Forbidden love

Full summary: Shifters are supposed to be extinct, but what happens when Itachi Uchiha stumbles across one and takes it in after he hits it with his car? Yaoi (boyXboy) ItaNaru, MPreg, Don't like, don't read.

Chapter 1

A 16 year old, Itachi Uchiha was standing in the middle of a park in the dead of night, trying to get away from the world. He sighed as he ran his hand through his raven black hair and walked over to the car park. He got into his old rundown car and started the engine before pulling on his seatbelt and heading home. After a few moments he saw a blond coloured puppy crossing the road and slammed his foot down on the breaks, trying not to hit the animal that was looking like a deer caught in the headlights, frozen in fear. The car skidded to a stop, but not before hitting the small dog. Itachi hesitated before getting out of his car when he heard the yelp.

He walked around to the front of the car and saw the pup lying on its side, whimpering. He kneeled down beside the animal and ran his hand over its left cheek when he saw the red vine-like markings going up it. He identified it as a shifter instantly, a breed of super natural creatures that are born human but can change their form, outlawed and hunted all throughout the world for what they are, and were said to be extinct.

"You're one of the last of your kind..." The Uchiha said with a frown, only causing the shifter to look at him with fear. Itachi picked it up under its right side, the side that wasn't injured.

'What are you going to do with me?' were the thoughts from the shifter that entered Itachi's mind as he walked around to the passenger door.

"I'm going to take you home," replied the unfazed Uchiha. He opened the door and placed the shifter down gently on the seat before walking around to the driver's side. He opened the door and got into the car while the pup rested into head on the arm rest, curled up.

'Why are you doing this? You'll get into trouble if they find out' the shifter told him as he closed the door.

"I don't take sides," the raven explained.

'There are still rules, it's against the law to help a shifter, we're supposed to be killed on sight,' the pup tried to reason.

"Well I obviously failed when I hit you with my car," The shifter whimpered at that. After a while Itachi pulled up at an old looking house and got out of the car. He walked through the heavy rain to the passenger door and opened it after pulling his jacket off. The shifter had its tongue hanging out of its mouth, causing drool to cover the arm rest. Itachi places the jacket over the shifter and sighed when he saw the saliva covering his already run-down car.

"Try not to make so much of a mess," Itachi said, causing the shifter to give him his best puppy look and whine lightly. Itachi ignored the look the small dog was giving him and just lifted him up gently, kicking the door closed lightly. He walked over to the front door, his hair getting wet, and shuffled the pup into one arm causing it to yelp. Itachi unlocked the door and walked inside, closing the door behind himself. He placed the shifter down and walked into his room, causing the shifter to whine. He emerged a few moments later wearing a black shirt and loose dark grey pants and walked over to the shifter.

"Do you know how to shift into a human?" he questioned, but the shifter just shook his head.

'No, I can't' the younger said, so Itachi nodded and walked into the kitchen. The pup heard thunder, and started howling just as Itachi walked out of the kitchen with a first aid kit.

"Don't be so loud," Itachi said in his usual monotone voice, while the shifters ears were back and it has a scared look on its face. Itachi walked over to it and looked at its left front paw, then took a bandage from the first aid kit. He then wrapped it around the shifters paw so it held in place, causing the shifter to whimper.

"Can you sit up?" The raven questioned. The pup tried to push itself up, only to yelp when pain shot up its side and it dropped back down. Itachi sighed and gently lifted Naruto into a sitting position, then began wrapping a bandage around his ribs, while the shifter whined. After a while Itachi let the shifter lie back down, and the pup licked his hand lightly. When Itachi didn't respond, the shifter nudged his hand with his nose, but Itachi only walked back towards his room, leaving the pup to whine on its own.

There was another crack of thunder and Itachi heard howling coming from the lounge room again as he lied down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. 'Why am I helping him...? I shouldn't be getting involved...' Itachi thought to himself as he heard high pitched, puppy-like barking, and closed his eyes, ignoring the shifter. The shifter only barked louder, trying to get attention.

When the shifter realized Itachi wouldn't come, he slowly pushed himself to his feet, jumping of the couch. It yelped when it hit the floor, pain shooting through its ribs, and it limped into Itachi's bedroom, whining as it sat next to the bed. Itachi's only reaction was to look at the dog with a blank expression, before looking back up at the roof, causing the shifter to bark.

"Stop," Itachi told it, like an owner would their pet. The shifter didn't listen, it just whined and head butted the side of the bed, before barking again.

"T-there's a st-storm," The shifter stuttered in a frightened manner, its ears back and a scared expression on its face.

"I'm perfectly aware of that," Itachi replied coldly, causing the pup to whimper.

"I want uuuuuuup," The shifter whined just as Itachi closed his eyes. Itachi just turned away from him. "Uuuuup," He whined again, but Itachi just ignored him. The shifter became upset that he was being ignored and did what it knew best. It began to bark.

"Stop," Itachi commanded again, and the shifter had no choice but to listen to him, after all, he did save its life, even if he was the one to injure it in the first place. The shifter huffed before taking a deep breath. It then jumped, landing on the raven's chest and yelped when it made contact. It whined when Itachi pushed it away.

"Don't touch me," the Uchiha said, causing the shifters ears and tail to droop. It turned around and jumped of the bed, limping to the door. Once it reached its destination, it stood on its hind paws and started scratching at the handle with its good paw. When Itachi realised what the shifter was doing, he stood and walked out of his room.

"What are you doing?" he asked the young dog when he saw it pawing at the door handle.

"Getting out of your way," the pup replied, managing to get the door open.

"I never said to leave, I said don't touch me," Itachi explained, but the shifter ignored him and limped outside. Itachi walked back to his room, running a hand through his raven hair and walked over to his drawers, pulling out his clothes from the bottom drawer. He pulled a small bag out from the bottom, and from the bag pulled out the treasure he was looking for, a razor. He stood and walked to the bathroom down the hall, closing the door behind himself, not that there was anyone there to walk in anyways. He dragged the razor along his wrist four times and stared emotionlessly at the blood as it dripped to the floor, followed by the razor as it slipped from the Uchiha's hand. 'I'm always going to be alone,' he thought as he closed his eyes.

As the shifter walked down the street, it found a big puddle of mud. Suddenly getting an idea, it took a deep breath before holding it in and dunking the left side of its face in the mud; successfully hiding it's markings from view. When its task was complete, it limped into an alley way, curling up behind a dumpster. After a few minutes, it heard a vicious growling. It looked to the left and saw a dog twice its size and backed away, its ears lowered. Suddenly it attacked the pup, biting into its face then its scruff, causing the shifter to yelp.

Itachi eventually opened his eyes and stood, opening the bathroom door and walking out. He walked outside and heard a dog fight, causing his eyes to narrow, and him to run towards where the noise was coming from. He stopped in the alley to see the shifter he had saved earlier bleeding from its face and scruff. He picked up a glass bottle sitting on the dumpster and threw it to the ground, causing it to shatter and successfully scare away the bigger dog.

He saw the shifter try and push itself up and walked over to it, kneeling down in front of it. The shifter looked at him blankly, his markings covered by mud and blood. The shifter had a scratch across its eye, and its lip and snout were ripped up pretty badly. Itachi ran his hand over the shifters left cheek, whipping away the mud before letting his hand rest behind its ear.

"Let's go back," he said after a moment as he let his hand drop. The shifter only lowered its head slightly, letting out a small whining noise. Itachi realised the pup couldn't walk and slowly lifted it up, wincing when its fur touched his arm with still open wounds, and started walking back towards the house.

The shifter licked the raven's cheek when it noticed the wince, but Itachi didn't react, choosing to just walk into the house, ignoring the shifters whine, and gently placing it down on the couch. The shifter tugged on Itachi's sleeve when he tried to walk away, whimpering, and not noticing Itachi's arm bleeding heavily.

"What is it?" Itachi asked when the small dog tugged on his sleeve. "Please release my arm,"

"I know what you did..." The pup slowly let go of his arm, "But why did you do it?"

"I don't have a reason not to," he explained simply.

"But do you have a reason to?" The pup tried to reason.

"It is a distraction," was the ravens reply.

"From what?" the shifter was confused to say the least.

"The pain that I can't escape," The shifter whined lightly, licking the raven's hand. "I don't have anyone left and now I only feel hollow," and with that Itachi turned and walked back to his room. He lied down and let his bleeding arm hand of the bed, closing his eyes and slowly drifting off, while Naruto yawned, letting out a high pitched sound, before curling up and falling asleep.

The next morning, Itachi was sitting in his room wrapping a bandage around his arm while Naruto was asleep in the lounge room, but his whimpers and whines went by unheard from the Uchiha as he finished wrapping his arm and stared at the ground.

"n-no... Don't... Leave them alone..." He heard the shifter plead in his head. Itachi just ran his hands through his hair. "No! D-don't touch me!" the shifter screamed inside Itachi's head as Itachi heard a howl coming from the lounge room. Itachi tried to block the shifter from his mind, but he was still seeing images from Naruto's dream.

The dream

A young shifter, a six year old with blond hair and blue eyes, could do nothing but try to run as everyone he had lived with since he was born were slaughtered one by one. He didn't live with his parents, because his mother died giving birth to him, and through the link that mated shifters have, his father died also. The young boy ran as fast as he could, but didn't get very far before his foot caught on a tree root, causing him to trip. Almost instantly he felt a pair of arms lift him from the ground, and rip his clothes from him anamalisticly. Tears were running down the tanned boys cheeks at the man towering over him pushed him down onto his hands and knees, unbuckling his own pants and...

Itachi stood abruptly, walking out of his room and towards the bathroom, not realizing the young boy in the shifters dream was the young pup himself. He heard the pup let out a howl as he closed the door and grabbed the blade from the previous night. He ran it along his arm from his elbow down to his wrist, throwing the blade and gripping his hair as he closed his eyes.

Naruto awoke suddenly to the smell of blood and ran towards the bathroom, scratching at the door as he whimpered. Suddenly the door opened and the shifter looked up to see Itachi standing there and whined. Itachi just looked down at the pup emotionlessly and it nudged his hand with its nose.

"What is it?" Itachi's voice was completely void of all emotion as he spoke. The shifter didn't answer, instead in rubbed its cheek against Itachi's hand and whined louder, only for Itachi to pull his arm back. The small dog lowered its head, looking like it would be crying if it could, but Itachi just looked away, causing the shifter to whine lightly.

"What's it matter to you anyway? You'll be healed in a few days, and then you can do as you wish," Itachi said blankly.

'And you'll want me gone like everyone else...' The shifter gave the raven a sad look as he spoke.

"It doesn't bother me what you do," was Itachi's reply. The shifter just turned away from the raven, walking towards the lounge room.

'I'm just a waist of space,' He muttered glumly.

"What space is there taken up for you to be a waste of space?" Itachi raised an eyebrow.

'That made no sense...' The pup confessed, looking sheepishly over his shoulder at the raven.

"There is no one other than me here, and I am not here often," Itachi walked back, further into the bathroom holding his arm over the sink, while the shifter curled up in a ball on the couch, staring at the wall blankly.

Itachi pulled his shirt off, dropping it into the sink and wrapping a towel around his arm. He then walked out, heading towards his room. When he entered his room, he picked up the bandage he had on earlier and started wrapping it around his am. He pulled a shirt on and walked out of his room when he heard whining and a paw scratching at the front door.

'I gotta go peeeeeeee,' The shifter whined as it scratched at the door, and Itachi let it out and walked into the kitchen, while the shifter did its business on the front lawn.

Itachi kneeled in front of the kitchen drawers and pulled the bottom one out completely, as the shifter limped into the kitchen. Itachi reached into where the drawer used to be and pulled out a white plastic container, standing and setting it on the bench, causing the shifter to tilts its head questioningly. Itachi pulled the lid off the contained, not looking back at the shifter.

'What's that?' It asked, still giving Itachi a questioning look.

"Pain killers," Itachi answered unemotionally.

'Oh...' Itachi pulled a plastic bag out from the tub, opening it and pulling out a syringe with some sort of liquid in it, causing the shifter to whimper and walk backwards. Itachi injected the arm that the cut was on, and the shifter whined, closing its eyes. After a moment the raven pulled the syringe out and threw it back into a plastic bag, putting everything away again. When he finished that he picked up the bag and threw it into the bin, before walking towards the door, suddenly receiving images in his head again. He saw a room with a six year old blond boy with blue eyes, and red vine-like markings on his left cheek strapped to an operating table, and being injected with various liquids. Then a strangely familiar voice said 'Be still Naruto,'

Itachi's fists started shaking and Itachi walked out of the house, while the shifter pressed itself close to the floor.

Itachi came home hours later with a few bruises covering his face, and his slightly clouded eyes glanced at the shifter, who hadn't moved an inch since Itachi left. Itachi just walked into his room and dropped down on his bed. He ran a hand through his hair, noticing his high fever and curled up, suppressing a groan.

The pup could sense that there was something wrong and shakily pushed itself to its feet. It limped into Itachi's bedroom and jumped on the bed next to him, nudging the raven with its nose.

'What happened?' The shifter asked when Itachi looked up at it, and the pup licked the raven's cheek gently.

"It's a side effect from the injection numbs pain for a long amount of time but this is the after sickness...." Itachi explained, causing the shifter to whine. The pup noticed Itachi's breathing was uneven, so it curled up against him, moving around so Itachi's arm was around its neck and whimpered lightly. The raven suddenly sat up, walking out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

He dropped onto his knees in front of the toilet and threw up violently, holding his stomach, and the shifter followed him close behind.

'I... I can't do anything can I?' There was sadness in the shifters voice, because it knew it could do nothing to help...

"I ran out of money for the antidote ages ago," Itachi coughed again, "I've been through this six times..."

'Then why do it?' the pup was confused.

"Because I have a job to do," Itachi explained. The shifter rubbed its cheek against the ravens back soothingly like someone would with a hand, and Itachi pulled away from the toilet, whipping his mouth on his sleeve.

'I just realised... I don't even know your name... What is it?' The shifter questioned.

"Itachi," He answered.

'I'd tell you mine but... I don't know what it is' the pup said, and a flash of the blond boy went through Itachi's head, causing him to pause for a moment.

"Naruto..." The shifters eyes widened as images of his past ran through his head.

'Th... That's... How did you know?'

"A guess..." Itachi lied as he slowly pushed himself to feet and walked back to his room with Naruto following close behind. Naruto jumped up on the bed next to Itachi when the raven lied down, and sat down, doing that thing that dogs do where they lick their privates. Itachi rolled over so his back was turned to the pup with his eyes closed, causing the shifter to curl up next to him, and leaning against him slightly.

Itachi pulled away from him, causing Naruto to whine as he stood up, his head lowered.

"It's too hot for you to be leaning against me..." Itachi mumbled as Naruto jumped off the bed.

'Is not, it's freezing,' the shifter shivered for effect. Naruto didn't notice Itachi's breathing becoming more uneven and his fever rising. He was too busy muttering to himself. 'Naruto... Naruto...' His eyes suddenly widened in realisation, 'Uzumaki!' suddenly the small dog shifted into a twelve year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes, the vine-like markings still on his cheek. He climbed onto the bed next to Itachi and placed a hand on his forehead, frowning when he felt how hot his temperature was, while Itachi suppressed a groan.

Naruto walked into the bathroom and wet a cloth with cold water before walking back into the bedroom and placing it on Itachi's forehead. He smiled down softly at Itachi when his eyes slowly opened, before closing again and the raven drifted off into a light sleep, and Naruto lied down next to him, watching him sleep.

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