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Torchwood: The Archivist's Archives

Chapter One: What is Love…?

He hadn't had a moment to himself since Canary Wharf. Thinking back to that horrible day, he remembered they'd a fight that morning, he and Lisa. It had been a long time coming…but it had only been the day before that he'd gotten confirmation of his suspicions. His Mam always said he had been born with his Third Eye wide open. There were days he reveled in the gift…and then there were the other days…like that one.

To be honest, he had always felt there was just something not quite right between himself and Lisa. After all, he was child prodigy from a Welsh public estate while Lisa Hallet's family came from money…old money. But she had assured him he was the man for her – and for a time he believed her. He had even gone to a few jewelry shops to look at rings; he made more than enough money to afford one worthy of her. But in the end, he just couldn't bring himself to commit to it. There was…something rotten in the state of Denmark, he'd hear his mam's voice recite.

Hamlet…a story of royal infidelity, he thought. Something was there…waiting in the shadows, counting down the time until he'd shown his torch on it for all to see.

The night before he had a nightmare: fire, the smell of paper and ink toner burning, the sharp copper tang of blood in the air…and staining sheets of hanging plastic sheets. Then the sounds of screaming, of grinding metal…of marching metal feet…

If only he'd listened to the voices that day. His mother's was the most insistent, warning him away from work. Instead he told them to sod off and leave him alone…he and Lisa had a row to get through before work, after all.

They were finishing their breakfast as Lisa was telling him she was going to be late coming home that evening. He then asked her if she was happy. She looked at him with her dark chocolate eyes in surprise – and he could see her screaming in ecstasy as someone who was not Ianto pounded into her for all he was worth on an office desk. She threw her head back as she grasped onto the man's back, her nails scratching up his back as her hands sought better purchase – and she asked him what he meant. He told her he knew about Jeremy from Accounting – and then asked how long was she going to hide or lie about sleeping with another man?

Lisa rose from her untouched breakfast then, looking to him for all the world like a frightened deer caught in headlights – and then she began yelling at him, her righteous anger giving her fuel to spew out hurtful words and half-truths to cover her indiscretion.

'Where were you when I needed you? When I wanted you? I have needs you know – so where were you?! Always at Yvonne Hartmann's beck and call, you are! So…I found someone else! Someone who actually knows what the hell he is doing around a woman!'

As she carried on, Ianto simply ignored her outburst and continued with his breakfast, putting grape jelly on his buttered toast. He then took a forkful of scramble and swallowed without really tasting it. He did the same with his toast – Never let good food go to waste, his mam's voice said softly. He then looked up at Lisa.

The whirlwind that was Lisa's outburst died as quickly as it began, leaving her bereft as she sat down again at their little kitchen table, looking down at her hands wrapped around her untouched cup of coffee.

'What do you want to do?' she asked quietly.

'What would you do in my shoes, Lisa?' he asked, turning the conversation back to her.

'I'd kick you out,' she said without hesitation. 'But the flat is not mine…I'll…I'll talk to Jeremy.'

Ianto smiled coldly at that. 'He's living with someone…and she's not "just a flat-mate",' he said quietly, curling his fingers in air quotations.

Lisa's eyes hardened and her lips tightened at that. 'Don't you hate always being right? Always…knowing things?' she spat.

Ianto calmly finished his coffee and put the cup on his empty plate along with his used cutlery. 'Yes,' he sighed as he rose from his seat, carrying his plate to the sink. 'But I'm not always right and I don't always know everything…just…enough.'

They left the flat separately – Ianto had Archiving that Yvonne was adamant needed to be done before 10AM that day; an important guest was coming and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Lisa was going to speak to a girlfriend at work – perhaps stay with her for the weekend. He nodded and left without looking at her. Little did he know it would be the last time he'd see her whole and human again.

Then The Doctor, the Cybermen and the Daleks came. And whatever was left of Ianto Jones's ordered world crashed around his knees. He heard the screams and terror of his friends, his co-workers…Bernard, a Junior Archivist in his same unit, Mandy – the receptionist to the Head Archivist, Kareem – the unofficial Second Assistant. He was trying to get the promotion desperately…

And then, he fell to his knees when he felt Yvonne Hartmann get taken…converted. He felt his own lips curl maliciously when he saw Jeremy dead, his body discarded to the wayside as others had trampled the dead underfoot in their desperate bid for escape. And then…Lisa! He realized then that he truly loved her and could not fault her because he was so different.

He knew that she worked in Administration on the 5th floor, so he ran out of the sub-level Archives and began making his way up. He couldn't say why it was that the Cybermen hadn't killed him – they were firing in his general direction. And hitting fleeing Torchwood employees all around him – and were truly not missing any of the other marks. All of their shots were dropping them like stones. He realized it was because he had help: he heard his Mam's voice, telling him to DUCK!, STAY DOWN!, GET UP! And his personal favorite – RUN LIKE HELL!

She'd never actually said that one aloud – that was the first time he realized just how different he was. She and his father were rowing – again. Rhiannon had come in from school and was out as soon as she changed out of her school uniform – said she was going to the Davies' house as she slammed the front door. He was only eight – and his best mate lived eight blocks away. There was no way he was walking there alone! But when he heard his mam scream the command in his head! – there wasn't a demon from The Dark Place that could've stopped him.

His mam collected him from his mate's house a few hours later sporting a bruised jaw. It wasn't until two years later when his dad broke his leg at the playground "by accident" that he was able to fix him permanently so he wouldn't touch his sister or him again. He knew that when his father passed while he was at uni was because of him. And secretly…he was thrilled!...

And on the horrible day of the Battle of Canary Wharf, he realized just what he could really do.

He was running down a corridor trying to get to a main juncture and possibly a stairwell. He kept moving as the Cybermen were firing at him from behind. It was like a dance: Step right, count two, quick left, crouch, step back, run, run, STOP! DALEKS!!

Cries of "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" melted with "DELETE! DELETE!" until they became background noise and the only thing Ianto Jones heard was his Mam's voice…quiet yet full of pride

'Yannie – show them what you can do.'

He raised his arms, one towards the Cybermen, the other towards the Daleks and using the training Yvonne and Torchwood One had been putting him through since Day One of his arrival – he pushed. The Daleks, four in total, all blew showers of sparks and screams from the organisms within could be heard as their mechanical appendages fell, deactivated. The Cybermen, a platoon of ten, simply fell to the floor in a clatter of torn plasterboard and clashing metal as they crashed into the walls of the long hallway. The overhead lighting dimmed and the interior CCTV in that area went offline for a few seconds as Ianto fell to the floor unconscious. He last conscious thought was 'Deleted and exterminated.'

'Interesting,' The Doctor mused, looking at the CCTV feed from the Control Area of the Ghost Shift Room. But then the Void was opened…and Rose Tyler was lost. And the TimeLord forgot about the strange human from Canary Wharf…until much, much later.

~~TW o0o TW~~

When Ianto awoke, he heard the voice of one of his Torchwood Psychic Instructors: When you use your abilities and they are not focused – the shockwave will knock you out. Just…be prepared. And understand that if you ever find yourself in a situation like that…never hold back. At that point, you will be incapacitated and will have no form of protection. The orders that stand for that kind of op situation is Kill or Be Killed.

'Kill or be killed,' he whispered as he groaned and sat up from his prone position on the floor. His head was killing him! But he was warned that blinding headaches after such a display would occur. He then took in his surroundings – and realized he was surrounded by the dead and dying. But the Daleks and Cybermen were gone! He didn't know where – and honestly he wasn't really concerned as he shook himself and, grabbing the wall for support, stood up on unsteady feet. LISA! He had to find her! He looked at the wall – and realized he was on the 5th floor.

He had been there once or twice before, but Lisa had asked him to stop coming up for her after he was done work. At the time he thought it was because he was embarrassing her in front of her friends; but later he realized it was because Jeremy's office was on the same floor. And she didn't want Jeremy to see the pair of them together. More importantly, she didn't want you to know the truth. She knew that if you saw him…you'd know, his Mam's voice said decisively.

He shook away that thought – it wasn't important now. Jeremy was no longer a problem. He needed to find Lisa NOW – and fast! UNIT would be around soon enough; if they found her before he did, they'd take her away and experiment on her. He couldn't let that happen. His Mam wouldn't let UNIT go near her son when he was small – and he had an unwavering belief that they were the cause of his mother's fatal 'traffic collision' when he was twelve.

'Not going down that road now,' he muttered aloud, startling himself at the sound of his own voice. He turned the corner and made his way to where he remembered the Administrative Secretarial Pool was located. He froze when he realized he was standing in a modern version of 'House of Horrors'. He'd found the Cyberman Conversion Area.

The conversion units were deactivated – and a few were occupied with half-converted humans dead from the massive trauma and blood loss. He head the crackle of fire burning office equipment, paper…the smell of blood and burning ink toner. My dream!, he thought. No time! Lisa first! Everything else is second!

As he moved further into the space he heard a few moans, the fire and smoke were still rather intense in this area. He searched through the conversion units, cataloging which ones appeared operational – and then he found her. She screamed suddenly, thinking he was a Cyberman back to finish the job. She threw a hand encased in heated metal towards him in an attempt to ward him off. He screamed then as her burning metal hand made contact with his chest after it burned through his suit jacket and shirt.

Out of reflex, he hit the conversion unit encasing Lisa with a blast of energy and it collapsed, spilling Lisa out of its remains onto the floor. He then grabbed her from behind and lifted her to stand. She collapsed against him and he knew he was babbling something but couldn't be bothered with what it was. It wasn't until much later that he realized he had been crying out for help.

He got her into his car in the relatively undamaged carpark building next door. After accommodating her in the backseat, he again took matters into his hands. She had been crying loudly because of the amount of pain she was in and he simply couldn't leave her like that. Someone would find her… He put his pointer finger on the center of her forehead – the location of the Third Eye. Thankfully the cybernetic headgear enveloping her head had left that area open; he wasn't sure he would have been able to help her otherwise.

He pushed into her mind – and thankfully she passed out. He then got into the driver's seat and drove the car to an archive warehouse Torchwood London didn't use much – but he knew an older conversion unit was stored there. He hoped it would serve as a temporary life support system…oh, he was really going to need help! But first things first – he had to get whatever he was going to get soon. The other Torchwoods would have been notified by now and representatives would be enroute.

When he arrived at the warehouse, he looked at the digital lock – and saw the code. He punched it in and the main gate opened, allowing him to drive his car in. He found the computer holding the archive directory right where he had helped to install it seven months previous while cataloging the warehouse's contents. He found the area where the conversion unit was stored and was pleased to note that he could drive his car right up to it.

Once he put Lisa in it, she awoke and was able to help him complete the modifications so the unit would serve as the life support system he hoped he could turn it into. As he worked he tried to feel her out, but something physical was blocking him out. His blood chilled then…that meant the Cybermen had to have rudimentary knowledge of the human brain in relation to psychic abilities and areas of the brain that were susceptible to physic intrusion. He then felt a shift within Lisa's mind? Brain? He wasn't sure…and then she spoke, asking him to forgive him. Telling him she was sorry…and that she knew now that he was the one for her.

Again his blood chilled – because this time he heard his Mam's voice saying sadly Watch out, my son…

He went back to Torchwood One in his car. He needed supplies – medicines and drugs really; Lisa had him write down a list. He was also collecting equipment – laptops, files, a few portable hard drives. He needed information to find someone who could help Lisa; someone who could make her whole and beautiful again.

The voice of his Mam cautioned him again…but he chose to ignore it. He had to…he loved Lisa. And weren't these the kind of risks one took for love?

~~ TW o0o TW ~~

After scavenging the ruined Torchwood Tower for the fourth time for the supplies and equipment he and Lisa needed, he allowed UNIT soldiers to "find" him wandering through the rubble of one of the sub-level floors. He was taken to a triage tent and was examined and then registered as a survivor. He told them he didn't know what happened to his girlfriend and she was registered as having been killed in the infraction. One month later he received hefty compensation checks for both of them since Lisa had apparently listed Ianto as her only next of kin. He was rather surprised by that…there was so much he really hadn't known about Lisa. That was all right though…once she was whole and fit; they would have the rest of their lives together to find out everything about each other.

After careful consideration – and discussion between himself and Lisa, he realized Torchwood Cardiff was where he needed to go. Lisa was going to need a quiet place; and it couldn't be the holding facility anymore. They – UNIT and the remaining Torchwoods were systematically going through the warehouses and cleaning them out. The stolen laptops had given him access to the job itineraries. They were up in about a week – maybe less.

He smiled ruefully as he read the reports given by the clean-up crews. They sang the praises of one Ianto Jones, Archivist, for cataloging all the warehouses and facilities so efficiently. He couldn't help but preen; he had spent three years of his life ordering all the chaos of those warehouses. The rest of the time…well, he'd have to make sure that the training he received was put to good use…for Lisa.

~~TW o0o TW~~

In the beginning, he had no idea why it was that Yvonne Hartmann herself appeared at his university graduation for him. He knew he was a bit of an oddity there. He was accepted at 16 and finished his degree in Historical English Literature in three years instead of the standard four. He used the last year to acquire his Masters degree in the subject. But it was his way of seeing beyond what was written; his way of interpreting what was said and giving his slant on the selected work that made him a bit of a star in a rather archaic and academic vocation.

The sealing of the deal, as it were, was entirely his fault. The university was holding an after-ceremonies party at one of its halls; it had an enclosed garden where everyone had gathered. It was understood this was more for potential employers to meet the graduates and see which ones were worth the effort of hiring. Ianto spotted Yvonne almost immediately – she was rather hard to miss dressed from head to toe in Versace – business like yet not afraid to wear stiletto heeled shoes and reveal a great deal of cleavage. Looking at her – she was talking to a few of her office staff. She wanted the file on Jones, Ianto Emrys. UNIT wanted the boy and she wanted to know why. After a few hours perusing the file, she called everyone back.

'We take him from them at all costs if the information in this file is correct,' Yvonne told them, her smile almost like that of a wolf's. 'He's a Viewer…and a partial Seer. And…well, I owe his mum one. She was a good woman. UNIT would have been terrified of him…but I can do so much more with him.' – he then smiled.

Now he knew why she was there. If UNIT couldn't have him, then Torchwood would. He always felt a few of his classmates were stellar in their fields and more suited for the wooing of UNIT and Torchwood than himself…but then he remembered his mam. And it would be a freezing day in Hell before he'd ever work with or for UNIT.

Cambridge had already offered him a position in their Literature Department, but he honestly was more interested in their Library's Archives. Lots of old manuscripts, letters and personal diaries that had been donated to the University's Library through the centuries that he was just itching to get his hands on…but in his heart of hearts, he knew he would never get his wish.

UNIT had sent an entourage – a colonel of no great importance and four attaches, while Yvonne came only with her male PA. He liked that about her all ready. She was willing to fight dirty…and light. He was enjoying a plate of grape and cheese nibbles when Yvonne introduced herself and they exchanged pleasantries. The UNIT colonel then marched over and loudly introduced himself, all but pushing Yvonne out of the way as he thrust his hand out for Ianto to shake. Ianto, in turn, stared at the proffered hand as if it were a foreign object before setting his plate of nibbles in it. He then looked into the colonel's face – and Yvonne inwardly crowed as she watched the colonel shrink back.

'Go away,' he said softly, but firmly. 'I have never been nor will I ever be interested in anything your organization or its representatives have to say.'

'Whatever offer Ms. Hartmann has made, we can triple,' the colonel began. Ianto silenced him with a raised pointer finger.

'Not that it is any of your business, but Ms. Hartmann has done nothing more than tell me her name and the name of the organization she works for,' Ianto then turned to her. 'Torchwood, is it?' he asked. She nodded, a slow smile appearing on her face. 'I don't care. I know that UNIT hires its personnel from all over the world, but I had assumed that a basic understanding of the English language was a prerequisite for employment. So…I am going to say this very slowly: This conversation is over. Good evening, Colonel…whatever.' He gave the man a parting withering look, then turned back to Yvonne and offered her his arm and asked if she would like to accompany him as a light tea was about to be served in the hall. 'Students – graduated or otherwise, never turn down a free meal,' he deadpanned. Yvonne laughed at the joke and took his arm, allowing him to walk her inside.

As they were turning to leave, the colonel raised his hand towards Ianto in a final attempt to save the situation. Ianto simply turned around to face the man – and everyone present heard a resounding "SNAP", followed by the colonel's sharp cry as he fell to his knees clutching his broken arm. It was later determined the man's hand was broken in several places as well. Ianto looked down at the man in disdain, the colonel looked up at Ianto in terror and Yvonne Hartmann positively glowed with delight.

The voice of Ianto's Mam remained uncharacteristically silent.

Yvonne hired him after tea – and Ianto accepted the more than generous offer. He was to be Assistant to the Head Archivist of Torchwood Tower in London during the day…and their psychic mole during the night. The training was nothing short of grueling, but he now understood the true extent of what he could possibly do. And being his mother's good son, he was going to take every opportunity to extend his power as far as it would go…and then beyond.

Ten months later, he met Lisa as he was running a requested file to the Floor Supervisor in Administration. Quite simply – it was LUST AT FIRST SIGHT. They had fallen into bed by their second date. She was his first sexual experience and had moved into his flat less than a month later. But now…

Now he wasn't sure if he regretted ever meeting Yvonne…or Lisa…

~~TW o0o TW~~

He had found another device in the warehouse that would be invaluable to them. A portable temporal/spacial hyperlink. Translation: a hand-held device that created doors between spaces thousands of miles apart. All he needed were coordinates – and he could move Lisa from the warehouse to where ever in milliseconds. The device was small – and to the entire world looked, weighed and felt like a credit card. But with his abilities he could see through the perception filter and knew the device for what it was – his and Lisa's salvation.

'Perfect,' he purred. He had the location of Torchwood Cardiff, he just needed to see their Archives. If he could find an unused section in its labyrinthial spaces to store Lisa…hook the machine to their power sources on site…then he could keep her alive long enough until he could find someone to help her. He looked to all the information he gathered that had been stored at this warehouse. It had all the information gathered by the Torchwood Institute concerning Cybermen – and more importantly, people interested in the cybernetic technology the Cyber race represented. Personally he didn't give a rat's arse about the technology, whoever he got to help release Lisa from it could wrap themselves up in it for all he cared. He stalked back to his notes…he ran across a name…a scientist of some note. Sorting through the papers, he pulled one out and held it aloft.

'Tanazaki,' he said aloud. He needed to build a rapport…he had some time. But first, he needed to get into Torchwood Cardiff legitimately, which meant getting a job there. This also meant having to deal with the flamboyant head of Torchwood Cardiff. He had seen the man at Torchwood Tower once or twice in passing, but had never been introduced. So…a few things.

One – he had to rewrite his personnel file. Make it as plain and unremarkable as possible. The abilities he had also had to be hidden; Torchwood Cardiff would be too afraid to work with him otherwise. Two – he needed to find a way of deleting the file UNIT had on him and, if necessary, get a few higher ups from there out of the way. If they flagged him, Captain Jack Harkness may not be so amendable in terms of hiring him. And three – he had to interest the Japanese cyberneticist any way that he could to come to him and help heal Lisa.

Lisa spoke to him from time to time, but their conversations were always short and stilted because of the amount of pain she told him she was in. A few times he wasn't sure she was telling him the truth – and other times he could feel the abject pain bleeding off of her. He had been able to calm her with a simple touch. On other occasions he was able to knock her out completely…with a simple touch.

Now if only I could have pleasured her the same way, he thought.

It was not your fault that she strayed, Ianto, his Mam's voice would say sharply in his mind. It was HER decision, Yannie. She could have told her she was unhappy. But she wasn't going to leave until you found out…she was going to use you. Like she is now, my son. Never think otherwise.

'How can I think otherwise, Mam?' he asked the still warehouse as he began gathering his belongings. He had sold his flat and closed out all of his accounts in London. He was returning home to Wales…to Cardiff. He'd all ready purchased a home with the hush money Torchwood paid him…he still had quite a bit left. Enough to live on until he could secure a job with the Captain…

'I love her Mam,' he said quietly. 'Isn't this what you do for love?'


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