OK, here's part two of the mix. Both this and part one are now downloadable from soundcloud.


20. Wordless – Come to me - Bjork

This song speaks of the way both women are completely captured by what they've discovered, but are too scared to name it, in case they destroy it.

21. Flawless – Promises – Booty Vibes Remix

An emotional rollercoaster of a chapter this, so I've chosen this track which veers between vocals that are laced with uncertainty and yet possibility and some heavy drops to signify the twists and turns.

22. The shape of the world – Piece of String – Clock Opera

This is my mate's band and I love it for the vulnerability of the vocals. For me it perfectly frames Naomi's capitulation to Emily's games, and their connection up on the rigging bar.

23. Twin suns - True Romance – Parov Stelar

This has been chosen cause it's just so goddam beautiful, and has an air of inevitability about it, much like our Twin Suns

24. Waking up - Your love gets sweeter – Finley Quaye

The next two tracks reflect the different reactions of the two girls to finding themselves caught in the grip of this immense love. Emily is quite happy to go with it and enjoy the ride…

25. What is this feeling called love - Feeling called love? – Pulp

Whereas Naomi is still scared shitless event though she can't help herself round Emily.

26. Another place - This Modern Love – Bloc Party

Emily has always been the more emotionally mature of the two, and this song reflects the way she is prepared for give Naomi her flaws and wait for her to catch up with her.

27. Since she was sweet sixteen - Too Lost In you – Sugababes

And now is the moment I reveal my (not so) secret love for the early Sugababes… (until Mutya left) This song is a perfect picture of obsessive love.

28. Passion is a language - Jungle Shadow – Kiril feat. MC Wasp and Ruci

I love the energy and joy of this track for the passion of the lovers, and the gypsy vibe to represent the fighting Fitches and the power of the tribe against the ignorant

29. Isadora - Cold War – Janelle Monae

This song is about making a stand even though it might cost you. I urge you to look up the video for this one YouTube – it's beautiful

30. Nine years of war - Disappoint you (High Constrast mix) – Jargon

I love the push and pull of this track between the vocal section and the bass drops. It fits Emily and Jenna's battle perfectly in my mind.

31. Blessed rains - Because the Night – Patti Smith Group

There's a whole generation who have only heard a shoddy techno remix of this, so it's about time we set that straight. Here's the original – raw, passionate, gorgeous – just like our lovers' need for each other.

32. Three simple stages - I was made for loving you - FreqNAsty

The only track for this chapter – these two were made for each other. And it's just fucking sexy.

33. Little fluffy clouds - Believers – Smith and Mighty

Love this track, Bristol band, great vocals, lazy beat – perfect cloudwatching music.

34. I love it when you prove me wrong - Gun Clip – Beat Assassins

I chose this for it's dirty beat, and the sassy attitude of the vocals. A most excellent background for a bit of dutty lovin'.

35. Bad Blood - Move On – Farace

Love this track. It's so in your face, and I think it's great for the powerful aggression between Naomi and Cook.

36. You will always be mine - Who is it? – Bjork

This is for Naomi and Cook remembering how much they mean to each other, and that with Emily they can become even stronger.

37. The sweet escape - Upside down – Paloma Faith

This track is so happy, and it reflects Emily's delight at escaping the corporate world and finding her true family.

38. Beautiful chaos - Raise your Glass - Pink

Because we will never be anything but loud and nitty gritty dirty little freaks. And I raise my glass to all of you who have enjoyed this story.

If you have enjoyed the artists on these mixes then I encourage you to check out their work, and if you have money to maybe spend a few coins on their work. They're not all big rockstars and musicians need to eat too. I have enjoyed doing this, and your reactions to it so I guess I'll be doing the same thing for 99 Problems soon.

Feel the love.

Hypes xxx