Wow, it seems i have been very bored in science lately cause i had another Winchester random fight idea and i just had to write it down, so i did.

Science is really shit now, excpecially when you're learning about global warming and the teacher is showing you a 89 slide description and information on the topis....**groans**

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Pretty woMan

"Dean!" Sam yelled from inside the bathroom. Dean heard the lock click as Sam threw open the door and stalked towards Dean, glaring. Dean sat on top of the bed, smirking at his little brother who was dressed in a blood-red floor length cocktail dress.

"What the hell Dean!" Sam stated, "why did you have to get this dress, out of all the dresses you could have bought you bought 'this'?" Sam said as he pointed to the dress.

"I think it brings out the color in your eyes," Dean said as he continued to smirk.

"Dean, don't mess with me," Sam threatened with a glare.

"Hey Sammy, you're the one that was always considered the most feminine out of the two of us," Dean stated.

"Just because I can cook, clean and sew doesn't mean I'm feminine," Sam said in an irritated tone.

"Well in my books it does," Dean replied, "come on we better get a move on or we will be late, here have these." Dean handed Sam a pair of black ballet shoes with red bows on the toes and a jet black wig. Sam took both reluctantly and sighed. He never should have agreed to this, damn his brother to hell again for forcing him to do this.

"Aw, come on Sammy, I mean Samantha," Dean said winking. Sam threw a punch but Dean easily blocked him.

"Now now, women should never throw punches, even if they are actually men," Dean said, laughing as Sam pouted and glared at him.

"I'm only doing this so we can gank that spirit possessing those shoes," Sam said as he continued to pout which only made the smile on Dean's face boarder.

"Hey, it's not my fault that the latest owner of those shoes happens to a transvestite," Dean said with a shrug, "and the fact that she…he is attending a party tonight were only transvestites and their doctors are allowed in."

"And why am I the bloody transvestite!!??" Sam questioned, yelling at his brother.

"Like I said, the feminine one," Dean retorted, "anyway, you need to have a sexy doctor, for example me…I'm like Doctor Sexy…"

"Dude, I forbid you from telling everyone your name is Doctor Sexy," Sam said as Dean opened his mouth in protest but Sam cut him off. "Seriously Dean, we need to salt and burn those shoes before they walk another innocent person over a cliff," Sam said as he put on the wig and slipped the shoes on.

"Fine, but don't forget the voice Sam," Dean said as he shrugged into his tux jacket, "feminine remember."

"Yeah yeah, asshole," Sam said as he checked his reflection in the mirror before he walked out the motel door.

Dean followed as he grabbed the motels keys and checked that there were no breaks in the salt line before locking the door.

He walked over to Sam who was leaning against the Impala's door and they both got in.

"Let's roll Samantha," Dean said with a toothy grin. Sam just punched his arm and replied, "Sure thing Deanna."

So another story in know what it will now be a goal of mine to think up a story in science and then post it on fanfic!!

that will be my new goal...althought it is quite lame i now have a purpose for waking up everyday XD