I do not own Alice or HP. Sorry for the wait, I was debating on how to end it... I had started to write more, but it ended so well here that I decided that this was it. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


Neville dodged healers, patients, and a few aurors in his haste to get to his parents, only to accidentally run into his parent's room door.

"Ow," Neville grumbled, but quickly slipped inside. "Hey mum, dad. Mum, I went to Underland. The Hatter and the White Queen send their regards, and helped me to get a potion for you. It might fix you and dad I'll help you take it, and then we will see if it helps."

Neville pulled out the potion bottle from the White Queen and helped his dad drink half of it and his mother was next. She was nearly finished drinking the last of the potion when the aurors and healers burst in.

"Drop the potion!" the auror ordered.

"No! Hand it over!" A healer yelled out, "Then we can tell if he poisoned them!"

"Wha? Look! It was a possible cure! It might help them! The White..." Neville was pushed out of the way as spells flew from the aurors wand, nearly hitting him.

"Who the hell are you and why are you firing at a child?!"

"Mr. Longbottom!" the healer dropped his wand in shock.

"Yes?" Neville and Frank replied as one, causing Frank to look at Neville curiously.

"Frank, we have to save Nev..."

"Mrs. Longbottom?!" the healer promptly fainted dead away.

"Mum? Dad?" Neville asked hopefully.

"Are you my Neville?" Alice Longbottom asked in a confused manner.

"Yes, mum. You've both been under the effects of the cruatious for roughly fifteen years."

"FIFTEEN YEARS!?!" Frank spluttered in shock, and then looked at Alice. "My dear, I do believe he's right."

"Oh Neville, I'm sorry..." Alice held out her arms and Neville dove into them with the bumbling grace of Tonks and the ferocity that most Gryffindors were known for.

"Mum..." Neville began to cry and hugged her happily.

The auror stood there and stared at the three Longbottoms, to the unconscious healer, and back, before deciding to wake the healer, "Enervate."

"Huh? What happened?" the healer groaned.

"Go firecall Madam Longbottom. I'm going to stop the rest of the aurors from storming this wing of the hospital. The female auror nodded in respect to Frank and dragged the confused healer from the room.

"Mum, I went to Underland."

"Oh? Did you see Absolum and Hatter?"

"Yes. Oh, and the White Queen also sends her best wishes, along with the potion I gave you and dad."

"Thank you, Neville,"Alice smiled. "Did you enjoy spending time with your godfather?"

"My Godfather?" Neville blinked in confusion, still refusing to let go of his mum.

"Tarrant Hightop, the Hatter," Alice replied.

Neville looked at his dad for confirmation and when it was given... "Merlin!"

Neville fainted.