of being holds such power?" She asks.

That was when the one wearing the blue cape and helmet spoke up. "Whoever it is, this person needs to be brought here. We need to know if he is a threat or not." He says. He snaps his fingers and four tall figures wearing samurai robes with armor and white masks that had four holes on each side appear. They were the Mokusei-no-Bushis. "Find the source of that power and bring it back to the monastery." He orders. The wooden warriors bow and vanish from their presence.

Meanwhile, a red and yellowish orange comet was seen soaring through the sky and into the mountains. It then crashes into the ground, creating a large crater. When the smoke clears, it reveals a bruised and bloody Naruto whose shirt, jacket, and sandals were now gone and he was lying on the ground face first. In his stretched out right arm is his headband and the clothe was torn and burned.

Naruto remains motionless but then coughs up some blood and his body stills. He slowly opens his eyes only to see four tall figures star down at him. He closes his eyes once again when they land near him and one of them picks him up and places his body over his shoulders. The wooden men then head back to the Lap of the Gods.

5 Hours later

Naruto was currently in a room lying in a bed healing and unconscious with his chest, torso, arms, and legs bandaged up and wore a crimson robe. His breathing was slow. During the process when Kyuubi turned him into a hanyo, his body changed. He grew from 4'9 to 5'5 and gained some form of muscle on his body. His whisker marks were feral and he had canines jutting from his upper lip.

His hair also grew a little longer and his nails were a little longer than normal. His breathing was slow and steady but he was healing. In the Tribunal Throne Room, The four Tribunal Ninja were sitting in their thrones discussing about the boys current appearance.

"So the source of that power came from the boy? How can a mere human hold such destructive power?" One voice asks and the other one speaks up. "He is more than a mere human Juto. It appears that he contains some sort of creature in his being. Its powers rival our own and from the energy I sensed from the boy it is demonic." Kon answers making the other's eyes widen in surprise.

"Demonic? So the demon is in possession of the boy's body?" The feminine voice asks. Kon shakes his head at her question. "No Chikara. Apparently a 'seal' of some sort keeps the demon from influencing his mind however it somehow converted the demon's energy and power into the boy's and made him into a half-breed." Kon answers and Juto speaks up.

"A hanyo? Such species are considered an abomination to both of their races and it's rare to even encounter one. The boy is no threat but if left unchecked, he could become even more dangerous than him." He states while the others think about it.

"He could become our greatest ally or our worst enemy." Chikara says and Kon closes his eyes for a moment but then opens them. "Interesting. He comes from a world of ninja who use the same arts we do but at a lesser extent. He is also what is known in that world as a jinchurikki or someone who has a demon sealed into them when they are infants. He closes his eyes again and dwells into Naruto's mind to find out more about his life. He sees flashbacks of how Naruto's life was when he was younger. He was shunned, beaten and tortured by mobs, kicked out of stores, and the adults kept their children away from him stating that he was a monster but despite all of that he kept pushing himself to prove to everyone that he wasn't what they thought he was.

After that, Kon's eyes snapped opened, getting the attention of the other three. "So that's the life of jinchurikki. To experience that kind of life and still keep his sanity. He must have a strong will and spirit to withstand all of that. Most humans would lose their sanity to such a life." He says and they pause to make their decision. "We could train the boy in our ways of the ninja." Hisomi says and the other three look at him.

"It would be in our best interest to train the boy and have him as an ally. He can also help us find the four chosen ones." Chikara says while the others nod. "Then it's settled, we will teach him our way of the ninja." Juto says and the three nod.

Recovery Room

Naruto slowly opens his eyes while groaning. His vision is hazy for a few seconds and when it clears, he finds him self in a room but it wasn't a hospital room. "What the? Where am I? The last thing I remember was killing the teme with a Rasengan to the skull and then seeing a flash of light. After that I saw some weird dark figures coming towards me. I thought it was those Akatsuki guys." He mumbles as he sat up.

He looked down and saw that he was bandaged up and wearing a crimson robe. He looks around and blinks while scratching the back of his head. He then gets out of the bed and walks towards the door and opens it. He pokes his head out and looks around blinking a few times. Naruto starts to walk out of the room and that was when a Mokusei-no-Bushi appears in front of him causing Naruto to scream and fall on his butt.

"Ho-Holy" Naruto says with his eyes bulging out and pointing a finger at the wooden warrior. It stretches his hand out as a gesture to help Naruto up. The blonde blinks for a few moments but then realizes that it want to help him up. Naruto takes his hands and the masked Bushi helps him up. "Uhh… thanks hehe." Naruto says while grinning sheepishly and rubbing the back of his head. The Bushi nods and then turns around and does a hand gesture to follow it.

Naruto blinks and follows the wooden being through the hallways. He looks around and sees statues of warriors wearing armor and helmets and some who seemed to be foreign and had what looked like a different variety of animals beside them. Naruto and the Bushi made it to a chamber that was surrounded by darkness and it motions Naruto to move forward.

Naruto does while the Bushi stays back. When Naruto walks into the dark room the door slams shut, shocking and scaring the blonde. "O-okay what the hell is going on?" He asks while looking around in the darkness. That was when a four pair of different colored eyes shine in the darkness and stare at the frightened blonde.

Then the torches in the room light up, clearing the darkness, the four figures each wore different colored armor and capes and were sitting in their thrones while one of them was empty. Naruto gulped as he looked at the menacing figures. "Greetings young one and welcome to the Lap of the Gods." Said Kon.

"Wh-who are you four and what is the Lap of the Gods? I didn't know a place like this existed in the elemental countries." He asks and that was when Juto spoke up. "We are the Ninja Tribunal, masters in the mystical arts of ninjutsu and so that you know this place is not apart of the elemental countries and also you are no longer in that realm." Juto states making Naruto's eyes widen. "I'm not?" he asks and Chikara shakes her head. "No you are not. You came here through a rip in time and ended up in our dimension." She explained and Naruto was speechless. He was in a different world and to top it off, he can't go back to his world.

"So I can never go back home? Great. Just great." He says looking down at the floor. "I'll never see baa-chan, nee-chan, Old man Ichiraku and Ayane nee-chan, or my other friends ever again." He thought. "All is not lost young one. We would like to make you an offer and give you a chance to start a new life." Juto says and Naruto looks up at them.

"What kind of offer?" He asks and Chikara speaks up. "In your world, their knowledge in the ninjutsu arts are similar to ours but we can use the mystic arts to it fullest. We would like to train you in learning the true power of the arts." She says and Naruto had a shocked expression on his face.

"Really? But why me?" He asks. "We have seen what your life was like in your world. To go through such an horrific experience like that takes a very powerful will and spirit. Most people like you would lose their sanity." Hisomi answers. "You have a hidden potential in you that if awakened, could become if not on par with our abilities." Kon said as Naruto's eyes widen.

"There is a great evil in this world that will awaken one day and wreak havoc, destroying everything in its path. This being of destruction posses powers that are equal to ours and must be destroyed. So tell us young one. Do you wish to study under us and save this world from utter chaos?" Chikara asks and Naruto thinks about it. Not only would he get training from the most powerful ninja in this world but he'll get to start a new life without the glares, hatred, and insults. Not only that, he'll get to save an entirely different world from a great evil.

"I accept your offer in training Shishos." Naruto says as he gets on his knees and bows his head as a sign of respect. The four former dragons smile under their helmets and they stand up. "Excellent. Now rise young one." Kon says and Naruto stands up. "Now we'll introduce ourselves to you." Kon says and he grabs the hem of his cloak and instantly removes them, revealing a man with silver spiky hair that was in a pony tail.

He was tall and slim with a slightly pale complexion. He had glowing silver eyes and he wore ancient ninja clothes and armor. "I am Kon-Shisho, Ninjutsu Master of Spirits." He states. That was when Juto removed his cape and helmet, revealing a man wearing a battle Kimono that had long sleeves, a Japanese hat with the foot symbol on it with his black hair sticking out of it, and he had glowing blue eyes with red and white war paint on his face. "I am Juto-Shisho. Ninjutsu Master of Weapons." He says. Chikara was the next to remove her helmet and cape, revealing a woman who wore a green ninja gi that showed off her legs which were wrapped in bandages. She also wore a green fishnet shirt underneath with a red sash that held her outfit in place.

She also had long white hair that was tied into a ponytail and one braid on each side of her head and her eyes glowed green. "I am Chikara-Shisho, Ninjutsu Master of Strength." She says and Hisomi, the last one removes his helmet and cloak, revealing a large bulky bald man who wore a sleeveless brownish gold ninja gi with a fishnet shirt under it and had brown bandages wrapped around his muscular arms and legs and wore a pair of geta sandals. His eyes glowed yellow and he had yellow markings on his face and wrapped around his waist were large golden prayer beads.

"And I am Hisomi, Ninjutsu Master of Stealth." He says and Naruto looks at them with wide eyes. "We were once huiman during our life but traveled across the globe learning about the mystic arts from other masters. When we completed our training we went from being human to Forces of Nature." Kon says. "But before we begin your training"

He then vanishes and appears before Naruto who jumped back a little and got nervous when Kon narrowed his eyes at the boy. He stretches his arm out and Naruto's entire body glows and the robe and bandages are replaced with a red and black Ninja Gi. Naruto looks at his new out fit and Kon speaks up once again.

"Show me the seal on your body Young One." Kon says. "Umm sure Kon-Shisho." Naruto said and pulls the top of his Gi down and on his torso, a seal appears. Kon kneels and looks at the seal while rubbing his chin in thought until a smirk appears on his face. "Incredible. This Fuinjutsu is a true work of art. I've never in my life seen something so complex and powerful. Who ever created this was a true master in the ninja arts."

He then performs a series of hand seals and stops at the seal for Saru (monkey) and his hands glow. "Hold still Young One." He says as he rears his right hand back and before Naruto could say anything, Kon slammed his hand into his torso and Naruto gasps out in pain and feels his body jerk forward when Kon pulls his hand out but has something red in his grasp.

He manages to pull it all the way out and Naruto collapses on his knees while panting hard. "Y-you could've warned when you did tha- wait y-you freed the Kyuubi!" He cried and the red bundle of fur that was the size of a kit sat up and shook its head and then stretched its body. Its nine tails flailed around and it looked around to see four strange humans and the blonde.

"Hey kit." She said until Naruto pointed at her. "K-kyuubi…" He says as he points at her while she blinks and tilts her head. "What?" She asks. "Why do you look so puny?" He asks with a grin on his face and a tic mark appears on her face. "BECAUSE WE'RE IN A MONASTARY YOU BAKA!" She yelled making him kneel and hold his ears in pain.

"You didn't have to yell." He mutters as the others watched this in silence. "I'll stop yelling when you start using that organ you have in your head called a brain you stupid monkey." She growled and a tic mark appears on his head when he glares down at Kyuubi. "I'm not stupid you plushy!" he yells and she growls back at him. "Plushy! Do you know who I am brat!" She yelled while he growled back.

"Don't even get me started fur ball! You are the great and powerful Kyuubi no Kitsune!" He says as he waved his hands in the air, mocking her. "Don't mock me monkey!" She said performing the big demon head jutsu. "I'm not a monkey you miniature shag rug!" He says doing the same.

"Shag rug… SHAG RUG! How dare you compare me to a piece of furniture you hairless ape!" She roared. "I'm not hairless fuzzy! I have hair on my head! Are you stupid!"

"The only one stupid here is you!" "At least my race has opposable thumbs!" He says with a smirk on his face and steam comes out of her ears. "Shut up." She mumbles and that was when Kon coughs to get their attention. "As interesting as your squabble is we need to deal with more important matters. Kyuubi " he starts to say until the vixen spoke up. "I have a name you know. It's Natsumi. Kyuubi is just a title." She says and Naruto blinks.

"Natsumi? But that's a females na- wait a minute! You're a vixen? And you didn't tell me this why!" He asks and she shrugs at him. "It wasn't important at the time." She says and his brow twitches. "But what is important is about your new condition." She says and Naruto blinks at her. "New condition? What are you talking about?" He asks. Natsumi sighs and then glows red. Her glowing form went from a fox-like form to a human like form. When the glow stops, kyuubi had the appearance of a 16 year old with fox ears and nine tails swaying behind her. She had long crimson hair that was tied into a ponytail, red slitted eyes and canines, and wore a blood red battle kimono.

Naruto's eyes widen in shock when he sees her hybrid form and a smirk appears on her face. "Stop checking me out pervert." She said in a teasing tone and Naruto looks the other way while she snickers. "All joking aside Naruto, I have to tell you about your new condition." She said in a serious tone while he looks at her and blinks. "My new condition? What are you talking about?" He asks and she lets out a sigh. Do you remember when you were being sucked into that vortex after you killed the Uchiha?" She asks and Naruto nods. Natsumi lets out a frustrating sigh and looks him dead in the eye. "You see Naruto while we were going through the vortex, your body was being destroyed at the molecular level and it couldn't handle the strain." She explains while his eyes widen. "If that's true then how did I survive?" He asks.

"When I was inside the seal I was also feeling the same pain you did and I too would've died, but I did the one thing that would save our lives. I forced my yokai as well as my blood and powers into the seal. You see Naruto, the Shiki Fuuin was meant to convert my chakra and power into your being and send me back to the Makai realm. However, my actions altered it's abilities and instead did something completely different." She then paused for a few seconds and looked away from Naruto. "What did you do to the seal Natsumi?" He asks. She sighs and looks back at him. "You have to understand Naruto I had no other choice but to do this other wise you and I would've been ripped apart when we got sucked in the vortex and wouldn't have made it out. I… I turned you into a hanyou. You are now half human and half demon." She says and looks down at the ground and closes her eyes waiting for him to yell and berate her for her actions.

Naruto stood there and just stared at her for a few moments. He then lets out a sigh and walks towards Natsumi. He then does the one thing she thought he'd never do because of how terrible she made his life. He hugs her. She opens her eyes in shock and see him hugging her, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Wha-what are you doing?" She asks and Naruto looks up at her. "I'm thanking you Natsumi." He answers and her eyes become normal. "Y-you're not mad?" She asks and he shakes his head. "Wh would I be mad? You saved my life and despite being a hanyou, I am glad you did it. Thanks Natsumi-chan." He says and hugs her even tighter. Natsumi smiles and hugs him back.

"You're welcome Naruto-kun." She replies and they let go of each other and he looks back at the others. "So shisho's when does my training start?" Naruto asks with a smile on his face. The Ninja Tribunal smirk at him. "We shall start soon Young One but first… you must meet the two people that brought you into the world. Your parents." Kon says and starts to glow perform a long series of seals while chanting.

That was when a white vortex opened and then two flaming orbs appeared. One was yellow and the other one was red. They then appear next to Kon. The red one was near his left and the yellow one was near his right. Kon finished chanting and the glow faded from his body. The orbs then took on human forms. The yellow one was male and the red one was female. The glows died down and a male and female appeared with their eyes closed but had an aura outline around their bodies.

The male was 6'1 and had long wild spiky hair that stopped to his shoulders he wore a Konoha jounin outfit and a white cape that had red flames licking the bottom and the kanji Yellow Flash and Yondaime Hokage on the back of it. He was Minato Namikaze. The woman was 5'7 and had an hour glass figure. She wore a red and black outfit with black shinobi sandals and a katana strapped to her back. She had long smooth red hair and a heart shaped face. She was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze.

The two lovers then opened their eye and looked around. "Wh-what the? Minato-kun? I thought you were in the Shinigami's stomach?" Kushina asks as he looks back at her. "So did I where are we?" He wonders and they see Kon and the other tribunal ninja. "Who are you four and why did you bring us here?" He asks Kon who speaks.

"We are the ninja tribunal Minato Namikaze. If you are wondering then no we are not in the place you call the elemental nations. You are both in a different world and it was I who summoned your spirits here." He answers. They both blink and look at the man. "But why would you summon us here?" Kushina asks and Kon smirks while folding his arms. "Don't you want have a reunion with your son? I do believe his name is Naruto Uzumaki or in other terms, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." He answered and their eyes widen in shock. Minato looks down to see Naruto who was looking at them in with wide eyes. In his eyes however, different emotions went through. They were surprise, happiness, sadness, and anger.

His hands were trembling and his eye became glassy. "Sochi." Kushina said in a quiet voice. Minato looked down at his son with a smile on his face. "Uhh… hey sochi I- OOMMPPHH!" He suddenly found himself hunched over when Naruto gave him a right hook into the gut surprising him, Kushina, and Natsumi. "Ouch." She said as Minato was on his knees clutching the area Naruto hit.


Minato looked up at his sobbing and trembling son. Sorrow, sadness, and regret were on his face. He slowly stood up and walked towards his emotional son and pulls him into a hug. Naruto freezes at the hug but then he sobs some more into his father's jonin vest, letting out every emotion. "Why? Why did you do this to me? Didn't you love me? Why would you condemn your only son to a life of hell?" He muffled out causing Minato's heart to break and hugged his son even tighter.

"Naruto… my son… I loved you more than anything and the last thing I ever wanted to do is harm you. If I had found another way to seal kyuubi into you than I would've done it without hesitation but sadly I couldn't. As a leader I had to put the lives of many above my own. I'm sorry I gave you that burden Naruto but I had no choice. It tore me apart when I realized that I'd have to seal Kyuubi into you."

Naruto looks up at his father and saw the looks of regret and sorrow that was in his eyes. "I know you can never forgive me for that Naruto but I want you to know that I love you no matter what and I'm proud of how strong you are." He says and ends the hug. "Now there's someone else who wants to see you. Say hello to your kaa-san." He says with a grin on his face.

"My kaa-sa-" he starts to say until he is pulled into a bone crushing hug by a woman with red hair and grayish blue eyes. "SOCHI!" Kushina cries and she bawls her eyes out not realizing that Naruto was waving his arms around because he couldn't breathe.

Minato sweat drops at this and speaks up. "Umm Kushina-chan, if you let Naruto breathe then he'll pass out." He says and she looks at him blinking a few times and then looks down at her pale son. She pulls him away to see his pale face and swirls in eyes. "…. Oops." She says as his color returns and he breathes.

Naruto looks back at his mother and a small smile appears on his face. "Hey Kaa-san." He says and she smiles back. "Hey sochi. Look at you. You're as handsome as your tou-san." She says and he blushes in embarrassment. "I bet you're beating the girls off you." She states and Naruto frowns. "No. They were too busy chasing the Uchiha prick." He says and they look at him wondering what he was talking about.

So Naruto explains what his life was like in Konoha and after he finished, both Minato and Kushina were pissed. "If I ever find a way to return to life I'm gonna kill those fools, the Uchiha and beat the crap out of Jiraiya." Minato growls until Naruto speaks up. "Well tou-san if you must know I killed the teme before I got here. I shoved a Rasengan through his arm and skull. I'm willing to bet those bakas on the council and that stupid snake are pissed at losing the last loyal Uchiha." He says with a smug look on his face and Minato and Kushina snicker.

"Well that's good son. I always hated the Uchihas." He says "You and me both Yondaime. Though I wish I had killed that bastard Madara for using me like a pet." Natsumi says and Minato and Kushina look at her. "Who are you?" He asks and Natsumi grins. You forgot about me Yondaime? I'm hurt. We fought 12 years ago. I have to say for a human you put up one heck of a fight." She says chuckling while Minato's and Kushina's eyes widen in horror. "Kyuubi! How did you get out of the seal?" He asks/demands.

Natsumi points to Kon and Minato glares at the man. "Do you realize what you have done?" He says and narrows his eyes at the man. Kon just smirks at him. "Yes. I rid your son of his burden and before you retort Namikaze-san I along with the other four are capable of dealing with Natsumi. Just like her we are forces of nature." He says and their eyes widen. They look at Kon who nods in agreement.

But wait. How did Naruto end up here?" Kushina asks and Kon Natsumi explains the event with Naruto and Sasuke's attacks collide and Naruto killed Sasuke but the colliding powers caused a tear in the time/space continuum to open and suck him in. She also tells them that Naruto would've died if she hadn't used forced her power into the seal causing its effect to reverse and turn him into a hanyou. Both Minato and Kushina had shocked looks on their faces and they looked back at Naruto who was looking at the ground thinking that they would hate him now.

Kushina snapped out of her shock and pulled him into a hug. "It's okay Naruto-kun. We don't hate you because of your new condition." He looks up at her to the reasurring smile on her face and the same with Minato who smiled back. "Thanks Kaa-san, Tou-san. I was afraid that you'd be like the villagers from Konoha." He says and they frown at that.

That was when Kon spoke up. "Minato-san, Kushina-san while I did summon you from a spirit realm but you have a limit to be in this plane. You'll both have to go back to Heaven." He says and their eyes widen. Minato tried to speak up until Kon interrupted him. "You don't have to worry about the Shinigami. You have served your time with him and he's allowing you to join your wife in heaven." Kon says and he nods. "I see." He says.

"So you guys have to go already?" He asks in a downcast voice. A sad smile appears on Minato's face and he pats Naruto on the head. "Seems like it kiddo. But hey, don't worry. We'll be watching you. But before we leave I have a few gifts I left you. Hold out your right arm." He says. Naruto blinks but does it. Minato grabs his arm and mutters kai while doing a ram seal.

Naruto's hand glows and a seal appears on his forearm. A puff of smoke appears and when it disappears, Three large seals appear on the ground. One was red, the other yellow, and the last one green. "I placed those scrolls in a blood seal on your arm before I went to seal Natsumi in you. The red and yellow scroll contains each of our clan's techniques, fighting styles, and weapons. The green one is the forbidden scroll I created and it also contains our clan's valuables." He said with a smile on his face and Naruto's eyes widen as he looked at the scrolls and back at his parents.

"Another thing I left in the green scroll are some books on fuinjutsu, and a dozen of my customized coats and the Kunai that gave me the Title Kiiroi Senkou." He says as he points to his white coat and Naruto's eyes were watery. "Like Father like son right kiddo? I mean the coat does look cool right?" Minato asks with a large grin on his face only for Naruto to tackle him into a hug why saying thank you over and over.

Minato chuckles at this and pats his son on the back. He lets go of him and Kushina smiles at her son. "Sochi, I left my Katana in the red scroll. It's been in my family since the clan wars and I'm passing it on to you. We come from a clan of swordsmen and water users and I also left you my whirlpool headband." She says as she hugs him and kisses him on the forehead.

"One more thing son." He then places his index and middle finger on Naruto's forehead and they glow yellow for a while. It then fades and Naruto rubs it with a look of confusion. "What did you do to me tou-san?" Naruto asks and Minato smirks. "Oh I just passed on my knowledge on fuinjutsu into your mind. Trust me when I say that the Hiraishin is a very complex and difficult technique to create and master. But I know you can do it." He says and Naruto grins.

"Thanks. I also mastered the Rasengan in a week when I went to train with Ero-sennin." He states and their eyes bulge. "What! You completed the Rasengan in a week!" he asks and Naruto holds out his right hand and creates a spinning ball in his hands. "I guess I did inherit your talent after all dad." He says. Minato then laughs out and then wipes a tear from his eye. "I guess you did." He says

"It's time." Kon says. Minato and Kushina look at him and nod and then looked back at Naruto. "Well this is it. Goodbye son and good luck. Make me and your mother proud." He says and Naruto nods. He then looks at Natsumi. "Natsumi… thank you for saving my son's life. You have proven that not all demons are bad." He says and she snorts while she crosses her arms.

"Thanks for the compliment ningen and don't worry about your son. I'll make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." She says and smiles at the 'hey' she heard from Naruto. "Naruto you take care of yourself. And once you're old enough, be sure to have lots of grandkids." She says with a cheeky grin on her face and he blushes and nods.

They then transform into their astral projection form and then a flash of white light appears and they suddenly vanish. "Naruto looks at the spot they were once in and a sad smile appears on his face. "Goodbye Kaa-san, Tou-san enjoy your life in heaven." He says.

"Now then Young One, are you ready for you training? Know this that it will not be easy. We will work you to the ground and show no mercy. Do you still want to do this?" Chikara asks. Naruto looks up at them and a smirk appears on his face. "Bring it on Shisho's. I won't back down from your training. Do your worst. If I could deal with a place like Konoha than I can deal with whatever you throw at me." He says as his eyes showed a strong will and spirit inside his body.

The Tribunal look at Naruto and were inwardly smirking and thinking that they have chosen the right ninja to pass their arts to. "Very well. Your training begins now." Juto says as an aura surround their bodies. Natsumi had only one thought in her mind. "This is gonna be fun. For me that is." She says while chuckling.

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