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Right. Formalities first. This is a contest entry for Rune Haven's contest, and the theme is 'Embarrassment'. So, you all know that the entries are going to be roll-around-laughing, and mine is going to be one as well. Brace yourselves, and please be warned, this story is kinda...perverted. And the name of the book is purposely not given.

To the story!


Tori sat on a chair in the Library, a large book in front of her. She was immersed in the pages when somebody barged in through the door. A few books fell from the shelves. Tori looked up to see who it was. There, with her orange hair swinging, was Cecilia. Tori let a warm smile fill her lips as the little girl ran up to her and hugged her.

"Do you want to read a book?" asked Tori, smiling. The usually nervous girl did not stutter around Cecilia. Cecilia jumped onto the older woman's lap and pulled a book out of her bag.

"Could you read this story to me, please?" she pleaded, her eyes like a begging puppy. She showed the title of the book. It read...

Tori's face contracted in a fierce blush, and she stammered out a stream of rubbish. Cecilia calmly opened the book and flipped through the pages.

"Well, there were many words I did not understand..." said the six-year-old, searching for a page. "Here! What does...to make love mean?"

Tori's stammering persisted. Her face was many different shades of red, and she looked at the book helplessly.

"I-I-" she said.

"You told me that the dictionary told you that love is a strong liking or affection..." said Cecilia, putting a finger on her chin.

"Then how do you make love?" she asked, very much confused. "I don't understand..."

"Ceci, I think th-that-" she was cut of by a cry triumph from the little girl.

"Ah! What does a...a...what is a cock?" she asked, pointing to the word. Tori blushed harder in embarrassment.

"The book went on and on about stroking cocks and something called pussies, but I went to Neumann's store and patted a cockadoodle, but nothing happened! How can hens and cats grow on humans? And the book said something about 'pleasure' and 'pressure' but I did not feel anything..." the half-elf trailed off, wondering why Tori was looking like a tomato.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

"Gay love..." said Tori air-head from Ceci's questions."I-I mean, what? Sorry?"

"Oh, yeah! I wanted to ask you this too! What does...climax mean?"

Tori's face was changing colors faster than a chameleon's. She put a hand on her forehead and took several deep breaths. She turned to the six-year-old.

"Listen, Ceci..." she said as gently as possible. "I will tell you...later. When you are a mature sixteen year old. Then I will tell you...all of it. And in the meantime..." Tori took the book away from the child's grasp. "You read only what I give you, okay?"

Ceci looked crestfallen, and whined in disappointment to Tori, "But I'm only six! Sixteen is another..." she counted on her fingers, "...ten years away! Can't you tell me now?"

Right on cue, Nicholas barged in, Tori sighed in relief, despite the fact that more books fell from the shelves.

"Look Ceci, Nick has come to play. You go play with him," Why was she getting such perverted thoughts at the word 'play'? "...and you remember your promise, okay?"

"Okay Tori! But tell me when I'm sixteen, okay?" she said. Tori nodded and Ceci and Nicholas ran outside, leaving the Library in peace at last. Tori sighed and kept the book on the table.

"Children knowing about making love..." she trailed off, shaking her head. At this time, Russell crept up to her and wrapped his arms around her, scaring Tori.

"What did you say about making love?"


Aaaaand we're done.