Mad as a Hatter

I've been thinking of words starting with M.

Mad, moron, mind, murderer, mundane,

Monstrous, might, moody, meet, mourning, must, mane,

Many words begin with M. Could you help list them?

I'm a hatter, you see, I'm mad, I am

You wouldn't be the last to wonder if I'm sane

'Cause you see, I haven't got a thing to gain

Mad as a hatter and a hatter I am

Perhaps you would like to join me for some tea?

Does your watch need some jam to help it work?

The March Hare always has some without a fee.

Would you please forgive me for my smirk?

Would you look at the time? It is half past three.

Mad as a hatter, I can say it's a perk.

Inspired by the new movie that just came out and written for my creative writing class. This is a short Shakespearean sonnet about being a Hatter from the Hatter's point of view.