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"Bye Gibbs," DiNozzo said waving as he left with Ziva.

The two of them left as they argued about movies that Tony had watched, but Ziva hadn't. I shook my head as the elevator doors closed and smiled at their childness. Then I realized that I hadn't seen McGee in awhile.

Looking at McGee's desk I saw that his bag was still there. Standing up I looked at his computer and saw that it was off. McGee would never leave his things here but shut down his computer.

My gut started to twist uneasily as I thought about what could have happened. The last case had hit all of us hard, but it seemed that McGee took it the worst. He was too sensitive, not that it was always a bad thing.

As my gut continued to turn I decided to grab his bag and see if he was in his car. While it maybe possible, although very unlikely, for McGee to leave his things here I knew he wouldn't leave without his car.

I should have made sure he was alright after this case. He seemed to have bonded with the small, lanky, teenager that had killed his tormentors father thinking it was his tormentor.

Because of McGee going through the teens computer did we find out that it was him. It seemed to be sad that he found it out, but he knew that he had to do his job. Even if it completely sucked.

I could tell from all the time watching McGee that he was picked on when he was in school. It wasn't hard to believe that he was picked on. I just didn't like the thought of one of my men being picked on.

When I got to the parking lot I saw McGee's Porsche was still in his parking spot. I was going to turn around and go back inside when I saw someone leaning against the drivers door.

I didn't know who it was at first, but after my eyes adjusted to light I saw that the person was McGee. My gut tightened again as I realized that this didn't feel right for some reason at all.

McGee was just sitting there, in the dark, alone. Maybe this case had hit him a lot harder then I had thought. I could tell that I needed to go talk to McGee about whatever was going though that head of his.

I walked over and dropped the bag next to him. McGee seemed to become even more tense as I sat next to him. I opened my mouth to speak, but I decided to just watch McGee for any signs.

McGee's whole body was tense and his back was hunched over. His knees was pulled as close to his body as possible. From his body I could tell that he wished I wasn't there.

With a sigh I decided that it might be better if I left McGee to his thoughts. I moved to get up and let him be, but then I saw McGee's face and knew I couldn't leave him alone.

Tears were streaming down his face and blood was dripping from a split in his bottom lip. To me it looked like McGee had been biting his lip to the point of it bleeding pretty badly.

I couldn't leave McGee like this even if he wanted me to. McGee needed to talk about whatever was going on and I needed him to realize that I was there for him to talk to.

"Tim," I said softly.

"Don't," McGee said roughly.

I was surprised when I heard him say that. McGee was never one to say something like that to me, at least not in that tone of voice. It made me even more worried about McGee.

I turned to him and stared at him for awhile. McGee didn't look up at me at all and I couldn't shake the feeling that I was missing something major. McGee was my responsibility.

Ever since McGee came on my team I had felt that he was like a son to me. I was never a person that said that I cared about a person, but I made sure that they always knew that I did.

McGee, on the other hand, was never the person to keep thoughts like that to himself. When McGee cared about someone he would let that person know and bend backwards to help them.

"Tim," I said trying again.

"Please," McGee said desperately, "Just don't."

"No," I said shaking my head, "We need to talk."

McGee didn't respond to anything for awhile. My gut was twisting almost painfully by this point. If I didn't get McGee to talk soon then I doubted that I could help him at all.

"Talk," I said firmly.

"Just leave," McGee said angrily.

I opened my mouth again only to freeze. Laying in McGee's right hand was his gun. The gun was fully cocked and I remembered watching him clean it thoroughly today, so I knew it was going to be very effective.

"McGee," I said eyeing the gun.

"Shut up," McGee growled out.

I swallowed roughly and thought about what I could do. It seemed that McGee was under a lot of distress and I hoped I could calm him down at least enough to get the gun away.

"Just give me the gun," I said holding my hand out.

"This?" McGee asked smirking, "Don't worry. I'm not going to use it on you."

"I don't want you to use it on anyone," I said slowly.

"No promises there," he said laughing.

As I watched McGee I saw a glint in his eyes that made me worry more. Something was wrong and it was like McGee wasn't even in his right mind anymore and it scared me.

What was I supposed to do to get him to hand the gun over to me? I had to find out what was wrong with him before I could get that gun away. My movements had to very calm and easy.

I couldn't let McGee tell that I was afraid of what he was going to do. If I was going to get the gun I would have to treat McGee like I would any other person who had a gun.

"I'll use it on myself," McGee said laughing again.