Across the Universe

Chapter 14

(Author's note: OK! So, I've been trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get to the end of this story here and I finally got hit with it! The fact that Murdoc has lost his red eye in the "Melancholy Hill" video is to thank for that, actually! (Anyone have any ideas why his red eye is black now?) I think he may be turning good…. –StalkerDex)

2D watched Murdoc sit quietly at the edge of the bed. He was fidgety and nervous, biting his nails and breathing erratically. He knew what he had done. He'd seen him by the Hell hole, talking to that rat bastard Satan.

"You made anover deal, didn't you?" he finally spoke up, an accusing look on his face. Murdoc shuttered at the thought of 2D's disappointment in him.

"You saw?" he asked somewhat emotionless, not bothering to turn around and look closer at him. The corner of his eye was just about all he could handle. He felt sick to his stomach.

"I know you're betta than that," D stated, staying at the head of the bed, leaning against the wall. He had been sitting with his legs crossed and his head rested against the wall for quite some time, just staring at the Satanist.

"Wot the fuck do you know about who I am!" Murdoc suddenly shouted, standing up and struggling to make eye contact with the singer, who maintained a hard look on his face. He wasn't going to back down.

"I know enough," 2D responded, his voice firm.

Murdoc swallowed hard in response, clenching and unclenching his fists, before sighing and lowering his head. He was tired, and he knew that D was right.

"We need to get out of 'ere," The bassist said urgently, suddenly starting to pace around the bed. The frustrated singer watched quietly as he did so for a few moments before standing up himself, still staying beside the head of the bed.

"Where? Where do you suggest we go?" he demanded, folding his arms across his chest and narrowing his eyes.

"America. I want to go to America."

"Wot!" D shouted out, throwing his hand in the air and opening his eyes as wide as he could manage, "wot d'ya expect ta find in America! Satan can still getcha there ya know! There's no where on this whole fucking planet that we can go ta getcha out of this one!"

"Don'tchoo think I know that!" Murdoc yelled out, stopping in his tracks and staring fiercly at the singer.

2D pursed his lips and re-narrowed his eyes at his lover, once again crossing his arms over his chest. Murdoc watched silently as 2D's face suddenly changed from anger to absolute fear. He held his arms out as the singer ran over to him desperately, tears making their way down his face as tiny sobs made their way out of his lips. The Satanist shut his eyes hard as his left one started to burn.

"You're going to die!" he sobbed into Murdoc's chest, breathing heavily as the bassist rocked him back and forth in his arms. He didn't know what to say…


The sexy sound of high heels clicking clamored throughout the prison halls as a young, beautiful, redheaded woman made her way down them The guards stared intently at her as she made her way to the front to sign herself in. She swayed her hips tantalizingly, her ass perky underneath her red dress suit. She was completely adorned in red attire, from her hair, to her lipstick, to her suit all the way down to her red high heels. She was a vision.

"Hello there," she said, a breathiness making it's way into her low, throaty voice.

"Hi…" the young man responded, gaping at her from behind his desk.

"I'm here to see a 'Sheriece'?" she somewhat asked as she leaned forward, pushing her breasts together and pushing her lips out a bit.

"Oh, erm…you mean from the car accident?" he stammered, a high-pitched nervous tone to his normally mellow voice.

"Yeah, that one," she somewhat moaned at him tossing her long hair behind her shoulders.

"On what business?"

She breathed in heavily, "ooh, feisty. I like that," she smiled as she stood back, straightened out her suit and looked at him.

"I really don't think that's relevant. I just need to see her," she stated, a warning tone to her voice.

"W-well ma'am, I really don't care what you're doing in there, b-but the fact of the m-matter is that I can lose my job if…"

he was stopped suddenly as she lifted up her hand and squeezed, causing him to lift up in the air, a strong choking sensation taking over him. What the fuck was going on?

The other guards noticed their comrade suspended in the air and, out of pure instinct, began to draw their batons. She had noticed of course.

The red headed woman hissed and tossed her victim aside, throwing him into a wall and knocking him out completely.

"You really want to play that way boys? Because I'm really into handcuffs," she taunted as she turned around and clenched her fists. All three guards put their hands to their throats. They were being choked too.

Gurgling sounds emitted from their mouths as she smirked to herself. This was her favorite part. She rapidly turned around and pushed her hands forward, throwing the three of them back into the wall, hard. She released their throats and glared at them, her eyes beginning to glow red before she opened her mouth wide, revealing sharp, threatening teeth and allowing a blood curdling screech out. The one guard that was conscious stared in disbelief for a brief moment before screaming and running out of the room.

"Come on, quickly…" Murdoc urged as D hastily packed his bag.

"I don' wanna go ta America," he complained, "I like England…"

"Stop whining," Murdoc warned as he too finished packing, glancing over at the distressed singer. He noticed a small golden object in his hand.

"Wot is that?" he asked as he stood up straight and walked over to the singer.

"Nuffin'," he responded, somewhat panicked, as he put his hands behind his back and looked up at the Satanist.

Murdoc narrowed his eyes a bit, "C'mon. Wot the fuck issit?"

2D stared at him for a moment, deciding whether he was going to reveal what the object in his hands was. He sighed and lowered his head in defeat as he pulled his hands out from behind his back and opened his right hand up, revealing a small golden cross resting in the palm of his hand.

Murdoc stared for a moment, fear making it's way onto his face.

"Oh fuck…" he whispered under his breath, "we've gotta get to tha jail…"

D gasped as Murdoc grabbed his hand, shutting the cross in it, and pulled him out of their room.

"Muds…I don't wanna! I don't fuckin' wanna!" he screamed as Murdoc continued to drag him.

"Shut the fuck up, Stu! Shut up!" he demanded as he shoved the doors to Kong open and headed for the car.

"Get in," he said callously as he tossed the cowering and frustrated singer inside. He slouched in the seat and held the cross close to his chest. He hadn't meant to make things more complicated…he'd meant to help. He'd meant to keep Murdoc alive. He'd meant to keep his lover by his side for as long as he possibly could.

"I'm sorry Muds…" he whined as the Satanist threw himself into the driver's seat and started up the car.

"Don't be…let's jus' see wot happens…" he muttered as he slammed the car into reverse. The tires screeched as they made their way out of Kong.

"No, no…please!" Shereice screamed at the top of her lungs, sweat dripping down her face as she stared, terrified in the face of the demon before her.

The redheaded woman hissed as her teeth bared themselves threateningly in Sheriece's face.

"Please…please!" she cried, "I have a baby! I have a baby girl! PLEASE!" her voice was getting hoarse as it echoed throughout the cells.

"Should've thought of that before you crossed paths with Murdoc Niccals," she growled as she lifted Shereice into the air, ready for the kill.

"STOP!" A voice shouted out from behind the demon, causing her to turn her head completely around, eyes a menacing red.

She let out a terrifying screech before laughing, insanity overcoming her face.

"Who the FUCK sent you here!" she giggled, turning her whole body around and pulling Sheriece close, extending a claw out of her finger and holding it to her victim's throat.

"Don't worry about that. I'm here now," the young man spoke calmly.

An angelic glow surrounded him. He was shirtless and dressed in white pants, long dove like wings spread out behind him. His blonde hair shimmered and his blue eyes gleamed as he stared down the demon before him.

"You think you're going to stop ME!" she shrieked, stepping back until she was hitting the jail bars behind her. As much as she didn't want to seem threatened, she really was, "I'm from Hell mother fucker!" she shouted.

"And I'm here on behalf of God," he responded softly. He wasn't the least bit threatened.

"HELP ME!" Sheriece screamed before the demon clenched her throat.

"Shut the fuck up!" she demanded, hushing the distressed victim. Sheriece silenced herself as much as she possibly could, however, her panicked breathing was still echoing off of the walls.

"What do you want!" the demon demanded, staring intently at the man before her.

"I just want you to let her go, that's all. This woman has done nothing to merit murder."

"Hah!" the demon snarled, not wanting to move, "Satan wants this woman's soul; and more importantly, he wants Murdoc's."

"He's not going to have either, so I suggest you put that girl down and spare yourself," he said patiently, still not having moved an inch. It was surreal.

"STOP!" Murdoc's voice suddenly echoed throughout the halls as he ran into the jail cell amazed at the scene before him. D cowered behind him a bit, frightened out of his mind.

"You want me to stop now too!" the demon snarled threateningly.

"No, not you, this idiot!" Murdoc growled, motioning towards the angelic man.

He smirked gently, looking comfortingly at 2D as he cowered. He knew this would happen. D smiled back softly, though making sure Murdoc didn't notice.

"Oh, I see what's going on here!" the demon laughed as she pulled her claw back. Just as the situation seemed to simmer down however, the man jumped towards her. She was going to stab Shereice in the throat, and, he reacted quickly enough to grab the demon's wrist, causing Sheriece to break free and run towards the only person she felt was on her side: 2D.

She screamed, absolutely terrified as 2D held her head in his chest. She was shielding her eyes, unable to look at what was taking place. Murdoc turned around and looked at him, disgusted at the fact that D seemed to be against him. The singer looked at him apologetically, however, was unwilling to let go of the frightened woman in his arms. He knew that what Murdoc had done, though done with the best of intentions, wasn't right.


Murdoc and D turned their attention away from one another and focused on the battle that was taking place between the man and the demon. He had her pinned at the top of the cage, his wings flapping, causing a strong wind to whirl throughout the cell.

The demon let out a terrible screech as she realized she was near defeat. However, in a brief moment of sheer adrenaline, she was able to kick him off of her. As he fell to the ground she threw herself on top of him, pulling back her hand and revealing her claw again.

"You will NOT defeat me!" she growled. The man's eyes widened as he braced himself for the impact.

2D watched horrified as Murdoc suddenly jumped up.

"Murdoc! NO!" he shouted as he reached his hand out, causing Sheriece to lift up her head and watch.

However, there was no stopping him. He'd made up his mind. He ran over to D and yanked the golden cross out of his hand.

"This is finished," he whispered to D before kissing him gently on the head. They stared at one another tenderly for just a second before Murdoc turned around and ran towards the fight. D put his hand to his face as he started to sob; he didn't want to watch Murdoc die right in front of him.

"MURDOC!" He screamed as the bassist slammed the cross into the demon's eye, causing her to squeal. She stumbled back as smoke started to billow out of her eyes.

"You fucking traitor!" she screamed at him, lunging towards him. He threw his hands up in front of his face, bracing for the impact, when suddenly the man knocked her to the ground, slamming her head hard. She laid motionless for a moment as everyone stared, frightened that it wasn't finished.

"It's done," the man stated as he leaned over her, pulling out a small silver jar and opening it. They watched quietly as she began to glow. It started at her feet as she slowly started to disintegrate into a black ash, flowing into the jar. A soft whispering noise all the while.

2D rubbed Shereice's head signaling that he needed to get up, and she let go of him, settling on the ground and struggling to get over the shock. They were all shocked.

Murdoc watched silently as D made his way over to him and sat beside him. The bassist suddenly let out a loud sigh and allowed himself to drop into 2D's arms, panting.

"My eye is fucking burning…" he whispered as he buried his head into 2D's shoulder.

"That's a good thing," the man stated, butting into their conversation.

2D smiled warmly at him as Murdoc turned his head to focus on him.

"Wot d'ya mean? Why?" he demanded, a little frustrated with the ambiguity this man seemed to enjoy maintaining.

2D patted his back softly and made eye contact with the frustrated bassist.

"I asked for help. I heard the deal ya made…an'…I couldn't let 'im take you…"

Murdoc stared questioningly before turning his attention to the man.

"I'm an angel," he stated leaning down and touching Murdoc's head, "…and you're new contract is void. She didn't carry out her end of the deal and, since I'm sure you no longer wish for the deal to be carried out, it won't be pursued any further."

"So? Wot the fuck does that 'ave ta do with my eye!" he demanded, somewhat relieved at the fact that this was over.

"You no longer have a deal with the Devil," the angel spelled out, looking at Murdoc expectantly.

"Let me see that jar of yours!" he demanded, holding out his hand. The angel smiled and handed it over, watching triumphantly as the bassist looked at his reflection in the cap. It was gone. The red was gone.

He was absolutely speechless as the realization that he was free, he was finally free, dawned on him.

"Well…wait a minute, how do I know that Satan won't go after this woman! He's not exactly a trustworthy man…!" Murdoc demanded.

"Because," the angel interrupted, "someone wished for you to have a guardian angel."

Murdoc turned his attention to D, who grabbed his hand gently, tears in his eyes, "ya see…I told you I love you," he said somewhat jokingly.

"You sneaky son-ova-bitch," Murdoc responded, though hardly serious, as he leaned in and kissed him thankfully.

Murdoc and D stood up and as they walked past Sheriece, and Murdoc extended his hand to her, offering to help her up off of the ground.

She hesitated for a moment, aware that the reason she'd been attacked was because of this man. However, as she looked into his dark black eyes, she felt a sense of security, so she accepted his help and stood up, maintaining eye contact.

"Thank you," she said breathlessly.

"No," he responded, "don't thank me. Jus' move on. Let's put this fuckin' shit behind us and move on."

She nodded, an understanding between the two of them. 2D smiled as Murdoc put his arm around his shoulder. The singer responded by putting his around the bassist's waste. They walked this way together, knowing that this was the rest of their lives. Just the two of them; and for the very first time, that seemed like it was enough.