Mao Di

I stretched out on the bench by the bus stop, fixing strands of hair that were misplaced and whatnot. It feels good walking out and breathing in some nice fresh air compared to being cooped in the limousine my brother always gets a ride in. I used to get a ride with him, but not anymore. Thing is, our family decided there would only be one heir to the company, so they enrolled us into Cross Academy, where we're the only family that's the most rich and so he's called the King. But everyone calls him by his nickname, Wang Zi. Nobody knows that we're brothers, and that's why they've decided to split us up with the sole condition that I automatically have a seat on the Student Council as Treasurer. Not that I mind anyway, the bedrooms that are provided to us are spacious and luxurious, there's no point in complaining.

And besides, there's nothing wrong with learning about middle-class cultures and transportation. I've gotten used to it already. I bet Wang Zi does the same too, whenever they're not watching him so closely. But we know our limits and when to control ourselves. Me? Well, maybe I went a little too far with disguising myself as a Copper with all the spray paint. I consider myself lucky for buying two pairs of Silver uniforms, because spray paint is hard to wash off and I'm not one to try it.

The bus screeched to the stop as I boarded on it, nodding to the bus driver just as I found my way to an empty seat. But it was short-lived, I gave it away to an elderly woman. Besides, the bus was crowded and I preferred standing up anyway. Then I was thrown sideways and a girl bumped into me, searching frantically on the floor for her glasses. I reached down and grabbed them, felt them a bit and realized that they were fake. Poor girl must've been bullied too much so she kept a low profile.

I take that back. Just looking at her was enough to blow me away. I don't think I've seen anyone more beautiful than her. I could tell she didn't need them, but she was trying her best to pull it off. So I'll play along for now. I grabbed her hand and gave her back her "damaged" glasses.

"Are these yours by any chance?"

She looked utterly confused, I bit back my urge to laugh and crack a lame joke on her.

"Sorry? What?"

This time I had to laugh. She did a fairly good job in trying to trick me that I think I fell for it.

"Um..oh! Y-yes, they are! Thanks so much for finding them."

And then we looked at each other, really looked at each other.

She seemed so familiar, have we met before? I can't quite put my finger on it.

She felt the same as she was about to say something about me until I covered her mouth.

"Shhh! No one's supposed to know! If I let go my hand, will you be quiet and keep it a secret?"

Once I let go, it was a big mistake. The side doors opened and she bolted.

"Hey, wait up!"

She ran off the bus before I could stop her. I tried to chase after her but the door slammed shut in my face. I leaned against the window and I saw her run past a few students as she made it into school grounds. I slumped into a nearby seat and bang my head lightly against the metal pole in front of me.

"Think..think! What to do in a crisis like this?"

I looked at the driver in the mirror, who saw me and shot me a smile. I grinned, now's my chance. I put on my most convincing baby face I could muster and made sure I had his gaze on mine. No, I'm not a lecher so please stop looking at me like that.

"You..wouldn't mind if you let me off the bus now." I bit my lip, letting the impression sink in. "Would you?"

He opened the door and winked at me as I got off the bus. I waved lightly and briskly walked away, shivering involuntarily.

"I'm not going to do that ever again."

I made my way past the school entrance and sneaked into my secret hideout that led to the campus garden. Good thing nobody saw me, or I would've been dead meat now. I slowly unlocked the door shrouded by grape vines, and as I stepped into the pitch black room groping for the light switch, the lights suddenly flickered on. I had come face to face with Ya Tou, a Silver student whose father owns a famous international hair salon designed for celebrities. Her family donated half of the money earned from their business to the school, and thus was automatically elected as the Student Council's Secretary. She's also my childhood friend from kindergarten, she thinks I don't know she has a crush on me but I know. I mean, anyone can tell just by how worrisome she is around me.

"And just where have you been, Qiu Yi Cheng?"

Here we go again..time to use my ultimate secret weapon even she can't resist!

"I didn't know you were here. Did Wang Zi send you to find me again?"

She grabbed me by the tie and yanked hard. Then she smacked something against my head, it felt like a broom. I was not expecting that, though I think I underestimated her strength a little too much.

"Oh don't you start giving me the sad eyes and the puppy dog pout! I'm immune to your so-called charms."

"Ow! Ow! Okay stop! Ya Tou~!"

She chased me around the room in circles, sending papers flying everywhere. Soon we transformed the whole conference room into a disastrous filled with dust. She tripped over a chair behind me and fell smack right on the ground. I went over to help prop her up, but she pulled me down with me.

"It's payback time. So, pay up!"

I tickled her until she couldn't laugh because it ached her ribs. It felt good, like those pillow fights we used to have with Wang Zi. But, now he's too busy with being the next director of our family's company to spend time with us. I don't blame him though, at least we can still hang out sometimes. It must be rough on him though, being the eldest of the family and having to take up so much responsibility when he's only twenty.


I helped her up on her feet as I brushed dust off uniform and started to grab the scattered papers and reorganize them how they were originally. Ya Tou was busying herself sweeping the floor. She nudged her elbow at me and glanced sideways at Wang Zi to get my attention. I followed her gaze and saw my calm and cool brother, itching to get his hands on me and give me a wedgie. Right about now, would be his golden moment.

"Jeez, it's all your fault! You're so not dragging me down with you. NEVER again, you hear me?"

I must have looked like a idiot, because he was trying his best not to laugh. And he's doing a good job of it, keeping a straight face.

"Ah sure? What do you want me to say to something like that?"

"You..! Nevermind, here's a little something for you."

She slapped something in my hand and walked away. It was a sticky note that had quickly sprawled writing on it, like chicken scratch.

'Busted! Good luck with Wang Zi! :P'

Gee, thanks for reminding me.