Across the Universe

Chapter One

(Author's note: this story takes place before the Plastic Beach and Noodle's disappearance. :] Just so y'all know...and, it won't be true to the events that lead up to those things Hopefully y'all enjoy it. Leave me reviews because, like a fat kid likes candy, I really enjoy them. :D-StalkerDex)

It was a sunny, almost surreal day at Kong. All three of them, Murdoc, Noodle and 2D were outside in a small garden that D had been struggling to grow. They were almost glowing to him as he watched like a proud father through the window, taking sips of his coffee here and there.

D was down on his knees, in a small pink apron, yellow gloves, and a sun hat, digging up the dirt and laying seeds in them. This garden was his baby, the only baby Russel thought he would ever have, seeing as his maturity level was so low. He had changed though, quite a bit, since he'd realized that he was a viable part of the band. He had caught onto the fact that he didn't need Murdoc to be where he was now, and that gave him a sort of confidence, calming down the violent relationship the two of them had had. In fact, it was quite the opposite now; Murdoc almost seemed to have a bit of respect for him now.

Of course, at the moment he was simply smoking a cigarette, staring out at the world and paying no attention to D or Noodle, who was running around in a cape. She had grown so much since she'd first arrived. She was beginning to even resemble a woman, which honestly scared the living hell out of him, but he was proud at the same time; not only of her, but of the his whole family. They'd really grown into a family, and he was so grateful for that.

He breathed softly as he put his finished coffee mug into the sink before exiting Kong, eager to go out and join the other three in the garden.

"How's it comin' along there, D?" he asked as he walked upon the rest of them, smiling widely.

"Oh, i's comin'..."

"Wot the fuck is the matta wif you!?" Murdoc interrupted the singer, looking at the large man before him.

"What do you mean? Hey, D was talking..."

"I mean, what's wif that big fuckin' goofy, gay-ass grin on your bloody face?" Murdoc continued, completely uncaring of the interruption that had been pointed out to him. It didn't matter, the blue headed zombie was already completely focused back on the task he'd started. He'd learned to ignore the Satanist's complete disregard for others over the years.

"Nothin', I'm just happy that's all. Something you wouldn't know too much about," he mocked before walking over to D, repeating his question about the garden. Murdoc smirked to himself, it was such a lovely day outside he didn't even care about Russel's cheekiness with him. He was too relaxed. He shook his head before taking the last drag of his cigarette and stomping it out.

"Well," said D, "as I was tryin' ta say, tha garden is comin' jus' fine. Perfect. We should be havin' some actual food here in just a few weeks. See how things are startin' ta bud?" he asked as he pointed to some stalks and flowers. He really was quite lovely, like a doll.

"That's kick ass, Man," Russel responded, patting the singer on the head. He smiled proudly as he stood up and took his gloves off.

"Well, tha's about it in the garden fer taday. Erm, wot else should we do now then?"

"Oooooh!" Murdoc spat out as he was suddenly tackled to the ground by Noodle, who had pounced out of nowhere at him. All the other two saw was her cape flying through the air as the bassist collapsed to the ground, the wind completely knocked out of him.

"TAG! YOU'RE IT MOTHERFUCKER!" She shouted. She was in a bit of a testing phase at the moment, probably because she was in her teen years at this point.

"Watch you're mouth!" Russel demanded, struggling to hold in his laughter as he looked at the Satanist, who was breathing heavily and looking shocked as all hell.

D, however, didn't hold in his laughter at all. He really let it out, bending over and slapping his knee.

Murdoc got this really angry look on his face in reaction, "yeah, you keep on bendin' ova like that you prat and see wot happens!"

Despite the bassist's threats, the singer just continued to bend over and laugh, insistently slapping his knee. Russel, too, chuckled a bit, still going to great efforts to control it.

Noodle got off of him and held out her hand, offering to help him up. He gave her a bit of an irritated look, just for show, before taking her hand and letting her pull him up. As much as it would've been grounds for execution if anyone else were to tackle him, with her, anything was allowed.

"I'll git you back," he threatened. She just rolled her eyes at him before turning her attention to Russel.

"Hey, I know what we should do! Let's go to the beach! It's such a beautiful sunny day."

"Good idea, girlie," Russel replied.

"Ya, ya...real good idea!" D chirped up, looking totally excited, which caused even the miserable Murdoc to smirk a bit.

"Awright, awright, lemme jus' go pull the Geep around. Grab yer shit while I git it, ok? I don' wanna wait around forever while you guys are all gathering up your stupid ass beach toys."

"'s betta than the toys you've got up in yer winne," D retorted, referring to Murdoc's array of sex toys, not all of them reserved for sex with two.

"If you don' watch yer mouth I'm gonna shove my toys up yer winne, you sodding..."

"Alright! That's enough!" Russel interrupted, eyeing Noodle. She may've been a teenager, but she didn't need to hear that shit.

Murdoc grumbled a bit as D chuckled some more.

"Fuck off, go git yer shit. I'll be 'round," Murdoc grumbled, walking away from the rest of them. Sometimes he really wanted to sock that sodding prat square in the jaw; these days it was hard to get a punch in though, now that he was all confident and whatnot. Plus, he had no interest in letting Russel get at his nose again; he'd learned his lesson there.

He was muttering curse words under his breath as he pulled his keys out of his back pocket and allowed himself into the Geep. He was a little tired but was actually, despite his efforts to seem like he wasn't, pretty ok with going to the beach. It was a nice day. Sunny enough for him to throw on his sunglasses, which were in the glove box, as he pulled out into the sun and in front of Kong. He was surprised to see that everyone was actually ready. D was in some colorful, Hawaiian looking swim trunks, no shirt, sunglasses and a giant huge foam noodle in hand. Russel was wearing a giant white T-shirt, black swim trunks, sunglasses and a bag full of sun block, snacks and other assorted necessaries. Noodle was in a black two piece with little pink skulls on it and some sunglasses to boot as well. He hated that she was in such a provocative suit. When the fuck did she get so big?

"Alright, pile in," Russel stated cheerfully as he held open the passenger door, allowing Noodle in the back and then he squished in beside her. D, as always, sat up front beside Murdoc.

The bassist really wasn't sure why D always sat beside him; probably because that was the way it had been before Noodle and Russel had come into their lives. Before that it had only been the two of them. He had to admit, as much as he really did enjoy having D around, it was a lot better to have everyone; even if they got on his last fucking nerve.

"Who're ya texting?" Murdoc asked as he noticed the singer was sitting, slouched down, feet on the dash and cell phone in hand.

"A bird," he smirked, looking devilishly at Murdoc, who was now intrigued.

"Oh? Ye? And where did this little bird come from then?" he asked.

Russel was also listening intently at this point. Noodle had her headphones on so all dirty talk was expected to be dished.

"Wot? You guys are so nosy!" he chuckled as his phone dinged with a reply.

"Gimme the phone!" Russel laughed as he snatched it out of D's hand.

"Oi...!" he protested as he tried to grab it back. Russel smacked his hand away, which caused Murdoc to snicker of course, and opened the text.

"D, I had such A fantastic time the other night. I can't wait to feel you lick my..."

"Ok, ok, that's enough!" D shouted, his face completely red as he grabbed his cell phone back. He put it in his pocket to hide it from the others for a moment, looking at Murdoc who was giving him a rather mocking smile.

"Fuck you guys," 2D stated, a playful tone behind his voice as he settled back into his chair.

"So, sounds like someone had a good time. Was she hot?" Russel asked, leaning forward on his arms. He was such a gossip whore. However, Murdoc was also interested.

D shuffled a bit in his chair, still slouching.

"Ye. Ye, I'd give her a ten."

"Why? Do tell!" Russel urged.

"You sound like a girl," Murdoc stated, trying to get on the drummer's nerves. However, he was ignored. It was harder and harder to irritate these two lately.

"Well, she has nice eyes, and a pretty face, good hair..."


2D's face went completely red again, but he proceeded to answer, "she had some great big round ones," he admitted, laughing a bit.

"Now that's what I'm talking about, Dawg!" Russel shouted victoriously as he high fived the singer, who reluctantly held his hand up for it. He knew it was coming and he was laughing to himself at the drummer's excitement.

"Oh, hey," Murdoc turned around briefly to look at Russel. However, as he did so he noticed that his eyes were wide and his jaw was dropped. He turned his head and felt his body react like a machine. It felt like slow motion as he slammed on the breaks, a car flying through the air straight at them. He turned the wheel violently and felt the car spin out of control. The last thing he could remember seeing before they hit was 2D's panicked face. He was screaming and grabbing onto the side of the Geep, as though it were going to soften the blow.

It didn't.