I don't own Harry Potter or any other character, but I do have my own thoughts and imagination.

Special thanks to Barb and Beth, my at home beta readers.


The sun glint off the golden ball as it soared through the clear late summer sky followed closely by a blue and burgundy blur. From somewhere far below an amplified voice could be heard.

"Potter and Krum have spotted the snitch! They are closing in shoulder to shoulder it looks like this edition of the Quiditch World Cup will soon be over!"

As they soared, seemingly effortlessly thru the air the world's two greatest seekers turned and looked at each other. They exchanged a nod before Potter extended a foot and gave Krum a push gaining just the edge needed to break free. Straining forward, closing closer, ever closer, extending a blue gloved hand, and then it was over.

The stadium below erupted and the faraway voice could be heard screaming, "England wins the World Cup, England wins the World Cup!"

As her teammates rushed to join her Ginny Potter pulled her broom to a stop, causing her long auburn hair to wrap around her face, and held the fluttering snitch over her head.

Below, among the screaming crowd, Harry Potter looked up with approving adoration at his wife. Smiling to himself, he remembered the joy he felt four years earlier when he had been in her place. He was shaken from his thoughts as the large man next to him slapped his back. "Blimey Harry what a match! Thanks for getting Luna and me in."

"Not a problem Dudley, the least I could do for my business partner and one of my best friends."

Partially because he had started to float, but mostly because Harry loved his son, he leaned over to pick up the young boy next to him who was shouting, "Mommy caught the snitch! Mommy caught the snitch!" and placed him on his shoulders.

"Yes she did James, yes she did."

Smiling to himself, Harry returned to his own thoughts. He let his mind drift back through the years to a morning that seemed forever ago; a morning that was both terrible and wonderful, a morning when his life first became normal. He chuckled to himself, and as his mind continued to drift back thru the years thought, "At least as normal as my life could ever be."