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"Neville, get over here!"

"Yes Gran," Neville replied obediently. He was to be sixteen this year, and by his Gran's standards, that was old enough for him to be formally engaged.

Neville knew that he didn't wish to be engaged or to let his Gran down, especially after breaking his father's wand in the DOM fiasco earlier this summer with Harry and the DA

"This is Sarah Malfey," his Gran introduced him to the girl, before hissing in his ear... "Dance with her and propose."

Neville paled and was about to ask Sarah to dance, when he saw a rabbit in a waistcoat looking from him to a pocket watch. It took a moment for the rabbit to take notice that he was watching said rabbit, and made a motion for Neville to follow. And so, Neville did.

He ran through the hedge mages at a speed most would not have associated with the once pudgy boy he'd been And then he tripped and fell down a hole, headless of his Gran's shrieking and shouting for him to return immediately!