The days go by so slowly without you here with me my beloved husband. It has been ten years since we got married and you are still out on a mission to get money for us. I stare out the very window you proposed to me at awaiting your return. It has been two months since you left on your last mission and I miss you so much my beloved 'Kuzu.

"Hidan," Deidara called.

"By the window."

"Hidan, still waiting for Kakuzu?"


"Leader-Sama wants to see you. If you want I'll watch for him and tell him were you are."

"Ok and thank you Deidara."

"No problem." Hidan walked through the base and over to the Leader's office. Hidan knocked twice.

"Come in Hidan."


"As you well know Kakuzu has not returned yet."

"Yeah and I'm worried."

"Don't be. I told him to stop in the closest village to the base and rest. I had him send me the town, inn, and room number. I said I would send you to him. Go on you crazy lover."

"Oh thank you Leader. Can you tell Deidara so he can stop watching for Kakuzu for me?"


"Thanks." Hidan ran out of the office and out of the base. He ran as fast as he could. He ran through the forest and into the village Kakuzu was in. He ran down the main street of the village and into the inn. He ran up the stairs and into Kakuzu's room.

"Kakuzu!" Hidan looked down at the bed to see a sleeping Kakuzu. Hidan crawled into the bed and wrapped Kakuzu's arms around him. He wrapped him arms around Kakuzu.

"I guess I'll lay next to you and wait for you to wake up. Happy ten year anniversary my beloved husband 'Kuzu." Hidan kissed Kakuzu's unmasked cheek and laid his head down. Within a few minutes Hidan was asleep.

A few hours past and Kakuzu woke up to feel extra warm. He opened his eyes to see Hidan's sleeping face only inches away from his.

"Hello Hidan. I've missed you. I only wished I was awake when you arrived. Happy ten year anniversary my dear beloved Hidan." Kakuzu rolled out of bed and leaned over to kiss Hidan's cheek. He then went into the bathroom to get a shower.

When Kakuzu got out he grabbed a towel and wrapped his hair up. He walked out into his room to see Hidan sitting on the bed looking at the floor.



Hidan stood up and they both ran to one another. Their embrace was long and warming.

"I missed you so much 'Kuzu. I sat at the window everyday waiting to see you walk up to the base. Happy anniversary."

"I missed you too Hidan. I looked up at the sky always thinking of my return to you. Happy Anniversary."

"I love you 'Kuzu."

"I love you too Hidan." They leaned in and kissed. The long awaited kiss that they both craved for these past few months. They held each other close as they watched the sun set. The long awaited kiss they craved was finally in their lips past. Now every kiss was a long awaited kiss.

~ The End ~