I've been reading the manga(up to date) and playing the DS game(5th blaze). I really like Kishimoto's art, and the battle system is fun too.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Blazer Drive. It belongs to Kishimoto Seishi, Sega, etc.

Summary: Daichi's pov on his brother Ginga, after the events of 1st Blaze(manga).

I've always thought that brother hated me…ever since that fateful day when our parents died. After all, it was my fault. My selfish desires for a toy I would have soon get bored of. If not for that, they would not have died in a car accident. Brother..Ginga became cold towards me after that. He never smiled at me anymore, not when I won fights, nor when I told of my exploits with Team Sky.

I had yelled at him for tearing up the Mysticker Misora gave me. It was a precious charm she had given me with a smile. He snatched it and tore it right up into little pieces. I was so angry...I did not even want to be in the same house as him and took to the streets.

But now, I know better. Brother had always been protecting me, keeping me ignorant for my safety. He had been fighting battles, as a Blazer, for who knows how long. For me. When that crazy guy shot his arrow, brother took the hit for me. It turned out that the Mysticker Misora gave me was actually a tracker... Brother had seen that and thus destroyed it.

And then, he took a second hit from Crazy Arrow guy.

Seeing brother, always so cool and collected, like that, sent a shock through me. My vision blurred as questions ran rapidly through my mind. I was also sure that something had gotten in my eyes.

I didn't understand why this organization was after me. Why!? Why am I a target?

Then, he gave me a Mysticker called Kandachi and could produce endless electricity. Blazers. Ones who are able to use Mystickers on bare skin without harm.

While using my arm to clear my vision, I made a decision. I will fight.

I am sure that nii-san is not dead. Ginga is out there somewhere, and I will be the one to find and bring him home.

For I will catch up and surpass him as a Blazer.

I hope that Daichi is IC...