The scene is the boy's room Chase's alarm clock goes off but Chase is not in his bunk Logan throws his hand down trying to wake what he thinks is a sleeping Chase "Wake up and turn of your alarm clock and tell us we have 30 minutes till class (1)

Michael looks over at Chase's Bunk after a couple of minutes "Chase ?" he sees the empty bunk "Where's Chase ?"

Logan looks tiredly over at him "He's in his bunk"

Michael jumps up of his bed "No he's not"

Logan quickly jumps down "what ?"

They both look at the empty bunk Logan then looks at Michael "Well where is he ?"

Michael shrugs his shoulders all of a sudden a guy runs by their room along with a lot of other guys "Hey dudes" Michael and Logan turn around "Some kids passed out in the bathroom" he then runs out of the room

Michael and Logan look at each other then Logan grabs Michael's arm "Well come on" they run out the door

The scene flips to Zoey, Lola and Quinn walking right above the guy's dorm when they are almost ran over by a group of kids Zoey turns around "What's going on ?"

A girl turns around "Some kid passed out in the Maxwell hall bathroom"

Zoey looks at Lola and Quinn "Come on"

Lola looks at them as they start walking towards Maxwell hall "I wonder if he's cute"

Zoey looks at her as they enter the building "Lola"

Lola talks again as they go threw the door "What a guy that's passed out can't be cute"

The scene changes to the girls and Michael and Logan meeting each other at the bathroom doorway where there's already a crowd Zoey looks at them "Hey guys"

Michael looks at them "Hello ladies"

Lola looks at them "Where's Chase ?"

Zoey looks at them "Is he sleeping threw this I know he didn't feel good yesterday but I figured he would be up for this"

Logan looks at them "He wasn't in the room this morning when we woke up"

They all look at each other before Zoey turns to a girl in front of them "Excuse me"

The girl turns around "Yes"

Zoey looks at her "Do you know who it is that's passed out on the floor ?"

The girl looks at her "No I'm sorry no ones been able to tell who it is all I heard was whoever it is has bushy hair"

Michael looks at them "Bushy hair"

Quinn then looks at them "Sick yesterday"

They all scream at once "Chase !!"

They join arms and try to make their way threw the crowed the girl looks at them "Chase ?"

The gang breaks threw the crowed to see a kid with curly hair laying on the floor in night clothes Logan looks at them "That's what Chase wore to bed last night"

They rush over and Michael rolls over the boy revealing a very pale Chase

Zoey starts shaking Chase "Chase wake up Chase"

Michael looks at the crowd "Has anyone tried calling 911"

A guy steps out of the crowd "I did just a few minutes ago"

Zoey is still looking at Chase "Chase please wake up"