This is co-written by me and my friend, Brenda. And how the story works is like this: GuiGui, WangZi, GuiGui, WangZi, etc. (i.e. Chapter 1 = GG, Chapter 2 = WZ) We've decided that Brenda was going to write as GuiGui, and I as WangZi. Not to hard to understand? Good.

GuiGui was a normal girl. She loved to laugh, she texted all her friends all the time, and her friends were always there. But when she was seventeen, the perfect life she thought she had came crashing down. Her mother got bone cancer and soon died from the lethal chemotherapy...and a broken heart, due to the lecherous man that was GuiGui's father. Three weeks after that, her father remarried to a stepmother out of Disney named AhNiang. Now, three years later, twenty-year-old GuiGui has given up on true love and, learning from her mother, vowed never to give her heart away. She has become the girl that just melts into the background, silently doing as AhNiang and her piggish daughter, who shares the same father as GuiGui, bid her. However, on one fateful day, she literally runs into none other than the school's president, cold-hearted playboy, WangZi. He knows something she doesn't about AhNiang and her father, as well as something about her own past. But as she tries to dig deeper into both of their lives, will she be able to resist the fatal attraction of WangZi? And will he be able to resist her?

WangZi is the son of a CEO in a computer company who yearns for freedom. During his childhood, he was pampered with everything a child could dream of, even more, except for one thing that he only wanted: the love and affection of his parents. They were always traveling abroad, busy with work and friends, with no time to interact with their only child. As he grew, he became a handsome, popular, yet heartless man. He soon became a quiet playboy and although many knew of this identity, girls wanted him even more, hoping to stop his philandering ways. All this is to no avail, however, as he is rumored to have crushed the hearts of many girls. No one has been able to break through the ice shell that covers his own heart. However, one day, he meets a young girl, who is strikingly similar to the one he met many years ago, although she has no recollection of him. Who is she, and will she be able to melt his iron heart or be another one of his conquests?