The scene changes to a hospital waiting room Michael is pacing back and forth in front of Logan, Quinn and Lola Zoey walks in from the hall way she is on the phone "Yea Mrs. Matthews, Yea that's fine we'll watch him yea I'll call and let you know as soon as we find something out ok bye-bye" She hangs up the phone Logan looks at her "What did his mom say ?"

Zoey looks at them "Well she gave me a list of his alleges for me to give the doctor" She holds up a piece of paper

Lola looks at her "So are they coming to get him"

Zoey looks at her "We'll they said her and Chase's dad are on a business trip for a week and there's no way of them getting back here"

Logan looks at her "Great"

Michael continues to pace back and forth in front of them "What if he's dead ?"

Quinn looks at him "Michael"

Michael looks at her "No what if their just back there trying to figure out how to tell us"

Lola looks at him "Just calm down"

Michael looks at her "I can't"

At that moment a doctor steps out from the back room "Are ya'll here for Chase Matthews ?"

Michael looks at them "Oh my gosh he's dead"

The Doctor laughs at him "He's not dead he just had a close call"

Zoey stands up "What do you mean a close call ?"

The Doctor looks at them "His appendix was about to burst"

They all sigh a breath of relief the doctor looks at them "he's still unconscious and will probley stay that way till his surgery's done we do however know what rooms he's going to be in if ya'll would like to wait in there"

Zoey smiles at him " Sure thanks"

The scene changes to a little while later Michael is playing with the hospital bed "I love this bed"

Zoey looks at him "Well get up Chase will be here any minute he's in post op"

At that moment a Chase is rolled in on a stretcher Michael gets up off the bed as they put Chase in it

The orderly looks at him "He's still out of it but keep an eye on him he should be coming around pretty soon"

Lola smiles at him "We will"

The scene changes to a little while later Lola, Michael, Logan, Quinn and Zoey are watching all of sudden Michael lets out a laugh and Chase rolls over "Could you keep it down ?"

Michael looks at him "But this the funny part" he turns back around and then back at him "Chase !!"

Lola jumps up along with the rest of them "Chase !!"

They all run over to the bed Zoey rubs Chase's hair "Hey"

Chase looks up at her and with a weak voice reply's "Hey"

Michael rubs his arm "Good to have you back buddy"