The Golden Dragon of the Tribunal

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Chapter 6: The Dragon's Path pt. 3

Naruto was in the training outpost, practicing the katas the Uzumaki Clan's sword style with Uzu no Kiba (Whirlpool Fang) while Chikara and Natsumi watched from the sidelines. "He is indeed something else isn't he Chikara-san?" Natsumi asked the green clad kunoichi who nodded.

"Indeed he has. Naruto has come far from his training and at his current progress within a few years, he'll be unstoppable." She replied with pride in her voice. "It doesn't matter how difficult the obstacle is, he always finds a way to accomplish the impossible."

Natsumi nodded at her statement. "Uzumaki's tend to do that. I have to say that out of all the clans from his realm, the Uzumaki's were one of the most renown clans to ever exist and it was their strong wills and unpredictability that made them the most dangerous ninja clan to ever fight."

Naruto then performed a horizontal slash before spinning around, switching with his left hand, placing it in a reversal grip and slashing upwards, before altering the position and slashes downwards. "Heh, I didn't think our activities from last night would leave him with this much stamina left to train." She responded in a cheeky fashion.

Chikara raised an eyebrow at her statement. "Activities?" She wondered before Natsumi turned her grinning face at the Female of the Tribunal.

"I'm pretty sure you know what two mature members of the opposite sex would be doing at night Chikara-san." Chikara pondered on it for a few minutes before her eyes widened in surprise and a small blush formed on her face.

"Y-you two became intimate?" She stammered out and got a nod from the blushing vixen. And then turns her attention back at Naruto. "But he's still an adolescent."

Natsumi simply shrugs at her statement. "Like it matters because from his world the moment you become ninja headband of your village you are considered an adult in the eyes of your superiors which means he can practice adult things like sex for example," She then leans next to Chikara's ear "And let me tell you from personal experience he is good at the practicing we do impressed even me."

Chikara's eyes widened even more while Natsumi giggles at the stumped expression on her face. True she knew about sex but never participated with another male due to the fact that she lived around the dark ages and never found someone suitable enough. Kon, Juto, and Hisomi were out of the question since they were more like brothers to her than love interests. If she had to honest with herself, in terms of a male companion they would not only have to be strong physically but mentally as well like Naruto was.

"Oh and Chikara-san if you want you can also get with Naruto as well since I'm willing to have another female participate in our nightly activities as well." Natsumi informed the kunoichi who nearly lost her entire composure from the statement had it not been for Kon, Juto, and Hisomi appearing before them.

"Have you informed them yet Chikara?" Kon asked his Tribunal Sister.

"I was but I was distracted by Natsumi-san's explanation of hers and Naruto's… previous activities." She answered, trying to fight down the blush on her face. The other three males raised a brow at this but ignored it as Naruto appeared beside Natsumi.

"Good evening sensei's so what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" Naruto asked his mentors.

"Ever since you began your training under us, you're progress has grown faster than we've anticipated." Kon stated.

Naruto on the other hand rubs the back of his head in a sheepish manner. "Arigato Kon-Shisho but it was through yours and everyone else's tutelage that helped me increase my skills in ways I didn't think I'd hope to achieve." Naruto replied getting nods of acknowledgement from the Tribunal Master.

"We have one final task for you to complete before you are put through the Trials of the Tribunal." Juto performs a few hand seals and holds his palms out as energy circulates his palms, taking an oval shape and forms an image of a mountain. "You must travel to the top of Mount Fuji where you will meet a man known as the Ancient One, our apprentice in the ways of Ninjutsu."

Naruto nodded before realizing when Juto said the Ancient One was their apprentice. "Wait you four had an apprentice before I showed up?" He wondered.

Chikara nodded. "Yes Naruto the Ancient One was one of many who have learned under our tutelage. In the past we have had many but sadly they were considered inadequate in learning our teachings as they did not possess the physical or mental discipline to meet our expectations." She informed the blonde hybrid.

"So you wish for me to meet your previous student?" He got a nod from each of them.

"Yes, even though you are strong in body, what makes a warrior truly strong is his mind and spirit. The Ancient One is extremely wise in all aspects and his wisdom will be of great help to you in the future." Kon finished.

"Okay then, so how long do I have to stay in Mount Fuji with the Ancient One?" Naruto asked his mentors.

"Until we need to summon you back to the Lap of the Gods to face your final trial you will remain with him for the time being." Juto answered. After being dismissed, Naruto headed to his room and packs the essentials as did Natsumi. Once he got his gear on and items packed, Naruto placed his backpack on his back as well as a large scroll while Natsumi transformed into her fox form and hops on Naruto's shoulder, wrapping her form around his neck like a scarf.

Lap of the Gods Bridge

The teenage shinobi was crossing the bridge and as he made to the opposite side, Chikara appeared before him in a swirl of green energy with her arms folded with a stern expression on her face. "Shisho?" Naruto wondered before noticing her expression soften and pulled out a small green sack.

"Take these Naruto, they'll help you keep your strength up on your journey." She offered. Naruto smiles at the gesture and takes the bag and bows before his master and she does so in respect.

"Thank you Shisho." Naruto replied and heads off on the road. Chikara watches him leave with a smile on her face.

"Good luck Deshi." Chikara says to herself and then vanishes in a swirl of green energy.

Down the dirt road, Naruto unwraps the sack that contained four large rice balls. "Oh rice balls," He takes on and takes a bite out of it, tasting the flavor in the treat until his eyes widened in amazement "Wow this is amazing, Natsumi-chan you've got to try this." He pulls a piece off and holds it in front of her. She takes it and chews it slowly before her eyes lit up.

"More! I want more!" She demanded, hopping off his shoulder and transforms into her hybrid state. He hands her one and she instantly took it and chowed down on the treat, much to Naruto's amusement as he watched her finish the last bit of the rice ball. "This taste is incredible! I've got to ask Chikara for the recipe when we get back." She replied and attempted to grab another one only for Naruto to swat her hand away as he wrapped them back up.

"Let's save the last two for later you greedy vixen." Naruto chastised in a teasing tone. Natsumi folds her hands and pouts at not getting another treat and the two continue on their travel to Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji

Snow Terrain

The duo was trekking through a blizzard in the snowy terrain of Mt. Fuji. Naruto was using his conical hat to keep his face cover to keep the snowflakes from getting on his face. Natsumi was in her fox form wrapped around Naruto's neck like a scarf with her ears flat and head covered in the back of his collar. While he wasn't cold in any way or form, the white blanket of snow falling and the wind gusts made it difficult to see where he was going ans the last thing he wanted to do was walk off a cliff.

He stops in his tracks and claps his hands together, focusing his chi around his body and then brings them up. A miniature twister forms around him and spreads out until Naruto claps his hands together, releasing a burst of energy around the area and clears the blizzard. "There, that's better." He says while getting a clear view of the snowy area. Natsumi unwraps herself and lands on the ground, shaking the snow and ice that was sticking to her fur.

"And you didn't do that earlier why?" The vixen questioned to her boyfriend who in return raised an eyebrow.

"Like you're one to talk Sumi-chan, being the Nine Tailed Fox and all you should've been able to blow this breeze away with a flick of your tail." He remarked as she transformed into her hybrid state again.

"Touché koi." She replied as she brushed some snow off her sleeve and noticed a large notch. "That notch should take us closer to our destination, let's hurry and get out of this tundra."

As they headed towards the large notch, Naruto and Natsumi stopped in place and narrowed their eyes as they heard large footsteps on the other side of the notch. "I smell Yeti." Naruto said as the large hulking figures approached them. The Yeti were both 12 feet tall behemoths with shaggy white fur with high ponytails and long beards. They were garbed in a dark greenish blue armor around their chests and shoulders with large belts keeping them in place with matching shin guards with single edged blades that were 8 feet long holstered on the left hip. The two Yeti were looking down at the duo before drawing their blades.

"None shall pass." Yeti 1 declared as they stared down at the trespassers.

"Brother let's teach these puny creatures a lesson." Yeti 2 says as he takes a step forward. Natsumi's eyes twitches at being called puny and a low growl vibrated under her throat. Yeti one raises an eyebrow at this but then places a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"What is your purpose here little man and little woman?" Yeti 1 asked only for a tick mark to form on Natsumi's head and her hand twitches slightly. Naruto sweat drops but keeps his composure.

"We are here to visit the Ancient One Yeti-san. We're not here to cause trouble and would like to pass onto the other side." Naruto requested. He wasn't worried about losing his cool due to all the meditation he did with Kon-Shisho but Natsumi was a different case due to her status as a high class demon and being the strongest of the nine biju in her former realm, she was prideful in her level of power and to be looked down upon in any way by someone who she would consider inferior to her was a jab at her pride as a powerful demon and a woman and the results would be catastrophic if she was pushed too far.

The two Yeti's each raise a brow as they mention the Ancient One. "You seek the Ancient One?" Yeti 2 asked and got a nod from the blonde.

"You're an odd one little man, and the same for the little woman, but from our point of view you're both not even close to be considered a man or woman. You're children, itty bitty little children." He mocked. Natsumi snarled as they laughed and her nails lengthen, taking the form of claws and her form trembled at the insult.

"Oh boy, they're pushing it." Naruto thought as he felt her murderous intent grow.

"Go home little children and play with your toys until you're all grown up." Yeti One taunted and their laughter grew.

Natsumi bared her teeth which lengthened a little as did her claws. A red Aura formed around her body and the snow around her melted. "Aw is the wittle gwirl gonna cwy? Do you want your mommy wittle baby?"

"THAT'S IT!" She roared. Her demonic Youki erupted around her form, causing the Yeti's to stop their laughing and gaze into her crimson slit eyes. "I DIDN'T TRAVEL HUNDREDS OF MILES THROUGH A FROZEN WASTELAND TO GET INSULTED BY TWO OVERGROWN FLEA RIDDEN SNOW MONKEYS!" Nastumi took several slow steps forward, snarling in an animalistic fashion towards the Yeti brothers who unconsciously took a few steps back. "DO YOU TEME'S KNOWJUST WHO THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING TOO?! I AM NATSUMI YOKO THE NINE TAILED FOX!"

Naruto inwardly sighs and tries to kill the issue through talking, "Natsumi-chan try to remember your happy place." He cringed when she shot him a glare that would cause Orochimaru to have a heart attack and die seconds later.

"FUCK MY HAPPY PLACE! I'M GONNA RIP THEM APART AND HANG THEIR HIDES ON MY WALL!" She yelled before turning around and gets ready to pounce only for Naruto to appear behind her and wrap his arms around her while she struggles to get out of his grip and go after the now scared Yeti's, screaming out obscene words that would make a sailor blush, using his strength to keep her in place.

He sees the Yeti backed up against the rocky snow covered wall and smiles sheepishly. "Uh, excuse us for moment this won't take long." Naruto said as he pulled Natsumi's struggling form backwards, behind a rock texture.

"Let me go Naruto! Let me go or no sex for a week!" She protested as she struggled out of his grip. The next thing she knew, she was pinned against the wall and didn't get a chance to protest due to Naruto slamming his lips into hers. She paused as he deepened the kiss, causing her form to relax and then wrapped her arms around his neck and she returned the affection.

They stopped their lip locking session and Natsumi lets out an annoyed sigh. "I hate it when you do that to calm me down." She complained but smiled.

Naruto sets her back on her feet with a foxy grin on his face. "Well it was either that or plan B."

"And what pray tell was plan B?" She asked curiously and noticed a blush form on his face.

"Let my instincts take over, drag you off, and ravage you in the snow." He answered, getting a full body blush from his girlfriend. "Seriously Natsumi-chan you are hot when you're all angry and out to rip someone apart. Just seeing the anger and bloodlust radiate off of you was enough to drive me over the edge. So are you calm?"

Natsumi nods as he released her and jumps when he squeezes her cheeks. "Good now behave or no more full body massages for a month." She let out a low growl but then complied and got a kiss on the cheek. They made their way back to the two frightened Yeti who were keeping their distance from the vixen. "I apologize for my girlfriend here, she doesn't take kindly to others looking down on her."

"N-no f-forgive us for our rudeness… we were only trying to test you to see if you were worthy of passage and seeing as you didn't react to our taunts in insults you may pass." Yeti 1 said while his brother nodded in agreement. "You carry yourself as a true warrior and not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Your masters have trained you well."

Naruto smiled at the compliment the Yeti gave him and nods. "Thanks so can you tell me how far we have to go to meet the Ancient One?" Naruto asked.

"Of course," The 2nd Yeti turns his gaze at the path and points to it "Take this path it'll lead you to a valley that will appear at the end of the snowy mountain. Continue through the path in the valley and it'll lead you to the temple of the Ancient One." Naruto takes the info in and give the gian a grateful smile.

"Thanks for the instructions Yeti-san. Let's go Natsumi-chan." Said vixen followed Naruto but stopped in her tracks right in between the two yet and snarls at them, making the two cringe and back away a few feet, resulting in the vixen getting a satisfied smirk and joins up with Naruto.

After traveling through the snow for what felt like forever, Naruto and Natsumi finally made it to the end of the frozen terrain and gazed upon the beautiful valley in amazement. "Now this is a view." Naruto commented with Natsumi nodding in agreement.

They continued on their path through the valley and then into a desert terrain with little plants and few animals. During the trip they pass a short Japanese fat man who appeared to be meditating on top of a pile of smooth rocks, saying nothing until 'pppffffttttt!' he passes gas.

Both Naruto and Natsumi's eyes widened as the smell hit their nose. "Ugh!" Naruto gripped his nose hard but Natsumi got the worst. She almost fell over and gasps out, clutching her throat in a comic fashion and coughs out.

"Oh Kami the smell! It went through my nose and down my throat 'cough' I can breathe!" She cried out while her boyfriend glared at the grinning fat man.

"Heheh nice one eh?" He asked the two travelers.

"Dude a warning would've been nice," Naruto manage to shake the nauseating smell out "But since you are here, do you know if my companion and I are close to the location of the Ancient One?" He asked.

The far man's eyes flashed in surprise for a few seconds but kept up his aloof appearance. "The ancient One eh?" He strokes his shaggy beard for a couple of second and nods "Yeah I know the way to that windbag (farts), but it's gonna cost you. Got any yen or food? Don't matter how much you got Fox Boy."

Naruto ignored the name and shuffles through his pockets. "Sorry I didn't bring any money with me." He apologized. The big man shrugs and hops to his feet.

"Got any food? Pork Rinds? Beef Jerky? Sushi? I'm not picky." He asked the blonde hybrid.

"Well I've got some boiled eggs, trail mix, fruit, some rabbits that could be cooked, and some leftover rice balls" he answered as he pulled the bag out, only for a red blur to snatch them up. Naruto looked at Natsumi who was hugging the rice balls to her body in a possessive manner.

"My rice balls." She growled out threateningly, getting a sweat drop from her boyfriend.

"Uh… well I have boiled eggs, fruit, and some fresh rabbits." The chubby man rubs his chin in thought and then grins.

"Give me eggs." He requested. Naruto shuffles into his pack and pulls out a plastic box with three boiled eggs in it and tosses it to him. The big man catches it with a grin on his face and pulls of the top. Natsumi watches in disgust as the 'traveler' scarfed down the eggs and licked his chubby fingers after finishing his snack and smacking his lips in delight.

Naruto on the other hand raised his brow, wondering if this man really did know how to find the apprentice of the tribunal. "Are you sure you know the way to the Ancient One?" His answer resulted in the chubby old man turning around and breaking wind again making Naruto's left eye twitch and Natsumi to cover her mouth and nose to prevent the smell from hitting her again.

"All roads lead to the ancient one Fox Boy," As he trekked down the road, he made a sharp turn that took them off the path "But some roads are shorter than others."

Natsumi on the other hand didn't look too convinced as they followed the man off the road. "Is it not wise to stay on the path that would lead us to our destination old man?" She questioned.

"I said some roads are shorter than others, which means there's a shortcut stupid!" He called back in an annoyed tone. A vein throbs on the vixen's temple, not liking how she was just insulted by the round man while hearing Naruto snicker.

"Go to your happy place Umi-chan." Naruto reminded his girlfriend who looked like she was ready to rip the man apart. She took in a deep breath and exhaled in order to calm her nerves and huffs up before joining up with him and the old man.

A few hours later, nightfall brewed and the trio were sitting around a campfire with the rabbits Naruto had stored up cooking over the campfire. Natsumi was resting her head on his lap while he gently brushed her hair while the old man farted once again causing Natsumi to growl in frustration and sent the man a heated glare. "Disgusting Monkey." She muttered as her nose scrunched up from the smell.

"What? It's just air." He stated and was breaking wind once again. The nine tailed vixen looked ready to rip the pudgy man in half with her bare hands before a bestial roar echoed around the area.

"What in the name of Kami was that?" Naruto questioned as he looked around the area for any form of threat. The Old Man however didn't look worried as he dug his pinky through his ear and pulls it out before flicking the wax off.

"Just the demon ghosts going down the trail." He answered calmly. Naruto on the other slowly reached for the hilt of his blade as the growls grew closer.

"Relax Naruto-kun they won't bother us so long as we don't bother them. Plus from the energy levels they are nothing more than E ranked demons that have been killed by some stronger ones and no longer have their physical bodies." She informed her lover.

"Fox girl is right," The Vixen growled at the name before he continued "They won't bother us as long as we don't bother them. Just let them pass by." He insured the blonde hybrid. Naruto stared at him and back at the path and nods while grabbing one of the cooked rabbits. As he bit into the cooked meat, three demon ghosts were floating on the air and making their way across the trail while Naruto ate his meal. Natsumi grabbed a piece of the rabbit and ate some of his as the demons passed by.

"ppppfffftttt!" The couple's eyes widened and turned their heads to see the demons stop and snarl at them, resulting in Naruto and Natsumi to glare at the Old Man who simply smiled at their angry expressions. "It's just air." He said once again before the demons made their way towards them.

Naruto however turned gaze towards the demon's approaching form and remained calm before his eyes glowed red and a golden aura formed around his person. The demons suddenly stopped in their tracks as they stared at Naruto who remained in his spot and stared intently at the four ghosts. The stare off lasted for a few seconds before the creatures back away and head off in a different direction. The aura and glow died down and Naruto turned back to eating his meal as if nothing happened, surprising the old man.

"Impressive Fox Boy, using your mystic energy to ward off the ghosts. Very few are capable of using the ancient arts." He replied.

"Thanks, my masters are training me in the ways of the mystic ninjutsu arts. What I did earlier was child's play for me." He said in an honest tone "But if I may ask how do you know about the ancient arts of Ninjutsu?"

The Old Man simply shrugged. "I'm an old man. I've traveled and seen things in this world most people wouldn't and I'm no stranger to the supernatural." He answered before yawning. "Well I'm gonna get some rest since we have a long road ahead of us. Nighty night Fox Brats." He say before dropping his head and snores out loudly.

"Did that fatso just call me a brat?" She asked her boyfriend but purred in content as he gently stroked her ear with his index and middle finger.

"Ease up hime, the guy's just messing with you though I wished he'd have better control over passing gas so much." Naruto replied back and got a nod of agreement.

"If I squashed him, he probably release a mass release of gas so vile I'd have to rip off my ears, nose and choke myself to death." Natsumi replied. Naruto chuckles and nods in agreement.

Temple of the Ancient One

After a long walk through the trail, they finally made it to the outskirts of the Temple and stopped in front of the wall of a cliff. "End of the trail fox brats, the Ancient One lives on top of this mountain deep within the temple. It is guarded and perilous against those who are unworthy," He glances at Naruto with a serious expression on his face "Do you believe yourself to be worthy Fox Boy?"

Naruto glances at him and up the mountain and nods. "I do." He replied.

The Old Man looks at him and sees the determination and focus in them and looks back at the cliff, stroking his beard. "Hmmm… okay but it's your funeral."

Natsumi on the other hand didn't like how he underestimated Naruto. "If you think so little of Naruto-kun then what makes you think you're worthy enough to see the Ancient One windbag?" The Vixen questioned.

"…this" He lifts his leg and farts, causing her to recoil and twitch her brow in annoyance.

"Okay I'm gonna take front." Naruto said before approaching the wall and proceeds to climb it with Natsumi joining him.

"There is no way I'm climbing behind that old monkey because there's no telling what will fall out of that dirty diaper of his," She muttered in disgust "Why are we climbing anyway? We could easily run up this mountain or even teleport over."

"Simple Hime, one we have no geological concept on the temple's design and two Chikara-Shisho said that mountain climbing was a good form of exercise and three you've gotten lazy in your training for the last couple of months especially with all the rabbits, rice balls, and sake you scarf down." The last answer nearly caused her to lose her grip and gave him a heated glare.

"Y-you just called me fat!" She stammered out in shock.

"Did not, I said you've gotten lazy in you training in the past couple of months, I didn't say you were gaining weight." He corrected but she wasn't hearing.

"Can't believe my own boyfriend called me fat, how could you?!" Natsumi blubbered out in a hurt fashion. Naruto rolled his eyes at how dramatic she was acting.

"I didn't call you fat." He said.

"Yes you did! I'm a fat, fat fatty!" She cried as anime tears flowed down her face. The old man however was snickering at the one sided argument and shook his head in wonder.

They manage to make it up to the top of the mountain and stopped in front if the temple gates. Naruto saw how run down the place was and wondered who could live in such conditions. "Wow and I thought the ruins of Uzugakure were terrible."

"Appearances can be deceiving Fox Girl. Deep within this temple the Ancient One awaits the one who he'll deem worthy of learning under his wisdom" The Old Man's expression turned serious "Prepare yourselves." He then took off at an impressive level of speed which surprised the two who then ran after him as he bypassed the gates and into the entrance of the temple. As they caught up, Naruto and Natsumi stopped inside of a courtyard.

"So where is the Ancient One Oji-san?" Naruto questioned.

"Oh he is close by Naruto but before we meet him you must overcome your most dangerous adversary." The pudgy man replied.

"You mean my inner darkness? I've already done that." Naruto said and got a nod from the man.

"True you have faced your inner darkness and accepted it as a part of you but that is not what I was referring to." He replied, confusing Naruto. "I was referring to your past. The time where you've suffered under the prejudice and hatred of people who could never understand the burden you once carried and also your doubts in moving forward." The blonde was shocked yet astonished at how this man could read his emotions even though he had been taught to control them while in battle where the enemy would taunt him.

He looked down at his hands and couldn't help but agree that the man was correct. "Why do you continue to dwell on the past when you've been given the opportunity to start over?"

Natsumi saw Naruto narrow his eyes and stare at the ground. "Because no matter how hard I try, I can't get seem to get over how hellish my life was," his hands formed into fists while his hair shadowed his eyes. "Throughout my entire life people have been saying that I wouldn't amount to anything, that I'd only be seen as a nobody, a joke, a loser and no matter how hard I try I can't help but think that they were right and that my life was not of importance." He replied in a soft tone so cold it made Natsumi flinch. "I hated them… I hate them for all the lies, deceit, and betrayal especially to the ones who were suppose to look out for me but left me at the mercy of the wolves and I wanted nothing more than to make them pay for my suffering… to make them feel my pain and see what it's like to be nothing and have nothing and drown forever in their guilt."

The Old Man was stoic as he watched Naruto's form tremble in fury. "But most of all, I hated those who had what I always yearned for and that was a family. People who I could console with and tell them everything whether it be bad or good. To hear my father say he's proud of me and the receive hugs from my mother whenever I felt sad or hurt and no matter how much I wished for it… I never got it." His voice choked a little and Natsumi looked away in sadness and regret since she was one of the reasons why he didn't have Kushina or Minato in his life.

"I hated the whole world for taking everything for me and wanted everyone to feel my pain… but then I realized if I did that then I'd become the one thing people always claimed me to be and that is a monster which is the last thing I'll ever be because I refused to take the easy way out. I fought and fought 'til I could fight any longer no matter how hard it was and continued to move on and hopefully make sure no one else suffers like I did."

"Hmmmm… a crossroad… something most people have difficulties in deciding whether to take the high road or the other so tell me boy… which road will you take? Will you allow yourself to be held back or will you move forward and become the man your family would want you to be?" The Old Man questioned.

Naruto pondered on these questions and closed his eyes in thought for a while. A soft breeze blew around the area as Naruto remained silent. Would he continue on the past and what if's or will he step forward into the future, a second chance that was given to him and allow him to start over? He frowned as he thought of Konoha and the villagers that treated him like crap especially when the images of Sasuke, Kakashi, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sakura, and his so called 'Godparents' appeared in his mind before shattering as the images of his new sensei's Chikara-Shisho, Juto-Shisho, Kon-Shisho, Hisomi-Shisho along with this parents who were smiling and lastly Natsumi appeared.

Once their images faded he thought on what the Old Man said. Natsumi was concerned due to her lover being silent for a long time and was about to step forward. "I choose… to move forward and forge my on future… Ancient One." He finished with a smirk forming on his lips while the Ancient smirked as well.

"Took you long enough." The Ancient One replied. Natsumi on the other hand was wide eyed and stumped, glancing at the short man and at Naruto.

"All this time this windbag was the Ancient One?" Natsumi questioned as the man stroked his goatee.

"Indeed Natumi-san though I would advise you to be less temperamental like the young ward here." He advised which the vixen didn't take well and a tic mark formed on her head.

"Temper? You haven't seen my temper yet old man so don't push your luck." She growled in a low dangerous tone only to hear the man chuckle.

"Natsumi-chan calm down he was just giving you some helpful advice but I've notice you've been more irritable lately." Naruto said and got a questioning look from her. "By any chance are you… going through that change females go through monthly?"


The Ancient One raised an eyebrow when he saw Naruto's form embedded into the wall with cracks spreading around. A red faced Natsumi had her right arm raised in the air in the form of a fist due to upper cutting him at speeds the naked eye couldn't see. "No it isn't my time of month you baka!" She screamed as his form slid down the wall and hit the ground with a thud, sporting a lump on the side of his head and twitching a little.

"My mistake… won't happen again…" He muttered before losing consciousness.

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