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Title: Darkness

Summary: Hiromi and Lili led a peaceful life until the unexpected appearance of their palace's pharmacist

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There I found you, blinking in the night...

You are Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky...

Our Star of Truth...

Our Star of Courage...

Our Star of Hope...

Will you always be there beside us in times of our greatest needs?

Outside on the breezy cool morning, Hiromi was chasing after Lili. "Princess, please stop! Sensei will be mad, you know?" he called after her, but Lili only laughed and quickened her pace.

Lili was having her morning class: Physics. She hated Physics so much that she wanted to tear her book apart and never want to hear the word 'physics' ever again. Many times she found herself wondering, what good is Physics, anyway? She was suffering in that class. She longed to be out again, running with the wind, enjoying the beautiful view of her palace. She got her chance when her tutor left the room.

"Be good and do the problems on the board. I'll be back in a second," her teacher told her.

But, instead of doing what she was told, Lili stood up from her chair and stretched her arm. She ran to the window, opened it, and jumped to a near branch, causing Hiromi and Megumi screaming in panic. Hiromi immediately followed her while Megumi ran out the room.

"Princess! Princess!" called Hiromi, but still Lili would not stop. Hiromi was beginning to get irritated. He quickened his pace, and yelled, "Lili, you idiot! Come back here!"

Lili glanced at him, and realizing Hiromi was catching up to her, she quickened her pace, but even if she used her maximum energy, Hiromi would still catch up to her. Everyone knew, including the both of them, that Hiromi was much faster than she was. Hiromi launched himself at her, and the two fell to the ground, one above the other.

"Ouch! Get off of me!" groaned Lili. "You're heavy, Hiromi!"

Hiromi lifted his body off Lili and as he sat, he watched Lili sat up and rubbed the dirt off her hands. "That's what you get for cutting class!" said Hiromi.

"Yeah, yeah," said Lili, clearly not meaning what she said.

"Come on, cheer up. It'll be over soon, and then you'll have fencing. Your skills are improving. Maybe Izumi-sensei will allow us to have a duel once he has seen your skills."

"Oh, right. Come on, then, help me get up," said Lili, holding out her hands, cheered by the idea.

"Ah, there you are!" shrieked Megumi as Hiromi was pulling Lili to her feet. "What happened to you, Princess?" said Megumi worriedly, seeing Lili's dirty dress and hands. "What did you do, Hiromi?!" Megumi turned to Hiromi with flashing angry eyes.

"Nothing happened," said Lili casually. "We were just playing that's all."

"Still," Megumi went on, "you shouldn't jump off the window like that! You could have fallen and got hurt. What will your father say if he saw you're hurt? He'll be mad at us for sure. Now because of your little stunt, your Physics lesson hour has ended. Run along and change. Don't make Sensei waiting for you … again."

Lili ran off, heading toward the palace.

"She sure is troublesome," sighed Megumi.

"She is, but you know," added Hiromi, "you're only fourteen."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" yelled Megumi angrily as Hiromi ran off toward the palace, catching up to Lili, laughing.


Lili's sword met Hiromi's as the both were dueling in the palace's backyard, where the King had made a courtyard for archery and fencing. They were both equally matched, but still, Hiromi was faster than Lili. A moment later, Hiromi's sword threw Lili's off her grip and the duel ended.

Lili fell to her knees as Hiromi approached her and Izumi-sensei clapping his hands.

"Bravo! Well done, the both of you!" said Izumi.

"Here," said Hiromi, holding out a hand for Lili. Lili did nothing, and silence fell between them. "Princess?" he called her, but there was no reply. Lili?" he called her again, alerted if something might have happened to her.

"I can never beat you at anything," said Lili several moments later.

Hiromi was taken aback after hearing that statement. Well, it was true. Hiromi could beat Lili at almost everything: in lessons and in combat training. No matter how hard Lili tried, Hiromi always won. Maybe that's why they made me her bodyguard, Hiromi thought all of a sudden. But he knew that he didn't have everything.

"You have beaten me at one thing," Hiromi said which made Lili jerked her head upwards in surprise. "You have that Star Ring and you can control the Astral Spirits. I don't have the power to do that, only you and the queen."

"That doesn't count!" said Lili stubbornly, pouting.

"Come on, Princess! Is something silly like that can dampened your high spirits?" said Hiromi, grinning. He held out his hand once again and added, "Come on! Let's have another duel."

Lili's spirits were restored and she took Hiromi's hand.

"Good job, guys!" Izumi called to them. "If you want, we shall have a second –"

"Izumi-san!" a guard called Izumi, interrupting him. Izumi turned from the two and called out, "Yes? What is it?"

The guard looked uneasy before he said, nervously, "It's … Ayumu-san!"

"Ayumu-san?" shouted Lili delightedly, turning to the guard. "She's back?"

The guard looked uneasily at the little princess. Then he turned to Izumi and a pained look came to his face. "Did something happen to her?" asked Izumi with a hint of alert in his voice. The guard didn't dare meet his eyes. "What's wrong?!" demanded Izumi.

"You should come and see for yourself," said the guard finally.

Hiromi and Lili watched as the guard led Izumi into the palace. Hiromi knew something bad had happened. He looked uneasily at Lili. They were very close with Ayumu, the palace's pharmacist, especially Lili. On their spare time, they would play with her, or help her work. But Lili had a really special close bond with Ayumu, and Hiromi was afraid that she would take it bad if something did happen to Ayumu.

"Come on, let's follow them!" muttered Lili. "I want to know what's going on."

Lili was already out of the courtyard when Hiromi called out, "Princess, come back! It's best if we stay here!"

But Hiromi knew better that Lili would never do as he told her. He had no choice but to follow her. They went into the palace. The palace was awfully quiet that cold shivers ran down their backs once they entered the kitchen. There was no one there, not even the cook. Dread rose in Hiromi's heart as he followed Lili out to the dining room.

They need not look for where Ayumu was, because they could hear wails and screams and sobs. They followed those noises, and it led them to the front garden, where they found people crowding a horse and a woman, with the pharmacist beside her and Izumi.

"Ayumu-san!" gasped Lili.

The crowd had made a semi circle, with the opening toward Lili and Hiromi. There they could see Ayumu's terribly wounded body. There were two arrows attached to her chest, a cut on her shoulder and waist, scratches on her arms, and a wound on her forehead. Her long sleeves were torn, her hands were tainted with a mixture of blood and dirt, her face was covered with sweat, her brown usually-neatly-done-hair was now ruffled. Izumi crouched beside her, crying his heart out, while the palace's pharmacist sat on her other side, checking his herbs and her pulse. The crowd around them hung their heads in silent sobs and unhidden horror.

It was a sight that could make them run and hid, but they could not. They stood motionless, wide-eyed, with gaping mouths.

The slow rise-and-fall of Ayumu's chest began to fade until her eyes stared blankly at the clear blue sky. She lay motionless and Izumi break out into a desperate wail once again. The crowd all hung their heads and shut their eyes as the pharmacist closed Ayumu's eyes.

"No," gasped Lili.

"Princess," muttered Hiromi, placing a hand on Lili's shoulder.

"NO!" yelled Lili. Every heads were lifted, facing Lili with shocked eyes.

"Princess!" one of them gasped.

"No, Ayumu-san!" yelled Lili, tears streaming down her cheeks. She ran to the motionless body and fell on her knees. "Ayumu-san!"

"Princess, please, don't!" said Hiromi, trying to pull Lili to her feet. Though his heart ache, though tears filled his eyes, he have to bring Lili to somewhere else. But Lili shook him away, embracing Ayumu's motionless body.

"Please escort the princess into the palace," the pharmacist told a couple of guards calmly, though he could not hide the pain and grief in his voice and eyes.

The guards nodded their heads and each of them took one of Lili's arms and forcibly taking her into the palace. Lili kept shouting. Hiromi could do nothing but to follow. The palace's door slammed shut in front of them, hiding the mourning crowd, and everything was silent. They stood there in the dark hall. There was no wind, not even the sunlight dared to enter.

To Be Continued

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