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And you love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Let me go

It was the end of the first day of the Second Stage of the Chunnin Exams, and Team Seven decided they needed to find a place to camp for the night.

All three of them were tired from the run from the entrance deep into the Forest of Death, where the Second Stage of the Exams was taking place. So they decided that while two of them slept, one would stay up and keep watch.

"I'll take the first shift, you both sleep." Naruto said quietly.

Sasuke just nodded and laid his bed roll out before turning away from the other two to sleep.

"Sleep Sakura-chan" Naruto said as the pink haired kunoichi watched Sasuke's back move as he slept.

Sakura ignored Naruto and continued to watch Sasuke sleep.

"Sakura-chan" Naruto said softly so he wouldn't wake the sleeping boy to their left. "You claim to love Sasuke, but why?"

Sakura looked at Naruto, and then turned back to Sasuke staying silent.

Naruto watched the small girl while she stared at Sasuke, when she finally turned back to Naruto, there were tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"Sakura, what exactly do you know about Sasuke?" Naruto said.

Sakura stayed silent for a moment before glancing back at Sasuke, then she sighed and looked back at Naruto and said "Why wouldn't I love Sasuke? He's obviously gorgeous, and very talented. Every girl in our class loves him."

"No, they don't. They are infatuated with him. That is not love, that's a petty school girl crush. If any of you bothered to take the time to get to know him, you might fall in love with him. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe he ignores all the girls in school because he really just doesn't like you?" Naruto said with his voice rising by the second.

"You all hound him every time you see him with squealing. Yet none of you have bothered to look past his good looks or his brooding personality, or his skills to get to know him. If you stopped squealing over him and complimenting him on everything he does he might actually talk to you." Naruto finished.

Sakura stared at Naruto, shocked to hear something like that coming from the blonde shinobi's lips. This was definitely not the number one unpredictably dobe-like ninja that they came in here with. Sakura started thinking that maybe this forest changes people.

Naruto shot a glance at Sasuke before looking back to Sakura and rolling his eyes at the tears that were very close to overflowing from her eyes.

"Sakura-chan, I'm not trying to be rude, but in all honestly. How can you claim love for a person you don't know? Besides the fact he's on our team, there's not much else you know about him. His favorite food, his favorite color, his favorite thing to do, his past. Nothing. So before you make false accusations like you know him, stop to think about what you actually know about him." Naruto said before standing up and walking away to check the perimeter for other people.

Sakura looked back at Sasuke for a moment, before pulling out her own bed roll and lying down, thinking about all the things Naruto had just said to her.

Neither of them knew that the entire time they were talking; Sasuke had been awake and heard everything. Luckily he had been turned away from the two, because the shock that crossed his face would not have been easy to hide.


Team Seven woke up the next day and packed up they're things before continuing they're journey deeper into the Forest of Death.

Sasuke was in the lead, followed by Sakura and then Naruto in the back keeping watch for anyone following them.

"Stop" Sasuke called and then all landed to the ground with a thump.

"I'm going to go get some more water from the river over there" Sasuke said pointing to his left where they heard to trickling of a river.

Naruto nodded and Sakura stayed silent as Sasuke walked through the trees to the river after taking each of their water bottles.

"Naruto" Sakura said staring at the ground.

Naruto turned to the pink haired girl, Sakura fidgeted slightly before saying "I want to talk to you about what you said last night."

Naruto nodded and she took that as encouragement to go on, "I thought a lot about what you said, last night and this morning sense we left our campsite, and I-I think your wrong."

Sakura stopped fidgeting and looked Naruto in the face, but what she saw there wasn't understanding, it was a touch of anger.

"Why do you think that?" Naruto said calmly, trying to keep his anger in check.

"Because I think you can love someone without knowing them. Because I love Sasuke-kun and you can't change that. You're probably just jealous anyway that I pay more attention to him." Sakura said placing her hands on her hips and forcing her head up high, willing her body not to waver under his intense gaze.

Naruto laughed loudly and didn't notice Sasuke's small footsteps coming back towards them overtop of his own laughter.

Sasuke stopped behind a tree to listen to what his fellow team members were talking about.

Naruto stopped laughing and looked at Sakura, "OH! You're serious. Sorry, that was quite funny though." He said chuckling slightly.

Sakura looked taken aback before slowly regaining her previous stance and glaring.

Naruto coughed slightly while wiping fake tears out of his eyes before saying "Let me ask you a few questions then."

Sakura huffed and nodded for him to start with the interrogation.

"What's his favorite color?" Naruto said.

"Black" Sakura replied.

"Favorite food?" Naruto said.

Sakura paused for a moment and looked up before saying, "Chocolate"


"To revive his clan" Sakura said nodding.

"What happened to his clan?" Naruto said.

"Um... well. They were killed." Sakura said.

"Do you know how?" Naruto said looking her straight in the eye.

"... no." Sakura said.

Naruto laughed softly and said "Well I guess two out of five isn't bad"

"Excuse me?" Sakura said, starting to get angrier by the second.

"His favorite color is blue, not black. His favorite food is onigiri, he hates sweets. His goal is to revive his clan though. His clan was killed by his brother, but as to why his brother did it, I don't have the right to say." Naruto said, "So before you claim to be in love with him, again, take the time to get to know him for real. Because it does matter if you know someone. You claiming love for Sasuke is like me claiming love for the proctor of this exam. I know nothing about her."

"How... how did you know all that?" Sakura said her frame wavering slightly

"Does it matter? I at least pay enough attention to know. If you wouldn't have been swooning over the poor boy for years you probably would have noticed to. It's rather obvious. He broods because he's lonely; his clan was murdered when he was very young, but still old enough to remember. He never eats sweets, ever. He normally always has onigiri for lunch and his shirt is blue, as is the tint to his hair. Why would he wear a blue shirt all the time if it wasn't his favorite color? Hello, I wear orange 24/7, and it's my favorite color." Naruto said crossing his arms.

Sakura stood there gaping at Naruto.

"Just as I said, you don't know anything about him. And if you tell anyone those things, he'll know you only know them because of me. I'm the only other person in the world besides him who knows. And believe me; everyone knows there's no way he'd tell you. So how about you stop trying to proclaim you love to the guy and get over it. Because one; you don't love him, and two; he obviously has no desire to love you, let alone like you or else he would by now. It's been, what, 7 years?" Naruto said with a smug smile on his face.

Sakura still stood there gaping.

"Are we finished? Or are you going to start proclaiming love again? Cause in all honesty, I don't know how much more of that I can take without my ears starting to bleed." Naruto said.

"Why... wh-why are you doing this?" Sakura said in a small voice.

"Because he's my best friend, and he means more to me than you'll ever know. Just give it up Sakura, and let him go." Naruto said before walking forward.

Sakura stood still, slightly shocked, but mostly hurt. She can't believe Naruto would do something so cruel.

Sasuke just stood at the edge of the path behind a tree, gaping at the amount of knowledge the dobe knew about him. 'Maybe keeping everyone an arms length away isn't the best solution.' Sasuke thought.

Sasuke tried to be as loud as possible as he stepped back onto the dirt road the other two members of his team stood facing away from each other. Anger surging off one and despair off the other.

"Hn" Sasuke said stopping between the two.

"Let's go" Naruto said.

Sakura just sniffled and wiped her face off before nodding and jumping back into the trees to proceed they're journey deeper into the Forest of Death.



Note: Song is 'Let Me Go' by 3 Doors Down.