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I don't own Twilight or any of the characters, Stephenie Meyer does. I only own a worn out laptop, a sucky job and too much free time.

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Okay, about the story: It's sort of a silly story, based on fairytales and feel-good movies, because I happen to like those. :p Nothing supernatural though, it will be an all human story, so no one has to worry about talking mice/dwarfs/fairy godmothers showing up. xD The title is merely referring to the fact that this story contains several events/situations that are often used in fairytales. You'll recognize things from Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, etc. Just read and find out. ;)

The first fourteen days there will be daily updates, after that we'll see! All Human, Bella x Edward, Rated T.

This first chapter is a bit sad, but I'm sure everyone can understand that it is inevitable if I want to use this plot. ;)



Eight years ago…

My footsteps were echoing through the empty, sterile-looking hallway. I wrinkled my nose in disgust; the typical smell that was one of the characteristics of most hospitals, was something I would never get used to. That was saying something, considering the fact that I'd already had my fair share of trips to the hospital, even though I was only ten years old. Accidents and trouble always seemed to follow me around everywhere I went, and I often needed a doctor to fix the damage caused by my bad luck. Sometimes it almost felt as if I was cursed…

But today I didn't want to think about my own, insignificant problems… Today I wasn't at Forks Hospital for something as unimportant as a broken leg or a scraped knee. I was here to visit my dad, who wasn't doing very well. I swallowed heavily when I spotted room forty-seven, but gathered all my strength and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Charlie's raspy voice sounded from the other side of the light-yellow door.

I opened the door, tentatively stepping inside and walking up to him, giving him a concerned smile. He looked nothing like the Charlie I knew; the energetic, cheerful chief of police who was highly respected by the people who were living in the small town of Forks.

"Bells! I'm so glad to see you." He said softly.

He attempted to sit a little straighter in his hospital bed, and I abruptly shook my head.

"Be careful, dad, it's alright." I assured him, holding up my hands, silently instructing him to stay in place.

I knew exactly what he was trying to do; he wanted me to think that it was nothing, because he didn't want me to worry about him. He pretended that this was only a temporary thing, and that he would be healthy as a horse by the end of next week. Of course I knew better, I was ten, not five. He'd been in the hospital for weeks now, and I could see that he was getting worse every day. I had also accidentally overheard a conversation that two of his doctors were having the other day when I had visited, and according to them, my dad was far from okay…

"How was your day, kiddo?" He asked in his croaking voice.

"Alright, same as always, I came straight here after school." I answered as I sat down on the chair next to his bed.

He smiled at me and reached out his hand. I took it in mine and gently squeezed, returning his smile.

"Regina isn't here?" I questioned.

Charlie shook his head. "She went home for a while, she was in desperate need of a nap."

I nodded in understanding, secretly grateful for the fact that it was just the two of us for now.

Regina Mallory, my stepmother, wasn't exactly my favorite person in the world, and the same could be said for her daughter Lauren; my stepsister. I still couldn't quite understand what my father saw in her. She was rather cold and somewhat arrogant, but for some reason she made him happy, and the last thing I wanted was to interrupt with his happiness. She usually acted normal towards me, polite, but nothing more than that. It had also caught my attention that she was considerably less friendly to me every time Charlie wasn't around, and I often wished that my mom was still alive…

My mother, Renée, had died directly after she'd giving birth to me, so I'd never really known her, but I was sure that having a mother wasn't anything like the non-existing relationship that I shared with Mrs. Mallory.

Charlie and Mrs. Mallory had met each other three years ago, and after a year of dating they had gotten married. I was glad that she had decided to keep her birth name, because I couldn't stand the thought of talking about her as 'Mrs. Swan'. Mrs. Swan had been my mother, not her. Regina and Lauren had moved in with us right after the wedding, and from that moment I had to share my room with Lauren, since our house wasn't that big. Normally I didn't mind sharing, not at all, but Lauren was as far from nice as you could possibly imagine. My dream of getting a fun, new sister to hang out with, had rather quickly been crushed the day she had stolen my diary and shared it with the entire school. Not to mention all the rumors she was spreading about me behind my back.

"Are you alright?" Charlie's voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Yes, I'm fine, I was just… thinking." I murmured. "So how are you feeling, dad?" I asked, already knowing that he wouldn't give me a honest answer.

"I'm fine, Bells." He replied, his voice breaking twice.

I gave him a sad look, wondering if this was the time to speak my mind.

"You can tell me the truth… I'm not a baby anymore." I whispered after shortly deliberating.

He sighed deeply, his tired, worried eyes gazing at me. "I know, kid… You've grown up so much…"

"Then be honest with me, please." I pleaded in a nearly inaudible voice.

Charlie cleared his throat, his eyes never leaving mine. "Things aren't going so well, Bells... I'm not sure how long I… will be around."

Tears started to burn behind my eyes at his words. Deep inside I'd already known, but to hear him say it out loud… I was fighting to keep the tears from pouring out, trying to be strong for him, but it was almost impossible.

"Don't leave me, dad." I choked out, knowing that it was an irrational and selfish request.

He remained silent, his watery eyes wary. He knew that there was nothing he could say to comfort me, not without lying.

"You'll be fine, Bella, I know you'll be fine." He whispered, some desperation in his voice. "And you'll have Regina, and Lauren… They're your family, too. The three of you will have to take care of each other." He added, sounding a little more optimistic at that thought.

I bit my lip, still trying to stop my tears from flowing, and nodded invisibly. This wasn't the time to tell him that things were far from peaceful between me and my stepfamily. The last thing I wanted at the moment, was Charlie worrying about me and my future.

"I know…" I murmured.

We silently stared at each other for some time, until the door of the hospital room flew open, and I all but jumped in my chair.

I automatically turned my head, and saw Mrs. Mallory wobbling inside on her high heels, throwing her fake-blonde hair over her shoulder in a swift movement. She looked very… purple, today. She was wearing some designer outfit that wasn't very suiting to go and visit someone in a hospital. The reason she could pay for things like that in the first place, was because she had inherited a huge amount of money from her rich former husband, who had died six years ago.

"Charlie, dear, I couldn't fall asleep, I just had to come back." She said in her nasal voice, walking up to his bed and leaning in to press a quick kiss against his forehead.

"You need to sleep, Regina." My dad protested.

She shook her head. "You need me now, I'll sleep later." She used a tone so dramatic that it was sounding rather fake, if you asked me.

I zoned out as she chatted to him, all the while ignoring me completely. Nothing new there, to me it had been obvious from the beginning that she didn't like me for some reason. Somehow Charlie had never noticed it; I guessed because love truly did make blind. Why grown-ups were so into this thing called love was beyond me, but I could only assume that it was the reason that Charlie had always seemed happier since that one day when he had met Regina Mallory.

"I think I'm going home now." I muttered after a few minutes, tired of listening to my stepmother's rambling.

Charlie smiled at me. "Alright… I'll see you later, Bells."

I leaned in to lightly kiss his cheek, and he firmly squeezed my hand. "You'll be fine, Bella. I love you." He whispered.

"I love you, too, dad." I couldn't stop myself from crying this time, and tears were streaming down my face.

He soothingly stroked my hair until I calmed down a little, and when I did, I reluctantly let go of him. I looked up to see that Regina was mindlessly staring out of the window, seeming rather bored by the exchange between me and Charlie. This woman had to be the world's first living heart-donor. How she was capable of loving my dad was a mystery to me. It wouldn't be nice to imply that she'd only married him because it was convenient for her to have a man who took care of her, but I had to admit that the thought often crossed my mind.

I got up from the chair and gave my dad one last smile. "Bye, dad. I'll see you tomorrow." I told him.

"Goodbye, Bells." He responded in his frail voice.

I headed for the exit, but before I could actually make my way out, Regina's annoying voice suddenly called my name. It sort of surprised me, since she hardly ever directly addressed me.


She always felt the need to use my full name, making it sound as if I had committed some sort of crime, and I shivered involuntarily as I turned around to face her.


"I won't be home until late, make sure to make some dinner for Lauren and yourself." She instructed.

Charlie raised his eyebrows at her, and for a moment I wondered if he finally realized what Regina Mallory was made of, seeing as she was asking a ten year old with a terminal father to make dinner.

She immediately directed one of her well rehearsed smiles at him when she noticed his expression, talking herself out of it like she'd done many times before. "I mean, your daughter is very mature for her age, my Lauren isn't exactly an expert when it comes to things like cooking." She explained her behavior in a high voice.

I shrugged and agreed, eager to get away. "I'll make some sandwiches for us."

That earned me one of Regina's fake smiles, which she saved especially for me, for those rare occasions when she had no other choice but to show me some affection. I ignored her completely, not feeling like performing a play right now.

"See you again tomorrow, dad." I muttered, before turning around and escaping the hospital room.

Little did I know that I wouldn't be seeing him again, tomorrow. Or that I would never speak to him again, for that matter…

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