Four days later, Sasuke was released from the hospital. Naruto had been released a few days before, but still stay in the hospital at Sasuke's bedside, though most of the time he was in Sasuke's bed instead of a different one like the nurses told him to be.

During the times when Naruto was asleep with his head on Sasuke's chest, Sasuke had been thinking about a specific thing he had been wanting to ask his dobe of a boyfriend. Sasuke normally wasn't one to be scared, but this time, he was.

So as Sasuke and Naruto walked down the streets of Konoha, Sasuke was panicking, on the inside of course, he would never let anyone see his resolve collapse.

Naruto, of course, knew something was up with Sasuke, but just kept quiet and continued whistling as he walked down the road, side by side with Sasuke.

When Naruto and Sasuke had finally reached the blonde haired shinobi's apartment, Sasuke had finally realized he had to get this over with now, or else he would lose his nerve.

Naruto pulled his keys out of his pocket and proceeded to unlock and open his front door, before ushering Sasuke in and locking the door behind the two.

Naruto instantly pushed Sasuke against the closed door and kissed him hard on the lips.

Sasuke moaned into Naruto's mouth, completely forgetting about his earlier thoughts.

When Naruto pushed his hips forward, Sasuke's head snapped back and he finally remember what he had wanted to do.

"Naruto" Sasuke moaned, "Before this goes any further, I want to talk to you about something."

Naruto mumbled and moved back from Sasuke, staring at the floor.

Sasuke rubbed his face to regain some self control before walking over to Naruto's couch and sitting down. Naruto followed him and sat down far away from Sasuke and continued to stare at the floor.

"So" Naruto whispered.

"I'm not leaving you dobe" Sasuke said.

Naruto's head snapped up, "You… aren't?"

Sasuke chuckled, "No I'm not"

"Oh" Naruto said as a bright smile lit up his face.

"There is something I want to ask you though." Sasuke said, starting to panic slightly again.

"I know, you were practically screaming with worry on the way here." Naruto said, still grinning.

Sasuke nodded and started to fidget, which was unlike his personality.

Naruto scooted closer to Sasuke and placed a hand on his knee, "You can just say it"

Sasuke blew out a breath and said "Will you move in with me? To the Uchiha compound."

Right after he said it, Sasuke decided to look anywhere besides Naruto's face.

Naruto's face lit up and he jumped on Sasuke, hugging the black haired shinobi tightly.

"I'd love to!" Naruto screamed.

Sasuke sighed in relief and hugged Naruto back.

"I love you." Naruto whispered almost inaudibly, but Sasuke heard it and just kissed his temple in response.


Sakura laid on her stomach on her bed, glancing over a random scroll for a jutsu she was supposed to be learning, but her thoughts kept drifting back to a silver haired mask wearing shinobi.

Sakura sighed and dropped herself face down onto her pillow, sighing louder, and then growling in frustration.

Finally realizing that she was going to get no where, she pushed herself out of bed and shrugged her jacket on before running downstairs and shoving her feet into her blue sandals and yelling to her parents that she was going for a walk.

Sakura walked for about a half hour before coming to a stop in front of her favorite tree, oddly enough it was a sakura tree. Which amused her to no end, but it was a beautiful tree that always seemed to calm her racing mind.

Sakura just sat herself down in front of the tree and leaned back against it and sighed contently. There was something about this tree that calmed her.

She sat there clearing her head for about twenty minutes before she heard footsteps coming towards her. Not bothering to open her eyes, Sakura said "Kakashi-sensei."

"Your ability to sense chakra never ceases to amaze me Sakura" Kakashi said sitting down next to her.

Sakura hummed in response and kept her eyes closed, as long as she didn't look at her sensei, she wouldn't be compelled to do something she knew she'd regret later.

'As long as I don't see, or smell, or taste, or touch, or – Get a hold of yourself Sakura!' Sakura thought to herself.

Because Sakura knew that if she chanced a peek at her sensei, it would all be over, and her world would come crashing down, because she could already tell she was falling for her sensei, and she wasn't sure if it was because he had saved her in the Forest of Death, or if it was for other reasons, but she was.

Sakura inhaled deeply and was instantly invaded by his scent, which made her mind fuzz over and her body turn numb.

Sakura exhaled just as deeply, willing the emotions that flooded over her to flee her body and leave her to her unrequited love.

"Anything you want to talk about?" Sakura said, trying to figure out why her sensei was bothering to sit next to her when he obviously had many other things he could be doing.

"Yes, but it can wait." Kakashi said.

"For?" Sakura said, almost giving in and looking at him.

Kakashi stayed silent for so long that Sakura had thought he left; therefore she opened her right eye and peered sideways. He was still sitting there, staring into the distance. Sakura cursed her luck as her breath hitched.

Kakashi must have heard the small sound that escaped her because he looked at her and lightly placed his fingers on her cheek.

"Don't" Sakura whispered, leaning into his touch against her will.

"Don't what?" Kakashi said moving closer to her.

"Don't do this. You're just going to leave in the end and say that I'm too young for you." Sakura said, fighting back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes.

"You are too young for me" Kakashi replied, still running his fingers over her face.

Sakura whimpered in response and the tears began to fall from her eyes, which she immediately shut. Kakashi instantly began wiping them away as they fell.

"How do you know you love me?" Kakashi said.

"Who said I loved you." Sakura whispered.

"You didn't have to. I just know." Kakashi replied, moving closer to her until he was right beside her.

"How?" Sakura said, leaning closer to him, her eyes still closed.

"Because I love you too. Against my better judgment and everyone expectations." Kakashi said.

"But you will leave me." Sakura said, forcing herself to move away from his touch.

"I can't leave you Sakura." Kakashi said, and Sakura realized his voice sounded strained.

"I've been trying to stay away from you, I've been fighting with my emotions for far too long and I can't do it anymore. It was easier before when you had that childish crush on Sasuke, but now that you are returning my feelings, I can't fight mine." Kakashi said, pulling Sakura to him and kissing her.

Sakura put her hands into Kakashi's hair and moved against him, all the while stars were exploding behind her eyelids and she was turning into mush.

Kakashi pulled back slightly and looked at her. Sakura regained her breathing and then opened her eyes to look at him, and when she looked into his one visible eye, she knew he wasn't lying.

"I'm sorry I hurt you with my stupid crush. I should have realized tha-" Sakura started.

"Shh. None of that matters now." Kakashi said before pulling her down for another kiss.

Sakura put as much love as she could into this one kiss, hoping it conveyed all the emotions that were running through her at the moment. Kakashi responded with the same enthusiasm, so Sakura realized he must feel the same she does.

Sakura decided to apologize to Naruto tomorrow, because even though she doesn't know everything about Kakashi-sensei, she knows more about him than anyone else.



End Authors Note: That's it, it's over. I know it was rather boring, but sue me. I liked it. XD