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"You understand that this is the only way to get out of this without facing criminal charges," a scrawny looking man, wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night, said. He was leaning over the interrogation table, leering into the chocolate brown eyes of Olivia Benson.

Olivia smirked at him. "It was self-defense, you buttmunch."

"Hey! She knows your name," the other man, with thinning gray hair, said with a chuckle. He then focused on Olivia. "You don't need an arrest or a conviction on your record, Olivia. Just take the deal."

Olivia looked at the two items they'd placed in front of her, and then glanced up at each one of the officers. "Why me?" she asked, furrowing her brow. "How do you even know you can trust me with one of those things, huh? How can you be sure I'll even know what the hell I'm doing?"

"Well," the gray-haired man said, "First, you'll be given the standard twenty weeks of training, after-school and on weekends. Next to that, we know you're smart, we know you know your shit. You're fast, you're strong, and you have a very, very good reason to want to work with us. Don't you?" He asked her that last question with narrowed eyes, and it came out as more of an accusation than a question.

"How…why…what the fuck?" she spat, narrowing her own eyes. "How do know that I'm…what?"

The man with the sunglasses sat on the edge of the table and peered over the specs at her. "Look, this was no coincidence. We've been waiting for you to fight back, hard, so we could pop you. We knew that she'd get the best damn lawyer she could get her alcoholic hands on, leaving you no choice but to take this offer. You've been given what most people would consider a goddamn gift from God!"

The gray-haired man's eyes widened and he cleared his throat. "Don't listen to him. He likes to make everything sound like a conspiracy. He's right about one thing, though. This is your only alternative," he said with a sigh. "We're offering you a future, Olivia. One you may not have if you walk out that door and take your chances in court."

Olivia looked into his eyes, and noticed there was something kind lurking behind the fierce glare she was getting. "What about college? My plans after…"

"Miss Benson," the scrawny one said with a chuckle. "You won't need college. And according to your permanent record and college applications," he said, holding up a file, "You were gonna end up here, anyway. You wanted to be a cop, right?"

Olivia scoffed. "Yeah, but not until I was like, thirty," she spat.

"Well, Christmas came early this year," the gray-haired man said, pushing the two items on the table toward her. "Now take these, sign the contract, or Munch here will have to arrest you, and there goes your entire life."

Olivia looked at the badge and the gun, then looked over at the stack of stapled paper next to it. "What will she do to me if I sign this?"

"Olivia," the kind-eyed man said, leaning closer to her now. "If you sign this, and take this deal, your mother will never hurt you again."

Needing no more prodding, Olivia lifted the pen and signed her name. She didn't even read the contract.

"You look like shit," Nicole said to Olivia during first period.

Olivia hummed as she propped her head up with one hand, her eyelids drooping. "You'd look like shit, too, if you were up all night with the world's most arrogant bastard making you run laps and fire your gun at a target the size of a fucking peanut." She started babbling rather quickly, in a monotone voice, as her eyes struggled to stay open. "I swear to God I wanted to punch him right in his smirking face. All he did was tell me how hot I look when I'm pissed, which only made me more pissed, and then I started to lose my focus and I killed a bird because I wasn't aiming, I was looking at him!"

Nicole stared at her, blankly. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing," Olivia said. "I got into a fight with my mother," Olivia said, yawning.

"Oh," Nicole said, nodding. "That explains it."

Olivia nodded, her eyes closing, but she was broken out of her almost-sleep when they heard a scream from out in the hall. "What the hell?" she asked, her eyes now open and every part of her body wide-awake.

"Okay," the teacher said. "Stay calm, stay in your seats! I'm going to go…Miss Benson! Sit down!"

Olivia didn't listen. She ran across the room and out of the door, stopping for only a second to judge the direction from which the screams were coming. "Shit," she muttered to herself, running left down the hall. She turned right at the end of the corridor, following the screams, and kicked down the closed, locked, classroom door to which the blood-curdling cries had led. Her gun was aimed and she looked dead pissed.

"Ten seconds," a man with a stopwatch, sitting on the desk, said, smugly. "Nice! You know, you really do look hot when you're pissed."

"What the fuck is going on?" she yelled, aiming her gun at him, now.

Another person, with his own gun drawn, appeared next to her. The man with the stopwatch looked at him and said, "Fourteen seconds. She's kicking your ass, Stabler."

"What the hell, man? I was taking a fucking test!" the young man, named Stabler, yelled.

"I was taking a fucking nap!" Olivia yelled.

Stabler, dropping his gun, looked at her and said, "You were taking a nap and got here faster than I did?"

Olivia cocked an eyebrow at him, trying to ignore how gorgeous he was. "I wasn't really sleeping, I just…"

"Hey!" the man with the stopwatch yelled. "Who said you could talk to each other?"

"You are really fucking annoying," Olivia said, grumpily at the man holding the stopwatch.

The kid beside her laughed. "I already like you," he mumbled.

"This was your first test, Benson," the man with the stopwatch said. "Just making sure your priorities are straight, and you know the rules. Hey, Stabler, I'm your commanding officer. Tucker. You've already met Munch, and Captain Cragen. Stabler, this is Benson. Benson, this is Stabler."

Olivia looked at him, swallowing the giggle that fought to escape, and said, "Got a first name?"

"Elliot," he said, holding out his hand.

She shook his hand, silently marveling at how soft they were, and said, "Olivia."

"What'd they get you for?" Elliot asked, putting his gun back on his holster.

Olivia shrugged as she did the same. "Almost killed my mother since she was, ya know, trying to kill me. What about you?"

"Oh, I, uh, beat up my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. He's still unconscious," Elliot explained, smirking.

"Wow, you must really still love her," Olivia said with a chuckle.

Elliot shook his head. "Hate her, actually. I caught him hitting my daughter."

Olivia's eyes widened. "You have a daughter? Shit, how old?"

"She'll be two in December," Elliot said, his eyes bright and his smile wide.

Olivia felt her heart pounding. This guy was already making her fall in love with him, and he hadn't even done anything. "Cute," Olivia said, blinking at him.

Elliot continued. "Her name's Maureen. She's amazing. I'm not proud of how she happened, but I'm proud of…"

Tucker interrupted them, again. "Knock it off! This is not a social gathering! You're not on a goddamn date! I'm proud of you for knowing it was your job to help the girl who was screaming. Clearly," he said, holding up a tape recorder, "No one is in any real danger today, which is good, because as I learned last night, Benson would have blown his head off without asking questions. Stabler, you probably would have yelled at him and choked him until he passed out. You two need work," he said. "A lot of it. After school, we meet at the One-Six. I'll be taking you someplace, uh, special. Bring your guns. And a sleeping bag."

"I'm sorry," Olivia said. "What? Why do we need sleeping bags?" she asked, folding her arms.

Tucker smirked. "After a few hours of training, you two get to will get to spend some quality time together. I think it's supposed to rain, though. Bring an umbrella, Benson. Wouldn't want your hair to frizz." He hopped off the desk and walked out of the room, calling over his shoulder, "Get back to class."

"Come, the fuck, on," Tucker yelled. "You have another target to hit, and why the hell are you…this is not naptime, Benson! Get your hot little ass up!"

"I can't feel my legs," Olivia said, lying in the muddy grass, breathing heavily, as the rain poured over her.

Elliot, panting, lying next to her said, "What the fuck are legs?"

Tucker laughed at them, and bent over, leering at them as the thunder boomed. "You two make me sick! You little, pathetic pansies are the worst recruits Cragen's ever chosen. I don't know what the hell he sees in you."

"We have been running," Olivia huffed, propping herself up on her elbows, "For five fucking hours. Nonstop! While firing heavy guns at tiny, tiny things! That fucking hurts, dude." She gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes as lightning flashed in the sky. "Not to mention, I don't even listen to my own mother, so this whole 'bossing us around' thing that you're doing is really fucking pushing me to..."

"Listen, Missy," Tucker barked, "You're gonna be doing a lot more than just running and shooting in the next twenty weeks, so you better get used to being in pain and taking orders." He threw them each a small white towel and said, "Have a good night in the mud, worms." He walked away, shaking his head.

"I hate that guy," Elliot said, wiping his face with the towel.

"That makes two of us," Olivia said, running the towel over her own face, as if it would help. "Where the hell are we, anyway?"

Elliot scoffed. "The middle of nowhere, to the left of Hell," he said, looking around. "Come with me," he said, as his eyes focused on something a few yards away. He stood and walked toward it.

"Where are we going?" Olivia asked, following him.

"I'm not spending the entire night sleeping in a muddy, soaked, sleeping bag in the fucking rain," he said, pointing. "Tree house."

Olivia laughed. "Nice," she said, running ahead of him.

"Hey!" Elliot yelled after her, running to catch up, "Haven't we done enough running?" He watched as Olivia effortlessly climbed the tree and pulled herself into the wooden structure. She turned, helping Elliot up into it, then leaned back against the shabby looking wall.

"I feel like a wet poodle," she said, taking off the wet, muddy, green denim jacket she'd been wearing. She threw it into the corner, and felt Elliot staring at her. She smirked.

Elliot blinked, shaking his head. He wasn't supposed to think this girl was hot, was he? "You, uh, you're pretty…fast."

"So I've been told," she said, knotting up and wringing out her tank top.

Elliot swallowed, hard, as he saw the toned stomach and taut, olive-colored skin beneath the fabric. He shook the sexual fantasies out of his head again and kicked off his shoes, took off his wet, gross socks, and sat next to her. "Well, maybe we should, uh, talk," he said.

"Maybe," Olivia said, shrugging. "We don't run in the same circle at school, and this is really an awkward way to be getting acquainted."

"Tell me about it," Elliot said, smirking. "Why aren't you on the track team or something? The way you run, man. Like the fucking wind."

"I'm not the type of person who should be around people," Olivia said. "It's easier for me if…" she paused, looking at him skeptically, unsure of whether or not she could trust him just yet. "I just don't like sports."

"Ah, okay, then," Elliot said. "So, uh, what did they promise you to get you to sign your life away?"

Olivia's breath hitched, her face went pale, she closed her eyes and an image of her mother flying into a drunken violent rage flashed vividly in her memory. "Oh, God," she whispered, pulling her knees to her chest.

"What?" Elliot asked, concerned at her sudden paleness . "Are you okay, Benson?"

Olivia shook her head. "Yeah, yeah, fine. Just had a, uh, thought." She ran her hand through her still-soaked her as a thunder crash boomed through the air. "God, I love this," she said as her eyes focused on the small cut-out window across from them.

"What, hiding out in a tree house with someone you barely know?" Elliot said, discreetly scooting closer to her.

"No," Olivia said. "Thunderstorms. Something about them," she said, then she shrugged. "They've always made me feel like I wasn't alone. Like the entire universe was suffering just like I was. The lightning amazes me, too. It amazes me how something so beautiful could be so deadly."

"Sounds like you," Elliot said, smirking at her. "I've seen you with a gun, and you are…very beautiful." Olivia shifted a bit, and jerked her head slightly. Elliot noticed, and knew he made her a little uncomfortable. He scooted even closer. "What?" he asked. "What did I say?"

Olivia, averting her eyes from him, said, "I'm not used to hearing that, that's all."

"No one's ever called you 'deadly' before?" Elliot chuckled.

"No," Olivia said, turning back to meet his eyes. "No one's ever called me beautiful before."

"Oh, well, you are, so…" he paused, cleared his throat and said, "I'll probably call you that again, sooner or later." He smiled at her and she let out a small laugh. Elliot had a strong desire to kiss her, but he didn't. He couldn't. Not here. Not now. Possibly not ever, if they were really going to be partners for life. He looked into her brown eyes, seeing so many emotions swimming in them that he knew had been living in his own blue eyes for so long. He had never believed in love at first sight, or soulmates, but this whole, entire situation was based on alternative choices, wasn't it? He blinked, cleared his throat, and said, "You never answered my question. What promise did they make you? Did you get it?"

"They, uh, they told me my mother would never hurt me again," Olivia said, quietly. "And, I think I did, yeah."

"She hurt you a lot, then," Elliot noted. He realized where all the pain in her eyes had come from, then. "Sounds like my father," he told her, giving her a reason for the pain he knew she saw in his.

Olivia tilted her head, and they shared a small, understanding smile. "Guess we have something in common, then. What about you? How did they nail you?"

"They promised me that I'd get custody of Maury, since the whole reason I beat the shit out of that guy was because Kathy left her alone with him," Elliot said. "I would kill for my daughter. I would die for her, and they know that. They used that. Mother fuckers." He pulled off his shirt, which had been sticking to his skin, and tossed it on top of Olivia's jacket.

Olivia gasped. He was gorgeous, and she had never felt the way she was feeling right now, and it scared her. She couldn't be having these kinds of feelings for him. Then again, she didn't really read the rules, so maybe she could. "I'm sorry," she said, resting a hand on his bare shoulder. She felt his muscle twitch beneath her fingers. It sent a shock up her spine.

Elliot shook his head and dropped it back against the wall. "I gave up everything I had planned, every goal I really had, to become some teenage, renegade cop. To keep my daughter! Now I'm stuck up a tree with you!"

Olivia shrugged. "It could be worse," she said.

"How could this possibly be worse?" Elliot asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You could be stuck in here with Tucker," she said, smirking at him.

Elliot nodded as he laughed, then he tilted his head. "It's really kind of calming. The rain."

Olivia made a passive sound of agreement. "The only thing that's not calming about it is that we're stuck up in this tree during this fucking storm. We didn't really think about this, did we?" she asked with a laugh.

"Guess not," Elliot chuckled. He looked at Olivia and smiled. "Might as well get comfortable," he said, smirking as he wrapped his arm around her. "We're cold and wet, and very tired, so, we should keep each other warm and comfotable," he said as he felt her head drop to his shoulder. "This is okay, right?" he asked, resting his head on top of hers.

"Elliot," Olivia said, yawning, "I have a feeling that whether it is or it isn't, it's gonna have to be."

Elliot grinned. "I think you may be right, Benson," he said to her as they drifted off to sleep.

"Are you seeing this?" Tucker yelled at Cragen. "Not only did they find the fucking treehouse, but they're up there cuddling! How the hell did you know?"

Cragen laughed, shook his head, and said, "Tucker, when are you gonna get it through your head that I know exactly what I'm doing? Go get me a cup of coffee, huh?"

Tucker sighed. "Yes, Sir," he said, walking out of the room.

"Oh, and Tucker," Cragen called, watching the young officer's head turn back around. "If you continue to berate my new detectives, you will be my old one. They're here for a reason, and you will not treat them like they're inferior. You're supposed to train them, help them, and teach them. Tomorrow, I wanna see some actual training!"

"Yes, Sir," Tucker said, walking into the sqaudroom. He gritted his teeth as he poured Cragen a cup of coffee. He had only known Benson and Stabler for two days, and he already hated them. He made a vow, to himself, as he walked back into his captain's chambers, that he would make their lives hell as long as he could.

A/N: It's a wild and crazy idea, but I'm running with it! Hope you like it! And yes, the school knows that they're working with the NYPD. They're allowed to have their guns.